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Chapter 7

We pushed through the cabin door and heard it shut behind us as we hungrily made out with each other on our way to the bedroom. I maneuvered us over to the bed and pushed him down hard onto the mattress and was right on top of him again. Fuck, nothing gets me more turned on than making out with a guy like this. Yeah, I may appear to be the level-headed dad who’s sure to eat his vegetables before his dessert, but the truth is it’s kind of embarrassing how easy it is to get me to put out if you know how to work me over. I swear, nothing gets me hotter to give it up than when a young stud takes control. Especially if he starts off slow. A little making out on the couch and heavy petting and I can’t get my legs up fast enough. In fact, the success rate is so high it’s a little embarrassing. Ben realized this pretty much ever since that night on his bed when he turned 18. All it takes is a little making out and I’ll put out, no question. I didn’t want a reputation already of being the dad who puts out after a little kissing. Jay’s got that position already filled. But I wanted John Conway since the moment I laid eyes on him. Who cares if I was an easy lay this time.

            The handsome marine was pinned down underneath me as we furiously made out. I had one hand working its way under his shirt and playing with his firm, hard pecs. The kid really did have an amazing body. They sure know how to turn boys into men in the marines.

            Without breaking away from me for a second, John had his hands at the waist of my pants and he was slowly working them down. I felt his strong hands grip my ass cheeks possessively as his tongue jutted into my mouth. His finger was on my opening now as he played with my hole.

            He broke away for a second. “Your cunt’s already sloppy and used, sir.” The look on his face was unmistakable. He was extremely turned on.

            “Mmhmm.” I said, kissing him. “I gave it up for my boy earlier this morning.”

            “I love a good, sloppy mancunt to sink my big dick into, sir.”

            “It’s all yours, stud.”

            He pulled my face down to his again and kissed me as I heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down. And then I felt what had to be a massive cock slapping against my taint.

            I reached back behind me to give it a good feel. Fuck, I could barely get my hand around it and it had to have been at least 9 inches. Maybe 10. This marine was fucking hung.

            He grabbed my hand and put it back on the bed as we continued to make out. I saw the tube of lube on top of the bedside table Ben and I had used earlier and was about to reach for it before I felt his fingers dig into my hole. I jumped at the sudden intrusion but it felt amazing.

            “That’s it, Mr. Branch.” He said into my ear. “Slick me up for you.”

            And then I realized what he was doing. He was going to use my own son’s load to lube himself up so he could fuck me.

            I couldn’t see what was happening behind me but I could feel how slick his fingers were. And then I felt that thick cock head at my pucker.

            “That’s it, sir.” He nodded. “Let me in.”

            I braced myself as I felt this stud marine slowly push his thick cock up my hole. I couldn’t believe it was going in with such ease.

            “Damn, Mr. Branch. Your boy must have loaded you up good. Your cunt’s swallowing me up like it’s hungry for more, sir.”

            “Fuck, that’s a big cock.” I grunted, hanging my head down, as I felt the sensation of what was going on. John’s cock was thicker than Ben’s, no doubt. Much thicker. I guess it would remain to be seen which of them had more length.

            “Feel how sloppy your pussy is, sir?” He muttered, staring up at me. “You let your boy blow his wad balls deep inside of you and here you are giving it up again before it’s even dry.”

            I couldn’t even begin to tell you how fucking turned I was listening to this formidable, stud marine talking to me in such a crude, brash way. I knew everything he was saying was right. I had let Ben blow his wad inside of me and I was letting another stud fuck me not even 3 hours later.  

            “Your pussy lips are still red and raw from the first time today, sir.” He said, reaching under my shirt to play with my nipple. “Your boy must have a big cock, too.”

            “Mmhmm.” I nodded, feeling his giant cock head grinding against my prostate. I was furiously jacking off my own rock hard cock while he talked to me so filthily.

            “How do you think your boy’s gonna take it when he finds out his old man let another stud knock him up, sir?” John asked me, staring right into my eyes as he thrust his big cock up into me from below.


            “Aw fuck!” I groaned as his big cock jabbed against my prostate, sending waves of pleasure all over my body.

            “You’re gonna take my load, sir.” He told me, reaching up to lower my face onto his so he could kiss me. I felt him getting up onto his knees and he pulled his big cock out of me, finally in my line of sight. Fuck, it really was big.

