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                                                             Chapter 5

             Ben and I slept in until about 9:30 the next morning before we heard a knock on our cabin door.

            Ben groaned a little and moved a pillow over his head and I did the same. After a few seconds I assumed whoever it was would just go away but sure enough the knocking resumed with more persistence this time.

            “Alright, I’ll get it. . .” Ben mumbled, slipping on his briefs from the night before and stumbling to the door. “It’s Mr. Conway.” Ben said with a hint of a smile, opening the door.

            “Well it’s about time, sleeping beauties.” Jay announced, walking through the door. “Rough night?”

            I sat up in bed and slowly adjusted to the light.

            “You could say that.” I muttered.

            “Yeah, I’m going to want to hear more about that sometime but the rest of us are meeting for breakfast over at Damon’s in 15 minutes. I promise there’s coffee.”

            This enticed me a little.

            “Come on, Bill. Bellview Ranch is a social setting.” Jay pressed, crossing his arms.

            “Alright, alright, Jay. Just give me a minute.”

            Jay looked to my son. “I want to see you both over at Damon’s in 15 minutes. Don’t let him turn you into a wallflower, okay, Ben?”

            “We’ll be there, Mr. Conway.” Ben replied.


Ben and I arrived at Damon and Dwayne’s cabin and I followed the smell of coffee and helped myself before we stepped into their sitting room.

            “Hey fellas.” Damon greeted Ben and me once we walked in. I waved at him as I sipped on my coffee. “Everyone, this is Bill Branch and his son Ben.”

            I looked around the room and was pleased to see, for the most part, they were familiar faces. I had decided to throw on something a little more conservative for the morning, and it seemed like most of the other men had done the same.

            Damon was busy shoveling eggs and bacon on to plates while Dwayne was handing them out to the others. Jay was sitting on the sofa with a newspaper and John seated right next to him wearing a robe. To his right sat the only unfamiliar person in the room. I’d have guessed he was in his mid-40’s; really handsome intellectual type.

            I greeted everyone and the man introduced himself. “Steve Warner.” He smiled at me as he shook my hand and did the same to Ben.

            I couldn’t quite place how exactly he figured into this bunch of guys until I saw John Conway reach his hand casually under the man’s shirt and run his hand over the man’s chest.

            “My boy certainly has a type, doesn’t he?” Jay remarked as I watched his son feeling up this seemingly normal, handsome guy. I realized he and Jay did kind of resemble one another. Jay was more athletic, though. If I had to guess, Steve was most likely a college professor or some white collar profession.

            “So how was everyone’s first night at Bellview?” Damon asked the group, handing me a plate.

            Jay laughed. “I think you know how mine went, buddy. That son of yours sure knows what he’s doing.”

            Dwayne blushed. “Any time, sir.”

            “Yeah, I’ll hold you to that, kid.” Jay grinned.

            Damon moved to my son. “Ben, what kind of trouble did you get yourself into?”

            “Well, sir, my dad and I-“ He began before Jay interjected.

            “Oh, don’t tell me you and your dad just stayed in. You guys are too hot to not be in circulation.”

            I laughed at my old buddy’s frankness. “You’ll be pleased to know, Jay, that Ben and I went home with another father and son and took them on for the night.”

            “No shit?” Jay asked, shocked. “You two double fucked another father son duo?”

            “Sure did.” I replied proudly. “Ben handled his own, too. He took on the daddy while I took care of the son.”

            “Well I’ll be dipped.” Jay laughed. “So who was the lucky pair?”

            “Randy and Ryan Cross. The rookie with that nice bubble butt and nice abs. His dad was just like him.”

            “Were they any good?” Jay replied.

            “Oh, they were good. You looking to top today, buddy?”

            “I could be convinced.” Jay mused. “My ass may be out of order for the night after the fucking Dwayne here put me through all night.”

            “That’s my boy!” Damon grinned proudly.

            The conversation changed to more casual topics as we ate our breakfast. I was glad Ben and I already had a bunch of guys we could shoot the shit with when we weren’t on the prowl. I’d always remembered the more sordid, elicit details of Bellview but I also missed the social atmosphere it had to offer with just a bunch of guys here for the purpose of letting loose for the weekend and getting laid when they wanted it. It was nice to be back.

            It turned out I was right about Steve. He was a college professor from Oklahoma and his son Sean was out with the horses with a few friends he’d met at the ceremony. This was his third year here.

