As I watch Adam playing with the others i realize how beautiful he is and cant imagine what it would feel like to caress those strong arms and thighs!!!

By the way i'm brad as mentioned not that bad looking myself, 19 and of course not to forget I'm 8 inches and gay!

Adam on the other hand is my father's best friend's son and technically also supposed to be mine. The hard part is however that he is 6 years older than me, had he not been i would've ridden him all the way till now.

Anyways so as it is i am watching him play a game with other sons of my father's friend who obviously match his age group.

Just in time, before i get a boner my father calls out that we're leaving.

2 hours later: i stand behind my father as adams father leads us into his home.

Apparently rite after we get home some wires short circuited and there's a great fire. Nothings left and the only thing we could do

now was call it a night and assess the damages tomorrow morning in daylight.

My father gets to sleep in the guestroom which has a single bed so i have to share a bed with Adam. The night couldn't get any worse, Or should i say better.

2 hours later: thirsty i wake up, to hear Adam panting, startled i turn on the bed lamp to find him jerking off on the bed. This couldn't have been any more awkward!!!!

It was like time stood still where Adam's cock was suspended in the air, mighty and high sitting on a throne made of two glorious balls and his face was worth seeing. It was an utterly shocked expression mixed with sheer pleasure, truly a Kodak moment.

I wasted no time in taking hold of his cock and finishing what he started for him. He was still too shocked too utter any words, either at me discovering him like this or by me pleasuring him. Nevertheless he took hold of the situation again and started throat-fucking me. He lodged his cock deep in my throat until I started gagging for air, but it was worth it. I kept sucking and sucking until I juiced his cock for all its worth. Suddenly he grabbed me from the waist turned me around and yanked down my shorts. I stopped him before he filled me in with his cock and asked him to apply some lube first.

He ran to the washroom and came back with a small bottle of oil, asking if it would work. I said sure and we got back to work. He applied oil into my ass while I coated his 9 inch dick with oil too and kissing all at the same time.

He then turned me around and as gently as he could he placed his mushroom head at the base of my ass and rubbed it up and down the length of my ass-crack. And then without warning he thrust deep into me till I could feel his balls against my ass. He stayed in this position for a few minutes to let me adjust. He then started riding me, I gathered my strength, which was considerable now that I had the full length of his shaft inside of me, and began pumping my butt up and down on Adam's cock. I shoved myself higher and higher, using more and more of his length for my pleasure. Higher, still, till his cock slipped out and I cried out with a sudden new pleasure. Adam quickly grabbed his cock and held it up for me to sit on again. I rose up off of it again for another jolt of pleasure as the head popped through my hole. Adam placed his hand over my mouth to quiet me down and then started fucking me vigorously while I jumped up and down. This led to a synchronized fucking session where my ass would meet his cock halfway and completely immerse in me to the base till we repeated this. Adam suddenly grabbed my waist and clamped me down on his cock and I felt his cock pumping inside of me, warm liquid to which there could've been no replacement, such ecstasy it brought to me. we sleep as it is in each others arms with the door locked ofcourse to keep our parents from finding out.

Morning: my father explains to us that we will be staying here for atleast a week and hopes Adam doesn't mind my presence. Of course he doesnt

this means now i will have a go at that 25 year old greek god ass!!!



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