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                                                Chapter 8

When I woke up I could see the sun starting to set over the rural, dry grounds of Bellview Ranch. Ben’s arm was lovingly draped around me, holding me close to him as his chest hummed against my back as he slept. What an afternoon.

            I decided to let Ben sleep a little while longer, so I slipped on a t-shirt and some boxers and quietly closed the door behind me, taking a seat in one of the rocking chairs in front of our cabin.

            The view truly was breathtaking. With all the commotion going on at Bellview Ranch it was easy to lose sight of how beautiful that California sunset could be. Despite the summer heat a small chill came over me as I thought back to when I saw my first California sunset, back when I was 22 years old. It was amazing to me how little Bellview Ranch had changed over the years. A tiny little paradise frozen in time. I could only hope Ben’s experience here was everything he wanted it to be. I wanted that so badly for him.

            “Evening sir.” A voice called out from one of the rocking chairs down at the other end of the cabin block.

            John Conway was slowly rocking back and forth, sipping on a cold brew, wearing nothing but a pair of camou leggings and combat boots. His big strong frame was apparent even in the dusk atmosphere around us. I wasn’t sure if he’d been there all along or if he’d just gotten here. My heart started beating faster at the sound of his voice.

            “Evening yourself, John.” I called back. I thought about getting up and joining him at his end. It seemed like the polite thing to do. But with Ben sleeping a few feet away in our cabin for some reason I thought it best to stay put. I’m not sure why I was so uneasy about Ben seeing me with another guy. But I hadn’t quite gotten used to this new atmosphere when he and I had been joined at the hip for so long.

            True to form, John Conway just sipped his beer stoically, not feeling any need to force a conversation.

            “Beautiful night.” I muttered, crossing my arms as a nice breeze came over us.

            “Yes sir.” He nodded.

            Fuck, here I was sitting about 20 feet away from the guy who had just fucked me into ecstasy just this afternoon and it was all I could think about. And to tell you the god’s honest truth, I wasn’t even sure if it was on his mind at all. I’d never met anyone like this kid.

            “So we-“ I began before the cabin door behind John swung open.

            “The shower’s all yours, Junior.” Jay announced, stepping out and taking a deep breath. He was naked as the day he was born and had his hands resting on his hips proudly, his big cock hanging down for the world to see. “What do you say we grab a bite and then-“ He spotted me and grinned. “Evening, Bill.”

            “Evening Jay.” I waved, not even surprised at this point at my old buddy’s lack of attire.

            “John, you remember Mr. Branch.” Jay said to his son.

            “I remember him.” John muttered under his breath. “Evening Mr. Branch, sir.”

            “You’ll have to forgive my boy’s manners, Bill.” Jay rolled his eyes. “Apparently the kid scored big this afternoon with some poor sucker and he seems to be reveling in his victory.”

            I wasn’t exactly sure how to respond to Jay. John just sipped on his beer, casually.

            “Say Bill” Jay continued, sitting down in a chair next to his son. “You and Ben got plans tonight?”

            “I think we’re going to take it easy tonight. Ben’s tapped out right now and I don’t want to wake him.”

            “Nonsense, bud.” Jay interrupted me, raising his hand to stop me. “You’ve been cooped up in your cabin since after lunch. Come over for dinner at our place. It’s not too far.” He gestured to his cabin door behind him.

            “I don’t know, Jay.” I replied, feeling a little uneasy about the situation.

            “Come on, bud. I want to get to know Ben. It’s about time he has an older, wiser uncle he can come to with any questions. Like what to do when your dad’s a no-fun goody-two-shoes and you want to sneak out at night to score some ass.”

            “Always the charmer, Jay.” I laughed.

            “Accept the invitation, Bill. I could be getting my brains fucked out tonight but instead I’ve decided to spend it with an old pal.” He smiled.

            “Siphoned just about as much youth from these horny studs as you can handle for the night, Jay?” I laughed.

            “Au contraire, my friend. My date card is officially in tact for the day so far. No punches yet. You know, I may be more conservative than you think.” He said, crossing his legs, his balls clearly visible laying against his leg as he scratched his bare chest absentmindedly.

            “Well there’s a first time for everything, I guess.” I teased him.

