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            Chapter 3

Jay and I headed in to the banquet hall just as the other guests were starting to arrive. It was a large auditorium with a stage in front and small tables scattered across the room with barstools around them. Jay and I grabbed a table as we took in our surroundings. It had been over 20 years since I had been in this banquet hall. I remembered being in here for the first time. Watching the two generations of dads and sons making conversation while scoping out potential mates for the evening. It was nice being back again. As more and more men filled the auditorium I was checking out everyone who walked by, salivating. The years hadn’t changed Bellview. Not one bit. The eye candy walking by, dads and sons alike, was still the cream of the crop. I had thought Jay was going to stick out like a sore thumb with his skimpy attire but the skin some of the other dads were showing could have made Jay look conservative. As for me, personally, it wasn’t my thing, but I couldn’t deny some of the more scantily clad fathers certainly had the attention of many of the horny, hormonal young men walking around. As I had my eye on a particularly handsome father and son pair getting their seats at another table I heard a loud pat on Jay’s shoulder.

            We both turned around to find an incredibly distinguished looking black man and his son, smiling. The two men were massive. Over 6’5” and buff.

            “Fancy seeing you here, Jay.” The father said, extending his hand.

            “Damon Washington!” Jay beamed, forgoing the handshake for a big bear hug. “I was hoping you’d be back this year.”

            “Wouldn’t have missed it for the world.” Damon smiled. He gestured to his son. “You remember-“

            “Dwayne Washington.” Jay interrupted him, shaking hands with the son. “Boy do I remember. I swear I still walk crooked after the pounding your boy gave me last year.”

            “My son learned from the best.” Damon replied proudly.


            “Yeah? Prove it, buddy. You got plans after the ceremony?” Jay laughed, patting his friend on the shoulder playfully.

            “You expect me to believe I’ll be able to find you after the ceremony, Jay?” Damon laughed. “Besides, I always thought you said fucking with a guy your age was a waste of all these horny hormonal young men walking around?”

            “As with anything I say, there’s always room for exceptions, buddy.” Jay eyed the massive black man up and down. “I’d say your chances are pretty good if you play your cards right. You come and knock on my cabin before the weekend is up and I’ll see which Washington man is the better fuck.” He turned his attention to Dwayne, the younger man in front of him. “Though I may need you to help refresh my memory, kid.”

            “Anytime, Mr. Conway, sir.” Dwayne replied, flashing a pearly white smile.

            “Christ, kid, considering everything I let you do to me last summer you’re still going to insist on calling me sir and not Jay?”

            “Yes sir, Mr. Conway.” Dwayne nodded.

            I set my beer down on the table, breaking Jay’s fixation on the two handsome men in front of us.

            “Shit, forgot my manners.” Jay jumped, turning his attention to me for the first time since they had arrived. “This is an old buddy of mine from way back in the  1900’s. Bill Branch.”

            Damon turned is attention to me and extended his hand. “Damon Washington. Any friend of Jay’s is a friend of mine.” He smiled warmly.

            “Nice to meet you, Damon.” I replied. “Though I have to say, knowing Jay, any friend of his is usually cause for concern.”

            Damon laughed heartily and patted me on the back. “You’re probably right, Bill.”

            Jay pouted, crossing his arms. “You two laugh all you want, but none of you wallflowers would ever get laid if it wasn’t for my guidance. It’d be the blind leading the blind with you two.”

            “Yeah yeah. .  .” I smirked as I took another sip from my beer. “Pleased to meet you as well, Dwayne.” I said, shaking hands with Damon’s son.

            “Is Josh around, Mr. Conway?” Dwayne asked Jay, looking around.

            “Afraid not, Dwayne. He’s at home in Kansas watching over the family business and a wife who’s 7 months pregnant with twins.” Jay replied. “Two healthy boys, so keep your fingers crossed.” He added, beaming with pride.

            “Well I’ll be damned.” Damon remarked. “Josh Conway, the family man.”

            “You ever get the chance to knock boots with my boy, buddy?” Jay asked, with a devious grin.


            “Now Jay, you know I’m not one to kiss and tell.” Damon responded coyly.

            “Ah, hell. You’re no fun. I’ll call him up and tell him I ran into you and I’ll be able to tell anyway.”

            “So if Josh isn’t here then who’d you bring, Jay? Don’t tell me you showed up without a date. You’re a scrappy son of a bitch, but you’re not a spinster yet, are you?”

            “Not yet, buddy. I brought John, my middle son. He’s a rookie this year.”

            Damon perked up a little too obviously and I knew Jay wasn’t going to have to wait to talk to Josh to figure out if his buddy and his oldest had crossed paths during their time at Bellview. Something told me Damon Washington was going to make it a mission to sample all three of the Conway boys before his tenure at Bellview was up. Maybe all four if Jay had a say in it.

            Jay continued. “Nah, between John and Jason, my youngest, I’ve got a few more terms here at Bellview yet.”

            “You lucky son of a bitch.” Damon smirked.

            ‘Yeah, I may bust my ass all year trying to keep in shape so that these young studs are still interested in what I have to offer but it’s worth it. Maybe after Jason settles down and is done with this place I’ll finally let myself go. But until then, I figure sacrificing dessert is a small price to pay for getting my pick of the litter whenever I come back to this place every year.” He flexed his arm to show off his hard work.

            “Modest as always, Jay.” Damon laughed. “I look forward to you introducing me to John.” He turned to me. “And who did you bring, Bill?”

            “I brought my son Ben. He’s around here somewhere with John.”

