"God damn it Chad, what the hell took you so long?" My boss obviously wasn't too happy with me. "You only get a 15 minute break and you've been gone almost a half hour."

"Sorry Mr. Wallace, it won't happen again." I had no intention of telling him I was sucking a cock in the bathroom.

Mr. Wallace was staring at my chest, I looked down and saw that I had a cum stain on my blue work shirt. I was hoping he didn't figure out what it was. "Jesus Christ Chad, go see if there is another shirt in the back." Instead of staying on the floor, he followed me to the back of the store.

More about Mr. Wallace, I guessed he was in his 40s. Dark hair with some gray at his temple. Maybe 6'1" or 6'2". He wasn't that overweight but he was carrying around some extra weight. His blue shirt was loose so I couldn't really tell how much. Pretty average in the looks department, in fact he reminded me a lot of my father. In case you haven't read the first two stories, I'm Chad, 160 lbs, 5"10 in good shape from high school wrestling and baseball. I'm 19 and graduated from high school this past Spring. I'm saving up some money for college because my parents couldn't afford to send me, thus the job in the mall. I also recently found out that I like sucking dick and really enjoy the taste of cum. If been regularly taking care of two truckers every other week at a rest stop and just a few minutes ago I got to taste my third cock in a mall bathroom. He was a hot manager from a clothing store on this level of the mall.

Mr. Wallace leaned against the wall as I stripped off my shirt while I was looking for another one. I looked around for another shirt but didn't see one. Mr. Wallace's eyes were moving up and down my body which is something he had never done before. "Uh, Mr. Wallace, there's no clean shirts back here." Gruffly Mr. Wallace said "Let's look in my office."

Like most stores, the manager's office isn't very big, just enough room for a desk with a chair, two plastic chairs facing the desk and a filing cabinet. "There might be one on the back of the door." Mr. Wallace closed and then locked the door. No shirt was hanging on the back of the door. Moving around me to get to the desk Mr. Wallace rubbed his crotch against my hand. He sat down on the front of his desk.

"Chad, you seem to have a problem with being on time. Not only coming back from your break but also every other Thursday, the one day that you are on the day shift". No surprise since Wednesdays are the night that I stay out way to late getting loads of cum the truck drivers. "What are we going to do about that?"

"I'm really sorry, I'll work on getting here on time from now on."

Mr. Wallace spread his legs and put his hand the bulge in his pants. "I think it's going to take more than an apology." There was a pause as he sat there looking like he was in thought. "Do you think I'm stupid Chad, I could tell that the stain on your shirt was sperm and I"ve been wondering if jacked off on your break or maybe giving someone a blow job." I could tell I was starting to blush. "Pull one of those chairs over here and sit in front of me."

While I did what he said, he kept rubbing the front of his pants and it was obvious that he was getting a hard on, and a pretty big one at that. "I think we should work out a deal. Every time you're late, you have to take care of me plus anyone I ask you to give a blow job to. Since you were just late, I think we should start right now." I didn't want to show that I liked the idea, which I did, so I just acted dumb. "I also think you should start calling me Sir instead of Mr. Wallace. If you don't agree to this deal, you're fired for being late."

I pretended to think for a while, "it's a deal, Sir."

Mr. Wallace stood up in front of me, "undo my belt and slide my pants down" he ordered. I did what he said and saw that he must have a huge cock inside his boxers. The tip of his dick was starting to come out of the leg opening. "You like that?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Pull down my underwear and get to work."

Good god, his cock was huge, the biggest one I had seen yet, and it wasn't even full hard. He moved a little closer and started to slap my face with his cock, I liked it. I tried to catch it with my mouth. "Yeah, I know you want it you cocksucker, but I'll let you know when I'm ready." He kept hitting me with it and slowly began stroking it, and it kept getting bigger and bigger.

"Tel me what you want."

"I want to taste your cock." He swung his cock a little harder against my face, then he rubbed the tip against my lips.

"Ask me nicely."

"Please Sir, will you let me taste your cock?"

