From Part 2...

My cliental continued to grow, most of which was students. However, Ray had referred several of his fellow firemen to me and even did a three way with two of them. it was so hot watching the three firemen come in wearing their uniforms, start kissing and making out, then undressing and having sex. One of the firemen was married and was gay for pay only for the money.

I had to find a way to start getting clients from the three military bases. Again my brain began working overtime.


Part 3....

I soon decided to locate the bars most of the military guys went to. Near the Navy/Marine base was the 'Buoy' club. I began frequenting it to check out the cliental. I wasn't disappointed in the least. There were many hot masculine studs in the bar each time I visited.

On my fourth trip to the bar, I went to the restroom and above each urinal as well as in each stall I wrote 'Need extra cash for your weekends off base?' then I left a phone number for them to call.

Within three days, I received my first call. He wanted to know what he had to do but I refused to tell him over the phone. I insisted we meet in person. He was a twenty-three year old hot muscular Marine and after some consideration, he agreed to jerk off on camera. I gave him my address and it was awesome watching him slowly strip out of his fatigues and start stroking his beautiful uncut cock.

I was later surprised when he called for another session and showed up with two of his buds. I filmed the three of them stripping before laying in bed side by side and jerking off together while watching porn. What was most interesting was seeing them watch each other shoot out huge loads onto their stomach and chest.

I repeated the same procedure at bars near both the Air Force base and the Army base. I soon had guys from both bases calling me including one Army captain and an Air Force lieutenant.

Soon, between all the military guys and the college students, I was busy ten to twelve hours a day videoing guys jerking off, sucking their first cock and watching them give up their virgin ass.

I spent half the nights compiling the videos into movies of approximately two hours in length. I began cranking out one DVD after another and packing them up for sale.

About a fourth of the guys I filmed were strictly gay for pay. One of the Marines joking said one day, "Man, my wife would shit if she knew that the extra money I was bringing home was because I was sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass."

I laughed and asked, "Are you enjoying it?"

"In fact I am, but I wouldn't do it without getting paid."

Then one day I got a call from Ray, that was one of the fireman that was an early customer.

"Man, I need some cash bad. I'm willing to eat cum and ass if I can bring the guy with me."

I told him that I had an opening the next morning and he jumped at it.

"Just don't get freaked out when you meet him," he said. "He's cool and just thinks we're going to get paid for jerking off while watching a movie."

My curiosity was aroused and I was anxious for them to arrive.

When Ray arrived he introduced me to Clay, a thirty-one year old lieutenant with the city police force. Clay was in full uniform and when they arrived and he saw me nude I could see his cock already getting hard.

I watched as these two studs slowly began stripping as they eyed the video playing on the TV.

Clay was informed about what to expect and signed the releases. I gave all my clients fake first names and never used last names or allowed those in uniform to wear name tags.

Clay and Ray lay in the bed and began stroking off when Ray shocked Clay by reaching over and begin stroking his cock. I saw Clay smile as he watched Ray stroke his tool. Clay was even more shocked when Ray leaned forward and swallowed Clay's rock hard tool. I heard clay moan softly before slowly reaching over and take Ray's cock in his hand.

Before long, Clay climaxed into Ray's hungry mouth and watched as Ray eagerly swallowed every drop. About that time, Ray climaxed out onto his leg and Clay's hand. It somehow seemed that Clay had enjoyed it all.

I had a growing stream of both military and college students coming to me as well as not only firemen and police men but also construction workers and other blue collar workers. I soon had to move my studio out of the house and hire a couple of videographers.

Clay had become my most frequent client and soon he and I started doing videos together. However, in our videos we did it all. Clay now admitted that he was totally gay.

Before I realized it, I was making more money than I was spending. I hired several others to work for me and basically retired. I did enjoy going to the studio and just watching the guys have sex in person.

Then, one New Year's Eve, Clay and I were out celebrating at a local bar, with several other gay cops he worked with, when at the stroke of midnight he asked me to be his life partner. I readily accepted to the cheers of his friends.

We have been together for four years now and he is still a police officer. He's open about his sexuality and is accepted by all on the force.

We have adopted a beautiful three year old son and couldn't be happier. He is the apple of our eyes. When he is old enough to understand, we plan on telling him everything and not keep any secrets.


Sorry if there wasn't enough sex. Beat me with a wet noodle.



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