            “His boy’s the hottest fucker in here.” Jay muttered to Damon. “Picture Bill here except not 20 years past his prime. You’ll definitely want to meet Ben Branch. He’s a legacy, too.”

            “Oh, so he’s a legacy?” Damon asked, turning to me again. “Jay, you didn’t mention Bill here was a Bellview King. What year?”

            “93.” I replied, blushing.

            “97.” Damon replied, sizing me up. “We’ll have to talk more later.”

            “Well when the two of you have finished measuring your cocks against one another. . .” Jay interjected, rolling his eyes.

            “Don’t worry, Jay. If there was a career achievement award for the man who managed to get fucked by the most Bellview Kings over the years you’d win, no contest.” I laughed.

            “I guess that’s true. There isn’t a single Bellview King crowned within the past 15 years who hasn’t gotten a piece of my ass. Managed to fuck a few of them in return, too.” Jay said, feeling a little better. “And Josh is the reigning winner from last year so that has to count for something.” Jay’s eyes circled the room until he locked eyes with someone from another table. The kid looked to be about 23. He immediately got up from his table and made his way toward us.

            “Shit.” Jay muttered under his breath.

“Mr. Conway, sir.” The guy greeted him, shaking Jay’s hand.

            “Hey- pal. . .” Jay fumbled, clearly not able to come up with the young man’s name.

            “I just saw you from over at my table and thought I would come by and say hello. I’m really glad to see you here again, sir.” His other hand had wandered down to his crotch and I don’t even think he realized it. The kid was handsome enough, looking at Jay with admiration in his eyes. If I didn’t know any better I’d say the kid was smitten.

            “Yeah. . . Great to see you too- champ. .  .” Jay stuttered. “Hey, I hope to see you around.”

            This was just painful to watch. After a few seconds of silence the poor kid looked over at his table again, but before leaving he added, “Yes sir. I definitely hope to see you around sometime. I’ll look out for you, sir.”

            As he made he was back to his table Jay gave a sigh of a relief.

            “I take it he’s not exactly your soul mate, Jay?” I laughed, locking eyes with Damon who couldn’t help but laugh with me.

            “Nah, he’s a nice enough kid. He’s got a good sized cock on him, too, but he was a terrible lay. I even let him do me again before we went home on the last day because I felt sorry for him.”

            “Aw, man, you never let them come back for seconds, Jay. Not unless they’re really good. You know that.” Damon said sympathetically.

            “What can I say, I was feeling charitable and the kid was itching to get laid again. I figured I’d help the poor kid out.” Jay replied. He leaned in closely to Damon and whispered. “So tell me, buddy. Was my boy Josh’s hole tight enough for you to come back for seconds?”

Damon’s eyes darted to the floor and blushed.

Jay took a sip from his beer and smirked. “Mmm hmm. He’s a Conway alright.”

“So what about this guy, Jay?” I said, bringing the conversation back to Jay’s charity fuck from last summer.

“He’s a nice enough kid. I just wish every kid I gave it up for didn’t instantly fall in love with me and want to wife me up. It happens every time, the poor suckers.”

            “Get over yourself, Jay.” I laughed. “Besides, he seems to be doing pretty okay for himself for the time being.” I nodded to the other table. Jay’s charity fuck was currently engaged in an intense lip lock with an extremely handsome older gentleman at the moment. The kid had his hand on the older guy’s ass and was expertly working him over as they made out. It seemed the kid had learned a few pointers over the break.

            “I mean, it would be rude of me to not at least let him know which cabin I’m staying in, right?” Jay said, suddenly having a change of heart, feeling jealous.

            “You’re unbelievable, Jay.” I said, shaking my head, laughing.

            “You wouldn’t be the first guy to tell me that at Bellview and you won’t be the last.” Jay countered, absentmindedly stroking his cock through his jean shorts.

            At that moment our attention was pulled away from the two love birds over at the other table to raised voices behind us.

            “Oh, this is going to be good.” Damon muttered to us.

            “Shit, this can’t end well.” Jay replied.

            “What’s going on?” I asked them. The two men were engaged in a heated argument. One of the two was a giant of a man, his classically handsome features distorted as he talked over the other man who was obviously furious about something.

            “That’s Adrian Clark.” Jay whispered to me. “He was King in 89 and his boy Aaron won the crown the year before Josh did. They’re a pretty mean bunch.”

            “How so? If he and his son both won the title they can’t be that bad, can they?” I asked, trying to listen to what the two men were arguing about.

            “Don’t get me wrong, they know how to fuck. Both of them.” Jay admitted, not really surprising me. “Hell, I even voted for Aaron the year he won. The kid earned it. But they’re scumbags, the Clarks. They’ll fuck you and then fuck you over, I like to say. Hell, the kid was still inside of me two summers ago and tried to take my wallet off of my night stand.”

            “You shitting me, Jay?” I asked him in utter disbelief. “Did you talk to Adrian Clark about it?”

            “Yeah, tell him what happened, Jay.” Damon shook his head, teasing Jay.

            “You bet your ass I did, Bill.” Jay replied. “I went over to their cabin with Josh to give him a piece of my mind.”

            “Oh man. What happened?” I asked incredulously.

            “Well. . . It started off heated like this.” He nodded his head at the argument going on between the two men in front of us. “And then. . .” Jay’s eyes looked to the ground. “We started fucking. Again.”

            I stared at my old friend in disbelief. “Jay. . .”

            “Spare me the lecture, Bill. I’m not proud of it.”

            “But wasn’t Josh there, too? What was he doing during all of this?” I pressed.