"Open up." He didn't waste any time, he shoved his cock through my lips until it hit the back of my throat. My jaw hurt because his cock was so thick. I reached up to put my hand around his cock to try to slow him down so I could get my head in the right position but he knocked my hand away.

"No you don't, we are doing this my way." He grabbed the side of my head and kept pushing his cock deeper. "That's it, take it all, only guys know how to do it right. My wife can only take the head in her mouth, she says it's too big. Her pussy has gotten so big, fucking her isn't even very good. Mmmmm, that's a good start kid." Mr. Wallace moved my head so he could shove more of his huge cock into my throat. "God damn this feels great."

I was loving this, another cock and some more cum on the way. He started moving my lips back and forth on his dick. He started speeding up like he was fucking me. It seemed like his cock was on fire.

"Take all of my cock in mouth pussy kid. Shit, this feels so good." He really had a rhythm going now. I felt my nose hit his pubic hair, I couldn't believe I had the whole cock in my mouth and throat. "Here it comes you cocksucker, you better take it all and you better swallow it. I don't want to see any of your chest like I saw on your shirt. Ughhhh, ughhh, ughhh." He started pulling back so not only were their ropes of cum hitting the back of my throat but some was going on my tongue, it tasted so good.

His cock came out with a pop. "Good job kid. You can be late whenever you want." He grabbed a kleenex off his desk and wiped the head of his cock. I couldn't believe it but it was still hard as a rock. "Did you like that cocksucker?"

"Yes Sir."

"I've got a problem, I've got to cum three times before my cock goes down. Do you have an suggestions?"

"I could suck it again, sir."

"I don't think so." He moved away from his desk. "Get off that chair, drop your pants and underwear and lean against the desk."

"Yes Sir." I did has he demanded. It was only then that I had shot off while I had been sucking him. He laughed.

"You really did like it, didn't you cocksucker?"

"Yes Sir." He pushed my back so my chest was closer to the desk. He started rubbing my ass and then just focused on my ass crack. His fingers started to tickle my ass hole but then his hand pulled away. He started to slap my ass with his cock.

"You're such a good cocksucker but how's your ass? You like to get fucked?"

"I've never been fucked Sir"

"Really, a fine ass like yours must have attracted some attention." He started fingered my ass hole again. I realized I liked it and pushed back making one of his fingers slide in. "Your ass seems to know what it likes." He took his fingers away and started rubbing the head of cock against my asshole. "Man, I haven't had a virgin hole since I married my wife. Never do that kid, always try out the fit ahead of time." While saying this Mr. Wallace took off his clothes.

"What's it going to feel like Sir?"

"It's going to hurt first, but it'll be a good hurting. After that it's going to feel really good."

He spit on the head of his cock and then pushed against my hole. Not sure what I was supposed to do I pushed back. The head of his cock when in and it hurt like hell. At that point I tried to pull away. "No way Chad, you're going to do this or like I said, you're fired." He grabbed my hips and pulled me toward him, it hurt like a mother fucker and I was groaning and whimpering. "Shut up you cocksucker, do you want to have the staff hear us?" I wondered how they couldn't have hear us.

More and more of his giant cock went in. "Man, you are so fucking tight. Try squeezing your ass muscles. Ohhhh, that's it, your ass is on fire."

The pain started to subside, in fact it was starting to feel good. Mr. Wallace stopped moving, he just kept his cock at the same place.

"Kid, you've got about a third of my cock in your boy pussy, you want more?"

"Yes please."

"Yes please what?"

"Yes please Sir, give me some more."

I guess that was all that he needed. He rammed more of his cock into my ass. Still some pain but really starting to like the sense of being full. I was deciding not only did I like to suck cock, I also like getting fucked by a cock. All of a sudden Mr. Wallace touched something in my ass and it felt incredible, it sent shivers through my body. I moaned.

"Like that huh? Let's see if you can take some more." The last of his cock pushed through. I could feel the wiry hair around his cock rubbing againt the area around my hole. "That's it you slut. First time you get fucked and you can take all of me. I was right about you having a fine ass."

