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                                                              Chapter 1

Bill Branch sped down the highway with the window down and relishing the feeling of the wind on his face as he soaked in the cool California sunshine he had missed for so long.

            After all, it had been more than 20 years since his lungs had breathed in that California air he had enjoyed so much when he and his dad made their trips up to Bellview Ranch. That life seemed like a lifetime ago, but here he was, this time in the driver’s seat, as he and his own son made the journey up to Bellview. He was “nervous excited”. He laughed to himself thinking how an educated man such as himself should be able to come up with a better word, but then he remembered that was exactly how he felt the first time he made the trek up to Bellview. When he was the one in the passenger seat like his son is now.

            Ben Branch was the spitting image of his father. Both towering over 6’3” with broad shoulders, the Branch men were hard to miss. Sure, Bill no longer had the young, athletic body his son carried but he still kept in great shape. But there was no doubt about it- Ben Branch was the walking image of his 22 year-old father the first time Bill had checked into Bellview Ranch. The only difference was the long eye-lashes Ben had inherited from his mother. “As if my boy wasn’t already handsome enough”. Bill thought to himself.

“You nervous, buddy?” Bill asked his son, looking over at the fine young man sitting next to him, staring out the window.

            Ben snapped out of his daze and turned to his father. “Maybe a little, Dad.” The younger Branch man replied to his father. “A little nervous. A little excited. Kind of like what you told me to expect.”

            Bill smiled at his son. If only this guy knew how many heads he’s going to turn at this place. He’s going to have men crawling all over him from the second he sets foot on the place.

            “I know what you mean, son. But you’ve got nothing to be nervous about. Trust me.” Bill reassured his son, patting him on the back lovingly.

            “I don’t know, Dad. I’ve got some big shoes to fill.” Ben sighed, crossing his arms, his big muscles flexing and causing his shirt to strain.

            Bill shook his head, smiling. “You don’t need to worry about that, son. If only you knew a fraction of how proud I am of my son.” He looked over at him and grinned. “And besides. You’re even bigger than your old man.”

            Ben couldn’t help but blush. Standing back to back to one another you’d be hard pressed to decide which of the Branch men was taller. But he knew exactly what his old man was talking about. He may have inherited his eyelashes from his mother, but everything else on him he could thank his father for. Including that legendary Branch dick. Just hearing stories from his dad and his adventures at Bellview Ranch every summer throughout his 20’s put him at ease when he remembered how hungry these middle-aged studs are for big dick. And he certainly had what it took to get noticed.

            Bill looked over at his handsome son and his cock throbbed in his jeans. “I could make a quick stop or so if we find a rest stop.” Bill said, absentmindedly brushing his hand over his crotch. “What do you think, son?”

            Ben shook his head, smiling. He supposed any other father asking the same question on the road like this meant he needed to take a leak. But not his dad. He knew exactly what his dad wanted. “Sure, I could stop, Dad.” Ben replied.

            “Sounds good, son.” Bill mumbled, his cock giving him another jolt. “What do you want to do?”

            Another question any father could ask his son, but with his dad it was a totally different context. Ben pondered the question a minute. On one hand he knew his old man was more than willing to put out for him at a moment’s notice, especially when he’s worked up like he is now, but on the other hand, from his dad’s stories about Bellview Ranch, he knew he’d be swimming in dad pussy for the next 3 days.

            Bill pressed further, getting antsy. “You know I’m up for either, Ben. Any way you want it.” His eyes locked with his son, not able to hide his sheer lust for the young man sitting beside him.

            Seeing the huge mound in his dad’s pants helped him make up his mind. “I want you to fuck me, Dad.” Ben said, confident in his choice.

            “Whatever you want, son.” Bill smiled, reaching his arm over and rubbing his son’s shoulder as he pulled into the exit lane.

            They reached a rest stop and were relieved to find they were the only ones there. Not that that’d stopped them before.

            The younger Branch male started to reach his hand over to his door to get out but before his hand was even on the handle his old man had already unbuckled his seatbelt and was all over him.

            “Jesus, Dad.” Ben managed to say in between thrusts of his dad’s tongue into his mouth. “You need it bad, don’t you?”

            “Just say the word, Ben.” Bill huffed, kissing his son’s neck as he unbuttoned his shirt.

            Ben considered playing hard to get for a bit, seeing his dad in such a state of sheer desire for his boy but the second his dad pulled out his huge cock he realized he wanted it just as much as his dad did.

            “Say it, Ben.” Bill whined, kissing up his son’s neck, grinding his throbbing prick up against his son’s side.

            “I want it, Dad.” Ben finally said, giving his consent.

