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                                                                    Chapter 10

There was sort of an unspoken, somber air in the conversation over breakfast that morning. We were all disappointed that today would be our last day at the ranch until next year. Here I was fresh off of a twenty year break from the place and the thought of having to wait just until next summer seemed like a lifetime.

            As Ben and I headed back to our cabin I put my arm around him and sighed.

            “I know, Dad.” He said before I had found the right words to say. “Thank you for bringing me here.”

            “I love you, son.” I said, hugging him close.

            “I love you too, Dad.”

            We sat down at the sofa and I looked at my watch. We still had about four hours to kill before the closing ceremony. Ben kept prying at me trying to get any details on what it would entail but I was keeping him hanging. He would see it for himself soon.

            Ben grabbed my arm so he could look at my watch, too. “Dwayne Washington and I are going to go out on one of the trails in an hour. Want to go for a walk in the meantime?”

            “Yeah, I’d like that, son.”

            Throughout our walk Ben was pointing things out to me that he’d put on the to-do list for next year. Archery, rowing, things like that. It seemed a lot of the other dads were out with their sons doing the same thing. It was a very different atmosphere than the day we had arrived. All the guys were way less sex-starved, to say the least. It seemed like they’d gotten all the pent up sexual aggression for the year out of their systems and now they were spending their last bit of time left here at the ranch just bonding with their boys. After the poundings I’d taken all day yesterday I was certainly on better behavior as we walked around the ranch. Over by the horses we ran into Steve Warner and his son. We exchanged polite conversation as we admired the different horses in the stable. Steve was a good guy, as it turned out, and I told him I’d hope to get to know him better next year. He said he’d like that and that he and Sean would definitely be back. Sean was a handsome young man and I had been correct when I picked him out from the line-up last time we were at the stables. He looked just like his dad.

            Just as Ben and I were getting ready to head back to the cabins for him to meet up with Dwayne another one of the rookies and his dad joined us at the stables. Walsh, I think his name was. The taller than tall, classically Disney handsome Ivy League student. I noticed his eyes would wander over to me as he and his dad visited with Steve and Sean. Fuck, if I wasn’t so sore after all the dick I took yesterday I would have made a move. His gaze was almost commanding me to put out for him. For a moment I even considered it, but my pucker gave a jolt at the thought of taking on another young buck and I had to abstain. There’s always next year.

            As we were walking away from the stables I saw the Walsh son cozying up to Steve Warner a bit as we left. Looks like Professor Warner was getting laid one last time, alright.

            When we got back to the cabins Jay and John were sitting outside of their cabin in the rocking chairs, relaxing with some beers.

            “Staying out of trouble, Branches?” Jay called to us, patting the chair beside him and digging into his cooler for two more beers.

            “For once, yeah actually.” I smiled, gratefully accepting a beer with Ben doing the same.

            “I know what you mean, buddy.” He laughed. “This place has a way of bringing it out in us, doesn’t it?”

            I nodded as I gulped the first part of my cold beer down.

            “Don’t get me wrong. I’m a pretty easy lay back home, but this place just brings it to a whole new level.” Jay grinned.

            “You Jay? An easy lay? Never would have guessed.” I laughed.

            “Says the guy who’s getting it every day at home. . .” Jay teased.

            After a few moments John spoke up. “How’s it feeling, sir?”

            I was midsip and kind of choked on my beer for a second.

            “Now Junior, you were raised better than that.” Jay halfheartedly scolded him, a slight smirk in his cheek.

            I cleared my throat. “Nah, it’s okay Jay. But to answer your question, John, I’m a little sore.” I blushed. “Almost like I let two horny, horse-hung grown boys have their way with me all day.”

            A small grin formed on the stoic marine’s face. “Just remember whenever you start to feel sore down there that you earned that pain. Your pussy’s too good to not put out for a hung guy like me who knows what to do with it, sir.” He looked me up and down. “You’re a great lay, Mr. Branch, sir.”

            Now it was Jay’s turn to choke on his beer. “Jesus, listen to the mouth on this kid.” Jay muttered, eyeing his son.

            “Just telling it like it is, Dad.” John said, eyeing me up and down again. “I’ve fucked a lot of dadpussy and Mr. Branch here’s is definitely up there with the best. And it was just as good when he let me come back for seconds.”

