D woke up hard as a rock. He spread his legs, to let his dick stretch up against the sheets that covered his naked body. He felt the brush of a muscular thigh, and glanced over, seeing Ray face down, head in the pillows, and bare back exposed. They'd partied hard, and D was trying to think about what had gone down. He wiped at his face, and stretched his arms up over his head, feeling the textured dry wall above him. 

He glanced down, seeing the tented fabric, and reached under, to adjust himself. He would normally be strokin off right now, but in present company, it wasn't appropriate. Ray was his Mother's husband, the man who raised him, and the only Father he'd ever known, since he was 4 years old. 

Ray stirred, and shuffled, brushing his leg up against D's, unconsciously. He groaned something under his breath, and sighed deeply. D could smell the hint of alcohol from the night before. The one bedroom apartment was shared by D and his brother, who was out in the living room, on the pull out couch. 

He shifted his weight to one side, leaning away from Ray. Not that he was ashamed. He was actually proud of his dick. He could put both hands around it, and it was thick and meaty. He'd developed quickly through adolescents, and puberty. He kept his body hair trimmed closely, but just enough to give a tingle on the spine, or bare breasts of whomever he was fucking.

He ran his palm over the scruffy chest hairs, and down his abs to his pubes. They were a little longer. He didn't like the feeling of being bare, and since almost every pussy he'd fucked was smooth, he liked a little contrast. He'd even fucked a couple guys in highschool, but he had to be cautious with them. A small asian dude from his art class, and one of the guys on the drama team. He never stereotyped, but he quickly found almost every one was true. 

His dick arched up, and he felt the slickness of pre cum brush against the underside of the sheet. Fuck. He reached down and gave himself a couple strokes. Ray stirred again, and he let go of his dick. He felt Ray's hand on his side, as the man moved closer. D could feel his bare body inching closer to him, and the pressure of Ray's dick against his ass. He turned back, and nudged Ray. "Hey, Ray wake up." "What the fuck?" Ray moved his hand away, wiping at his eyes. "Shit, sorry boy, I forgot where I was for a minute. Shit, I'm hard as fuck." "Yeah, tell me about it." Ray laughed in a low raspy tone. 

D pushed the sheets down, so they created a sort of bundle over his dick. Ray sat up, adjusting himself under the sheets. "Man, we're queer as fuck huh?" "Hey, your idea." "Yeah, well, shit. I'll take it anyway I can get it." "Fuck you." They both laughed, and D sat up, quickly feeling the sheets slip down, revealing his dick and balls. "Man, you sure grew up quick huh?" "Yeah, well I'm 21 now." "Yeah no shit. I'm payin for it now." Ray scratched at his crotch under the sheets. The hint of body odor rose quickly, and D somehow became even more aroused by this.

"So uh, you wanna go first, or?" Ray nodded toward the door to D's bathroom. "Nah, I'm good." "Alright then." Ray pulled the sheets back and got out of bed. The old man was almost 60, but he was built like a pro ball player. He had a tribal tattoo across his shoulders, and some hieroglyphics down the center of his muscular back. He had some curly hairs at the top of his ass crack, and down the shaded area of his crevice. He walked slowly toward the door, and disappeared in the shadows. 

D watched, til the lights came on, and the door shut slowly, stopping just inside the frame. He heard Ray grunt, and spit into the toilet, and some mumbling. He was still throbbing hard, and leaned off the bed, looking for his boxers. Not that they'd do any good now. "Fuck." He heard from the bathroom. A moment later, Ray walked back through the door, his big dick standing up and curved slightly to the right. It was almost parallel to his body. 

D wasn't surprised, cause he'd overheard his mom one day on the phone, talking about how Ray could tear her up good. It was past his naval, and surrounded by thick, coarse, shiny pubic hairs, that curled down around the man's large balls, and up his stomach. Ray's chest was large and solid, with the eye of Horus on his left pectoral. His abs were soft, but years of drinking had done that to him.

Ray was a handsome man, with shortly trimmed chops and mustache. D looked away, realizing how much he'd been taking the man in. "You got any porn? This dick aint goin down, and I have to piss like a fuckin race horse." D laughed, and pointed at his dresser. "Get my ipad." "Man I aint digging through your shit." D rolled his eyes, and flung back the sheets. He stood up, and walked over to his dresser, dick swinging proudly before him. He got his ipad out, and pulled up some of his favorites. Double penetration, and milfs. "Yeah, man, my kinda shit." Ray sat on the edge of the bed, taking his dick in his hand, as the familiar moaning started. 

He turned it down a bit, and D sat down pulling the sheets up again. Ray was slowly jerkin his dick, and occasionally glanced back at D. "Don't leave me hangin son." "I'm good." "Yeah? You know, back in my day we used to jerk off with our friends all the time." "It's 2014." "It's time you not be such a lame ass, and get your ass over here, and join your pops." D slid toward the edge of the bed. He was leaking more pre cum, and knew it wouldn't take him long. He slowly started to jerk his dick.