            “Yeah, well the night’s still young, Bill Branch. Don’t be offended if I kick you two out if an eligible stud comes my way.”

            “You really want us to come over, Jay?” I pressed.

            “Sure we do. Isn’t that right, Junior?”

            “I’ve certainly enjoyed my experiences with Mr. Branch so far. I’d love to have you, sir.” John said, looking me right in the eyes.

            At that moment the screen door behind me creaked open as Ben emerged, rubbing his eyes groggily.

            “Evening Mr. Conway. John.” Ben nodded at them with a smile.

            “Evening Ben Branch.” Jay replied, looking Ben over from top to bottom. Ben had thrown on a t-shirt and some underwear just like me.

            “Evening Ben.” John nodded.

            Ben leaned down a put his arms around my shoulders and rubbed my back tenderly.

            “We were just trying to convince your dad here to loosen up a bit and have you two over for dinner with us.” Jay said, watching how Ben was working my shoulders over.

            “Sounds good to me.” Ben replied. “What do you say, Dad?”

            I had to admit I was kind of surprised. I thought I needed to walk around on egg shells when it came to John Conway in front of Ben but here he was accepting an invitation to spend the evening with them.

            “Looks like it’s three votes yes, bud.” Jay grinned. “What do you say, 15 minutes?”

            “Alright, Jay.” I smiled. “I take it the dress code is casual?” I laughed, looking my buddy over in his completely nude state as a random passerby gave him a loud cat call as he walked by.

            “Come on, Junior.” He said, ignoring me and patting John on the back. “We’ve got company to get ready for.”

            “See you in a bit, bud.” I waved, getting up and pulling open our cabin door.


            Ben and I knocked on the Conway cabin door right on time, having quickly showered and thrown on something a little more decent. Jay answered the door and I knew something was up.

            “Evening fellas.” He grinned. He was dressed in a long-sleeved button down shirt with a vest and khaki slacks. A far cry from his earlier choice this evening.

            “I almost didn’t recognize you, Jay.” I laughed, walking past him and sitting down in a big comfy armchair around his coffee table. They had put out a trey of cheese and grapes and Ben and I helped ourselves.

            We heard the bathroom door jiggle and John emerged from the steam with a towel hastily wrapped around his waist. He waved politely as he disappeared into the bedroom and shut the door.

            “Alright, you guys ready to play?” Jay asked, slapping a deck of cards onto the table.

            “What did you have in mind, Jay?” I replied, crossing my arms.

            “Just a bit of poker.” Jay grinned, starting to deal for the four of us.

            “Sounds good, bud.” I responded, taking another bit of cheese.

            The bedroom door opened and John emerged again, this time in a similar attire to Jay: a nice button down shirt and a vest with khaki slacks and shoes to match.

            “Glad you could make it, guys.” John nodded to us as he sat down next to his dad.

            “Jay. . . Why am I suddenly under the impression my son and I have  walked into a trap?” I asked my buddy, with a laugh.

            “Oh, have a little fun, Bill.” Jay grinned. “Just a little innocent game of strip poker.”

            “Uh huh. . .” I laughed. “And just what might we be playing for exactly?”

            “What’s the hurry, Bill? Can’t we just have a little fun?” Jay shrugged playfully. “Ben here’s up for it, aren’t you Ben?”

            “Sure I am. Let’s play.” Ben replied, moving his chair a little closer to the table.

            “See, Bill? Just an innocent game between friends, old and new.”

            “Alright, just give Ben and I a second. I swear I think I have my grandmother’s old mink coat in the back of my trunk somewhere. . .” I laughed, nodding to Jay and John’s conservative attire.

            “Yeah yeah, take it easy, buddy. We’ll let your shoes count twice, okay? Now are we ready to play?”

            “Your deal, Jay.” I replied, leaning back.

            Jay lost the first hand. He made sure he was looking right into my son’s eyes as he unbuttoned his shirt underneath his vest and then he removed his vest, his hairy chest on display through his open shirt as he sat back down.

            “Your deal, kid.” Jay said to Ben, sliding the cards to him.