            I knew exactly what he wanted me to do and I got on my knees in front of him. He positioned himself right behind me and sank his big marine prick down into me and pummeled me from behind now.

            “You like giving it up for a marine, sir?” He questioned me, spanking me and grabbing onto my ass possessively.

            “Aw fuck yeah.” I huffed, shifting all of my weight on to my left arm as I started jacking my aching prick in time with his thrusts.

            “Tell me, sir. Yesterday when my dad introduced you to me did you know you were going to give it up for me then and there?”

            “Uh huh.” I nodded, his slams into me becoming more urgent.

            “All it took was a handshake and I had already sealed the deal? I was getting laid, wasn’t I?” He asked, panting.

            “You were definitely gonna get laid, John.”

            “Gonna knock you up, sir.” He grunted, slamming into me in determined, aimed thrusts at my prostate.

            “Do it, John. I’m right there with you.” I panted.

            I tried to hold off until I felt him start his climax but I couldn’t wait. Sperm started shooting from my prick, spraying the sheets below us as I drained my cock in time with his thrusts. A low, guttural groan escaped my throat as I continued to shoot and I felt him go over the edge as he started spraying the inside of my tunnel with his young, virile seed. He leaned down to kiss my neck tenderly as he inseminated me, giving a deep, satisfied moan to signal the completion of his conquest.

            We stayed just like that, him resting his head on my neck as he enjoyed the sensation of his powerful cock slowly draining the last of its seed inside my willing, tamed vessel. For a second it felt just like when Ben fucks me. Loving. Sensual. Tender. But then before I wanted him to he started to dismount from me, extracting his cock from me and wiping his brow with an exhausted sigh.

            I looked back at him and I could already tell the formidable, hardened, professional marine was back.

            “I hope we can do this again sometime, Mr. Branch, sir.” He said, politely, extending his hand.

            “I’d say your chances are pretty good, John.” I laughed, shaking it.

            We dressed leisurely and as he was about to walk out the door he turned back to me with a polite nod. “Thanks for the great fuck, sir.”

            “Any time, John.” I replied, truthfully. I definitely wanted to fuck with this kid again before the weekend was over.

            John opened the door to leave and I was surprised to see Ben making his way to the cabin from across the road. John saw him and gave him a masculine, friendly nod as he walked over to his own cabin two doors down.

            I felt kind of embarrassed getting caught like this, though I wasn’t sure why. When Ben finally made it to the door I smiled at him but I didn’t receive one back.

            “Did he fuck you?” He asked, looking me right in the eye.

            “Yeah, he fucked me, son.” I answered, staring at the ground.

            “Did he cum inside of you?”

            “Yeah, son. He did.”

            He brought his hand to my shoulder and started turning me around, pushing me to the bedroom.

            “You’re not finished.” Ben mumbled, starting to unbutton his shirt.

            I gulped as my son walked me to the bed, the load I had just shot still splattered across the sheets, not even dry. It wasn’t even 3 o’clock in the afternoon and I was about to get fucked for the third time today.

            “Go on, son.” I said, stepping out of my pants and getting on all fours. “Make me yours again.”


My cock was already hard again. Even though the evidence of my last orgasm was still fresh and soaking into the sheets. I started to position myself, getting on my back and spreading my legs so that Ben could have complete access to me. Ben knew  I like it when he fucks me face to face so I can look at him while he inseminates me.

            But he shook his head and started to turn me over. I was temporarily thrown off by the change in position; we usually fuck missionary. But Ben wanted my ass and I was ready to give it to him, any way he wanted it. I hung my head down as I waited for him to enter me. And then I felt him reach his big, strong arms over my shoulders to my head. He slowly, but authoritatively pushed my head lower and lower down the mattress. I couldn’t understand what in the world he was doing until I saw it. Right under me; the load I had shot into the sheets while John Conway was hammering away at my prostate.

            My son was literally going to shove my nose into my mess while he reclaimed my ass as his.

            Fuck, was I rock hard now.

            I was about to encourage him. Tell him to take what was his and use me, but I knew he didn’t need the encouragement.

            I felt his big prickhead at my pucker. Instinctively my hole pulsed at his touch and I could feel a bit of John Conway’s seed start to leak out of me.

            Ben’s grip on my waist tensed a little and I felt him slowly start to slide his angry cockhead along my taint.