            Without skipping a beat his dad had his hands inside the waist band of his son’s jeans and was pulling them down, the younger, but equally impressive Branch dick swinging up and slapping against his abs.

            “This is going to be a fast one, son.” Bill grunted, opening the glove compartment and hastily slicking his huge prick up with lube.

            “We’re almost out.” Ben noted, as he shook the bottle to coax out just enough to spread onto his hole before his dad began his assault. “Didn’t we just get this thing a few weeks ago?”

            “You know how I get in the summer. It’s mating season, son.” Bill grinned, maneuvering as best he could over his son and getting in position. “Besides, I think I remember you coming on to me more times than I did during that trip up north to Rock Valley.”

            “What can I say, Dad? It’s mating season.” Ben grinned back, reaching his arms out and wrapping them around his dad’s ass, bringing him closer.

            “I love you, kid.” Bill beamed, leaning down to kiss his son gently as he lined the head of his cock at his son’s hole.

            “Love you too, Dad.”

            “Mmmmmm-“ Bill moaned as he sank his dick into his son’s willing hole.

            “God, I love that cock.” Ben groaned.

            Bill sighed in relief, worried he had given him too much cock without letting him adjust. But who was he kidding. His boy was a fucking champ.

            “Go on, son. Stroke yourself.” Bill encouraged his son, looking down at an almost exact replica of the cock currently sawing in and out of his boy.

            “I can’t, Dad. I’m about to bust.” Ben groaned through gritted teeth.

            “Already?” Bill asked, wiping his brow.

            “Don’t let it get to your head, Dad.” Ben smirked, leaning his head back and enjoying the sensations running through him.

            Bill took the throbbing cock in his hand and started jacking it in time with his thrusts. “Cum with me, son.”

            Ben looked up and nodded, meeting his father’s gaze. The older Branch male looked down at his son with an equal look of lust and love. A look so familiar to the younger Branch male these days.

            Without any communication at all, both Branch men fired off at the exact same moment. Bill’s pace slowed down as he really enjoyed the sensation of his seed filling up the willing receptacle below him. Ben looked like he was in another world.

            “I really needed that, son.” Bill sighed as he leaned down to kiss his son lovingly.

            “Any time, Dad.” Ben said, looking at the mess he had all over his toned chest. “How many more miles do we have til we get to Bellview?”

            “I’d say about 2 more hours. We’d better get back on the road.” Bill replied, moving to dismount from his son.

            “Can’t we stay like this just for a few more minutes, Dad?” Ben asked, wrapping his arms around his father’s torso and pulling him in close, his cock still firmly planted inside of him.

            “I suppose we can wait a few more minutes.” Bill sighed, laying his head on his son’s shoulder as his son started stroking his hairy chest. “I can’t wait to show off my boy when we get to Bellview.”

            Bellview Ranch was a privately owned property in Nothern California that had been around for generations. To the majority of the people passing by on the highway it looked like just another ranch. But to those few in the know it was something much more special.


    Bellview Ranch was a place men go to be men and learn to be men. At first Bellview was founded in order to give men a safe place to explore new, more intimate relationships with their sons, but it is now something far more spectacular. Behind the gates of Bellview Ranch is a society. A society where grown men parade their 22-28 year old sons like prized show horses. These men spend all year grooming their sons into grade-A fuckstuds and for one weekend a year they congregate to show them off to their peers for respect. For admiration. And above all else, desire.  It wasn’t uncommon at all for a father and son to enjoy a day out in the sun riding horses or grilling steaks over a fire when they lock eyes with another pair. With no words being spoken an agreement is made. The two men trade keys and they follow their new partners to their rooms and only emerge when they had successfully drained their young bucks of all their seed.

            Bill Branch smiled to himself as he remembered all the hungry stares from those horny dads he had gotten on his first day at Bellview Ranch. He remembered how silly he had felt when his father assured him all he needed to wear was a pair of briefs 3 sizes too small for him. It was only when his father dropped his own pants to reveal he would be wearing the exact same thing that he agreed to the attire. “I want everyone here to know what my boy’s packing. “ He had told me, slipping his hand under the strap of my briefs and making it snap against my back, loudly.

            “Anything to make you proud, Dad.” I had replied, truthfully.


