It all began after high school graduation just after I turned eighteen.

Well, that's not exactly true. It actually started about three to four years prior to that with a few of my school buds. We began experimenting with both oral and anal sex and I found that I really enjoyed both.

However, because of the small community I lived in and everyone being so fucking conservative, I had to keep my sexual preference a secret.

In order to accomplish this, at the beginning of my freshman year of high school, I began working out very rigorously, developing my biceps, pectorals and abs. By the end of my junior year, I had an extremely defined body to go with my exceptional masculine looks. I'm not being conceited just stating what I had been told for several years. My voice had deepened and by graduation I was the envy of many a man.

My grandfather had established a high six figure trust fund for my college but with one stipulation. If it ran out before I graduated, any additional cost would be my responsibility.

I could accept that since I was his only living relative and would eventually inherit his large fortune.

To make sure I didn't blow my trust fund, I took a job with a large well known catering company mainly on weekends and occasionally a weeknight. I had enrolled in college majoring in business and my salary would give me my spending money.

It wasn't a hard job and I enjoyed it since quite frequently I got to check out some hot handsome studs.

About four months after I started the job, all the servers were informed that we would be leaving Friday afternoon for an out of town event for our newly elected young governor on Saturday evening.

We spent most of the evening setting up and making sure all food and beverage was ready to begin preparing on Saturday.

After a nights sleep in a local hotel, we returned to the mansion and began preparations. I quickly noticed that the governor's aide kept eyeing me and from time to time making small talk. I had to admit that he was nice looking and well built.

Later in the evening about half way through the reception, Mr. Walker, the aide, came to me and asked me to go with him. I did and soon we were in a large library away from the event.

Turning to me he said, "I've been fascinated by your looks and physique. It really turns me on and I would love to see you without clothes."

"I beg your pardon?" I replied.

Smiling, he slipped his hand into his inside jacket pocket and extracted five one hundred dollar bills and slipped them into my jacket pocket. "That might persuade you," he said.

"I think it might," I replied, "but what about your duties at the reception?"

"I've taken care of that. I told your boss that you were needed for a private meeting the governor was having, so you won't be expected back for a while."

I smiled and slowly began stripping off my clothes. As I did his eyes widened and as I removed my shirt, Mr. Walker's eyes grew wide as he said, "Oh fuck! He'll love that hairy chest."

I immediately wondered what he meant, but I kept slowly removing my clothes. Soon, I was totally nude. I had even removed my socks.

I had already noticed a nice bulge in Mr. Walker's pants. He began circling me and looking me over. After a moment, he spoke into a hidden microphone, saying, "He's ready, sir."

After several minutes, the door opened and in walked the new governor. After shutting the door, he smiled and said, "James, you were definitely right. He is awesome."

Slowly, he walked up to me. As he did, I noticed a bulge in his pants rapidly growing.

Stopping only a foot from me he smiled a beautiful smile and said "Beautiful!"

"Thank you, sir," I replied, my own cock rock hard.

The governor began stripping also and as he did he said, "I assume Mr. Walker has secured you secrecy about this meeting?"

"Yes, sir, he has."

The governor was now completely nude and he leaned in and began licking and gently sucking my nipples. Seconds later he began lowering himself and soon he was on his knees licking my hard cock and balls.

After a short moment, he swallowed my cock to the base and began sucking me. As I gently placed my hands on each side of the governors head, I glanced over at Mr. Walker, who had dropped his pants and was slowly stroking his nice hard cock as he watched.

The governor was an expert cock sucker making it obvious that he had sucked many cocks in the past. Suddenly, he stopped and stood up smiling. Without saying a word, he turned his back to me and as he grasped my spit covered cock he guided it into his ass. Once in balls deep, he turned his head toward me and said, "Fuck me hard and deep."

I did and as I neared my climax he told me to fill his ass with my load. I did as he instructed and slowly pulled out. Mr. Walker handed me a moist wipe for me to use.

Turning to look at me the governor turned to me and said, "I just might need your services in the future."

As he began to pick up his clothes, I said, "Sir, may I do something?"

"And just what might that be?" he asked.

I quickly dropped to my knees and began sucking his cock, quickly bringing him to a roaring climax. After swallowing his load I stood and kissed him, hot knowing how he would react. He immediately returned the kiss offering his tongue.

After the kiss, I motioned Mr. Walker over and sucked his cock as the governor watched and slowly dressed. After swallowing that second load I stood and began dressing.

Smiling, the governor said, "I most definitely will be needing you to handle another party."

Seconds later we were all dressed and as the governor left the room he stepped to me and kissed me again as he slipped something into my jacket pocket.

"Consider it a tip," he said, then disappeared out the door.

"Let's wait a few minutes before we leave," Walker said.

I slipped my hand into my jacked breast pocket and pulled out what was there. Besides the five hundred Walker had slipped in it, there was another five hundred.

I realized that basically I had become a male prostitute, but I couldn't have cared less.

Over the next few months, on three occasions I was taken to the side and paid nicely for sex. Then the boss came to me and said the governor had called and requested my services to serve at a small dinner party he was having.

My boss charged the governor and I was on my way one Friday afternoon. The 'dinner party' turned out to be a gathering of me, Walker and the governor aboard his private yacht. I was compensated fifteen hundred for the weekend plus my regular salary.

This lifestyle continues throughout my college career. In my senior year, my grandfather passed away and suddenly I was an extremely wealthy young man. I decided to start offering financial aide to others in need. However there was a catch.




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