I could feel his cock rubbing against whatever was giving me the good sensation. "Give me more please Sir. I want more."

Laughing, Mr. Wallace started to pick up the pace. "Don't have any more to give you but I'm going to give you the best fuck you'll ever have. Don't know if you'll ever be able to find someone with a cock as big as mine so enjoy it while you've got it. I'll keep reminding you how good it is when you are late again." His breath started being ragged. I could feel sweat dropping on my lower back. "Here it comes, here it comes!" I could feel his hot spunk filling me up. Mr. Wallace let out a long breath and put his chest on my back. "God you have one hot man pussy. We'll need to work on moving your ass a bit more so you make my cock feel even better." He pulled out his cock and I felt really empty, I could tell right then that I wanted a lot more cock in me.

Mr. Wallace grabbed some more Kleenex and cleaned off his cock. His cock was still hard. "I don't know if I can take your mouth are ass again but I need to get off again so my cock goes down and I can get back on the floor. Jack me off, jack me off hard and make it quick. Get behind me and reach around and grab my cock." I realized I was happy to oblige. "Faster kid, faster. It's okay to be rough. Squeeze it tight. Fuck yeah!" In less than a couple of minutes he reached over and grabbed the shirt I had taken off and put by the head of his cock. "Here it comes!" I couldn't believe he had more cum inside him. He started shooting on to the shirt.

At the same time someone started knocking at the door. "Mr. Wallace are you in there?" It sounded like the Assistant Manager.

Gruffly Mr. Wilson said "Yeah, what the fuck do you need?"

"There's a guy at the back door saying he has a delivery for us but I don't see anything that says we're supposed to be getting anything today. What should I tell him?"

"Tell him I'll be right out, now get back on the floor." Mr. Wallace got up and got back in his clothes.

"Wait here. Don't put your clothes back on yet." He unlocked and opened the door closing it after he stepped out.

The back door was close to Mr. Wallace's office and I could tell there was a conversation going on but I couldn't make out the words. After a few minutes the door opened and Mr. Wallace and whom I suspected was the delivery guy stepped in and then shut the door and locked it.

The delivery guy just stared at me, eyes roaming up and down my body. Mr. Wallace said "See, I told you I had something for you in my office."

"What the fuck? You didn't tell me it was some naked kid. I thought you had some money or something in here that would finalize our deal about the plan we discussed."

"This is the 'something'."

"I don't get it. How does a naked guy make me agree to 'lose' some of the inventory I deliver so you can sell it off-market. I thought we were talking about some sort of cash kick back to me and you were going to give me some good faith money."

About the delivery guy, he didn't work for FedEx or UPS so he wasn't in one of those matching shorts and shirt get up. He was a driver for the company that owned the store and was making his weekly delivery of inventory. It was, however, summer so he was dressed in shorts and a company t-shirt. His legs were like oak trees and his biceps were huge. He also had big hands. His hair was dishwater blonde and was a bit messy.

"Think of it this way, whenever you make a delivery, Chad here will get another delivery from you. I'll make sure he's always here on the day you make a delivery."

"So what? Why would you think I'd want to have sex with this kid? I don't need help getting my rocks off. I can go to a bar and get any women there."

Mr. Wallace smiled, "You have to see what this cocksucker can do with his mouth and his ass. Before we finalize the deal, why don't you give him a try? You got nothing to lose. I think you'll enjoy yourself. You'll treat him right won't you Chad?"

Could it be I was going to get yet another load of cum today? "Yes Sir".

"Well at least the kid is respectful. Never had a guy suck me off before but what the hell, I'll give it a try. You gotta leave though, don't need someone watching this."

"No problem, I need to spend some time on the floor anyway. Enjoy." With that Mr. Wallace left his office.

"Kid do you seriously like sucking cock?"

"Yes Sir. I also like getting fucked."

"One thing at a time cock sucker. Come over here. Get on your knees, that's the way I like it when some bar slut sucks me off. Now feel my dick while my shorts are still on."

I obliged. Down on my knees I traced the outline of his dick. My God, here was another large cock. Maybe not as big as Mr. Wallace, but bigger than the ones I'd seen in the locker room at school. I could feel the heat through the fabric.