Man, I took myself back to that moment  so long ago when my dad took me out to walk around the place, finally able to show me the place I had heard so many stories about growing up. He showed me the cabin he and his dad had shared his first weekend at Bellview. I saw the desire in his eyes as recounted the first man he had fucked that weekend. Bill. That’s right. My father had named me after his first conquest he encountered at Bellview Ranch. My dad had been sitting outside of his cabin taking in the sunset when he saw him. He and my dad locked eyes and he knew that ruggedly handsome man was going to put out for him. Bill had gestured to his cabin and my dad followed. He didn’t emerge for hours. And I knew that this place was going to become just as important to me as it was to my father. And it was. So now here I am, showing my own son the place that held such incredible memories for me. The second I got out of the car I was overcome with nostalgia. I laughed to myself as Ben dutifully followed me around and listened to me intently, his muscles and huge erection on display through his skimpy briefs. Like I had when I had first arrived at Bellview more than 20 years ago, Ben felt weird about walking around in such attire, but after seeing what the other men were wearing, he felt right at home. The other men around were basically drooling over my boy and he didn’t even know it. How could I blame them? I had groomed my son into the man he is today- a grade-A fuck machine. Hell, every single father here had done the same thing; coming up to Bellview Ranch to show off the fruit of their labor. The successor to their family line. I laughed to myself. I suppose it’s customary for men to show off their daughters when they become of age and make their debut to the world with frilly dresses and jewels. Fathers spend thousands of dollars making sure their daughters make a lasting impression. And then there’s Bellview Ranch. When our sons come of age we parade them around in as little clothing as possible and we fuck for three days straight. Thank god I had a son. An elegant mid-afternoon tea and finger sandwiches sounded like a lot less fun.

            The second Ben had turned 18 he was on me. I remember sitting on his bed, loosening my tie around my neck  and slowly unbuttoning my shirt as I watched him monitoring his wrist watch counting down the seconds until midnight. I wasn’t stupid. I knew a young man with my son’s looks was most likely not a virgin. But I had promised him the second he turned 18 I’d give him my ass and start his training for Bellview Ranch from that minute on. And Ben sure took me up on that offer. My boy and I were fucking like rabbits any chance we could get. With Ben’s mom out of the picture since he was little there wasn’t a single night after his 18th birthday where he wasn’t getting laid. And since the starting age for Bellview Ranch is 22 that meant I had spent the last 4 whole years grooming my son into the titanic fuck machine he is now. I had been waiting for this weekend ever since and now I was finally going to get the chance to show him off to my peers.

            After showing Ben around the ranch we headed back to our cabin to unwind. I grinned internally as I saw pairs of fathers and sons around the ranch drooling over my boy. Yeah. . . Ben was sure to turn some heads this weekend.

            As our cabin came into view I suddenly realized that when I suggested we come back here to “unwind” I wasn’t going to get the chance to be intimate with my son for the first time in 4 years. There hadn’t been a single afternoon for the past 4 years where one of us wasn’t fucking the other. But now that we were here at Bellview I had to start letting him go. I remember going through the same thing with my father. He had brought me to Bellview for me to experience my own journey. And I did. I was so grateful to my father for that. And I wanted to give the same thing to Ben.

            “You itching for it, son?” I asked him, nudging his shoulder.

            “I want it bad, Dad.” He mumbled, grabbing my ass out in the open.

            I instantly look around and, like I thought, we definitely had peoples’ attention. It really turned me on being groped by my boy in front of everyone. Letting people know that when it’s just the two of us, when my son wants it, he gets it.

            “Why don’t you try turning your attention over to someone else, son.” I suggested, trying to gauge his reaction.

            His pace slowed a little bit as he took in what I said to him.

            “You know this has to happen, son.” I said to him delicately. I lookec into his eyes and every part of my body wanted him to take me into our cabin and fuck me like I knew he wanted to but he needed to have his own experience this weekend. He could fuck me as much as he wanted when we got home.

            Before he can answer me I heard a voice from  one of the cabins next to ours.

            “Well I’ll be damned.” The voice exclaimed. I looked up to the cabin two doors down from us and my jaw dropped.

            “Bill Branch. . .” The man said, taking in the sight of my son and me.

            “Jay Conway. . .” I replied, walking up to him and extending my hand.

            “What’s it been, buddy? 20 years?” He grinned, shaking my hand.

            “At least.” I beamed, taking in the sight of my buddy I hadn’t laid eyes on in so long.

            Jay was a rookie at Bellview the same year I was. In fact, his dad John was actually my first conquest here. Man, John Conway was hung like a bull. Before I left his cabin he had fucked me twice and I had returned the favor, grabbing onto that monster of his while I unloaded into him. The four of us became fast friends during our rookie weekend and we ended up doing three summers together before Jay got married and started his family. That’s the thing about Bellview. It’s where men learned to be men. It may seem like a dream come true being in the middle of a buffet of hot dads and sons there for the sole purpose of fucking their brains out but real life has to come first. I remember having that same realization when I met Ben’s mother. The first summer my dad and I stopped going to Bellview Ranch was tough but I had Ben to take care of and I knew when he was 22 I’d be able to walk past those gates again, this time being the father, being able to show my son off for a change.