            The second hand wasn’t as kind to me as the first. With a sigh I leaned back and lifted my foot on the table with a loud thud. I untied each lace slowly, getting a catcall from Jay and tossed the shoe over my shoulder.

            “Alright, Bill. Your deal.” Jay said, passing me the deck.

            When I lost the next hand again, I was leaning back to remove my other shoe before Jay shook his head with a grin. “Come on, buddy, let’s see some skin!” He taunted me, looking to John and Ben for encouragement.

            “Whoop whoop!” John and Ben called out, egging me on.

            “Alright alright. . .” I sighed and started to unbutton my dress shirt and slowly pulled it over my shoulders.

            “Now that’s what I’m talking about, bud!” Jay cheered, admiring my toned form. “How do you like that, John? You like what Mr. Branch here is working with?”

            “Yes sir.” John replied, grinning.

            “He’s just being polite.” Jay said, patting John on the back. “Junior’s got a thing for guys like you. You’re his type to a tee. Trust me.”

            I gulped, unsure of what to say. It was clear Jay was unaware of the fact that his son and I had already had the pleasure of getting to know each other better.

            “Yeah, you got a thing for your dad, Ben?” Jay asked, turning to my son.

            “Oh yeah.” Ben replied, reaching his hand out to cop a feel of my chest. “I tell him that all the time, Mr. Conway.”

            I started to blush as Ben ran his strong hands over my torso.

            “Go on, Ben. Give those tits a good feel.” Jay encouraged him, slipping his hand between his own unbuttoned shirt and pinching his own nipple softly.

            Ben complied and starting working my nipples over, right there in front of everyone.

            “That’s it, Ben.” Jay encouraged him, working his own chest as he watched. “Junior here always works my tits over when he’s rutting me. Makes me cum like a goddamn geyser every time. I swear yesterday afternoon he’d just about chafed them raw, he was so worked up. Fuck, they’re still kind of red from it, even now.” He looked at his son. “You like what you see, John?”

            “Mmmhmm.” John replied, watching Ben work me over.

            “Don’t be shy.” Jay muttered. “Tell Mr. Branch here what you’d do to him.”

            “Well, sir.” John mumbled, clearing his throat and looking right into my eyes. “I’d probably take you into your cabin. Work your tits over and make out with you a little while we made our way over to the bed.” He was running his hand over the mound in his khakis. “I’d get you on all fours. And then. . .  Well then I’d work my big cock into your cunt and I’d fuck you raw until I blew my wad up inside you, sir.”

            Ben pulled at my nipple a little harder as he listened to the step-by-step recount of what this handsome stud marine had done to me this very afternoon.

            “Fuck, he means it too, Bill.” Jay grunted. “Don’t get me wrong, I love all my boys. But when Junior here wants his nut he’ll fuck you so good he’ll have you following him around the rest of the day hoping he’ll want seconds.”

            Before I could stop myself I was already speaking up. “Ben here takes good care of me.” I said, looking John in the eye as I reached my hand out and rubbed my son’s shoulders paternally as he worked me over with his strong hands. “He took my ass this afternoon and made me cum so hard I wasn’t even touching myself when it happened.” John looked away for a second. “He fucked the cum right out of me. The second he got back to the cabin he wanted my ass and he got it. Right then and there. Anytime Ben here wants it he gets it.”

            “Fuck, Bill.” Jay muttered under his breath. “Your boy really made you cum like that?”

            “You bet he did.” I replied proudly. “He’s the only one who can make me cum like that.”

            I figured I had done my job making Ben feel like he was my number one stud again. In fact, maybe I’d even done too good a job from the way Jay was staring at my boy like a piece of fuckmeat right now. I needed to let everyone cool off for a while, myself included from the way my cock was rock hard in my slacks from the way Ben was playing with my chest.

            “I believe it’s your deal, John.” I said, passing John the deck and leaning back in my chair.

            Jay gave a disappointed sigh but he gave in, watching as John started dealing around the table, the marine’s intense stare boring into my soul, unwavering.

            The next bunch of rounds evened things up a bit. John and Ben were down to their shirts, underwear, and both socks while Jay and I were just a little behind, with our underwear, and both socks left.

            “It’s getting close, boys.” Jay said under his breath.