            I had to admit my eyes kept wandering over to John Conway. I put two and two together and figured the robe he was wearing was Steve’s. Even though it was a few sizes too big for the lean marine, he still looked fucking amazing. Every once in a while John would cop a feel at the handsome man and I could tell Steve was getting a little worked up, trying to behave around us and keep up appearances.

            While Jay was busy talking about what he and Dwayne had been up to the night before I heard John start to kiss up Steve’s neck and whisper in his ear. I tried to focus on Jay but I couldn’t help but overhear the conversation between John and Steve at the end of the couch.

            John had smoothly moved a hand underneath the professor and was rubbing along the man’s taint through his pants. “I think I want some more this dad pussy, sir.” John mumbled into the man’s ear.

            I expected Steve to turn red but he impressed me with his fortitude. “You already had it last night and then twice this morning, stud.” He replied, quietly, meeting the marine’s gaze.

            “I know I did.” John muttered, a little shy. “I want some more.” He rubbed his strong hand along the man’s ass.

            “Yeah, you want some more?” Steve replied, clearly turned on.

            By now the attention of all the men in the room was on John Conway and his conquest from the night before. Neither seemed to care.

            “Yes sir. You going to let me have some more of that dad pussy, sir?” John asked his mate, kissing along the man’s neck smoothly.

            “Mmmhmm.” Steve nodded. “You got that big cock of yours nice and hard for it, stud?”

            “Yes sir.” John replied. “I want it now, sir.”

            Steve opened his eyes, clearly worked up from the marine’s smooth seduction. All eyes were on him, but he was too turned on to be embarrassed.

            He brought a napkin to his mouth for a second before throwing it back on the table and standing up, a sizable mound clearly visible through his pants. “Gentlemen, you’ll have to excuse me. It was a pleasure to meet all of you.” He nodded to everyone. “I’ve got a hung marine I need to take care of who’s nagging me to put out for him.”

            “Go get him, Junior!” Jay cheered his son on as the two made their way to the cabin door.

            “We’ll be in our cabin, Dad.” John said to his father. “Give us 15 minutes.”

            Steve’s eyes met John’s and kind of blushed for a second. John laughed and turned back to his father. “Make that half an hour.” He smirked and he and Steve started to head out.

            “That’s my boy!” Jay called after them, proudly.


After breakfast Ben and I headed back to our cabin to get changed for the day. We’d made plans to meet up with everyone for lunch but Jay was going to walk around the ranch with Ben and me while his son was keeping Professor Warner occupied. I wasn’t fooled. I knew Jay would take one step with us before he locked his eyes on some other stud and we wouldn’t see him til lunch.

            When we got to our cabin Ben collapsed on the bed while I went over to my suitcase to look for something casual for the day. I slipped off my t-shirt and went over to the closet to look for a hanger.

            “Hey.” Ben mumbled, watching me. I looked over at him and he gave me a smirk. “Come here.”

            I knew what that meant. My son looked at me standing there in nothing but my boxers, his eyes running up and down over my chest and face.

            “Oh yeah? You want something, son?” I grinned.

            “You know exactly what I want.” Ben replied, patting the empty space on the bed next to him.

            “I think I’ve got an idea. . . But Jay’s going to be here any minute.” I said, hanging up my shirt in the closet.

            “So?” He said casually, taking off his own shirt and throwing it at me, landing on my shoulder.

            I looked at his brawny, athletic body and my mouth began to water. I’d seen a lot of eye candy since yesterday but nothing gets me going more than my own boy. Especially when he’s in heat like he is now.

            I slowly made my way toward the bed and he opened his arms up for me, pulling me into him as we began to make out.

            “You gonna fuck me, son?” I grunted, his hands working over my ass cheeks greedily.

            “Mmhmm.” He answered, kissing me.

            I let his tongue into my mouth as I fumbled through the bedside table next to us. Just as promised, Bellview had supplied ample lubricant for occasions like this. I nudged the tube into his shoulder as I repositioned myself underneath him in the missionary position, wasting little time.

            Without any further communication, practiced routine took over. My eyes never left my son’s gaze as he slicked up his impressive pole and did the same to my opening. In one slow motion, I felt the head of my son’s cock enter me, with little resistance on my part, until I was fully impaled on the entire thick length. His balls resting against mine. Just where he belonged.