            “Are you kidding? Josh was on all fours right next to me. Those Clark men are that good.” Jay shrugged..

            At that moment Adrian Clark and his adversary became more aggressive.

            “You ruined by boy, Clark!” The other man yelled, clenching his fists. “He was cherry and he was saving it for me and you took that away from him!”

            Adrian Clark smirked, towering over the poor man. “And remind me who your boy was again, Mr. . .?”

            “Dixon!” The other man spat, furiously. “You stole my son’s virginity from me and you didn’t even bother to remember his name?”

            “You’ll have to forgive me, Dixon, my son and I impact a lot of people during our stays at Bellview.” Adrian Clark replied dismissively.

            “Fuck you, Clark!” Dixon spat.

            “Dad, stop. It’s not worth it.” A younger man from the crowd interjected, pulling the smaller man back.

            “Ah, it’s all coming back to me.” Adrian muttered, eyeing the Dixon son up and down. “Yes, I think I remember now. If I remember correctly your boy didn’t even put up a fight, Dixon.”

            The man tried to break free of his son’s constraints.

            “That’s right, I think I remember your boy walking up to me on the last night here and basically begged me to be his first. Said he wanted a real man to break him in.” He smirked as he eyed Dixon up and down. “He even begged me to cum inside him. And I did. Twice.”

            “I swear to god, Adrian Clark. . .” Dixon muttered with rage as his son pulled him back.

            “I’m in cabin 14.” Adrian taunted the pair. “Oh, that’s not for you, old man.” Adrian said to the older Dixon male. He turned his attention to the son. “That’s for your son when he decides he wants to give it up for me again.” He walked up to the pair and leaned in closely to the father. “You never forget the one who broke you in, Dixon. I’ll always be the man your son gave it up for.” He patted the man’s cheek cockily as he walked away.

            Dixon tried his best to break free from his son’s constraints but after a while he hung his head down in frustration.

            “That guy is something else. . .” I muttered to Jay and Damon as I watched Adrian Clark disappear into the crowd.

            “He certainly is.” Damon nodded.

            I heard Jay gulp next to me and he had his hand in his shorts before he realized I had noticed.

            “You’ve got to be kidding me, Jay.” I sighed in disbelief.

            “Again, I’m not proud of it.” Jay replied, hanging his head down.

            “Look, you’re not letting that jackass fuck you again, understand? Or his son.” I stated, looking Jay in the eye.

            Jay tried to look away from me.

            “Got it?” I repeated.

            “Fine. . .” Jay muttered unconvincingly. He may have agreed out loud but if slab of rock hard meat running down his leg was any indication, I’d say Jay Conway was a god damn liar.

            “Ceremony’s about to start, fellas.” Damon said, snapping us back to reality. We made our way back to our seats as everyone around us did the same. And with that, I anxiously awaited my first Bellview Opening Ceremony in over 20 years.



            As we sat back down in our seats I nervously tapped my foot on the floor thinking about what Ben must have been feeling right now. He was about to walk across that stage and have all the eyes of these hungry men on him, mentally appraising him and picturing all the things they would let him do to them over the next few days. I knew my son was the hottest guy in this place but Ben had always been such a modest kid. It was part of his charm.

            The lights started to dim and there was a rush of anxious excitement from around me. I looked to my right at Damon. “I know what you’re going through, Bill.” He said, sympathetically. “He’ll be alright.”

            “Thanks, Damon.” I sighed, appreciatively. I turned to my left to Jay. “Jay, is this any easier than your last-“

            I stopped as I saw Jay strattled across Dwayne’s lap, making out with him as Jay ran his hands along the young man’s charcoal skin.  

            Damon laughed. “I guess they decided to take advantage of the dimmed light.”

            “And you’re okay with them just. . . Like that? Right here in the open?” I asked him, watching as Jay groaned audibly, taking Dwayne’s hands and placing them on his muscle dad ass. They continued making out as Dwayne squeezed them possessively.

            “Maybe in the beginning it was a little awkward at first.” Damon replied with a light laugh. “But I don’t mind it at all now. In fact I like seeing Dwayne get some action. Lets me know I raised a stud who knows how to get what he wants.”

            I looked around me and while I couldn’t really see much through the dim light I could hear the sounds of other guys making out around us.

            At that moment a loud voice filled the room via the speakers scattered around the auditorium.

            “Now men, let’s try and save the heavy petting for after the ceremony.”

            There was laughter and applause all around the room.

            “That means you, Sellers. And you, Bateman. And Conway, let that poor young man come up for air!” The voice said. Several spotlights honed in on various parts of the room and one settled right on top of Jay and Dwayne.

            Jay broke away from Dwayne and stuck his middle finger up into the air.

            The crowd around us cheered. Jay went back for one last kiss before he moved to his chair, his cock managing to stick out from the bottom of his shorts he was so worked up.

            The booming voice continued. “Now that we’ve started to behave ourselves, I’m going to give you a choice, folks.” The announcer paused for dramatic effect. “Now I could spend a half hour or so vamping and give some variation of the same tired speech that’s been given every single year since Bellview Ranch first opened its gates or we could just get to the good stuff and then have you men be on your way to go forth and multiply.”

            The crowd cheered ecstatically.

            “What’s that? You mean you’d rather go out and fuck your brains out and cum all over Bellview Ranch than listen to me talk?” The announcer egged us on.

            The cheering intensified.

            “Alright, alright. I can take a hint. What do you folks say we meet some fresh meat?”