 I watched as his eyes roamed around the table, mentally gauging where everyone else was, score-wise. A lightbulb seemed to be going off in his head.

“What do you say we make things interesting, fellas?”

“What did you have in mind, Mr. Conway?” Ben asked, with a grin.

            “It seems ever since we set foot on this place it’s been the young bucks versus the old geezers. And besides, the two of you are  one up on your old man and me, score-wise, so it wouldn’t be fair for it to be you and your dad against Junior and me. What do you say we make it Dads vs Lads, fellas? Losers give it up for the winners.”

            “Now wait just a minute, Jay.” I interjected, seeing this coming from a mile, three football fields, and practically an entire aircraft carrier away. “Let’s not get too hasty here.”


            I sensed a bit of panic in my voice that I hadn’t intended. The truth was I had gotten fucked three times already since this morning. No, not just fucked. FUCKED. I’d been rutted hard by my son once after breakfast, ridden hard by an extremely hung marine not long after and then absolutely powerfucked by my jealous son yet again only minutes after that. My hole was used and sore. Not only could I not imagine my poor, exhausted body producing any more cum for the evening, but the thought of having another one of these horny, insatiable boys shoving their big, thick cocks into me for the FOURTH time  today had me lightheaded.

            “What’s the hesitation, buddy?” Jay asked. “I know my boy’s willing to pay up if he loses. You should see the attitude the kid gets when he hasn’t gotten fucked in a while. If you ask me, he’s past due.”

            “Because not everyone is okay with just fucking every second of every day, Jay!” I responded defensively before I could stop myself.

            Jay was taken aback. “I’ll have you know I woke up this morning, ate breakfast with my buddies, walked around the ranch with you, grabbed lunch with you and the guys, and then played a few rounds of cards before coming back here, Bill. I haven’t gotten laid once today.” He shook his head at me. “What’s the matter with you, Bill?”

            I was about to apologize to him profusely before Ben spoke up. “If I recall correctly there’s only one person here who’s slept with two out of the three other guys at this table and it’s not Mr. Conway.”

            His words hit me like a ton of bricks. He was right.

            Jay’s jaw dropped. He looked from his son to me. “Have you two already fucked?”

            “Yeah, Jay. We’ve already fucked.” I answered him, cautiously.

            “That’s my boy!” Jay yelled, excitedly, clapping his hand on his son’s shoulder proudly.

            “The thing is” John began, looking me right in the eye, “when Mr. Branch here gave it up for me this afternoon his cunt had already been used. Isn’t that right, sir?”

            I hung my head down, embarrassed.

            “Well I’ll be dipped. . .” Jay grinned, loving this. “Bill Branch, slutting it up and giving his ass away twice in one afternoon. And here I was believing you’d really gone back to your cabin after lunch to take a nap.”

            I winced, knowing what was coming.

            “Actually, not quite, Mr. Conway.” Ben interjected, reaching his hand out and rubbing my neck, affectionately. “As soon as I saw John walking out of my dad’s bedroom with an extra spring in his step I turned my dad right around, marched him right back to the bed and loaded up his ass again, right then and there.”

            By now Jay and I were both scarlet. Me from the embarrassment of having my transgressions of the afternoon shared over the table like this and Jay from the sheer exhilaration of hearing how his so-called “prudish” buddy of his had been inseminated 3 times today. So far. . .

            “Never thought I’d see the day. . .” Jay grinned, looking at me. “Bill Branch here is carrying three loads in his pussy and I’m sitting over here clean as a nun.”

            “Alright alright, let’s move on, shall we?” I sighed, smiling a little.

            “You know what the funny thing is?” Jay laughed. “Here you are acting like you couldn’t possibly take any more cock today. But when you’ve already put out three times since this morning what’s one more?”

            “Are you done, Jay?” I laughed, blushing intensely.

            “Are YOU?” He countered, managing to get a laugh from Ben and John.

            “So that settles it.” Jay continued, dealing out the cards again. “We’ll make it Dads vs Lads. Winners fuck the losers. That is, If Bill can manage to keep his legs closed until we finish the game. Everyone in?”

            “I’m in.” John said, cracking his knuckles.

