A couple days later, Greg called and said that they would like to start their training on Saturday. I asked what time and after he told me I said that Id meet them at the gate.

"Well, Mike, I was thinking that I might get there an hour or so earlier and go over with you what we'd be doing. I can come to your place, then when time, we can go to the burn site."

"Sure, Greg, just press the buzzer and I'll let you in."

He had said that the fire crew would be arriving shortly after nine, but Saturday morning at seven the buzzer sounded.

"Greg?" I asked after pressing the talk button.

"Yea," he replied.

I buzzed him in and quickly slipped on a pair of shorts. I walked out onto the porch just as he pulled to a stop. "Morning," I said.

"Morning," he replied as he stepped out of his car. "I hope I'm not to early?"

"Not at all. Living out here, I usually wake up about sunrise. It's a beautiful sight."

"I'm sure it is," he replied. "I'd love to see it sometime," he added smiling and looking me over. "Man, you've got quite a physique."

"Thanks. I get to the gym in town when I can. In between, I work out here on my own equipment."

"You are one lucky guy to have a place like this."

"How about a cup of coffee and I'll show you around."

"Perfect," he said as I eyed his slowly rising crotch.

We went in and after he had a cup of coffee in his hand, I began the tour. The last thing on the tour was my master bedroom with the large doors going out on the porch in back.

"Fuck, this is awesome. What a fantastic view from here. You can just hop out of bed and head straight outside, dressed or not."

"Greg, I do just that almost every morning. It's great."

All during our tour, I noticed the bulge in his pants grow. Then, there on the back porch, he stepped closer to me and let his hand dangle by his side. Slowly he eased closer to me until his hand was ever so gently pressing against my cock. I immediately began to become more erect than I already was.

As my cock got harder, his hand pressed against me with more force.

As he continued to press his hand against my now rock hard cock, I looked at him and said, "Greg, if you want it, ask for it like a man. Don't scratch for it like a dog."

"Well, then, may I have the pleasure of servicing you?"

"It's all yours," I said. I knew then that the times he had winked at me he was indeed sending a signal.

He slid to his knees and began opening my shorts and letting them fall to the floor.

"Fucking nice,"he said before swallowing all eight inches. He definitely knew what he was doing and it didn't take long for him to be ring me to my climax. After swallowing every drop he stood and said, "Damn, that was way better that Paul said it was."

"Oh, so you talked to Paul, huh?"

"Uh, yea. We've been close friends for years."

"Well then, why all the playing around if you knew I played?"

"It added to the excitement."

"I see," I said as I reached out and grabbed his crotch. "Now it's my turn."

I dropped and opened his uniform pants and let them fall before swallowing his hard tool. i soon brought him to his climax and after swallowing, I stood and said, "I think I might like having your crew training out here."

"I'm sure you will," he replied. "And after our training today, I think I'll come back by and go over a possible future schedule."

"Perfect," I answered.

Looking into his eyes, I leaned forward and kissed him, immediately offering my tongue. He instantly responded by offering his.

After a long kiss, I said, "I think I'll be looking forward to our meeting later.

"Same here," he said with a smile.

We went in and talked and he told me the plans for the day. They were going to do a burn on three of the closer cabins. Greg said that the day after the burns, they would have a crew come in and completely clear the burned debris out.

I was getting my property cleared and at no monetary cost to me. I was pleased with the results.

As talked, I casually asked if there were any others with the fire department that played.

"Mike, you'd be surprised. We are a small department,and nearly three-fourths of the men are into getting sucked. Probably half of those suck in return. It is all kept very much on the down low. If it got out, there would be a lot of divorces and guys loosing their jobs."

"Well, I've never outed a guy yet and never plan to. All your secrets are safe with me."

I knew then what I had to do and decided to put my plan into action before the next burn.

We met the crew at the gate and let them in. I sat back and watched as one then another building was set ablaze. After it was burning good the men went into action. By late afternoon, all three buildings were destroyed and in ashes. With the last of the embers out, the men packed up and left. All during the day, I tried to see if I could tell which of the men might play.

Greg came back to my place and we went over the future burns. I told him I wanted them to start the future burns with the farthest away and work their way to the first burns. He agreed and asked why.

"You'll see when we meet before the next burn." I said.

After our talk, we quickly ended up in bed with Greg asking me to fuck him. I did gladly and found he was a loud and vocal receiver. That only turned me on more. He spent the night with me and he got his wish of seeing the sunrise while sitting on the porch nude.

On Sunday, a dozer was there to clear the property and load the remains into dump trucks to be hauled off.

First thing Monday, I started putting my plan in action.

By their next burn, I was ready. I had had a site set up so that I could bring in a large camping trailer near the site of the first burn. There was electricity and sewage hookups. I had stocked the refrigerator in the trailer with nothing but bottled water. I met with Greg and told him that if the men needed water to send them to me.