            Ben reached his arm around me and massaged my neck, in a loving, but possessive kind of way. Damn if I wasn’t getting rock hard again just listening to this handsome marine talk about me in such a crude manner.

            “Just don’t listen to him, Ben. Your dad raised you right.” Jay said, blushing.

            “He’s not wrong.” Ben shrugged. “My dad’s hole is pretty much the best out there.”

            “See, Ben gets it.” John muttered, leaning forward. “It’s not like he doesn’t know how good his dad’s pussy is.” He turned to me. “You’re thinking about putting out for me again aren’t you, sir?”

            Before I could answer Jay put his beer down. “That’s it. I told you guys that Junior here gets an attitude when he hasn’t gotten his ass fucked in a while. I think it’s time he gets his tight marine hole plugged and I knock his fucking ego back in check.” He looked at his son, eyeing him down. “I should have fucked this ass two days ago, son.”

            “Alright, Dad.” John mumbled, setting his beer down.  “You gonna do something about it?” John countered with a smirk.

            “Inside. Now.” Jay huffed, standing up.

John sat there as his father looked down on him with such authority, looking like he was about to come back with a surly retort. But instead he set his beer on the table and stood up next to his father. “It’s about fucking time, Dad.”           

Jay turned to Ben and me. “Stay, leave, I don’t care what the hell you do. We may be a while. This  back-talking marine is way past his due.”

            And with that he turned around and led the hunky marine into their cabin by the arm, the screen door slamming on their way in.

            Ben and I looked at one another and before either of us said anything we were already on our feet, right behind them.

            By the time we got to Jay and John’s bedroom Jay had his handsome marine son pinned down underneath his sturdy frame, making out with him as he teased his tight hole with a thick finger.

            “Should’ve- mmm” Jay muttered in between thrusts of his tongue into the handsome young man’s mouth, “fucked- this ass- days ago.”

            John pried himself away from his dad’s tongue for a second. “Then what the fuck are you waiting for now, tough guy?”

            “Oh, you’re gonna get it now, son.” Jay huffed, two fingers now jamming their way into his son’s exposed hole.

            “Yeah? You gonna put me in my place, Dad?”

            “Nuh uh.” Jay shook his head sternly. “You know the rules, son. You call me sir when we fuck.”

            “You’re going to have to earn that. . . Dad.” John replied, shaking his head.

            “On your fucking back, marine. Legs up.” Jay commanded him, authority weighing in his tone.

            Without saying another word John moved himself to the center of the mattress and slowly spread his legs for his father, a slight smirk across his face. “Now that’s more like it. . . Sir.”

            Without comment Jay slid his entire thick shaft into his son in one motion.

            “Uuugh!” John grunted, completely overwhelmed by the sudden intrusion.

            “Not a fucking word, marine.” Jay muttered, staring his son down as he let him experience the full length of his prick sliding into him. “You’re going to take it like a man, son.”

            John nodded and closed his eyes as he tried to relax himself as his dad took full possession of him.

            Jay had both of his son’s ankles in his hands, really railing into him. “Pompous, cocky stud having the gall to fuck all these dads around here and then talk to them like that.”

            Now John was getting used to his dad’s size and was gaining a little bit of his demeanor back. “You bet, Dad. I’ll blow my wad into all this dadpussy around here, let them know it’s all I want from them, and they’ll still let me have it again.”

            “Fuck, son.” Jay huffed, increasing his pace, really slamming into him now.

            “Come on, Dad.” John taunted him. “I learned from the best. Show me how a man turns a hole into a pussy.”

            Jay was really sweating now. I could hear each time his hips slammed into the back-talking marine, making deep, hard strokes into him.

            “That turn you on, Dad?” John taunted him, staring up at him. “Knowing the reason I can get all these horny dads around here to give it up for me is because you taught me how to make them?”

            “Aw, fuck son.” Jay muttered, really into it.

            For the first time John turned to Ben and me, acknowledging our presence. “That’s right, Mr. Branch. Every time I made you cum when I was fucking your pussy just right it’s because my dad taught me how to do it, sir.”

            Fuck, if I thought John Conway was a bossy, domineering top, he was an even bossier, more domineering bottom.

            “Look at me, son.” Jay huffed, as he slammed into him. “I said look at me!”

            John complied and I just knew from the look on Jay’s face that he was inseminating his son, right then and there.