            “Me too.” Ben followed.

            “Bill?” Jay asked me, staring me down.

            I felt my hole throb uncontrollably at the possibility of getting fucked for a fourth time. I could only imagine how sore I was going to be tomorrow as is. A smile crept across my face. “What the hell. To Bellview Ranch.”

            “Is that a yes?” Jay asked, leaning in.

            “I’m in.”


I noticed from the second we picked up our game again Jay was eyeing my son like a cartoon dog eyes a leg of chicken. Two rounds in a row went to the boys.

            “Come on, Jay, you didn’t even look at your new card before you discarded it!” I scoffed at him as he removed his last sock.

            “Sorry bud, I’m a little distracted. . .” He mumbled, licking his lips as he eyed Ben from across the table.

            It was match point. This next hand could seal the deal for the two horny 22 year olds at my side.

            I nervously watched Jay as he rearranged his cards. I seriously didn’t think I could handle getting fucked another time today. Besides, I wanted to return the favor to the handsome marine next to me and see him on bottom for a change.

            When Jay drew a new card for the final round of the hand his eyes widened and I could see him try and repress a smile.

            “I got nothing.” He muttered, slapping his cards down for all to see and in an instant he was in my boy’s lap, thrusting his tongue in Ben’s mouth, not wasting any time. “I’ve been waiting all weekend for this, kid.” He huffed in between laps of his tongue.

            I watched in complete disbelief as my old friend was grinding himself on top of my son so blatantly in front of his own son and myself.

            Jay managed to pry himself away from my son long enough to mutter. “Bill, I don’t care if you want to stay and watch but either way your son is about to get laid big time.” He went back to making out with Ben, looking him deep in his eyes. “That’s right, kid. I’ve waited long enough to get your big cock in my ass. It’s my turn now.”

            I looked from Jay and Ben’s display over to John to gauge his reaction but his eyes were fixed on me, gazing at me, hungrily. Fuck, I’d forgotten Jay had placed my ass as collateral, too. I started to put on my shirt again, thinking the two of us would need to go back to my cabin and give them some room. I wasn’t sure how Ben would feel about me being so close by as I gave my ass up yet again for this hung marine. But John Conway raised is hand and beckoned me over to him. At once I was on my feet.

            He stared up at me and I leaned down to kiss him as he placed his hands on my ass. “Giving it up for me twice in one day, Mr. Branch.” He said with a slight smirk. “I didn’t think you were the type, sir.”


            Fuck, this handsome, stoic marine could get me hard with his brash talk. “You want seconds, stud?” I whispered in his ear.

            “Yes, sir. I want some more.” He nodded, running his strong hands over my ass.

                                                            Chapter 9

            The sounds of making out grew more intense behind us and I looked back for a moment. Ben’s eyes were on John and I and with each possessive caress John made over my body Ben’s seduction of Jay accelerated. But all of John’s attention was on me.

            Jay pried his lips off of my son again. “Fuck, I want it so bad, Ben Branch.” Ben kissed down Jay’s neck expertly. “You eat dad pussy, kid?”

            “Can’t get enough of it.” Ben replied, gripping Jay’s ass hard.

            “Get me nice and ready for you, kid. Fuck, I want you.”

            Now it was John’s turn to kiss down my neck. He was remembering from earlier this afternoon how hot I get when a stud like him takes control and really puts the moves on me.

            By the time I realized I had been lost in his touch several minutes had passed. Jay and Ben were nowhere to be seen.

            “Follow me.” John told me, standing up. We could hear a deep moan from the bedroom. And John followed it, not missing a beat.

            He opened the door and Jay was laying on his back in the middle of the mattress as Ben was eating him out. I don’t even think he realized we were there.

            “That’s right, kid. Open me up for you.”

            I knew Jay was in for a treat. Ben couldn’t get enough of my ass and I raised him right. My son could eat ass like no one else.

            Before I knew it John had grabbed the collar of my shirt and he was walking us right to the bed. In one motion he pushed me down right next to Jay, the mattress squeaking with the sudden addition of my weight. Ben’s attention was back on the two of us again and John leaned down over me and started kissing down my neck again, slowly unbuttoning my shirt. I could hear how masterfully my boy was using his tongue against my old buddy’s taint.