            My old friend in front of me beamed. “You know, when I brought my oldest up here three years ago I’d be lying if I said a part of me wasn’t looking for you the whole god damn time we were here.” He said, looking from me to my son. Damn, Jay was exactly as I remembered him. Those bright, heartbreaking blue eyes and handsome looks. Father time had sure treated him well. Knowing Jay I didn’t have to think hard about what Jay must have offered him in return for sparing him and his good looks.

            “I can’t believe we’re both here again, Jay. All these years later.” I smiled. “This is my son, Ben Branch.” I presented my son proudly. My son shook Jay’s hand with a nice firm grip. Just as he was raised.

            “Man, Bill.” Jay said, looking my son over. “You sure did good. Your boy’s a spitting image of you. Man, you look just like your old man did when he first walked through those gates, you know that, Ben?”

            “I hear it all the time, sir.” Ben smiled. “And I’ve heard all about you, sir. My father speaks of you very fondly.”

            “Probably not as highly as he speaks of my old man.” Jay laughed. “I think my daddy fell in love that summer. And it sure as hell wasn’t because your dad’s just a smooth talker.” He paused as he took in the sight of my son. “Well fuck me. . .” Jay replied, practically drooling over my son right in front of me. “Bill Branch’s boy. . .”

            “I appreciate that, Jay.” I blushed, gushing with pride. “I can’t believe how lucky I am.”

            “Yeah, well I didn’t do so bad myself.” Jay replied, turning his head back to his cabin. “John!” He called out.

            For a split second my mind raced back to John Conway and that huge dick of his, but immediately I snapped back to reality when I realized Jay must have named his son after his father. I always wondered if Jay was hung like his father. Oddly the two of us had never gotten to fooling around during our times at Bellview. It’s not uncommon of for sons to pair off with sons and dads to pair off with dads for a fuck or two, but Jay and I had so many middle-aged dads courting us and bringing us back to their cabins all weekend we never got the chance. Perhaps I would get my chance now to see if the Conway bull dick runs in the family.

            Jay’s cabin door swung open and John Conway II stepped out. Fuck me. Jay’s son was built like a marine. In fact, I could see his dog tags hanging around his neck. He was wearing briefs like my son was wearing and they were stretching to accommodate what was sure to be a cock to rival his grandfathers. I guess Jay and I had the same idea. We wanted to show off our son’s natural goods. John had a towel draped over his shoulder and half of his face was slick with shaving cream, the other half fresh and smooth. His sunkissed skin was toned and athletic, with a small, masculine patch of hair in the center. I just about started drooling right fucking there.

            “Sorry Dad, I was right in the middle. . .” He gestured to his face, stopping in front of the three of us.

            Jay grabbed his son’s ass possessively and his son didn’t flinch. “Allow me to introduce John Conway II. My middle son.” He presented his son proudly.

            “Pleased to meet you, sir.” John said to me, looking me right in the eye as he shook my hand firmly, showing my son the same courtesy. I wasn’t sure if it was the military training or if Jay taught him how to shake a hand like a man. Either way, it was taking everything in me not to jump him right now and let this kid do whatever he wanted to me.

            “Fine boy you have there, Jay.” I said to my old buddy, looking his son over.

            “I’ll say he is. He’s got a bigger cock than his brothers, too.” Jay grinned proudly.

            For the first time, John blushed a little, breaking away from his stoic, stern demeanor, most likely not used to being objectified so blatantly by his father to a total stranger. I had a feeling after this weekend he’d get over it. Instinctively my eyes wandered down his toned pecks and naval to his barely clothed groin. Yep. Jay’s boy sure seemed to be carrying a whopper under there.

            “This is John’s first year at Bellview. I’d brought his older brother Josh the last 3 years. And I’m proud to say he won top prize last year.” Jay said, beaming with pride.

            “No kidding, Jay!” I congratulated him, patting him on the back.

            “It was about time a Conway took home the title.” He smiled, turning to my son. “You know your old man took the top prize away from me our last year by four votes, Ben?”

            I blushed. “Oh come on, Jay, there’s no way to know how many votes I beat you by.” I teased him.

            “That’s what you think, Branch. I fucked Director Connors himself on the last day and got him to tell me it was close.”