            “UUUUUUGGGHHHH” Jay bellowed with all his might. I could see his balls jumping in their sack as he pumped his load into his son.

            Without even stopping for one second Jay looked over at us. “Ben. Get over here.”

            “W-what, Mr. Conway?” Ben stammered.

            “You heard me. If my son is going to have you sit there and listen to him talking about your dad like that then you’re going to knock him down a peg or two.”

            I looked at John and his eyes were on my boy, sizing him up. “You heard him, Ben.” John said, “Get over here and fuck me like I fucked your dad. Twice.”

            Ben didn’t need any more convincing. And I knew from the look in my son’s eyes that John Conway was about to get it. Hard. Ben stepped up to the mattress as Jay slowly started to pull-out from his son. Ben wasted no time unzipping and shoving his rock hard cock into John in one push.

            “Fuuuuuck!” John grunted, trying to adjust to Ben’s size. But Ben wasn’t going to go easy on him. He’d been listening to this confident marine talking about using his dad’s ass as his pussy all weekend and he was finally getting the chance to get back at him. I looked on proudly as Ben stood over the hunky marine, completely clothed as he fucked him so expertly.

            I knew it wouldn’t be long. Ben was going for his nut and John was going to get it. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any fucking hotter Jay nudged my shoulder as he zipped up his jeans, whispering into my ear, “You’re up next, bud. I got something I need to do in the meantime.”

            And with that Jay walked toward the cabin door, his bare chest on display, stepping out into the sun quietly.

            When I turned back to our boys I was surprised at what I saw. Ben and John were making out furiously with one another. Ben had John’s arms pinned above his head as he slammed into him, thrusting his tongue into the marine’s mouth matching each stroke he made into his ass.

            I heard Ben increase his pace, lapping at the marine’s mouth with his tongue as he slammed into him even harder until he grunted, animalistically, shooting his seed deep inside of him. John was groaning too and he was jacking himself off in time with Ben’s thrusts into him. And just as he looked like he was about to take himself over the edge Ben pulled out of him, leaving John frustrated.

            “Go get him, Dad.” Ben said, looking into my eyes and giving John a loud, possessive spank.

            I looked at John Conway and I swear he looked relieved for a second at the announcement, slapping his rock hard cock against his abs, impatiently.

            “You heard him, Mr. Branch, sir.” John panted, exhaustedly.

            I stepped up right next to Ben and brought my lips to his as he started to pull out. I was right behind him, my angry prick in hand, ready to take his place.

            The second Ben’s cock popped out of John’s tight marine hole I was plugging it up again.

            Fuck. The sensation was indescribable. Jay and Ben had coated the walls of his ass more than thoroughly and it was pure ecstasy getting to feel on my cock as I prepared to add my own deposit.

            “You had me fooled, sir.” John said, staring up at me. “From the way you took me yesterday I’d have guessed you were all bottom.”

            “Yeah, well who’s got the sloppy cunt now, John Conway?” I muttered under the breath, really slamming into him now.

            “Go on, sir. Knock me up.” John replied, jacking himself off again.

            “I want you to give me a load first, John.” I told him, really making sure I rubbed against his prostate each time I sank my dick back into him.

            “You got it, sir.” He muttered, leaning his head back onto the mattress and really jacking himself off now.

            “Fuck, sir. . .” John moaned as I reached down and started to twist his nipples.

            “Give it to me, John. Give it up.”

            “FUCK!!” John yelled out as he started shooting all over himself. I could feel his hole throbbing around my cock each time he shot. I knew it was a good one for him. I could feel it.

            Each time I thought he would stop shooting another shot would come out. There was cum in his hair. There was cum running down his face. There was cum over his shoulder splattered across the sheets. He had absolutely drenched himself.

            I took my hands off of his chest and grabbed his shoulders, bringing him up to my level and railing into him in hard strokes. At first he thought I was going to kiss him until he realized I was just getting him into a position where more of my cock would fit into him.

            I was going for my nut now.

            I didn’t even announce it. I just kept doing what was making my dick feel good inside this tight marine hole until I felt it come over me. I didn’t slow my pace as I started shooting into him. I made sure my seed was going as far up inside of him as I could plant it. And he fucking knew what I was doing. All those times he had taunted me in front of my son. Talking about my hole like it was his pussy. Putting the moves on me the first time and then convincing me to give it up for him again. For not only managing to get me to put out for him, but making me want to put out for him. More than willingly.