"Open my zipper cocksucker."

"Yes Sir". I was excited to see his cock. I pulled his zipper down.

"Reach in and pull it out."

"Yes Sir". I was trying to stay respectful. I reached my fingers into his fly and found the base of his cock. It had gotten so still it took me a while to bring the head to the zipper opening. While his cock was not as long as the ones I had sucked so far, it had a really big head.

"Shit kid, watch out for the zipper." I tried to be more carefully. Eventually his entire cock was out. Not only was its head big, it also had a thick base. "That's it. So tell me, what do you like to do when you suck a guy's cock? Is it different than the way a woman would suck it."

"Sir, I have no idea. I've never been with a woman. I haven't been sucked off by a guy either, I just know what I like."

"Ok, show me."

I flicked my tongue across the tip of his cock which made it jump. I had been able to pull his balls out of his zipper so I began tickling them. The head was so big I was worried I might scratch it with my teeth so I took it in really slow. Delivery guy put his hand on the top of my head but unlike Mr. Wallace didn't try to move my head.

"That feels nice. This is where most women I've been with start to complain they can't take anymore."

To show him I was different I sucked in more of his cock. I started to realize that with each new cock it was easier to take in more and I really did like how they all tasted somewhat different.

He touched my cheeks. "I want to see what if feels like to when my cock rubs against the inside of your mouth. That's really cool. Your boss was right, you do know how to suck cock. Unfortunately we need to hurry up, if I'm late to my next delivery I'm screwed."

I started moving my mouth up and down his shaft while my tongue worked the head. I could sense that he was getting close....another lesson I had learned. I pulled off his cock and asked him. "Would you let me stroke you off and aim your cock at my mouth? I want to watch you come and really get to taste your whole load of cum."

"Sure kid, anything that you want."

I started stroking his cock and opened my mouth. I aimed as carefully as I could. Delivery guy's legs started to shake and then he shot. It was really cool to watch the cum come out of his dick and even better was to taste his whole load, except what dribbled down my chin.

"You are the best cocksucker I've ever had do me. You could teach sluts a thing or two. Never seen any of them enjoy cum, they usually spit it out. Maybe this is a good deal to make with your boss."

Leaning back and wiping off my lips and chin, "go for the money, I'll do you anytime you want, you don't want to rely on Mr. Wallace to set it up. He doesn't work late on Fridays. Stop by when you are done with your deliveries."

I got up and pulled my jeans on but still had no shirt. There was a knock at the door and then Mr. Wallace came in. "Damn I was hoping I'd see him working your cock. He's a good cocksucker, isn't he?"

"Yeah, he's great. You know, I was thinking, as good a cocksucker as this kid is, I still think I'd rather get my share of the deal in cash." Delivery guy winked at me and followed up with, "Don't want to be found out by one of other staff and having them telling people I'm a faggot 'cause I got my dick sucked." Guy was lying but that was ok, hopefully I will see him soon. With a "catch ya later", delivery guy left and exited the back door.

Mr. Wallace was visibly upset. He got in my face and yelled, "what the fuck happened? Did you give him a lousy blow job or something? You just cost me some money cocksucker. Get out of here pussy boy, get out on the floor and do some work."

"Still need a shirt Sir."

"Jesus Christ. Maybe you can make me some of that money that I'm losing out on. You look as good as some of those shirtless guys at that store down the mall. Get out there and let's see if bring in any new business. Remember our deal, you're late you work in this office taking care of me and sometimes I may have you take care of somebody else."

I walked out on the floor and got strange looks from the other staff. "Mr. Wallace wants to try something new and I get to be the test."

As I walked around the store I started thinking about words that both Mr. Wallace and delivery guy used: cocksucker, pussy boy, cum, and slut. I like the way they sounded. I was a slut that sucked cock and drank cum. I smiled.


Hi guys - thanks for reading my stories. Would love to hear from you especially if you have some ideas about what kind of "adventures" Chad can have in the coming months.

Be well...

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