            “Fuck kid, God I want it.” Jay huffed, reaching over to the nightstand for some lube and nudging it against Ben’s shoulder.

            By now John had gotten down to the second to last button. I swear with each button John undid on me Ben’s work on Jay’s hole grew more and more urgent. Poor Jay was so rock hard his prick was almost red.

            Again, Jay nudged the lube against John’s shoulder. “Come on, kid. You’ve got me so fucking turned on.” Jay almost whined. But Ben just continued to eat him out, his focus completely on the work John was making down my shirt.

            John had me out of my shirt completely now and my cock was rock hard against my stomach, despite the fact that 10 minutes ago the thought of getting fucked yet again almost made me nauseous.

            He had his finger at my hole and he was slowly circling around my rosebud while making out with me. God, I wanted it. Again. Fuck, this was so out of character for me. But that didn’t make it any less true. I reached over Jay and managed to wrestle the lube out of his hand and passed it to John.

            “You don’t need it, sir.” John shook his head. “You’re still sloppy from all the other times you put out today.” He had two fingers slowly working their way in and out of my hole. I was humiliated to admit that they were sliding into me so easily. He was right. I had been used so much and so often today that I didn’t need any lube when I was about to give it up, yet again, right now. “You feel how open and slick your pussy is for me, sir?”

            Jay moaned as Ben seemed to make an extra deep thrust into him with his tongue. It appeared John’s brazen talk was working on Ben just as much as it was working on me.  

            John leaned down to kiss me again, whispering in my ear just loud of enough for his dad and my son to hear. “I’ve had a lot of dads like you put out for me before.” His hand ran down my chest to give my nipple a good tease. “But not one of them wanted it again this fast, sir.”

            Jay groaned next to us, frustrated, as he tried his best to pull Ben up from his ass, desperate for something bigger than the tongue sliding in and out of his ass.

            John now had three fingers working their way into me and I was just as eager as Jay was to feel that big, thick marine cock working its way into me again.

            John looked into my eyes expectantly and I nodded eagerly. He slowly removed his fingers and tapped his big cock against my opening. I could feel just how slicked up he had made me.

            The second Ben saw John teasing my hole with his big cock Ben stood up and did the same to Jay.

            Without blinking, John pushed the head of his cock through my entrance.

            At once, Jay’s eyes widened and he spoke up. “I need the lube, kid. It’s not gonna happen without it.”

            John gave a slight smirk as he heard this, knowing that despite his size, I had all the natural lubrication I needed. My earlier transgressions throughout the day had made sure of that. The infamously horny bottom, Jay, was the one who needed lube and I didn’t. I couldn’t believe myself.

            Ben grabbed the lube from me and proceeded to work some into Jay and on his cock. By now John Conway was already all the way inside me.

            “Just as good as I remembered, sir.” John grunted, working his big cock in and out of me.

            Jay groaned next to me as he was slowly being filled with my son’s thick cock. “Fuuuuuuuck. . .”

            John started increasing his pace, letting Ben hear just how hard he was sinking his cock into me.

            Jay managed to lean his head over to me, wincing. “Fuck, Bill, our boys aren’t exactly ‘boyfriend-sized’ are they?”

            “Would you have it any other way, Jay?”

            “Fuck no.” He said through gritted teeth. “Man, you really take this cock every single day at home?”

            “You bet, bud.” I nodded, proud.

            “I don’t know how you do it, Bill.” He muttered, wincing a little as Ben began to make more solid strokes in and out of him.

            The sound of skin slapping against skin filled the room as Jay and I lay there on the mattress, side by side, getting fucked hard by our boys.

            John reached one of his arms out to start playing with my nipple, really working it hard.

            Jay looked over at what his son was doing and grinned. “Told you he likes that, Bill. He’ll have your tits raw by the time he’s done rutting you, but tell me it’s not the best fucking orgasm of your life, bud.”

            Ben saw this hung marine working me over so expertly and started putting his signature move on Jay, leaning down over him and tenderly kissing down his neck. Maybe a gentle nip at his ear every once in a while. It got me off every time. And it certainly seemed to be working on Jay.