            In the back of my mind I heard the cabin door open again but I was too focused on emptying my balls into this marine to care.

            I gave an exhausted sigh as I finished shooting, wiping my brow.

            “There he is. And he’s all ready for you two.” Jay muttered from the doorway.

            I looked over to his direction to find Jay leading Damon and Dwayne Washington into the bedroom with a satisfied grin on his face.

            “Well I’ll be damned.” Damon said under his breath as he took in the sight of us; John Conway tangled in his sheets, sweaty and covered in cum, and me not able to fully stop all the cum inside of him from running out of his hole. “I hear we’ve got a back-talking marine who needs a good fucking.”

            “You bet he does.” Jay croaked, crossing his arms. “He’s never had anything as big as you two, but I’d say now’s as good a time as any to straighten him out.”

            John looked at Damon and Dwayne with wide eyes at the thought. And I swear for a split second there was that smile again.

            I pulled out of him and immediately cum started to flow freely out of him onto the sheets underneath him.

            Damon had walked up to him and slipped a finger into the wet opening. He circled it around a bit before he pulled it back out and let its contents drip onto his tongue.

            “Fuck. It’s not often I get to play around in someone’s sloppy seconds.” Damon grinned.

            “Make that sloppy fourths.” Jay interjected.

            “Even better, Jay.” Damon said under his breath, savoring the taste.

            Jay turned to his son again. “I’m not lying when I say these guys are carrying around some monsters, son. I’ve only had Dwayne here and if he’s packing anything even close to what his daddy’s got you’re in for a ride, son. Think you can handle it?”

            John reached his hand down to his opening and brought his finger back to his mouth. “I’m a marine. I can handle anything you throw at me.”

            “I’ll remember you said that, son.” Jay smirked, turning his attention to Dwayne Washington who was undoing his belt.

            We watched the young stud pull his zipper down and my jaw dropped as the handsome stud pulled out at least ten thick inches of black cock.

            “Holy shit. . .” John muttered as he began to make the connection that that cock was about to start fucking him a new hole in about one minute.

            “That’s a big cock, Dwayne. . .” I said out loud, not able to contain my amazement.

            “It sure is, Bill.” Damon grinned proudly. “He knows how to use it, too. Jay can vouch for that.”

            “You bet your ass I can vouch for that.” Jay winked. “I think last time he and I got together he managed to get three loads out of me before he shot once. The kid’s cockhead is like magnet to my g-spot.”

            I looked over at John Conway, who seemed intrigued by what he was hearing, though there was still a sign of worry on his face. It was clear he’d never taken anything this big before. Hell, even I hadn’t taken anything that big before.

            “You ready, John?” I asked him, excited for the show to begin.

            “Yes sir.” John nodded, the stoic marine training coming out again.

            As Dwayne walked over to the mattress Jay grabbed his shoulder for a second and whispered into his ear so that John wouldn’t hear him. “Don’t stop until he gives us another load.”

            Dwayne grinned.

            “You got that, kid?” Jay pressed.

            “Yes sir, Mr. Conway.” Dwayne nodded.

            “Then get up there and fuck my boy like he needs it.” Jay growled, sending him off with a pat on the back.

            John sighed apprehensively when Dwayne approached him but he spread his legs like he was supposed to. He nervously gripped the sheets as Dwayne played with his hole.

            Damon crossed his arms as he watched the two of them, nodding to Jay. “You know if it weren’t for the fact that there were a few loads running out of his ass I’d swear your boy was cherry, Jay. He seems nervous.”

            “Trust me, bud.” Jay laughed, patting his Damon’s shoulder. “My boy’s not cherry. I’ve got years of personal experience that can attest to that.”

            Now it was John’s turn to speak up. “It’s just- I’ve just never taken anything that big before, sir.”

            “You want it, don’t you?” Damon asked him.

            “Yes sir. I want it.” John answered, a little more confident.

            “Go on, kid.” Jay said to Dwayne. “You heard him.”

            Dwayne lined up the head of his thick cock with John’s entrance and pushed forward and John let him in. When the managed to get the first few inches in John tensed up and gritted his teeth while Dwayne groaned in pleasure at the exact same moment.

            I knew what that groan meant. I had just been up that sloppy, cum-coated hole just minutes ago and it was even sloppier, more cum-coated now than when I had first entered it.

