Brief Review of Chapter 8

In Chapter 8, two Yellowstone National Park rangers on Tuesday afternoon discovered Kory fucking his buddy Colby and me fucking John in public on the trail. Upon avoiding arrest, we four returned to the lodge. John and I received a video gift from Cory and Colby featuring  guys in 50 wild gay positions. John and I watched the video on my laptop computer and then selected one of the hot difficult positions as I pounded my sexy hot buddy's ass.

CHAPTER 9: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night sex scenes featuring Kory, Colby, John and Eric

ERIC: The four of us horny guys spent those three nights in our room practicing some of those erotic positions. John and I were scheduled to leave Saturday morning to fly to my home in San Francisco.

Along with Cory and Colby, John and I spent the next three days touring the beautiful scenes in the Park returning each night to the lodge for dinner. After dinner, our new buddies joined us in our room to view some of the hot gay action on the video with actors performing amazingly difficult raunchy fuck positions. We selected some of the most exciting scenes with Kory and Colby fucking those difficult positions while John and I did the same.

On the first night (Wednesday), I said: "Hey Kory and Colby, you two are so cool and hot. This is such an exciting game to select a position and fuck. But I'm totally loyal to my Babe John so I'll only fuck him while you to get it on."

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: "The Bumper Car Fuck"

Story Told By Eric

After a fun day in the Park with Kory and Colby, John and I invited the young hot couple to join us for dinner. Afterward, we went to our room, flipped through the 50 scenes until we saw two horny guys doing the "Bumper Cars Fuck". We decided to try that challenging position.

The four of us stripped down to our birth day suit, completely naked, with our swollen dripping dicks standing at attention. Kory and Colby took one of the beds while John and I chose the other bed with John and I filled with animal lust as we watched our sexy blonde buddies get in position. Colby faced the bed; placed his head, neck, shoulders and upper back down flat on the carpet; he put his arms and hands eagle spread on the floor; and placed his legs and feet spread wide up on the side of the bed. His ass was vertical to the ceiling. Kory got between his legs and stood there, bent his knees, placed his hands on Colby's thighs and directed his huge cock to the entrance of Colby's ass.

I had John get into the exact same position facing our bed with me standing between his elevated legs and feet. I bent my knees, placed my hands on his knees and moved my blood filled cock ready to invade his gorgeous large dark round protruding ass cheeks and asshole.

As Kory drove his big sausage inch by inch down that puckering white ass of Colby, I thrust my throbbing cock deep inside John's brown pussy. I not only felt John's amazing ass muscles tighten around my dong, I became filled with lust watching Kory drive his big cock in and out of that cute ass of Colby.

The fucking got really rough as Kory and I pounded our lovers' pussies. Soon we were all moaning, grunting, panting and making all those sex sounds when in heat and consumed with the heat of our cocks deep in those really warm pussies.

We began to talk dirty with such words as: "Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, yea, Fuck my pussy, take my big cock you slut, fuck me harder, breed my ass, give me your cum and make me pay."

After a long fuck fest, I felt my cum gather in my balls and I shot a huge cum load deep in John's ass as he stroked his cock until he blasted a volcanic load on his stomach, chest, face and over his head onto the carpet.

Within a few seconds, Kory pulled his wet huge cock out of Colby's ass and shot stream after stream of his man juice on Colby's cock, balls, chest and face while Colby erupted with a big load all over his own body. The air in the room was filled with the smell of cum and sweat. What a fun and raunchy sex scene.

THURSDAY NIGHT: "Jack Hammer Fuck"

Story By John

Sharing the video with Kory and Colby by Thursday night had become a real horny ball busting experience. Again as we viewed the video, we decided on a scene called "Jack Hammer Fuck". Eric and I got on the bed with Eric on his back facing the headboard. I took his legs and feet and placed them over his head with his feet flat on the bed sheets behind his head positioning his ass vertical to the ceiling. I stood pointing my big brown cock head down toward his blonde pink asshole.