            “Bring out the meat!” Jay shouted at the top of his lungs. Damon and I looked at each other in embarrassment but before we knew it Jay had rallied the crowd into a unified chant.

            “BRING OUT THE MEAT!”

            “BRING OUT THE MEAT!”

            “Alright alright, settle down boys!” The announcer pleaded. “Folks, we’ve got some prime studs this year. The class of 2015 just may have raised the bar, as you’ll soon see. Dads, you’ve certainly been busy grooming these young men into grade A fuck candy. All I can say is thank you for sharing. New dads, if you could line up here.” . .” A pathway was illuminated right next to the stage.

            “That’s our cue, Bill.” Jay said, pulling me up.

            “Catch you later, Damon. Dwayne.” I said, shaking hands with the pair.

            “You come find me after the ceremony, kid. I’m all yours.” Jay added, leaning in to give Dwayne one last kiss and a quick grope.

            “You got it, sir.” Dwayne replied, grinning.

            “Fuck, kid. You call me that all night and I’ll let you do anything you want with me.” Jay muttered, biting his lip.

            “Yes sir.” Dwayne winked.

            “For God’s sake, Jay, any day now.” I interjected.

            “Alright alright, Bill. Man, you need to get laid tonight.” Jay mumbled under his breath as we walked over to our position.

            “I’d say my chances are pretty good, wouldn’t you?” I grinned.

            “You’re lucky you’re nice to look at, Bill Branch.” Jay replied.

            “Yeah yeah. . .”

            Once we got to the bottom of the stage the announcer cleared his throat. “Let’s meet the meat, boys!”

            A rapturous applause.

            “First up, we have 22 year-old Scott Blake all the way from Richmond, Virginia.” A handsome young man stepped on to the stage and confidently made his way to the front. “Scott just graduated from Virginia State and was a running back on the team for all 4 years he was there.” Scott reached the front of the stage and bowed to the applause of the audience. “Don’t let this kid’s Southern charm and angelic good looks fool you, folks. Scott Blake is all top and judging from that eggplant he’s packing in those briefs of his, the faint at heart need not apply.” Scott placed his hands on his hips and turned so that his profile was facing the audience, really showing off his huge package. A man about my age stepped on to the stage and pulled Scott into a good bear hug. Their resemblance was uncanny, though Mr. Blake was wearing a button down dress shirt and slacks. “That’s right, go and join your papa, Scott.” The announcer said as they made their way to the side of the stage.

            “Up next we’ve got Adam Walsh.” Adam stepped on to the stage. Fuck, the kid was tall. Just when I thought he’d reached the last step onto the stage he took one more. And good looking, too. He looked like a Disney Prince. “No, it’s no illusion, folks. Adam Walsh here is a graduate student at Yale University studying English Literature and he’s 6’7”. Other than his charming good looks and awe inspiring stature, this guy is a two time national decathlon champion and he says the only thing he likes more than reading a well warn book is fucking a well warn hole. That’s right, folks, we’ve got another top looking to keep some lucky fucker warm at night. Something tells me this one’s going to be in demand so if you’re up to the challenge, make your move on this one fast.” Adam joined his father at the end of the stage, who seemed to match his height. They stood next to the two Blake men and towered over the state football player and his father.

            “Next up we’ve got Zane Andrews from our own state of California.” Zane walked across the stage, his wavy long hair flowing at his shoulders. “If an outdoorsman is more your speed you’re going to love Zane. This surfing instructor by day and heartbreaker by night will make you see stars when he shows you how it feels to get fucked under the night sky and totally immerse yourself in nature as a sexual being if you’re up for it. That’s 3 for 3 in the top department. Dads in the audience, I hope you’re up for showing these young studs some hospitality this weekend. . .” Some men in the audience cheered.

            “Our next stud is Ryan Cross from New Hampshire.” Ryan stepped onto the stage and immediately my cock throbbed. The young stud was my type to a tee. He had dark brown hair and a masculine beard to match. His chest was peppered with dark hair leading to a thick trail that disappeared into the depths of his briefs. The guy was built, too. “Ryan here is the captain of his lacrosse team at The University of New Hampshire and is studying to be an orthopedic surgeon. Now I know some of you hungry men in the audience are going to love this next part. This stud is all bottom and he’s looking for some lucky guy here to keep him fed and happy.” Ryan bowed and his perfect bubble butt earned him a rapturous applause. Man, I wanted this kid. It’s not often a guy catches my eye like this but I was smitten. “Something else that might interest you about Ryan Cross, he and his dad are open to showing a lucky father son team a good time together, so if you and your boy are hung and horny, you may have met your perfect match.” Ryan joined his father at the end of the stage. His dad looked exactly like him. Just as handsome. I could see a good lot of the men around me basically salivating thinking of the things they would do this father son pair and I couldn’t help but admit I was one of them. I knew Ben would take to the daddy just as much as I was with Ryan. Knowing Ben he was probably thinking the same thing.

            “Alright, folks, next up we have Ben Branch.” My heart skipped a beat and Jay patted me on the back. Ben appeared at the front of the stage and the men around me started cheering.

            I heard one of the men around me whispering to another guy, “Fuck, I’d let that kid do anything he wanted with me, no questions asked.” I couldn’t help but blush.