            “You sure he wasn’t just telling you HE was close with you ramming into him?” I laughed, loving getting back to old times with my buddy.

            “Ah, you haven’t changed a bit, Bill.” He smiled, patting me on the back. “You still like it both ways?”

            “You bet, bud.” I reply. “Ben here can give it just as good as he gets. Just as I taught him. I can’t tell you how much closer we’ve become these past four years.”

            “I like the sound of that.” Jay mumbled, looking my son over with hungry eyes. “Junior here will let you do anything as long as he gets a nut out of it. Isn’t that right, son?” He said, reaching into his son’s briefs and grabbing his huge erection.

            John stood tall as his father groped him out in the open in plain daylight in front of us. “Yes sir. I like to fuck and get fucked, sir.” John replied, giving off a slight smile for the first time since our introduction. I liked that. He may be the pinnacle of form and discipline but I had no doubt in my mind the kid was trained to fuck when it came down to it.

            “Yeah, at home Junior always seems to end up on top. I just can’t help myself, you know. You wouldn’t blame me if you saw what the kid’s packing.” Jay smirked, clearly starting to jack off his son’s dick in front of us, his arm still covered by the thin material of his son’s briefs. “It’s funny, his older brother Josh couldn’t get enough of my dick. I swear the second the front door was closed he was face down ass up in the position for his old man. But John here can fuck the cum out of you like you wouldn’t fucking believe.”

            “All thanks to you, sir.” John blushed at his father’s praise, flinching  a little as the sound of heavy friction emanated from whatever stimulation his father was inflicting upon him under the confines of his briefs.

            “Yeah, I taught my boys well.” Jay grinned. “So listen, Bill. I know we’re not officially allowed to trade until after the ceremony tonight. But what do you say we “unofficially” make a commitment for later?” He said looking my son over, practically licking his lips. “I know Junior here’s been ready to go ever since we got here this morning. He may act the strong silent type but behind closed doors he’s been trying to rut his old man like I’m his prom date.”

            John blushed again as his father finally withdrew his hand from his son’s briefs. There was certainly nothing left to the imagination. I could see every single vein and curve of that dick through his briefs. It must have been over 9 inches. It appeared John Conway II had inherited more from his grandfather than just his name.

            “How long’s it been since you’ve taken one that big, Bill?” Jay asked, proudly, watching as I blatantly ogle at the size of his son’s cock. “20 years?” He laughed. “Don’t worry. He likes getting fucked more often than I let him if you’re not up for the task. Hell, I think he even prefers it.”

            “Actually. . .” I began, starting to feel more comfortable and maybe even a little competitive. “Ben here is even bigger than his old man.”

            Now it’s my son’s turn to blush.

            “No shit?” Jay mumbled, practically drooling, looking over my son. “Does he fuck?”

            “You can ask him yourself, Jay. Whatever Ben decides.” I replied, standing up a little taller. I didn’t blame Jay for leading his son around like a piece of meat. It was pretty common for the dads here to get competitive. But I wanted Ben to have the free will to do anything he wanted.  

            “Well fuck me. . .” Jay said, running his hands along my son’s chest. I wasn’t worried. I knew what my son liked and Jay was it. He may seem brash and crude to someone who didn’t know him but he was charming and good looking enough to get away with it. “You like fucking tight dad pussy, Ben Branch?” My old friend asked my son, teasing my son’s nipple as his eyes wandered down my boy’s toned abdomen to his crotch.

“Yes sir. I fucking love it.” Ben responded.

“Fuck, kid.” Jay muttered, playing with my son’s pec. “You gotta let me take you up on that.”

“What do you say I talk it over with my son and we’ll get back to you, buddy?” I interrupted, extending my hand again.

            “Yeah, let’s do that, buddy.” Jay grinned, shaking my hand. “Great to see you again, Bill. Truly.”

            “Nice to meet you, sir.” John said to me, shaking my hand with an extra firm grip and holding my constant attention with his gaze. Fuck, I knew before the weekend was up I was definitely putting out for this kid. If I wasn’t careful, probably before the night was up.

            “See you at the ceremony, fellas.” Jay smiled at us as he and John turned to go back to their cabin. As they walked away John reached out a hand and inserted it into the cleft of his dad’s pants, giving his old man’s ass a good, possessive squeeze. Fuck. Yeah- I was definitely going to put out for that kid. Any way he wanted it.