            “I love you so much, son.” I moaned, as he leaned down to kiss me gently. As much as I loved topping Ben, I never felt closer, more connected with my son, than when we were like this; him laying me down and seizing control while he claimed me, kissing me gently and lovingly like he is now, allowing me to feel safe and protected in his embrace.

            Ben made determined, hard thrusts into me but his lips were so gentle on mine. Yet, as his thrusts became more urgent, so were the thrusts his tongue was making on mine.

            “Oh fuck, son.” I huffed, grabbing onto his ass and trying to pull him into me so we could become as close and connected as possible.

            I knew he was getting close, and my furious strokes on my own rock hard cock had me right behind him.

            He was now almost in a push-up position, with his arms right on my shoulders and leaning down to kiss me as he thrust into me. The musk and sweat from his pits were rubbing all over my skin as he looked into my eyes, determined to get his nut.

            He then dug his arms under my back and held me tight, picking up the pace. I was completely surrounded by the powerful, wide embrace of my son. The deep gyration of his hips and arms against my skin was almost intoxicating.

            I looked up at him and grinned, knowingly. “You don’t even realize you’re even doing it, do you son?”

            His concentration broke for a second as he processed what I said. “Realize what, Dad?” He grunted in between thrusts.

            “You’re marking me, son.”

            “Marking you?” He panted.

            “Ever since you entered me.” I nodded to his big, powerful arms, holding me tight against his overexerted, musky, manly form. “You’re making sure I have your scent all over me before you’re finished.”

            He looked down at our entangled, masculine bodies; my chest and shoulders were kept tight against his pits and musky torso as he held me down.

            I moved my hands down to his ass and pulled him down further into me, urging him to continue. “You’re making sure any other guy I may encounter for the rest of the day knows I’m yours.”

            The determined expression on his face waned for a second before he resumed his hard thrusts into me.

            “You didn’t realize you were doing it, did you?” I asked again.

            “I wasn’t thinking about it.” He huffed in between thrusts. “Just did what came naturally.” He looked down at me seriously. “Do you not like it?”

            “Are you fucking kidding me, son? It’s turning me on so fucking bad I can hardly keep from shooting my load.” I groaned. “Go on, son. Mark me. Breed me. Make sure all the guys here at Bellview Ranch know I’m yours.”

            With that, Ben craned his head down and starting lapping at my mouth with his strong tongue, completely different from his gentle, loving kissing at the start of our fuck.

            “Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm-“ He moaned into my mouth in time with his powerful thrusts.

            “Aw fuck, son. Go on. Breed me. Mark me.” I huffed, making hard, determined strokes on my own charged prick.

            “Mmm mmmm mmmMMM mmmMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMM” He moaned into me as I felt his cock throb and start inseminating me, firing deep into me as he continued to lap at my lips with his tongue.

            “AW FUCK!” I yelled as I fired off, dousing our torsos with cum as my son relentlessly pounded against my vulnerable prostate.

            With each thrust into me I swear the crippling orgasm he was inflicting upon me only intensified. In the back of my mind I could feel my hole constricting exhaustedly around my son’s thick cock as it stretched to accommodate him.

            And just when I felt that I couldn’t possibly produce any more sperm to keep up with his relentless, expert pounding on my prostate, his thrusts grew slower and slower. His kisses became softer and back to more loving, gentle pecks as he kissed down my neck.

            I finally let go of my exhausted prick and dropped my hands at my side, trying to catch my breath.

            Ben’s cock had yet to go down and he was still firmly planted inside me as he lovingly laid his head against my shoulder.

            An applause from a single set of hands snapped us back to reality.

            “Un-fucking-believable.” Jay Conway professed from the entry way. He was buttoning up his pants, a heavy, white pool of cum at his feet. “Sorry, boys. Couldn’t resist. I hope you understand.”

            For a split second I panicked, before I remembered where we were and that I had no reason to feel this way. I felt Ben’s cock jump up once more against my prostate as he went through the same process of emotions.

            “Did you enjoy the show, Mr. Conway sir?” Ben asked proudly, bringing his finger to the swirl of cum on my chest I had shot.

            “Unlike anything I’ve ever seen, kid.” Jay replied, sighing exhaustedly.

            “Can my boy fuck or what?” I smiled, leaning up to kiss my son one last time, appreciatively.

            “It sure as hell looks like it, bud.” Jay answered. “I can’t wait til it’s my turn.”

            “It would be my pleasure, sir.” Ben grinned.

            “It will have to wait, old friend.” I said, rubbing Ben’s shoulders. “But trust me, he’s worth the wait.”