            “Ben here is 22 and he’s a recent graduate of The University of Texas. He has a degree in Business and likes to do carpentry with his dad on the weekends. Speaking of his dad, Ben’s father Bill is Bellview King of ’93 so he’s got sex appeal running through his veins.” Ben reached the end of the stage and bowed while the audience around me clapped enthusiastically. “Ben says he’s up for anything and just wants to get to know people and have some fun. You know what that means, folks. Snag this one while you can because he’s going to be a lot of peoples’ first pick to the dance if they’d have anything to do with it.” Jay nudged me and broke me out of my trance and I slowly walked up the stage to meet my son. Ben grinned at me and we hugged each other warmly as we walked to the edge of the stage with the other rookies.

            “I’m so proud of you, son.” I smiled at him.

            “Thanks Dad.” He smiled back.

            A few more pairs came and went after Ben and me and joined us at our side. Now that we had gotten our introduction out of the way I felt like I could breathe a little more easily and start to relax. As we were nearing the end I realized Jay hadn’t been called yet. Knowing him he was probably pleased. Saving the best for last, I could hear him saying.

            “Alright men, last but not least, we’ve got a familiar face. Sort of. John Conway, come on out and let these poor suckers have a good look.” John stepped out onto the stage and the men in the audience roared with applause. I could see why. John had had that same effect on me the first time I had laid eyes on him and they hadn’t even seen how sexy he can be when he takes control like I saw him do with his old man earlier this afternoon. “John is serving in the Marines so let’s be sure and show our brave men in and out of uniform our gratitude, eh boys?” There was hooting and hollering from the audience as Josh neared the edge of the stage. “Another rookie with greatness in his blood, John’s older Josh was crowned king just last summer so it appears his father Jay here knows how to raise some grade A fuck studs.” There was a murmur among the crowd.

One of the dads near the stage murmured to his friend, “You ever get a piece of Josh Conway’s ass? Fuck, that kid could take cock.”

“Sure did. The guy was insatiable. I came back to his cabin three times last summer. He sure got my vote.”

The announcer continued. “John says he’s completely versatile but don’t let that fool you. His military background can’t help but make it into the bedroom and if you’re brave enough to top this hung marine be prepared to take orders and fuck him right. If not, this marine is packing and he’ll turn you over and show you how it’s done.” John and Jay reached one another and after a quick nod they just started making out right there on the stage.

I didn’t even know a crowd could get that loud. Even if it was full of horny men.

The crowd watched in amazement as John grabbed Jay’s ass and began to slide Jay’s jeans down his legs and rub his hand along his old man’s hole, right there in front of everyone.

“Alright, Conways, don’t make me come over there and break you two up.” The announcer warned, half-heartedly.

The crowd let out a sigh of disappointment as John pried his lips away from Jay’s and pushed him back so that they could stand side by side. Jay’s cock was rock hard against his stomach but he managed to bend it down enough to pull his jeans over it again and button them at the top, though the damage was done. You could see everything tented in those slutty shorts. Just like Jay wanted, no doubt.

“Well on that note, I can officially welcome you newcomers to Bellview Ranch 2015! And to the returnees in the audience, I have no doubt you’ve got your sights set on at least one of these fuckable studs. As you know, we fuck exclusively bareback here at Bellview Ranch, as all of you passed your physicals before reserving your spot. Lube will be provided at various locations throughout the ranch and you all have been given your own supply in your rooms, so no matter where the mood strikes you, you’re ready to fuck. You’ll find lots of goodies in your party favors back in your rooms. Once again, Viagra is co-sponsoring Bellview Ranch and in addition to your supply back in your rooms, several of the waiters are making their way around the auditorium now with extra tablets should you choose to partake.”

I looked around and saw several sexy men in open tuxes showing off their pecs handing out Viagra to the tables. It may have been more than 20 years since I’d last been here at Bellview Ranch but it was all coming back to me now.

When one of the waiters reached Ben and me he offered us a Dixie cup with a few little blue tablets in it. “I don’t think we really need it, do we son?” I looked at Ben with a shrug. As I looked around the room I saw that all of the other pairs of fathers and sons were washing their tablets down with a swig of beer or water without a second thought. “What the hell, to Bellview Ranch.” I said, accepting the tablets from the sexy waiter and watching Ben do the same. “You ready, son?”

            “More than you know, Dad.” Bill grinned, tossing the tablets in his mouth as I did the same.

            The announcer came over the speakers one last time. “Well without any further ado, folks, welcome to Bellview Ranch or welcome back. Now go fuck your brains out!”

            And with that, my first weekend back at Bellview Ranch commenced. And fuck, was I glad to be back.

            The second the lights came back on around the auditorium I looked straight at Ben.

            Before the words even came out of my mouth he beat me to it. “You and I are going to fuck those Cross men.”

            Here I had been trying to come up with a delicate way to broach the subject to where I was hoping the idea of fucking other people wouldn’t come off too strong to Ben his first day here at Bellview but he obviously needed little courtesy on my part. And I knew we’d have our eyes on the same father son duo, too. The second I saw Ryan Cross and that perfect bubble butt he was showing off when he walked across that stage I knew I wanted him. And after seeing his Dad was just as hot I knew Ben would want a shot at the daddy. I know my son well.

            “Is that okay, Dad?” Ben asked me as I looked at him so proudly. “You remember Ryan Cross?”

            “Oh I remember Ryan Cross, Ben.” I laughed. “And to answer your question, hell yeah it’s okay with me.”

            At that moment Jay walked up behind us. Upon further investigation it became clear that Dwayne Washington was dutifully following right behind him. “Congratulations on your first ceremony, Ben Branch.” Jay congratulated my son, patting him on the shoulder. “You’ll have to forgive me, I promised my company to another young stud for the night but I definitely want to fuck with you sooner rather than later, kid.”

