(Part 2)

That morning I woke up and cheek my phone. I got 5 texts from Amy saying


"How did it go?"

"Did you two made out? ☺"

"Just tell me when you get to school, k"

"Love you"

As I laugh to myself about the text. I thought to myself about the kiss. That night the kiss all I can think about is that kiss from Ryan is sooooo sweet, it feels like he does care about me now I can't wait to see him in school.

The whole day I went looking for Ryan. But he wasn't there, it almost felt like it was all a dream.

The rest of the day went like a blur all I did is was the same thing. But then lunch came.

"Hey hot stuff! So tell me about your date last night!" Said Amy.

"It was good" I simply said.

"Good?! Like how good..."

There was a moment of silence.

"God ok! Ryan kissed me ok! You happy now" I yelled than smiled at her.

"Really? Where? I bet it was hot haha!"

Me and Amy talk for a moment when Shelby came up to us.

"As you all know... I am having my 18 birthday party this weekend and I would like to invite the two of you" said Shelby.

Amy and I both look at each other the look talk.

"Should we?"



"Ok sure why not".

"Well,?" Said Shelby. "Are you guys going to take the invites or not?!".

"Ok will take it" we both said.


On the day of Shelby's birthday, me and Amy went to the mall and got our gift for her. I got to say Shelby is not that annoying as she uses to be last year. For some reason she has gotten a little bit maturer now (maybe its because she want to make her last year fun).

After we were done shopping, we've drove home and get ready for the party.

I haven't heard from Ryan this whole week. Maybe he will be at the party.

When I was done, I got a text from Amy to come outside. As I came down to her car and drove off to Shelby's party. I'm really worried about Ryan. I haven't seen him sense after the night he kissed me on the cheek.

When we arrived at her house, I can't believe it in front of my eyes! The place is like a fucking mansion! There was a big waterfall rock, a pool, a garage that is twice as big as mine, a tennis court! Even the house is big it self!

As we got inside, Shelby greeted us.

"Hey!" Shelby shouted "glad you guys made it I hope you're having fun! Cause I know I am!!! Woo hoo!"

The music was loud so me and Amy have to yell in order to hear each other. We dance for a bit, than got our self some drinks, there where some alcohol but I'm not much of a drinker so I decided to avoid that. Me and Amy were having the time of our life's until I need to pee.

I told Amy that I need to go use a restroom, and grab me a drink when I got back. As I was looking for the bathroom, door to door I keep finding bedrooms. "Damn this place is like a fucking maze" I said to myself.

When I opened one of the doors, and I can't believe what I saw. There he was Ryan on the bed fucking some girl. My heart just stopped as I look at Ryan, He saw me and the look on his face was nothing but "what the hell did I just do?". I slam the door and ran, as I was coming back tears were running down my face. As I got Amy and told her that I need to leave. She didn't say much because she saw the tears on my face.

"Let me get my jacket and we're off" she said.

When I got outside my phone was vibrating. I check to see who it was, surprisingly it was Ryan. I ignored is call and go in. On the way home I was bursting into tears.

"What's wrong? Hun" Amy said in a sweet voice.

"I saw him" I said sobbing.

"Saw who?" She ask. "Was it Ryan?"

His name made me cried even more. I nodded and continue to cry. I never cried this much in my life before. But this time it hurts, it feels like my heart is broken into two. I don't know if I can ever love again.


For the past week I didn't went to school, it hurt too see him after what he did to me. You can say I'm been like a total drama queen,but I just can't forgive him, I just can't.

Ding! Dong! My doorbell ring.

"Kyle! Amy is here" my Mom yelled.

"Huhhhhhh" I grunted. "Kill me now!"

"Knock knock" Amy open the door "can I come in?".

"Leave me alone" pulling my blanket over my head.

"Oh come on! Quit been a pussy and talk to me! Haha" she giggled.

What if I don't want to?"

"Then I'll just sit here and wait until you talk"

"Fine!" I pull my sheets back open and sat up. "what do you wanna talk about?".

"OK first off" she said. "Where have you been? Aston, Ashley, Karla, Liam, and I were worried about you! We thought you left town or something. You never replied to any of my text, you never called. Ever since that night you've just blocked everyone out. Why?"

I just sat there. Thinking to myself, Maybe she is right I have been shutting people out.

"God I hate when your always right"

"I know" she said smiling. "I really care about you Kyle , your like a brother to me and I'll do anything to protect you".

After she said that. Small tears started to run down my face. I never heard her say that to me before, not I think I do have people that cared about me.

"Awwww. Come here, I know it been hard for you" Amy said in a sweet mothering voice.

I cried for a moment, until I stop.

"Now what do you say, you'll come back to school now?"

"Haha, ok" I smiled. "Let me go change".

"Ok I'll be waiting for you downstairs"


That talk with Amy made me a little better. As I got dressed and grab my stuff, and head downstairs.

When we drove too school, I feel like a new kid all over again.

"Dude! Where have you been?" said Liam. "Aston and I thought you were dead or something we've missed you"

"Yeah man, and oh by the way Ryan has been looking for you. He said that he needed to talk to you or something like that" Ashton said as he and Liam left.

"Listen, Kyle I'm here for you" Amy said. "If I see that jerk ill let you know, maybe Ill kick him in the balls for you!" as she tried to cheer me up.

"NO don't do that i love him, i just don't want him to get hurt"

"Hun, he hurt you" grabbing my shoulders.

"Well, I guess ill see you later, k?"

"OK" I said.

As Amy left, i just stood their like a rock, until...

"Hey, Kyle"

I look back. And there he was walking toward me.

"Hey I've been trying to reach you. Why haven't you replied?" he said.I


"I know I've made a mistake, and I know I've fucked it up".


"Well, are you going to say something?"


"all I'm asking is one more chance to make it right with you"

He grabs my hands. "when I'm with you I feel really happy, you make me feel like the happiest guy on earth".

"So what do you say can you forgive me?"

"No" I said.


"I can't forgive you, after all what you did I thought that you did liked me and than you go sleeping with some slut!?" my voice fuel up in rage.

"And now you want me to for give you, just like that and pretend all of this had never happened? I think I will pass on that and I don't want to ever see you again! Good bye Ryan" I yelled at him and ran.

To Be Continue...




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