            “I’m counting on it.” Jay winked. “But for now what do you say we hit the trails for a little while and recharge?”

            “Sounds good, Jay.” I replied. “Give us a second. I may be a little wobbly on my feet for a few minutes.”

            “No rush, bud.” Jay muttered, his eyes taking in the sight of our masculine forms connected and recovering from the throws of intimacy. “You take all the time you need.”

                                                Chapter 6

            Jay and I spent the rest of the morning walking around the property and showing Ben around the ranch. I had to admit, I was worn out. Don’t get me wrong, when it’s just Ben and me at home we fuck at least a couple times a day but for some reason the relentless sexual atmosphere here at Bellview Ranch was catching up with me more so than it did when I was here as a guy in my 20’s. Or at least I didn’t remember it being that way.

            Being away from Bellview Ranch for so many years, I had forgotten how much fun it could be to just throw some mildly slutty outfit on and be looked at as a sexual object by these horny 22 year olds. A couple times I was busy explaining something to Ben I would look over my shoulder for a second and catch a few studs checking me out as we passed them. I kind of liked it. Hell, I liked it a lot, actually.

            I did notice that Ben was noticing, too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure for every look I got my way, my boy got about five more, but there were a few times where if the onlooker was especially persistent Ben would find a way to run his strong arm over my back and keep me close. My son was definitely not so used to having his old man ogled at by a young stud other than himself. I kind of liked that, too.

            Jay was also great company to have, too. You know, when the guy’s not trying to get laid (which, let’s face it, was pretty much 90% of the time) he can be pretty insightful and sensitive. It was nice catching up with my old buddy for old time’s sake.

            Jay, Ben, and I were sitting on a patio near the stables enjoying a few beers. We had a half hour or so before we were meeting the guys for lunch. As we were watching a couple guys taking a ride on the horses I couldn’t help but wonder if one of them was Steve Warner’s son. I had my eye on a handsome younger guy who I would have bet money was Steve’s boy, but I couldn’t be sure. Steve was no doubt recovering from an intense fuck session with the hung marine back at Jay’s cabin.

            I felt Ben start to scratch my back and turned my attention back to my companions.

            Jay cleared his throat. “If I were a betting man I would guess you’re not entirely used to guys your age wanting to get with your old man, huh Ben Branch?” Jay asked brazenly, taking a sip from his beer. He nodded to a couple of guys standing near the fence watching the guys on the horses who were looking in our direction.

            “No sir, I guess I’m not.” Ben blushed. “I guess it’s something I’ll get used to.”

            “Yeah, I remember when I brought my first son here a few years back.” Jay replied. “Took a while to get used to but I gotta tell ya, kid, it turns me the fuck on now like you wouldn’t believe.”

            “Does it, Mr. Conway?” Ben asked, sincerely.

            “You bet. Like this morning when my boy took that college professor by the arm just like that and walked him to the door. Told him he wanted some ass and that he knew he was gonna get it. Fuck if I wouldn’t have given anything to trade places with that poor sucker and have a good rut or two with my boy right then and there. “

            Ben stared down at the table and fumbled with his bottle cap.

            “But you know what, kid?” Jay continued. “You know what’s gonna happen later this afternoon when my boy’s itching again for some ass? I’ll be right there to give it to him and it’ll be like nothing’s changed. The same goes for John too when I’ve given it up for another stud. Fuck, John used to get so revved up when he heard his older brother and I rutting in the other room. Still does. I know the second I’ve blown my load with Josh I’m going to be royally fucked in a few minutes when John gets his turn. You think it’s competitive just having your dad getting ogled at for a weekend, kid? Try putting out for 3 horny studs in their 20’s for the past 10 years or so.”

            “Now Jay, don’t tell me you’re getting too much at home. . .” I shook my head, laughing.

            “You kidding, bud? I’m lucky if I’m getting it a few times a week. Between the wife and my job I just can’t find the time to fool around with my boys as often as I’d like. What you and Ben have is pretty special.” He leaned in to Ben and muttered quietly. “Your old man tells me you’re getting it a couple times a day. Is that true, kid?”

            “Yes sir.” Ben grinned.

            “Any time you want it?” Jay asked, absentmindedly playing with his cock through his jeans.

            “Yes sir.” Ben repeated. “Any time I want it.”

            “I’ll have you know the same goes for me.” I interjected.