            My nipple was flared and angry now, getting increasingly more sensitive with every manipulation John Conway caused it, but I’d never been more turned on. Here, getting absolutely nailed by a hung marine who knew what he was doing, my good friend and my own son right next to us. It couldn’t have possibly been better.

            Jay groaned next to us. “Fuck, kid, I’m not gonna be able to hold it much longer if you keep fucking me like that.”

            I expected Ben’s pace to slow on my poor buddy but instead it only grew faster and louder.

            “FUCK!” Jay yelled. I could hear Ben smoothly kissing up and down my buddy’s neck. Poor Jay. He was a goner. “GAAAAAH!!!” Jay bellowed at the top of his lungs.

            I was too into the pleasure John was inflicting on me to turn my attention to Jay, but I felt something wet land on my forehead.

            “UUUUUUUNNNNNNNHHHH” Jay groaned as his orgasm kept coursing through him. Another shot landed on my chest.

            John leaned down and started to gather some of his dad’s load off of my stomach with his tongue and brought it to my lips, kissing me softly as he pulled at my flared nipple. If it wasn’t for the fact I had already had so much sex today I’m sure I would have cum right then and there.


            Ben showed no sign of slowing down. His thrusts into Jay were unforgiving and powerful. Amazingly, Jay had not taken his hand off of his dick, and he was pulling at his prick hard, unphased by the fact he had just had an orgasm.

            “Fuck, kid. You’re gonna make me cum again!!” Jay moaned through gritted teeth as Ben kept slamming into him.

            “GAAAAAAHHH!!” Jay yelled again. I turned my head to watch as Jay stroked his cock. A tiny trickle of fluid trickled down his dick but he was no doubt being put through one hell of an orgasm. I knew what it was like having multiple orgasms with my son and I knew the second one, if possible, was twice as intense as the first. Ben was pulling out all the stops for Jay’s inaugural fuck.

            My attention was suddenly turned to my own pleasure now, as John had started an unforgiving assault against my prostate. My gland was all swollen from all the attention it had gotten so far today and if anything it was making it near impossible for the big head of John Conway’s cock to miss it with each stroke.

            I could feel my exhausted body ramp itself up into orgasm, each and every muscle in my entire body trying its hardest to gather what it needed for yet another orgasm while getting fucked today.

            “I’m making you cum again, aren’t I, sir?” John said, looking down at me.

            I couldn’t even announce it. It was all just too much. All of my effort was being put into working whatever fluid my poor body could produce. I didn’t even think I was making a sound before my head fell down down on the mattress and I felt waves of pleasure radiating throughout. I swear I could hear my entire body throbbing. I could feel my cock pulsing in my hand as I shot, my cum slowly running down my hand and onto my stomach. My nipple was on fire and just as I thought I couldn’t take one more tease from John’s powerful fingers he took it away. At once I felt his cock seize up deep inside me and start to shoot. I could hear Ben grunting and Jay encouraging him. John held me close to him as he continued to empty his seed deep inside of me for the second time today.

            We stayed just like that for a while.

            Ben leaned down to kiss Jay sensually and Jay moaned, coming down from his high. “Your boy knows how to fuck, bud.” Jay sighed, patting me on the shoulder.

            “He sure does.” I replied, beaming with pride at my son’s sexual prowess. I sure raised a man alright. “Your son’s no slouch either, Jay.”

            “No, he’s definitely no slouch.” Jay laughed. “How’re you feeling right now, Bill? Finally had enough?”

            “I’m feeling fantastic right now, Jay. But I know I’ll be feeling it tomorrow.”

            “I know the feeling, bud.” Jay laughed, patting my leg. “That’s what you get for slutting it up.”

            “Yeah, well unlike you, this is a relatively new thing for me, Jay.” I smirked.

            “I don’t blame you for one second, Bill. Look at our boys.”

            John and Ben were catching their breath. The two of them nudged each other’s shoulder in a kind of fratty way. A job well done, I guess.

            I sat up and stretched my legs a bit. The scent of sex was everywhere. “So tell me, Jay. Just what exactly did you think would happen when you extended that invite to come over?”