            “I don’t want to see any tears, son.” Jay said to John, crossing his arms, observing. “I raised you to be tough. Show these guys you can take it.”

            John nodded and concentrated on opening himself up so that Dwayne could get all the way inside of him.

            “You know how to take it, son.” Jay encouraged him. “These guys know you can top but you’re sure as hell not the top right now, son.”

            John nodded, focusing himself.

            “This guy’s got over ten inches of black cock and he’s chosen you to be the lucky son of a bitch he’s gonna put it in. All you need to think about right now is opening up your pussy to him so he can get more of that big black cock in there, son.”

            Dwayne was only a few inches away from being all the way inside of him, now. I could tell he wanted nothing more than to let lose and really rail into the handsome marine but he was a good top. He understood a little patience in the beginning was going to pay off for him big time.

            John seemed to be getting more in to it now. I wonder if what Jay had said was true. That Dwayne’s cockhead was like a magnet to his g-spot. John certainly seemed to be coming around. I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous as I watched them. My hole throbbed uncontrollably at the thought and I winced a little, remembering all I’d put it through yesterday. Nah. I figured sitting this one out was the way to go.

            “That’s it, son. Good boy.” Jay praised his son, watching. “You be sure and make Dwayne here feel real good inside of you. He’s gonna knock you up, son. You’re gonna take it.”

            This time Damon spoke up. “Yeah, son, own that hole. You’re gonna breed it so it’s all nice and sloppy for me.”

            I turned my attention to Damon and my jaw dropped. Again. Hanging between his legs was an exact replica of what he passed on to his son. Only it was longer. And fatter.

            “Jesus Christ, Damon.” I said before I could stop myself.

            All eyes were on Damon as he slowly worked over his cock as he watched his son rutting the marine so expertly.

            I couldn’t help myself. Without another word I walked over to the handsome man and dropped to my knees. I looked up at him from my completely submissive position and ran my hand along his mighty member, completely in awe.

            “Looks like your old man couldn’t help himself, huh kid?” Jay muttered, nudging Ben on the shoulder and gesturing to me. “I’m just mad he beat me to it, the fucker.”

            I just had to have it. I opened up my mouth and ran my tongue along the head. He was already dripping precum and I eagerly lapped it up.

            “Damn, Bill. . .” Damon moaned, gently running his fingers through my hair, encouraging me.

            I felt like a cock like Damon’s needed to be worshipped. And damn it, I was the man to do it.

            “Bill, I don’t want you getting any ideas.” Jay laughed. “That’s for my son. Got it?”

            At that moment I could hear Dwayne really slamming into John now. Hard, powerful strokes.

            Hearing the sound of skin slapping against skin and the groans they were making with each other really made me want to take this thing down my throat. I reached my hands behind Damon’s legs to get a good grasp on him and did my best to open up for him.

            Fuck! I’d sucked more than my fair share of cock over the years, Ben could attest to that, but even I was no match for this monster. I could barely get the head down my throat. It was just. Too. Fucking. Big.

            “Further than most guys get, Bill.” Damon praised me from above, as he gripped my neck and encouraged me to keep sucking him off. He looked over at his son and John on the mattress. “How’s it going over there, son?”

            “He’s so fucking tight, Dad. He’s going to draw it right out of me.” Dwayne panted.

            “Not before he gives us another load, Dwayne!” Jay called out.

            “You want another load, Dad?” John huffed, jacking off his big dick in time with Dwayne’s powerful thrusts.

            “Yeah, gives us that load, son.” Jay said, sternly.

            John just turned his head back to his fucker. “Harder.”

            Dwayne wiped his brow and really started putting his hips into it.

            “I said harder.” John muttered, his hand on his rock hard shaft a blur now.

            “HARDER!” He yelled before his head fell back onto the mattress and he let out a groan, once again his cock shooting out a heavy sized load across his muscular chest.

            “Breed his ass now, son!” Damon called out to his son, his massive shaft jumping inside my throat.

            “Get off that fucking cock, Bill. That’s for my son.” Jay ordered me. I looked over and he had Ben pinned against the wall; his cock sawing into my son’s exposed hole as Ben’s tongue was lapping away at his mouth as he commanded me.

            “UUUUUUGHHH” Dwayne groaned as he started planting his seed as deep into the marine as anyone had ever been before.