            “I know there’s more than that.” He muttered, thrusting his cock up and down along my ass, giving it a slow glaze in the load of the guy he had just seen leave our cabin.

            He lined the head of his cock up with my opening and teased it a little, once again eliciting another sudden, involuntary evacuation of John Conway’s seed.

            “How much is up there, Dad?” Ben asked, tapping his cock against my pucker.

            “He got me good, son.” I admitted, my head pressed against the mattress, my hair rubbing into the load I had shot minutes ago.

            “He made you cum.” He stated, more to himself than to me. The pungent smell of  the load I had shot was filling my nostrils as I breathed in and out, waiting for his next move.

            “Yeah, he did, son.” I admitted again. My hole tensed up at the memory of that big marine dick hammering against my prostate and I felt more of John Conway’s load escape me.

            “You’re going to cum again. And I’m going to cum inside of you.” Ben announced, tapping his cock against my hole, authoritatively.

            “I know, son.” I nodded, bracing myself.

            Without another word he slipped the fat head of his cock into me and sank his entire prick in with one motion until his heavy balls were laying against mine.

            My own cock jumped when he hit bottom and did so again when he repeated the same motion again.

            “Ah, fuck, son!” I groaned as Ben completely withdrew his entire cock and then slammed it back in over and over again. I could feel the wetness dripping from my hole down along my taint as Ben used his big cock to draw out all of John Conway’s sperm with each thrust he made in and out of my hole. Normally such an unforgiving, relentless motion would hurt but, admittedly, with the amount of sperm already inside of me from my earlier transgressions Ben’s cock was more than sufficiently lubed up and it was instead sending waves of pleasure throughout my entire body each time his cock moved in and out against my prostate.

            Ben positioned his knees so that they were in between mine and proceeded to push down on my back and spread my legs open even further than they already were, opening me up completely to him.

            I couldn’t believe it, I was already on the brink of yet another orgasm. I immediately took my hand off of my cock, wanting this to last as long as possible. Again and again, Ben sank the entire length of his sizable prick into me and then completely withdrew, siphoning any trace of the marine’s sperm from inside of me. He was panting now, and I could tell he was getting close, too.



            The mattress slammed against the wall each time he sank his dick into me. I had never had such an unforgiving, relentless, overwhelmingly pleasurable fuck. My fingers were digging into the sheets; my toes were curling inside of themselves. I was cumming from the inside out.

            “AHHH!” I bellowed as the sheer power of his nonstop pummeling in and out of me threw me over the edge of orgasm into mind-blowing pleasure.

            Ben dug his fingers into mine and continued his unforgiving assault as my prick shot below us, completely untouched. My entire body was throbbing in pleasure as it worked into overdrive in an attempt to produce sperm so quickly after I had shot mere minutes ago.



            Ben continued to sink his cock all the way into me before completely withdrawing it again only to sink it back in again. My poor exhausted body had only managed to produce a small trickle of cum but the intensity of my orgasm was almost making me numb.

            Before I realized I was even doing it I was begging him to stop. It was just too much. My body had been coerced into another orgasm way too soon after my session with John and I simply could not take one more relentless cycle of Ben’s big cock sinking into me again.

            “Stop! I- I can’t! No more!” I yelled, my eyes rolling into the back of my head in a cruel mixture of pleasure and torture.

            Ben sank his prick down into me again and just as I was expecting him to withdraw again he wrapped his arms around me and sank into me as far as he could possibly go. At once I felt him start firing, surge after surge of Branch DNA filling me up once again as I was inseminated by my son.

            His fingers were intertwined with mine and we were squeezing each other like a vice grip. He lay his head down exhaustedly on mine and I could feel the load I had shot into the sheets earlier with John, wet against the side of my face.

            He opened his mouth and started to kiss me, for the first time showing me that the tender, loving son I knew was in there somewhere. I happily accepted his tongue into my mouth, relishing the experience of having my son’s sizable, still dripping prick lodged deep inside of me while we shared a tender kiss.

            And then, as soon as it had come on, he pulled away, his dick leaving my ass as he pushed himself off of the mattress and into the bathroom, the shower coming on as soon as the door closed.

            I lay there, still face down in my own load from earlier as I recovered from the onslaught of sensations I had just experienced.

            “Fuck. . .”I said out loud. My eye lids slowly drifted down and I listened to the sound of the water running over my son’s body as he cleaned himself off from our intense fuck session.



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