            Ben looked from Jay to Dwayne and they nodded respectfully to one another. “Yes sir, Mr. Conway. I’ll be around, sir.”

            “I’ll take that as a promise, Ben Branch.” Jay winked as he wrapped his arm around Dwayne’s big shoulders and started making his way to the doors. “Hey Bill, if you get cold feet and decide to prude out this weekend you can send those poor suckers my way and I’ll take them off your hands. You know where my cabin is.” He smirked at me playfully on his way out.

            “Hey, Dwayne, you be sure and do your best to fuck that smirk off my old buddy’s face, will you?” I called out to Jay’s date.

            “Yes sir, Mr. Branch.” Dwayne nodded with a smile and led my old friend out the door.

            I looked around me for a second and watched the different conversations going on around me. Young studs flirting with older men. Older men flirting with young studs. Young studs flirting with young studs and older men flirting with older men. It was definitely mating season at Bellview Ranch and everyone here was in heat.

            I saw Damon trying to seal the deal with a handsome blond stud over where our table was and I had to say, his chances of getting laid tonight seemed pretty good. I gave him a thumbs up and he returned it. While I admired Dwayne for breaking off on his own already and going home with Jay, and gathering that John was nowhere to be found, no doubt already getting laid this very second, I was appreciative of Ben and I going off together just this once. I wanted to experience this with Ben and I was glad he was willing to give that to me. That is, if we were lucky enough to score a date with the Cross’s assuming they hadn’t already paired off with a lucky father son duo already.

            It was just then that I felt a presence behind me. “Evening, sir.”

            I turned around immediately and sure enough it was Ryan Cross. Fuck, the kid was 10 times hotter close up. His years of playing lacrosse had given him a strong, sturdy frame and his bubble butt was so plump and just ripe for the taking. I could see a few guys around me looking him over like a piece of meat. But for some reason he was giving his attention to me.

            “Evening yourself, Ryan Cross.” I replied back.

            He actually started blushing. “You remembered my name, sir?”

            “Of course I did. You had my attention from the moment you walked across that stage.”

            I couldn’t believe the kid was getting bashful. I assumed he’d have all the confidence in the world from the way these guys were looking him over.

            Ryan’s father walked up behind him and started patting his shoulders paternally. He nodded to me respectfully; a nod that was common here at Bellview Ranch between fathers. “You’ve got a fine son there, Branch.” Ryan’s father complimented aloud.

            “Bill.” I said, extending my hand for them both to shake. “I really appreciate that. And you already know Ben.”

            “Randy Cross.” The man replied, his eyes lingering on my son. “Look, fellas, my son and I aren’t ones to beat around the bush. We want to fuck with you two.”

            Ryan nodded his head in agreement, looking me over. “My father and I have a cabin not far from here if you two studs are up for it.”

            Randy interjected. “I’m interested in Ben here and Ryan’s interested in you, Bill. No offense intended, of course.”

            “None taken at all, Randy.” I replied. “That’s exactly what my son and I were discussing. We’d love to get with you two.”

            “You two like to fuck?” Randy questioned us, taking the initiative to lightly run his hand up my son’s abs.

            “Yes sir.” Ben replied as he let Randy Cross feel him up. “My father and I have had a lot of practice, too, sir.”

            “Lead the way, fellas.” I smiled.


                                                Chapter 4

Randy Cross hadn’t been lying when he said their cabin was nearby. Which was a good thing because my son couldn’t keep his hands off of him while he and his son led us to their cabin. By the time the four of us were inside I had successfully removed Ryan Cross’s briefs before the door had even shut.

            Ben and I led the father and son pair to their couch and instantly started making out with our respective mates. Ben was kissing up and down the daddy’s neck while playing with his pecs as Ryan started doing the same to me.

            Ben expertly worked Randy’s pecs as he reached his other hand around to Randy’s ass and gave it a good, possessive squeeze.

            Randy groaned in response. “Aw fuck, kid. You’ve got me so hot to give it up. It’s all yours. Fuck, I want it bad.”


            “You gonna let me have this ass, sir?” Ben whispered in the man’s ear, squeezing his round ass cheeks in his hands.

            “Uh huh. It’s all yours.” The man groaned in response.

            I turned my attention to the younger Cross male. “You hear your old man aching to give it up to my boy, Ryan Cross?”

            “Yes sir.” Ryan moaned in response.

            “How does that make you feel?” I asked him, grabbing at his ass like my son was doing to the kid’s old man.

            “It makes me want the same thing, sir.”

            That brought a smile to my face. I looked over at Ben and he met my gaze and nodded in response.

            We each grabbed our mates and started walking them to the bedroom. Like well-practiced synchronization we laid the Cross men down on each side of the king-sized bed and continued making out with them.

            I wasn’t exactly sure if these men had planned on getting fucked side-by-side like this but it was going to happen, planned or not. And they both knew it. Neither of them seemed to be objecting.

            Ben began to take the reins and he expertly rolled the Cross father onto his stomach and began to lick up and down the man’s taint, eliciting a deep, satisfied, guttural moan from the handsome patriarch.

            I continued to make out with Ryan, keeping his attention and focus on me while he listened to his father being expertly worked over by my son. Judging my the groans coming from deep within the father next to me I knew he was on the receiving end of one of my son’s  legendary rim jobs. Ben loved everything when it came to sex but he could eat out a hole like no other. It was his favorite thing to do before he fucked me. And I happily enjoyed his enjoyment of it.

            I broke away from the younger Cross male for a moment. “How’s my boy treating you, Randy?”