Ray was oozing out more pre cum than D, and it started coating the top layer of his thick pubes. He'd brush it into the coarse hairs, and work his hand back up his dark shaft. His dick was darker at the base, and slowly faded to a light tan at the head. D was a lot lighter than Ray, and his dick was the same tone as his body. His balls were pretty dark, compared to the rest of him, but when they were loose and low, they pretty much matched. He kept them shaved, so he could run his fingers over the bumpy surface, while he jerked off. It created small bumps around the skin, which made them sensitive.

Ray was moaning, and grunting, while he jerked his dick, glancing over to see how D was doing. "You got good technique son." "Yeah? Thanks." "You ever fuck a dude?" "Um... Yeah, actually." "Hey, you gotta get it how you can get it sometimes." Ray giggled, and leaned back, handing the ipad to D. "You ever lick a man's ass?" "Nah, I'm not down with that." "You ever have your ass licked?" "No. Have you?" "Yeah man, it feels fuckin great when you bust a nut, having your ass licked." "Ah..." He wasn't sure how to reply.

Ray reached his other hand down, pulling his leg up, and pressing a finger against his hole. "Man, I aint had this ass licked in awhile." "You....You like it?" "Shit yeah." Ray closed his eyes, and licked his fingers, putting his hand back down, and running a couple fingertips over his hole. "Wanna help your old man out?" "Nah, I'm good." 

Truth be told, D was completely aroused at the idea, but felt like it might be going too far. Ray was still drunk apparently, and what if his bro walked in? He was so close to bustin, he bit his lip and let go of his dick, trying to hold out. Ray looked down at his dick. "You close?" "Yeah, really close." "Wanna bust up in me? I'm all ready for you son." "I....It wouldn't be right." D bit harder on his lip, feeling his dick tingle, about ready to bust. "Man, no pressure. It would just be so right to feel you bonding us together." D's dick twitched again, and he felt the pressure thicken. He stood up, and rested back against his dresser. "Man, you're so close, just pop it up in my ass." Ray spread his legs, and pulled at his hairy ass, flashing D a quick pink peek at his ass hole. 

Ray spit on his hand, and reached back down, fingering his ass. "Just a couple thrusts and you'd be done, come make us one." Ray was practically beggings. This was a completely new scenario that D had never imagined before. He'd never cum inside anyone before, for fear of impregnating them. It was different with a guy though. No fear of an unplanned baby, and the utter freedom of his seed spewing out into the abyss, with no penalty, and no holding back. He wanted to so bad, he almost came just thinking about it. But what would it mean for them?

He had crossed his legs at this point, feeling the tingling sensation wasn't going away. He made a last minute decision, and moved forward, between Ray's legs. The man had a look of greed in his eyes, as he pulled back his legs, giving D complete access. D pressed his pre cum soaked dick up against the man's hairy ass hole, feeling it slide in with ease. He pulled back, and lunged forward, feeling the resistance of the man's insides, against the head of his dick. He pulled back and plunged in, feeling the tingling rise up to its full pressure.

He thrusted a couple more times, as he felt himself start to cum, but didn't stop. He let out a grunt, as the cum shot out of his thick dick. He was fucking the man's ass so hard, buring his face in the tattooed chest, feeling everything within him shoot forth into the man's hairy ass. He came a second time, and felt more of his seed spew forcibly out of his dick. Ray was moaning, and panting, holding back the cries of pleasure and pain, as his adopted son tore his ass up.

The men were grunting and heaving, as D collapsed on top of his Father. He felt the man wrap his strong arms around him, as he shook. Ray caressed his son's back, and ass, with his fingertips. The boy was sweating and shaking, his dick trembling inside of the man's ass. Ray felt the liquid seed swarm around inside of him, drooling out a little at the base of his hairy ass. He held the boy's head in his hand, close to his chest. They were family, they were one, and united.

D looked up, not believing what had just happened. He pushed up onto his forearms, looking down into Ray's eyes. He slowly pulled out of the man's ass, feeling the air in the room, cool the heated cum that was coated over his shaft and balls by now. He got up, and walked to the bathroom, feeling completely satisfied and spent. He started the shower up, and got in, washing himself completely clean.

Neither spoke of what had happened. Neither even hinted at what had gone down. His brother had slept through it all, and his mom never doubted her husband for a moment. The two of them hooked up a few times after that, until Ray and D's mom moved away, leaving their sons on their own. Ray would occasionally send D nude pictures and cumshot videos in the mirror. D would return the favor, and they'd sext over kik messenger, while they jerked off. 

D eventually met his present girlfriend, and is about to put a ring on it. He hasn't ever cum without a condom on, since that day with Ray, but maybe someday he'd do it again.





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