Starting in a new world-college

Hi! My name is Louie, i'm a very thin, average looking introvert guy (My own opinion). I am gay and i knew it since long ago when i look at other boys differently. I'm a very die hard romantic kind of guy, although i know i get the usual lust to handsome guys but i still want more than their body.

ok start of my story...

The first day of class is starting and as i was wondering around the classroom, i saw this hunky guy and then our eyes met and wow how gorgeous he was. Suddenly he came over to me and said "Hi! I'm Renz. and you are?" in a gleeful way. I was so distracted by that well defined body and handsome face that he wave his hand at my face and said "Hello???". I shook my head and said with a blush "Oh! I-I'm Louie n-nice to mee-meet you" in a low tone that took him by surprise. He said "Hey man i'm not going to eat you or anything so don't be scared". I look him over and smiled awkwardly then we spent our free time talking and he became my first friend ever outside my family.

I learned he had a lot of girlfriends and slept with them as well which made me think he was straight through and through but still i lusted at him and maybe expect more. Whenever there is a chance i would stare at him talking with somebody and he sometimes caught me looking then he would come and say " Don't be jealous of them" jokingly but i blush and look away. He knew i'm very shy and introvert while he being my only friend could not think i was gay. We always went out and he being the center of attention of the party. A few weeks later there was an organized class party that night and when there was no prof left, the liquor was then out and everyone was drinking. Then after midnight Renz was drunk so as a good friend i help him up with somebody to his condo and we put him to bed, thanked the other guy and went to take care of Renz. I started removing some of his clothes off then when i was at his jeans looking at his crotch. I thought to myself I was just helping him change but when i was reaching and unbuckling him my hands were shaking. When i saw his shorts i unknowingly reach inside it and pulled out his cock, i was mesmerized as for it was my first cock to see in flesh other than mine which made me take a lick at it. I liked the taste and lick it like a lollipop, Renz suddenly mad a noise like "ummm..." which made me take a leap more by opening my mouth and engulfing that cock with my tongue swirling around it then he shuddered and hit me with an arm. I awoke from my reverie then was shocked at what i've done so i straighten him and went home.

The next day, i went to him and confess that i was gay. He suddenly went angry with me since now he knows what that look i give him and he was homophobic. We did not talk to each other for a long time and got me a new friend name Bruce. He is lean and cute face kind of guy. One day i caught Renz looking at me and other days as well. 2 weeks had past and i was talking to Bruce in the library but suddenly Bruce said "I think someone is glaring at me". "Huh?!" i replied then we skimmed through the room and saw Renz look at us angrily and then came near us. He said "Who is this?! Your boyfriend?". I was shocked at him getting angry about it but Bruce was ok with it though he is not my boyfriend and he knows i'm gay. I replied "What the hell are you talking about! He is my fri..." that was the time Bruce suddenly kiss me in front of Renz.

OK that is all for now so tell me what you think before i continue or should i continue



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