            “That’s it, son! Knock him up!” Damon shouted with pride, swiftly extracting his massive cock from my mouth.

            “Get in there, buddy!” Jay called out to Damon. “Yeah, it’s time to go up another size, son. Don’t even give the kid a break in between. He’s nice and wet for you, bud.” He turned his attention back to Ben and rubbed his shoulders sensually as he continued to fuck him against the wall; Ben’s own cock waving around menacingly as he took it like the man he is.

            Dwayne watched as his father walked up to them. Damon patted his son’s shoulder proudly as Dwayne slowly began to withdraw his spent cock from the exhausted marine’s ass.

            “I’ll take it from here.” Damon said. “You’ve made me proud, son.”

            There was an audible pop when the head of Dwayne’s cock finally pulled out of John’s ass. Fuck. That hole had grown just enough to accommodate a cock his size and not a millimeter more. Already there was cum starting to drip out of him.

            But rather than immediately plug his huge cock in to keep it all in there Damon just played with the marine’s ass cheeks with his powerful hands as he marveled at the sight of all the different seed dripping out of the handsome marine.

            “John Conway.” Damon muttered. “I’ve been wanting in this ass all weekend.”

            “I would have put out for you, sir.” John said, leaning his head up. “There are some men you just have to give it up for, no questions asked.”

            “Good boy.” Damon praised him, running his hand across the marine’s toned abs.

            I noticed a sticky strand of cum hanging from Dwayne’s huge cock as he watched his father enjoying his conquest. I got on my knees again and brought my tongue up to the pearly drip and caught it, eagerly. I couldn’t help myself but work my way up to the shaft and taste the whole length of it. Fuck, I could taste all the different scents. Four different men had blown their wads up that tight hole and I was getting to taste it all now.

            Before I even knew I was doing it I was taking as much of his cock down my throat as I could. Fuck, this kid had a big cock. I had let Damon get away because I had promised Jay his load was for John, but I was going to take full advantage of what was in front of me now.

            “Hope you’re up for a blowjob, Dwayne Washington.” I said to him as I spat on his cock, wetting it up.

            “I’m a little sensitive after just finishing up with John, sir.” Dwayne said, cautiously.

            I sank my face down all the way on his fat prick again, looking up at him. “I’m still going to blow you, Dwayne. I need it.” I swirled my tongue along the head and a chill went over the poor kid. “Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle.”

            “Fuck, sir.” Dwayne moaned, reaching his hand up and running his fingers through my hair, just as his dad had been doing minutes before.

            I heard the sound of hips slamming against hips and I looked over at John and Damon but it was coming from Jay and Ben, really going for it now.

            “That’s right, kid. Am I making you feel good?” Jay whispered into Ben’s ear as he fucked him.

            “Aw fuck, yes sir.” Ben groaned, hanging his head down.

            “ARRRAAAAAGHHH!!” John Conway bellowed from the mattress as Damon started his conquest.

            “Easy, John.” Damon told him, slowly pushing into him. “Give it up for me. Let me in.”

            John was clearly having issues adjusting to the sheer size of Damon Washington’s cock. And I didn’t blame him. It was huge. He tossed and turned as he became impaled on the massive scepter, never even considering the fact that they made cocks this big.

            “Come on, John.” Damon soothed him, softly playing with the marine’s nipple. “I know you can open up for me.”

            “Open up for him, son.” Jay called out from his side of the room, his hips slamming into my son as he watched what was going on on the mattress. “

            “There we go. . .” Damon cooed into his ear as John managed to take him to the last few inches remaining.

            “Jesus Christ. . .” John muttered through gritted teeth. “So. . . Fucking. . . Big. . .”

            “You’ve almost taken the whole thing, John.” Damon praised him, massaging the marine’s muscled shoulders. “Just one or two more inches to go.”

            “Aw fuck. . .” Jay said, wide eyed as he watched the two of them. “My boy’s taking the whole fucking thing.”

            “He sure is, Jay.” Damon nodded. “You’ve got a fine boy here.”

            At that moment I managed to coax out a generous glob of thick syrup from Dwayne’s cockhead as I dug inside of the slit with my tongue. He had his hand on my head, encouraging me to keep going.

            “Fuuuuck. . .” John sighed.

            “There you go, son!” Jay clapped his hands. “You’ve taken the whole fucking thing!”

            “Now the fun part, John.” Damon grinned, putting his hands on the marine’s chest and slowly working a few inches in and out of his hole.