            “Pretty much something like this.” He gestured to the two of us, laying there on the mattress, worn out. “Fuck, Bill. You didn’t really think I was wanting to spend my second night at Bellview Ranch playing cards and eating cheese, did you?”

            “Not for a second.” I laughed.

            “Not to be a poor host” Jay began, sitting up. “but I’m about 10 minutes from passing out. I need some shut eye.”

            “We feel so used, Jay.” I feigned, covering myself with the sheets.

            “Yeah yeah.” Jay smirked. “You know what sounds great to me?”

            “What’s that, Jay?”

            “Laying down next to Junior and holding him close while we go to sleep. Let him know how proud I am of him.”

            “Thanks Dad.” John smiled, kneeling down on the mattress and snuggling up next to his dad, putting Jay’s arm around him.

            “You earned it, son.” Jay replied, kissing his head.

            “You want to do some of that, Ben?” I asked, looking at Ben longingly.

            “Sounds good to me, Dad.” Ben smiled, reaching his arm out to me to help me up.

            “See you two in the morning, Branches.” Ben said to us as we got back into our clothes.

            “You two, Jay. John.” I nodded.

            “You ever find yourself looking for someone to put out for you, you know where you find me, understand, Ben Branch?” Jay called out as we got to the door. “I’m not done with you yet.”

            “Yes sir.” Ben laughed, closing the door behind us.



            The next morning we met at Damon and Dwayne’s again. It felt like days had gone by since the last time we were here. I couldn’t believe it had just been yesterday morning.

            “You look like you got busy last night.” Damon said to me, handing me a cup of coffee.

            I shrugged and sat down in the middle of the sofa, grateful for the hospitality. “I guess you could say that.”

            I fondly remembered the day I had had yesterday. Instinctively, my hole tightened up and I couldn’t help but wince a little. Man, was I sore. I knew I would be. Only two days in and Bellview Ranch was already getting the best of me. Fuck, those boys were just so well hung, I was powerless to resist their charm. But boy was I feeling it today.

            Damon nudged me and whispered. “Looks like someone got lucky last night.” He nodded his head over to the other part of the room. John Conway was standing there talking to Dwayne as they piled their plates with food. “I wonder who the sorry sucker was who gave him that spring in his step. Who do we think it was this time? Think John Conway has a type?”

            I opened my mouth to reply but John had gotten his plate and he was walking right over toward us.

            Damon’s eyes followed the handsome, stoic marine until he was right at the couch. “Morning Mr. Washington, sir. Mr. Branch, sir.”

            “Morning John.” Damon replied, watching as John took a seat right beside me on the couch.

            Without wasting any time at all, John wrapped his big, strong arm around me and brought his lips to mine, running his tongue along my mouth, with an audible break after he separated himself from my mouth.

            He brought his other arm down toward my crotch and started running his fingers along my taint through my pants. “You feeling sore this morning, sir?”

            I couldn’t see myself right now but I knew I was as red as I had ever been in my entire life.

            “I’ve had my fair share of dadpussy, sir, but yours was as nice as I can remember. That’s why I had to come back for seconds.”

            Damon grinned, loving this. “I trust you and Mr. Branch here had a good night, John Conway?”

            “We did, sir. Mr. Branch here sure knows how to take it.” He replied, running his hand under my shirt now and playing with my pecks, right here in the open. I would have felt completely humiliated if he didn’t turn me on so fucking much. Only John Conway was smooth enough to get away with a display like this.

            “You two need to use the bedroom for a few minutes?” Damon asked, watching as John felt me up so brazenly.

            Before I could say anything John spoke first. “Not this time, sir. But I appreciate it. I have a prior engagement I need to tend to over at one of the trails. In fact I should be heading out now.”

            Damon was clearly surprised by this answer. “You got another guy lined up already, John? Maybe a certain college professor, perhaps?”

            John smirked as he stood up. “Now, Mr. Washington, a gentlemen would never divulge such things.” He turned to put his plate up and was out the door after waving goodbye to the rest of the guys.

            I turned to Damon, blushing. But he just held his hand up. “You don’t need to explain one thing, Bill. I get it.”

            “Wouldn’t have known how to begin, anyway.” I laughed, sipping on my coffee.



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