            “Fuck, Bill.” Randy moaned, gripping the sheets as my son’s tongue expertly ravaged his hole. “You sure raised this stud right. Taught him how to eat ass, too.”

            I looked at Ben. “I think he’s ready for you, son.”

            Ben looked up at me, spit all around his mouth and he wiped it off before going back up to Randy Cross and letting him taste his ass with an intense kiss.

            “You want me to fuck you, sir?”

            “Aw fuck, kid. I want it bad.” Randy responded urgently, opening up his legs even further from his already spread position.

            I felt Ryan under me absentmindedly playing with my nipple as he watched intently as his father was begging to be claimed by my son right in front of him.

            “Go on, son. He wants you bad.” I encouraged Ben, not being able to wait another second to witness my son take another man’s hole right in front of me for the first time.


            I looked down at Ryan underneath me and his eyes hadn’t left his father, clearly just as into this as I was. I could feel his cock jumping against my chest in sympathy every single time his father would make a sound. Instinctively I felt him try and scoot back onto my cock, trying to entice me to penetrate him at the same time my son would enter his father.

            “Not so fast.” I whispered to Ryan, stroking his ear gently. “I want you to see this.” We both turned back to the show in front of us.

            Since my son and I were just inches away from each other I could see it all happen. I watched him tap his huge cock against Randy Cross’s hole. I watched him tenderly and gently rest his hand on the man’s abdomen to comfort him as he began his entrance, just like he does to me when he’s about to enter me. I watched Randy Cross’s eyes roll into the back of his head as more and more of my son’s huge cock worked its way into him. Unrelenting, but tender. I knew exactly what was going through Randy Cross’s head right now. Because I had experienced it countless times before when I was on the receiving end of my son’s advances. I had never been so worked up as I was right now, watching my boy claim another man in front of me. 4 years of intimacy and training had gone in to this moment. And I couldn’t have been more proud of him.

            When the entire length of my son’s sizable cock was fully embedded in the Cross patriarch it took just a few moments until the man leaned his head up and nodded, encouraging my son to take control. To begin his conquest of the older man’s ass.

            I heard Ryan whimper underneath me as he watched his old man getting rutted good. The younger Cross male had his eyes fixated on his father as he tried his best to guide my cock to his own hole.

            But I was just as transfixed on the pair as he was. “How’s it feel, Randy?”

            Randy briefly returned from wherever he had been and met my gaze, like only two fathers could. “It’s unbelievable, Bill.” He moaned. A surge of pride swelled through me.

            “Your boy wants it bad, Randy.” I nodded down, to his son below me, working my cock against his hole. “You want me to rut your son, Randy?”

            Ben leaned down and started working the man’s earlobe with his tongue.

            “Fuck yeah, Bill.” The man answered back.

            “Yeah, Randy?” I asked, slapping my rock hard cock audibly against his son’s desperate hole letting the older man know just how close I was to claiming his boy. “Tell me what you want me to do to your boy.”

            “Aw fuck!” Randy grunted as my son started railing into him with hard, deep thrusts. “I want you to fuck him, Bill! I want you bust inside my boy’s hole!”

            In one motion I sank my entire dick up Ryan Cross’s ass. I knew this kid could take it and he didn’t disappoint.

            “Fuuuuck!” The younger Cross male bellowed in pleasure as my balls finally rested against his.

            Randy looked over at his son and groaned. “That’s it, son. Let him have it. Give it up.” He panted, as my son railed into him hard.

            “Dad, he’s so big.” Ryan groaned, wrapping his arms around my back and pulling me in closer.

            “I know, son.” Randy moaned in response, the sound of my son’s hips slamming into his ass filling the room. “It’s fucking amazing.”

            My son and I continued to conquer the two Cross men side by side, me taking the younger in the missionary position face-to-face as Ben fucked the older with the man on his stomach, happily taking every single thick inch of cock my son was giving him.

            My son looked at me and we both instantly pulled in for a kiss. I lapped at his tongue affectionately, not being able to contain how proud I was of him for this moment.

            I could feel my mate underneath me urgently jacking off his cock in time with my thrusts deep inside of him as I made out with my son.

            “I’m so close, Dad.” Ryan groaned.

            “Wait for me, son.” Randy pleaded, unable to reach his own cock underneath him as he took my son’s cock with each heavy thrust forward.

            Ryan obeyed his father and immediately released his own cock but I could tell he wasn’t going to be able to hold on to his load for much longer, even if it meant me fucking it out of him from the inside.

            “I- I’m so close- I’m-“ The older Cross male groaned through gritted teeth as he gripped the sheets underneath him tightly.

            I slowed my own thrusts as I watched my son expertly work over the Cross patriarch below him. “Come on, son.” I encouraged him. “Fuck it out of him.” I knew he could. He’d done it to me countless times before.

            My son looked up at me and started fucking harder, grabbing the man’s sides and really slamming into him with deep strokes. I knew from personal experience when Ben does this he’ll get a load out of you whether you’re ready for it or not.

            I took this as my cue to resume my advances on the younger Cross male underneath me and I timed my pace off of my son’s right next to me. I could feel my own load getting ready. And just like that that dirty, competitive, aggressive streak I had left here at Bellview Ranch more than 20 years ago came roaring back.

            “I’m gonna bust inside your son, Randy.” I shouted to the man currently impaled on my son’s thick cock. “I’m gonna breed your boy. Gonna knock him up, bud.”

            “Oh fuck yeah, Bill.” Randy groaned.

            “Gonna load your boy up with Branch DNA, Randy. He’ll be a Branch from now on.” I could feel it coming on fast.