            “Aw fuck, sir.” John winced. “It’s too big. I can’t.”

            “Yes you can, John.” Damon encouraged him. “Just look at me and feel me sliding in and out of you. Concentrate on being a good pussy for me. A pussy for me to put my big black cock into and make me feel good. And then if you’re a good enough pussy for me I’m going to nut inside of you. Do you want to be my pussy, John?”

            “Yes sir.” John nodded. “I do, sir.”  

            “Then come on, John. Let me have it. Give it up.” Damon told him, thrusting in and out of him, slowly.

            “Let him have it, John.” Jay muttered from the other side of the room.

            “There we go, stud.” Damon praised him. I could see he was increasing the pace and he was beginning to get a decent rhythm going.

            “Fuck, I can’t believe my boy is taking that whole thing.” Jay marveled at the pair of them.

            “He sure is, Jay. You raised him right.” Damon muttered.

            “How’s it feel, Junior?”

            “It-“ John began, wincing a little. “It feels really fucking good, Dad.”

            “Attaboy!” Jay grinned. He leaned down to make out with Ben a little, mumbling. “You gotta stop squeezing my cock so hard, kid, I’m trying to make this last.”

            Ben leaned up to kiss him again and nodded.

            Dwayne was now starting to fuck my mouth now, clearly turned on.

            Throughout the bedroom the sounds of skin on skin and slurping were in full effect. The sheer amount of testosterone in here was almost tangible. We were doing what men do best. Fucking. Two generations.

It just doesn’t get any better than this.

            The sound of mattress springs became more urgent as Damon really started letting John Conway have it.

            “Fuck sir!” John huffed, doing his best to take it. From the rock hard cock he was jacking off it seemed he was enjoying the hard fuck the man was throwing him. But I knew just looking at the size of what Damon was packing it couldn’t have been easy for him.

            ‘That’s it, John.” Damon mumbled, slamming into the marine. “Concentrate on taking it.”

            I heard the sound of skin slapping against skin from Ben and Jay’s direction with Jay panting a little. “Easy, kid. You’ve gotta slow down. I want to cum with my boy.”

            “You want me to make your boy cum, Jay?” Damon asked him, maintaining his pace.

            “Aw fuck, bud, I need it. Go on. Make him cum.” Jay whimpered, grabbing Ben’s ass and really thrusting into him.

            “Fuck, Jay, your boy’s going to pull it right out of me!” Damon groaned. John was furiously jacking off his cock underneath him, clearly nearing the edge.

            “Knock him up, bud!” Jay yelled.

            “Fuck. . .” Damon groaned.

            “Fuck!” Ben yelled as Jay’s battering ram prodded against his prostate just one too many times, making him shoot against the wall as Jay fucked him.

            “Fuck, sir, I’m going to shoot down your throat!” Dwayne moaned through gritted teeth as he pulled my head down onto his prick as far as it would go.

            “FUCK!!” Damon shouted, starting his climax and fully impaling the marine on his massive cock as he began breeding him.

            “FUCK!!!!!” John bellowed as Damon’s unforgiving assault made his own cock start firing, painting his face again with a fresh coat of marine cum, his prick surging more powerfully with each unforgiving second Damon’s cock throbbed against his poor, battered prostate.

            “Aw, fuck!!” Jay grunted, holding my boy still as he planted his seed deep inside of him.

            “MMMMMM” I moaned, my mouth completely full as I squeezed my own angry prick through my jeans with my hand, soaking my jeans as I sent myself over the edge with my mouth full of a big, black cock of my own, swallowing down Dwayne’s load, fresh from the tap, as fast as he was giving it to me.

            Time seemed to stand still as the six of us recovered, heavy panting filling the room as we all came back to our senses.

            I watched as Damon leaned down, exhausted, onto John Conway and they made out, overwhelmed.

            Jay gave a grunt as he dismounted from my son, giving his ass a grateful spank.

            I finally released Dwayne’s leaking prick from my mouth, looking up at him with a wink. He reached down and scooped up some of his cum running down my chin on his finger and brought it back to my mouth. I eagerly accepted it.

            The six of us were so in the moment with our mates before we were brought back to reality by the sound of Jay laughing to himself.

            Five heads turned his way as he shrugged. “And here I was thinking it’d be a quiet last day at the ranch.”



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