                                                                       Chapter 2

Ben and I managed to behave for the remainder of the afternoon. I left him in our room to take a nap while I got a quick shower in. As I was drying off I heard the entire process. Even though we were two doors down. The muffled voices of my old buddy and his middle son that slowly turned into what sounded like heavy petting and intense kissing. Knowing Jay, though, I knew it was only a matter of time before he was giving it up for his son. I knew there was no way he’d make it until after the ceremony. Not with John walking around in that skimpy underwear like that and his dog tags from the marines hanging from his neck. Sure enough I heard the sound of mattress springs compressing and I could hear each time the bedframe hit the wall. It may have been super hot to listen to my old buddy getting royally fucked by his boy but I was grateful I was two doors away from these lovebirds and not sharing a wall with them.

            “Aw fuck, son.” I heard clear as day as the sounds of mating became more and more urgent. “Aw, get it, son. Make me cum. Right there, Junior. UUUUUUHHHHHHNNNN” My buddy bellowed as the mattress springs quieted down. I didn’t even have to be in the room to know Jay had climaxed the exact second his son unloaded in him. Their synthesis in timing of their climaxes was too precise to fool anyone that this wasn’t a regular thing the two of them enjoyed. Hell, it didn’t take Jay’s blatant admission from earlier that he gets off on putting out for his son to figure that out.

            I shook my head as I walked outside to check on a pair of muddy boots I had set out earlier to dry. Two doors down Jay emerged from his own cabin. He’d hastily thrown on his jeans but he didn’t bother to button them and his hairy chest was damp with sweat. His nipples were chafed red and raw from what was sure to have been an intense teasing from his middle son. His usually neat, kempt hair was sticking out where his pillow had been. I could almost smell the scent of sex on him. Probably aided by the wet spot that was starting to form on the back of his jeans. He’d been bred good by his boy, no doubt. The screen door behind him opened up for a second and a muscled arm pulled him in for a quick kiss and s spank before Jay pulled away with a grin.

            Jay stepped off the path for a second and stood at a tree and I could hear him start to take a leak. I smiled, remembering Jay was always quick to mark his territory after a good rut. Some things never change. Almost as if he was sensing the attention, his head turned in my direction. A mischievous grin flashed across my old buddy’s face. “Sorry if we got a little rowdy there, Bill.” He muttered unconvincingly. “But when Junior wants it there’s no telling him no until he gets his nut.” He jiggled his shaft a bit in front of him before tucking himself back in. “Not that I ever put up a fight.” He winked.

            I waved at him with an equally mischievous grin.

            “See you at the ceremony, old friend.” He grunted.

            “See you at the ceremony, Jay.” I replied.


       At about a quarter to 5 I heard a knock on our door and I opened it to find my old buddy standing there in the tightest jean shorts I had ever seen and nothing else, his hairy chest freshly groomed and on full display to anyone interested in looking. I buttoned up my shirt as we looked each other over.

            “The ceremony’s in 15 minutes buddy, you need to get dressed!” Jay said to me as he pushed through the door and sat down on the sofa, helping himself to an apple I had just laid out for myself.

            “You’re one to talk, Jay. . .” I countered, watching his hairy chest and abs flex as he bit into the apple.

            “I’m ready to go, man.” Jay grinned, hiking his legs up and resting them on the coffee table, his tight jean shorts straining to accommodate his muscle dad ass. “This thing tastes like shit, bud. You got anything other than rabbit food around here?” He tossed the apple in the trash and turned his attention back to me.

            “You’ve got to be shitting me, Jay.” I laughed. He had managed to make himself look even sluttier wearing this than if he hadn’t thrown anything on at all.

            “Don’t tell me you’re wearing that shit, Bill. . .” He replied, pointing to the button down shirt I was tucking into my khakis.

            “You know, not everyone is as open as you are, Jay.” I laughed.

            “Why the hell not? That’s what we’re all here for. Good old man to man sex. I was never one to play that hard to get shit.”

            “You don’t say. . .” I replied as I watched him absentmindedly run his hand across his pecs.

            “You’re not wearing that to your first ceremony in over 20 years, Bill.” Jay stated, not even trying to be tactful.

            “I’m not 25 years old anymore, Jay. I want to set a good example for my son.” I replied dismissively, combing my hair in front of the mirror.

            “Exactly, Bill. You’re not 25 anymore. You’re 45. Which means you’ve got more than 20 years of experience throwing studs around and fucking the shit out of them that you didn’t have when you first walked in here. Any guy here would be lucky to get with you. It’s time you acted like it.”

“Ben did say he kind of got off on the thought of another stud wanting to get with me. . .” I admitted.

“And just where do you think that son of yours is right now exactly?” Jay questioned me, raising his eyebrows.

            “Must be in the shower or something.”

            “I don’t hear the water on.” He grinned deviously.