"If they play and want a blow job, let them know that once inside to just unzip and take out their cock. If they don't take it out, I won't do anything."

"Perfect," he replied.

The second burn started and I remained at the trailer. After a short while, two guys in their mid-twenties pulled up in a department pickup.

"We understand you have water for us."

"Sure do," I replied. "Come on inside."

I led the way and as they followed me in, I headed for the fridge. As I turned around to hand them their water, I saw that both their hard cocks were out of their pants.

I handed them their water and dropped to my knees, sucking one dry then the other. They thanked me and smiled before returning to the pickup. I knew this was going to be a great day.

At the days end, I had swallowed fourteen loads of cum. Four of those loads came from guys that came by twice to get sucked.

The same process was repeated with every burn and with each burn, the number of men coming in to get their cocks sucked increased, many wearing wedding bands. I was surprised at the number of married men that wanted to suck me in return. Of course, I let them.

After three months all the buildings were cleared. Greg and several of the firemen would stop by and 'visit' from time to time, as would Carl, my lawyer and Paul, the guy that worked with the charity organization. I was getting cock frequently but still wanted more.

I found out from Paul, where the guys in town went to find other guys or sex. It was an older truck stop out on the edge of town with two toilets and a big glory hole. Not only did I get to suck a lot of locals, but also numerous truckers.

I soon decided what to do with the property. On my own, I sketched out what I wanted.

There were to be twelve cabins, each with a living room, kitchen and dining area, bedroom and bath. Each cabin would have a porch completely circling the cabin. There would also be a large pool and recreation building containing a work out room, pool tables, jukebox and dance floor, tables and chairs and a snack bar. It would be situated with half the cabins on each side.

With Carl's help I found a contractor to do the work. Carl worked up the papers and took care of all the permits.

The contractor was Luke Thomas, a thirty year old divorced ex-Marine. He was also gay.

I let Luke live in the camper during construction and of course he and I had sex frequently after the work crew had left for the day. Many nights, either I would stay the night with him in the camper or he would stay with me in the house.

After six months, the construction was complete and the cabins were ready to rent. No notice was put out. The only renters I wanted were gay or bi men. Nudity was the standard dress code and sex was allowed anywhere two men wanted to have it.

Word spread by word of mouth and soon I was booked for several months in advance. I cleared the former road between the house and the camp grounds and wuld visit my guest daily, always arriving nude.

Greg was my first and only guest the first weekend I opened. I stayed with him there and we grew closer. He put out my fire many nights.

I did find property for my former boss on the other side of town. He came to see it and I broke my main rule. He was straight and yet invited him to stay at the house with me.

On the second morning he was there, I awoke to find him gone although his things were in his room. I had seven of the cabins rented and prayed he hadn't gone there.

As I stepped out onto the porch to look for him I saw him walking toward me on the road from the cabins. My heart raced, not knowing what his reaction would be.

As he approached me, our eyes met and he stared at me.

Stepping up to me on the porch, he said, "Mike, it's quite a place you have here. Your guest are really nice and friendly."

I didn't know what to say. I just stood looking at him. Suddenly, he leaned closer and kissed me. I was in total shock when he offered his tongue.

After a short kiss, he said, "I sure wish I had known you were gay when you worked for me. I wanted you the entire time."


"Mike, I'm gay also."

"You're shitting me," I said.

"No, I'm not," he replied as he grabbed my crotch. Without hesitation, he extracted my cock there on the porch and began sucking me hungrily. Soon, I gave him what he had worked for and he eagerly swallowed. Of course, I immediately returned the pleasure to him.

Afterward, he we talked and he said that he had several drivers, both married and single that enjoyed male sex.

"Mike, if your willing, I'll pay to have a truck lot put in out of sight from the road and will keep two cabins rented year round for the drivers to stay in when they come through here. I'll only tell the drivers that play."

"You got a deal, I said quickly.

He opened a terminal on the property I had found and rented cabins one and two, paying a year in advance. Of course, I gave him a special discount.

Soon, I began getting calls from the drivers. I also began having sex with them. My business soon had paid for itself and I was making money.

Greg was soon staying with me more than he was staying at his apartment in town when he was off. However, he never knew when he might get a call to fight a fire and being as far out as I was, it made it hard on him. He began looking for another job and found one with a manufacturing plant several miles from my place as their fire and safety director. He began working Monday through Friday from eight to five.

I soon asked him to move in with me and be my lover. There was just one stipulation. We were to have an open relationship, both free to have sex with others but it was agreed that neither would spend the night with another guy unless we were in a three way.

He agreed and our wonderful life together began. We would visit the cabins and we each enjoyed watching the other have sex with another hot guy, especially the truckers that stayed there.

Although I never knew my grandfather, I owe him a lot. He must have been one special guy.




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