            “Fuck, you two must be at it like rabbits. I know if my boys and I could fuck any time we want we’d be at it all fucking day and night.”

            “Pretty much.” I said, crossing my arms and looking at my watch. “It may be time to head over for lunch. You guys ready?”

            “Let’s go.” Jay agreed. “All this fucking is really working up my appetite.”


           We had a good time meeting the guys for lunch. Damon and Dwayne had gone on a hike with another father son duo and had not in fact paired off and fucked each other senseless, much to Jay’s horror. John Conway and his white collar conquest from the night before and this morning were nowhere to be found, but it was still nice to catch up with Damon and Dwayne.

            After lunch Ben and Dwayne were going to go shoot some targets up over at the far pasture and I decided to head back to the cabin to get a bit of shut eye while I could sneak it. Jay and Damon were going to play a few rounds of Texas Hold ‘Em with a few of the other dads they knew from last year. They invited me to play with them but after a few hands I decided to call it a day and let them catch up.

            As I walked back to our cabin I really thought to myself how pleased I was with Ben’s first foray into life at Bellview Ranch. He was definitely holding his own and he really seemed to be enjoying himself. I know I sure was. As I was deep in thought thinking about all the other things I waned he and I to experience over the weekend I heard a deep voice behind me call out my name.

            “Afternoon, Mr. Branch, sir.”

            I turned around to find John Conway heading my way from one of the trails. Damn, he looked sexy in his sunglasses and short-cropped marine cut. He was wearing a grey t-shirt with “Semper Fi” in big letters across the front; the neck and short sleeves damp where the thin cloth met his overworked torso.

            “Afternoon yourself, John.” I waved casually. In no time he had caught up with me. Now, standing side by side with him I suddenly realized how tall the guy was. Jay was a big guy but I’d bet John was a few inches taller.

            “Did you enjoy yourself this morning?” I asked, trying to make conversation as we headed back to our cabins. I had to admit, I was a little intimidated by this guy.

            “Yes sir.” John answered. I thought about how confidently he had marched Steve Warner out of the cabin this morning, wanting some more ass. I waited for him to elaborate but he said nothing.

            “Did you and Steve go on a hike back there?” I nodded to the trail he had come from.

            “No sir. Dropped Professor Warner off at his cabin before noon.” He replied.

            “He sure didn’t seem to need a lot of convincing earlier when you proposed the two of you go back to your cabin this morning, did he?” I laughed.

            “No sir.” John replied, again not with any elaboration beyond that.

            It seemed like my attempts at flirting were completely wasted on the stern marine. Who was I kidding, though? This guy could get with any guy he wanted here. If he wasn’t biting, he wasn’t interested. Unless he wasn’t one to kiss and tell. That could be it.

            As our cabins came into view I was kind of disappointed. I felt my opportunity of getting this kid in the sack was slipping away.

            We got to my door and I turned to him. “Nice talking with you, John. I’m sure I’ll see you again tonight.” I extended my hand for him to shake.

            He looked at my hand and instead leaned against the wall, crossing his arms. “You care for some company, sir?”

            I had to admit, I was taken aback some. Here I was thinking this guy was showing me every way he could that he just wasn’t interested and then he bluntly asks me if I want him to follow me into my cabin.

            “What did you have in mind, John?” I asked him, coyly. I wasn’t sure if the way into the handsome marine’s pants was blunt talk or playing hard to get.

            “I was hoping I could get some of that dad pussy, sir.” He answered without blinking.

            I couldn’t believe my ears. Here I was standing before this stern, straight-laced, perpetually formal marine and he was talking about my hole in such a brash, crude manner. And fuck if it didn’t turn me on.

            He moved over to where he was right behind me and placed his hands on my hips, whispering in my ear. “You ever given it up for a marine, sir?”

            “Nuh uh. . .” I muttered as his hands moved down toward my ass.

            “Damn, I want in this ass.” He mumbled, feeling me up, out there in the open.

            “You didn’t get enough this morning?” I said, looking over my shoulder and meeting his gaze.

            “No sir. With all these horny dads walking around Bellview I’m just getting started.”

            “You really are Jay’s son. . .” I laughed for a second.

            “So tell me, Mr. Branch.” I felt his breath on my neck as he kissed gently up and down my spine. “Am I about to get laid, sir?”

            I looked over my shoulder and grabbed the back of his head and kissed him, pushing my tongue into his mouth assertively. “Big time.”



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