            “Jay, what did you do. . .” I sighed, walking over to the bathroom to find it empty.

            “Junior wanted to show Ben around. What’s the problem?”

            “Nothing- I just” I began. “I just thought he would want me to walk with him to his first ceremony.”

            “You gotta let him go, Bill.” Jay said sympathetically. And I knew he was being genuine. Jay had gone through this with one son already. He knew what he was talking about.

            “You don’t think they’re fucking, do you?” I let out before I could stop myself, a streak of jealousy briefly flashing through me before I realized how silly it was.

            “Each other? I doubt it. Knowing Junior they’re probably flirting with a couple of poor suckers like you and me who’d do just about anything to get with a couple of young bucks like our boys.” He looked at me apprehensively. “You’re not. . . jealous, are you Bill?”

            “No, of course not.” I lied. “I just thought he’d at least wait until after the ceremony to start. . . whatever he was going to do.”

            “Did you?” He said simply, staring into my eyes.

            He knew full well I didn’t. John Conway and I had fucked each other twice before I had to rush back to the cabin and get ready for my first ceremony.

            “See?” Jay said, assuring me. “You had a wonderful experience here at Bellview. Don’t you want the same thing for Ben?”

            “Yeah. I really do.” I sighed, realizing my buddy had a point.

            “Your boy’s going to be a hot commodity this weekend, Bill. You knew that coming in here. Add to that the fact he’s the son of a previous winner. . . Ben Branch is going to have more men trying to put out for him than he’s going to know what to do with.”

            I thought about my son getting ogled at by all of the horny men here. Him getting to choose who he wanted to fuck around with if they were lucky. And I had to admit it was turning me on.

            “So back to the issue at hand.” Jay clapped, bringing me out of my trance. “I’m not going to let the Bellview King of ’93 show up to his first Father’s ceremony in something he’d wear to a job interview at Office Max.” He said, reaching his hand up and starting to unbutton my shirt.

            I thought about putting up a fight but I just figured what the hell. There wasn’t any use in telling Jay Conway no 20 years ago and I knew if anything he had just gotten even more stubborn over the years. In no time my shirt was on the floor. I couldn’t help but feel getting guys out of their shirts was something Jay practiced quite often.

            “Damn, Bill.” Jay muttered, running his hand over my pecs. “You got a wife at home you keep in shape for?”

            “Nope. Just Ben and me.” I answered, feeling uneasy about being objectified like this after so long.

            “Fucker. . .” He mumbled, copping a feel of my abs. “So you do all this to keep in shape for your boy?”

            That made me pause for a second. I never realized that I did keep in pretty unusual shape for a guy my age. “Yeah, Jay. I guess I do it for Ben.”

            “Ben’s a lucky guy.” Jay muttered, admiring my form in the mirror. He looked up at me with an intense stare. “How often is he getting it, Bill?” He looked me right in the eye.

            “Any time he wants.” I replied, swallowing for a second from the frankness at which I was divulging my son’s and my most private, intimate details. I had to admit it was really starting to turn me on.

            “Fuck, you mean it, don’t you? Any time Ben wants it he gets it?”

            “Any time he wants it, he gets it.” I repeated, not breaking eye contact.

            “Shit, Bill. . .” Jay muttered, playing with his nipple. “How often do you think the two of you fool around?”

            “I don’t . . . I’d say. . .  two or three times . . .” I answer him, struggling to come out with it.

            “A week?” He asked quietly, as if it’s a competition for who’s having the most sex out of the two of us.

            “A day.” I gulped, not having really ever come up with a number like this. It was eye opening. But my dick was rock hard thinking about it.

            “Aw fuck, man.” Jay huffed. “I got a wife at home. She knows what’s going on but I still can’t get with my boys as much as I’d like to.” His other hand absentmindedly drifted down to the huge bulge in his shorts. “I got three boys to keep happy at home, too. Can’t imagine what I’d do with completely free reign like that. I guess that’s why Junior and I couldn’t keep our hands off each other this afternoon. He’s not used to getting my full, undivided attention like this. Not that it will last long, seeing some of my competition strutting around this place. Seriously, were the dads this slutty when we were first starting out here at Bellview?”

            I thought about fucking his dad before the ceremony had even started when I first arrived at Bellview and Jay had a look on his face like he was remembering fond times himself.

            “Damn right they were.” We both said at the same time.

            When his hand reached the zipper of his slutty shorts I knew I had to get back to the task at hand. “Uh Jay. . .? The ceremony?”

            “Shit. Right.” He mumbled, wiping the drool off his face. “Let’s see what we have to work with here.”

