I knew that to be successful I had to be in the correct location and I was.

On the bay was a combined Marine/Navy base. To the south was an Army base and to the north a few miles was an Air Force base. Plus in town, there were two large colleges.

I put my grandfathers 'mansion' up for sale and began searching for a place to suit my kneed on a large partial of property. I soon found what I needed on the far east side of town.

After some slight remodeling to the guest house, I was all set. I was ready to put my plan into action.

I drove to one of the local colleges and began checking out the restrooms. The third building I visited was an older building and the restroom had a nice glory hole. I went into one stall and soon was trading blow jobs with hot freshman.

After we both climaxed into each others mouth, I asked him to meet me outside to discuss a business proposition and he agreed.

I explained my entire plan to him finally telling him that he would be paid a fee for each prospect he sent to me that agreed to my terms. He pondered the offer and finally agreed. All he was allowed to tell the client was that he knew where he could get some financial aid with no pay back expected.

Toward the end of the first week I got a call from a student saying he needed some new books and didn't have the money and needed some assistance. I invited him over.

It turned out that he was a nineteen year old junior and on the football team. His name was Brent and he was was extremely nice looking and well built. I definitely wanted to see him nude.

I sat him down with a soda asking how much he needed. He responded saying two to three hundred.

"Brent," I began, "have you ever posed nude before?"

"No, I haven't but I don't think I'd have a problem with it. I did a lot of skinny dipping with buds in high school."

"Nice," I replied. "Have you ever jerked off in front of other guys?"

"Now that I haven't done."

"Well, you need money and I'm more than willing to give it to you with no pay back but here's the catch."

He looked at me questioningly.

"First, you have to sign an agreement to strip nude and jerk off while watching porn and allow me to video you. Keep in mind that your video along with others will be grouped together by my company, FA Video, and sold publically."

I looked at him for a response and I could tell that he was contemplating my offer.

"And the more you do sexually while I'm videoing you the more you will receive. You can set up an appointment at any time. I'll leave you alone to think it over and when I return, I hope you have a decision for me"

I left the video room and when I returned about twenty minutes later, I immediately had my answer. I entered the room to find Brent totally naked.

"I assume you agree to my terms?"

"Sure, it might be fun."

I had him read and sign the agreement, then redress. I knew he would be popular because of the size of his cock.

Once he was dressed, I introduced him on camera using only his first name and had him slowly begin stripping that he had never done anything like this before. Once he was nude, I began playing a hot porn movie on the TV out of sight across the room.

Brent settled back on the bed in the room and began stroking as I got some nice close ups of his hand in action on his eight inch cock. He took his time and eventually exploded sending a huge volley of thick white cum out onto his chin and chest.

I handed him a cloth and as he wiped himself off he smiled at the camera. After turning the camera off, I smiled and said "Fucking perfect!"

"Thanks," he replied. "I always shoot like that if I'm really turned on."

"It was beautiful," I replied.

He asked what he could expected to do to get more money.

"Kiss and make out with another guy, let a guy suck your cock, suck his cock, fuck or get fucked. The more you're willing to do at one time the more financial aid you will receive."

"I see," he said as he began dressing. I paid him three fifty for his video and he smiled and said he might be back.

Two days later, I got a call from a guy named Tim. He said he had heard I could help him out financially. We met and I discovered that he was a student in criminal justice and planned on being a cop.

We met and he quickly agreed to jerk off on camera. Once it was over he said he was curious and if I found some other guy wanting to experiment to let him know. I immediately thought of Brent.

I soon had at least one guy a day coming over and jerking off. Then I got a call from a guy in his late twenties named Ray.. He explained that he was a fireman. I asked how he had heard about me. He explained that it was just he and his brother and that he was helping his younger brother through college.

"When he came home and I saw the cash, I was afraid he had stolen it. Things are really tight and I began questioning him. He finally confessed about jerking off on camera and I made him tell me how to contact you. Hell, I love jerking off so why not get paid for it."

"Did he explain ways to make more money?

"Yes, he did. After seeing other firemen nude at the station, I've become curious about sex with another male. I'll try anything once."

"Sounds interesting. May I see what you look like nude?"

"Sure," he replied and quickly began stripping.

I had noticed that his short hair had an auburn tint to it and when he removed his shirt I almost gasped. His muscular chest was covered with a thick, bright red-orange, mat of hair. Then when he removed his pants and his thick bush was the same bright color, my cock immediately began to stiffen. He noticed and smiled.

"Care to video me jerking?" he asked.


he propped up in bed and began working his cock. before long he fired out a thick huge load and I so wanted to lick it off him. Red heads were suck a turn on for me.

I paid him and he said he might be back in a day or two.

Sure enough two days later, Ray called and set up an appointment.

When he arrived he immediately stripped saying he wanted to try more. When I asked what he had in mind, he said, "Anything you want to see."

"You ever had your cock sucked?"

"Yea years ago by an old girlfriend but she wasn't that good. She couldn't get me off and I've always heard a guy can do it better than a woman can."

"That's true," I replied.

"You like sucking cock, I assume," he said.

"Yes I do, especially cock with red hair."

"It's all yours," he replied.

I stripped and as he lay back on the bed, I climbed between his wide spread legs. He propped his head up in order to watch.

Looking into his eyes, I lifted his cock and began sucking on it as it stiffened. After a few minutes he stopped me saying, "You look like you're really enjoying it. Let me try it on you."

I smiled and flipped into a sixty-nine position and seconds later Ray was sucking his first cock.

a short while later, Ray climaxed and filled my mouth with a sweet load of thick cum. I collected it all then swallowed and as I did my own cock neared completion and before I could warn Ray, it exploded filling Ray's mouth. He gagged slightly then collected it all before swallowing.

"Damn, your mouth was better than almost all the cunt I've ever had." Then after a moment, he added, "And sucking you was awesome. The cum tasted good also."

"Ray, I have a question for you. Would you be willing to kiss and make out and suck another of my clients?"

"Hell yea!" he replied.

I had found out that Brent was Ray's brother and my mind began working.

Brent had visited me several times and was into kissing and making out and sucking cock. I had videoed he and Tim a couple of times.

I called Brent and told him I had someone he might like to work with. He asked what al the guy was into and I said oral mainly but he could probably be talked into anal. He agreed and we set a date. I then called Ray and set it up with him. I had them arrive a half hour apart.

Ray arrived first and stripped and climbed in bed, his cock already rock hard. When Brent arrived, I had him undress in another room and I sucked on him to get him ready.

With is hard cock swaying side to side he entered the room to find his brother in bed waiting for him.

"Fuck yea!" I heard Ray say as Brent smiled. I quickly got behind the camera and let them go at their own pace. Brent lay down and soon they were tongue kissing then taking turns sucking each others cock before going into a sixty-nine.

Before long, they both climaxed and eagerly swallowed each others loads. They agreed that if they decided to try anal that they would wait and let me film them loosing their virginity.

Brent had managed to hook me up with couple of cadets from the police academy as well as a couple of patrol officers.

My cliental continued to grow, most of which was students. However, Ray had referred several of his fellow firemen to me and even did a three way with two of them. it was so hot watching the three firemen come in wearing their uniforms, start kissing and making out, then undressing and having sex. One of the firemen was married and was gay for pay only for the money.

I had to find a way to start getting clients from the three military bases. Again my braid began working overtime.




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