            “Oh fuck! Oh fuck, son.” Randy Cross huffed. “Here it comes, son. Cum with me, son. Oh fuck! Oh fuck!”

Ryan Cross started whimpering underneath me and I felt his hole starting to contract uncontrollably around my dick. I knew I was going to blow at any second.

            Instantaneously both Cross men started bellowing at the same moment. My son grabbed my head and thrust his tongue into my mouth and I knew there was no doubt that at that exact moment inside this tiny cabin 4 grown men were shooting their seed into the orifices, skin, or sheets below them. 4 grown men as in sync on such a primal level as could have ever been possible. My son’s tongue lapping at my mouth weakened as we shot the Branch seed deep into the Cross men underneath us.

 Too soon I felt the world coming back to me. I looked down at Ryan below me and I saw that sometime during our climaxes he and his father had reached out to one another, their hands still clasped in one another, lovingly. I reached out my hand and patted my son’s back lovingly. Cum was splattered all over the abs of the younger Cross male and I dipped my finger in it before bringing it to the elder Cross’s lips. Randy gratefully accepted into his mouth, savoring it. Ryan’s eyes were still closed, still coming down from his intense orgasm.

            Ben slowly began his dismount from the man underneath him and I followed suit. I half expected the obviously sizable load I had just deposited into him to come rushing out but I realized I had shot so far up into the poor kid it would be a while before it would make its way down. Ben smiled as the same realization came over him.

            Randy brought his hand to his own hole and played with the moistness, looking at me. “Come on, Bill. You know you want to.”

            I instantly understood and I was eternally grateful. Ben moved aside as I placed my still engorged cock at Randy Cross’s hole and I slowly sank it inside, savoring the sensation of having my own son’s seed lubricating the way in. This used, busted, sloppy hole used, busted, and sloppy because my boy had taken it so authoritatively. Randy winced for a second when I reached bottom, but relented when I was all the way in. He needn’t have worried. I knew he was sore and wasn’t ready to get fucked again. I knew that this was a gift from him. The chance to experience the freshly fucked hole that my son had just shot into and made his. I was going to savor this moment for the rest of my life. And Randy Cross gave that to me. I looked over to Ryan and Ben and I was not surprised to see that Ben had chosen a different activity. He had his lips sucking at Ryan’s hole, coaxing out the load I had shot so far up the poor kid so that he could savor the nectar for himself.

            I slowly began to withdraw my wilting cock from Randy’s ass and the man collapsed onto the sheets with a deep, satisfied sigh.

            “Bill and Ben Branch. You’ve given my son and I a night to remember.” He mumbled exhaustedly into his pillow. He turned his head up to look deep into my eyes, man to man. Father to father. “Thanks bud. Truly.”

            I nodded my head with equal gratitude. “The same to you, Randy. Ryan.” I said to the two of them. “You’ve given my son and I something very special.”

            Ben looked at Randy and ran his hand over the man’s plump ass. “I hope I didn’t ruin you for the rest of the weekend, sir.”

            This drew a laugh from the exhausted man. “Kid, you couldn’t ruin me or my boy if you tried. And I certainly wouldn’t mind if you did try.”

            Ben hung his head in appreciation.

            Randy continued. “Fellas, I hate to use the two of you and then throw you out, but there’s nothing my son and I enjoy more than a good post-fuck sleep.”

            “You earned it, Randy.” I laughed, patting him on the back appreciatively. I leaned down to his ear so that only he could hear me. “You gave my boy something special to remember for his first night at Bellview. I can’t thank you enough for giving him that.”

            Randy looked up at me and nodded, and I knew he was feeling the exact same thing. We then shook hands, man to man, the greatest way two fathers could show appreciation to one another.

            “You ready to head out, son?” I said to Ben, beginning to step into my clothes.

            “Just about.” Ben replied, taking only a few seconds to get his briefs back on. “Ryan.” Ben nodded, shaking hands with the kid. “Mr. Cross. Thank you, sir.”

            “Any time, kid.” Randy replied. “Seriously. My son and I want another ride with you two before Sunday, you hear?”

            “Yes sir.” Ben answered, shaking the man’s hand.

            “I’ll look forward to it.” I said, patting Ryan on the back appreciatively.

            “Yes sir.” Ryan replied, snuggling up against his father.

            Randy raised his head up one last time. “You’ve got yourself a fine boy, Bill Branch. Damn good job.”

            “I know that. The same to you, Randy.” I nodded.

            “See you around Bellview Ranch, fellas.” Randy said, waving us goodbye before embracing his son exhaustedly.

            And with that, my son and I began the walk back to our cabin. More than father and son this time. We were both men. And I couldn’t have been a prouder man than I was right here, right now, at this moment.

            “We’ve got a long weekend ahead of us, son.” I said, quietly closing the door of Randy and Ryan’s cabin behind us. It was pitch black outside now, but the torches lit our way. “You think you can handle 2 more days of this?”

            “You know, it’s funny Dad.” Ben said under his breath as we walked.

            “What’s that, son?”

            “In a way, tonight was more than I ever could have imagined about Bellview Ranch. But I expected nothing less.”

            “I know exactly what you mean, son.” I replied, holding him close to my shoulder. “It sure is nice to be back.”

            “To making more memories at Bellview Ranch.” He ventured, hugging me as we walked.

            “You can sure say that again.” I smiled. I’d had a lot of wonderful memories here at Bellview Ranch. But I couldn’t but think my best days were still yet to come.

            “To making more memories at Bellview Ranch, son.”




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