            He grabbed my suitcase and proceeded to turn it completely upside down, letting its contents scatter across the floor.

            “By all means, Jay. Don’t be shy.” I shook my head, rolling my eyes.

            “Fuck, Bill.” He scolded me, throwing various contents around the room. “Seriously? What the fuck is this?” He asked, holding up a grey business suit.

            “Oh leave me alone, Jay.” I mumbled, grabbing the suit from him and folding it neatly.

            “Hold on a minute!” He clapped excitedly, grabbing it from me. He tossed half of it aside with the pants and held up the vest. “This’ll work.”

            I looked from the vest to his face just to make sure he wasn’t joking. “You’ve got to be kidding me, Jay. I’m 45 years-old for Christ’s sake!”

            “Not on the outside, my friend.” He said excitedly, holding the vest out in front of my chest, looking me over in the mirror.

            “I look like I deal poker on Ricky Martin’s yacht.” I rolled my eyes.

            “Do you want to get laid or not, Bill?”

            I sighed. “I want to get laid.”

            “Well then listen to someone who knows what he’s talking about.” He replied. “This is what I wore last year and I had young bucks following me around all night trying to get with me.” He said, reaching his finger into the waistband of his jeans and snapping it against his ass. “Those young studs were so grateful to get a shot at my ass. I swear, you put out for a 22 year old once and they’re hooked forever. You can’t let them get attached.”

I gave him disapproving look as my old buddy bragged about seducing so many studs my son’s age. He scoffed at me in return. “Jesus Bill, you know for someone who’s getting it 3 times a day at home you sure act like a prude.”

            He held the tiny vest open while I squeezed into it.

            “Damn.” He said, looking me over. “I’d fuck you.”

            “That’s high praise coming from you and your high standards.” I laughed.

            “Now the most important thing-“ He continued, ignoring me. “Are you looking to fuck or get fucked?”

            I paused for a moment. “I don’t know, Jay. Can’t I just see where the evening goes?”

            “What are you expecting, one of these young studs to bring you flowers and then take you out to a dinner and a movie? This is Bellview Ranch, Bill. There’s 30 other dads walking around who’ll give it up without the hastle, so I’ll ask you again. Are you looking to fuck or get fucked?”

            I hesitated.

            “Look. . .” He sighed, standing up, his sole piece of clothing barely big enough to cover his ass cheek. “When you look at me what’s the first thing that comes to mind?” He asked simply, flexing his ass.

            “That. . . You and your sorority sister’s car broke down in the middle of Texas and you’re looking for a big strong man to help you out in time to make it home for curfew?”

            “Oh fuck off, Bill.” He grunted dismissively, before failing to suppress a smile. “Alright fine, I’ll let you have that one. But that’s it. Now come on, when you look at me what do you think I’m after.”

            “Cock.” I replied simply.

            “Damn straight. When you look at me the only thing that should come to mind is that this guy is looking to get fucked. Nothing else matters. You think I want to waste my energy courting a guy who’s just going to end up bending over for me when we get back to his cabin later? Not tonight. Tomorrow’s a different story. But tonight I’m getting fucked stupid and people are going to know that’s what I’m after because that’s what I’m giving them. See?”

            I had to admit, looking Jay over I knew he would have no trouble whatsoever getting laid tonight. He was going to get snatched up the second the ceremony was over, if it even took him that long to seal the deal.

            I thought back to my very first ceremony at Bellview Ranch and remembered locking eyes with one of the dads from across the room. An instant agreement was made between the two of us from that moment. We were going to fuck. It was just that simple. The second the ceremony was over and people started filing out of the hall we were moving right to each other. We didn’t even make it to his room that night. He couldn’t wait. I fucked him in one of the storage rooms right off of the banquet hall. We didn’t even exchange names. I only saw him one other time that weekend but my dad and I were busy talking to someone else. He and his son walked by us and he gave a respectful nod to my father on his way by. My dad knew what that nod meant. My dad returned a nod and the man was gone, but my dad looked at me with quiet pride as our conversation went on.

            Thinking back on my mystery fuck that night over 20 years ago was definitely starting to make my juices flow all over again.


            “I want to fuck.” I muttered, standing a little taller and admiring myself in the mirror.

            “Well look who’s finally starting to get their mojo back, Bill Branch.” Jay smirked, looking up at me with pride. “Some lucky sucker is about to score big time tonight when he manages to get your attention.”

            We looked at myself in the mirror. Yep. I still had it, alright.

            “To being back at Bellview Ranch, old friend.” Jay toasted, patting me on the back.

            “To being back at Bellview Ranch, old friend.” I replied.



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