Kory and Colby got up on the same bed next to us. Colby got down on his back, lifted his legs and feet over his head with Kory standing over him with his huge diamond hard cock ready to invade Colby's hot pussy. It became so steamy when in rhythm Kory and I simultaneously thrust our twitching cocks deep in our partner's wet leaking pussy. Kory and I looked at each other as we fucked those asses. Soon Colby and Eric reached over and held hands as they took our big cocks deeper and deeper in those warm assholes. The sex was incredibly hot as all four of us watched the fucking of those hot pussies with the big stone hard cocks driving in and out of those wet asses.

After fucking for a long time and spitting out our dirty words, it as amazing that Kory and I unloaded our big cum loads at the same moment in our buddies' pussy. Colby and Eric were wildly stroking their own cocks and soon they blasted a fountain of cum over their heads soaking the bed sheets.

Kory took his thick red lips and tongue and began to suck his cum out of Colby's pussy as I did the same to Eric's pink soft ass. Kory spit his mouth full of cum into Colby's mouth. I swallowed the cum I'd gathered. I'm a big cum eater. Eric got down in a position and licked up his cum off the sheets. We kissed with cum dripping from our lips.

We four showered together and went to the bar for a nightcap.

FRIDAY NIGHT: "Tie Up Your Fuck Buddy and Ride Him Rough Cowboy"

Story By Kory

John and Eric hosted a big seven-course meal for Colby and me, as it was the last night before Eric and John were to leave for San Francisco. After dinner, they invited us back up to their room (The Sex Chamber). Again we viewed the DVD and selected a scene called "Tie Up Your Fuck Buddy and Ride Him Rough Cowboy." 

Eric and I had Colby and John lie down on the bed on their backs on the same bed, spread their hot legs far apart, spread their arms and hands out and we placed black silk blindfolds over their eyes. I took strong silk cords and tied my buddy Colby's wrists to the headboard and his ankles to the foot of the bed, as Eric did the same to his fuck buddy John. We each lubed our buddies' ass, our cocks and lubed two big 9-inch black dildos.

I got down and drove that huge hard black dildo deep into Colby's ass as Eric drove the other dildo all the way into John's brown pulsating ass. Soon we heard John say: "Hey Fuck Eric, that does not feel like your awesome cock, what is going on? I don't want any man's cock inside me except your gorgeous fucking hot cock. Please tell me that is not Kory's cock inside me."

Kory and I laughed and Kory said: "Fuck no Eric that is not my cock or Eric's cock."

John replied: "Then what in  the fucking hell is it? It is so big and hard."

Colby spoke up: Hey Eric, it is a damn dildo. Kory is always fucking my ass with these big dildos to open me up for his monstrous dick."

John replied: "Shit it is hard and fucking long. Thanks Colby for telling me what is going on."

Eric and I removed those wet dildos and got ready for the real cocks to go to work. I drove my aching throbbing cock deep into Colby's ass while Eric began to fuck his favorite sexy brown pussy. We fucked those awesome asses pounding our cocks deeper and deeper into the heart of those ass channels. Next we laid down on top of our fuck buddies and rode those pussies as if we were cowboys riding a bull in the ring. The thrust of our bodies and cocks became wild and rough. We were two mad cowboys punishing those asses as if we had to stay on until the bell went off in the ring for scoring lots of points. The moaning and grunting was loud and awesome. WOW, what wild sex. John and Colby bucked as if they were wild horses trying to buck off the cowboys. Man it was the best sex possible. 

Finally, we could not hold out any longer as the semen rushed out of our cocks and deep into those two fucking pussies. I pulled out and went down on Colby's throbbing cock and gave him a wild blowjob as Eric did the same for John's need to cum. Soon Colby and John shot their loads. I swallowed Colby's cum and Eric drank John's shooting load.

We four hot dudes showered and went to the bar to celebrate. The next morning Colby and I walked Eric and John to their car and said farewell as they headed back to Bozeman and a flight to San Francisco.

NEXT CHAPTER: Eric Inducts His Fuck Buddy John into the "Mile High Club"


Naughty Eric


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