I had only ever been to a gun range twice in my life. Neither time really interested me. I wasn't much into shooting guns and not many hot guys were at the range. After thinking about it, I decided to go back one more time.

I was standing in the store looking at the different guns and some guy came up to me and asked if I needed help. I turned to look at him and found myself staring at the most delicious hunk of a man I ever saw.

He was tall, 6'2" or 6'3". He had a beautiful face with chiseled good looks. He was an older guy with salt and pepper hair and a neatly trimmed beard. His clothes were tight fitting and he had a rock hard, muscular body. The black T-shirt hugged him tight, outlining his pecs and abs. His jeans were skin tight and revealed a bit of a bulge.

"I'm Rex, the owner," he introduced himself.

"Good to meet you Rex," I replied. "I just wanted to try shooting a handgun or something."

"Here, we'll try this one," he said. He pulled a gun off the wall and walked outside to the range. I followed at him, staring at his backside. His tight butt was perfectly wrapped and displayed in his jeans.

I walked over and took the gun from him. I raised it and took aim.

"Here, let me show you how to hold it," Rex offered.

He grabbed my hand and showed me how to aim. He pulled his body in close to mine.

"Steady and fire," he said.

I did and shot the paper target right through the bullseye.

"Good job, you're a pro," Rex smiled.

"I had you to help," I replied. "All credit goes to you."

You should come out to my ranch tomorrow and I'll teach you how to shoot that even more. He wrote his number down and walked away.

The next day I pulled up to his ranch. Nice two story home surrounded by lots of land. I pulled up to the house and walked onto the porch. When I knocked on the front door, a young kid about my age answered the door.

"Yeah," he asked. He wasn't wearing a shirt and his young body was perfectly toned and tanned.

"I'm looking for Rex," I said, not able to keep my eyes of this kids perfect body.

"Dad! Some guy's here for you!" he said, turning around and walking upstairs.

Rex walked out of the kitchen. He was wearing nothing but some athletic shorts. His muscles were perfect and I'd underestimated the size of his bulge yesterday.

"Hey man, come on in," Rex said. "I forgot you were coming by today. We can go out back in a bit."

I walked into his house and looked around. It was nicely decorated. Rex invited me to sit down on the couch and he sat down next to me.

"I'm going to cut to the chase, man," he said, looking at me. "You're sexy as hell and I've wanted to fuck your brains out since you walked into my store yesterday."

I glanced up the stairs after the boy that went up, nervous he might have heard.

"Don't worry about my son, we tag team guys all the time."

My dick got hard when he said that.

Rex rubbed his hand across my crotch. That just got me harder. I started to ooze precum.

"Come on, take daddy's dick," he said. "Suck me off."

I stood up and pulled off my shirt and pants, leaving only my boxers on. I got down on the floor and pulled his shorts off, revealing his big dick, thick and oozing precum, starting to get hard.

I sucked on the head, cleaning up his salty precum. Once that was gone, I started at his balls. I slowly licked his sack and took each nut into my mouth. I licked up the shaft and took the head into my mouth again and slowly worked my way down.

He moaned, grabbing my head and moved my head up and down his shaft. At one point, I tried to go down too far and gagged.

I felt something hit the side of my face. Rex's son was standing next to me, butt naked and slapping his cock on my face. I pulled off of Rex and took his son into my mouth, while jacking off Rex.

Rex moaned in pleasure as he watched me suck his son off. He sat down next to his dad, where I had been sitting and bent over to suck him off, while I sucked him off.

We went in this way for some time, but Rex really wanted to fuck me. He stood up and told me to get on the couch. His son turned on the couch so I could still suck him while his dad fucked my ass.

Rex put on a condom and lubed up my ass before slowly pushing his way into me. I moaned as he entered my hole and winced a little. I hadn't had someone so big in my ass before.

Rex went slowly at first and before I knew it he was balls deep into me. It felt so good. He slowly pulled out again before pumping back in. He picked up the pace a little and soon he was fucking me real good.

"God, Dan, his ass is so tight. You can have it when I'm done. You should fuck his face while I do him from behind."

His soon stood up and walked to the end of the couch. He pulled me up and started to fuck my mouth.

"Damn, he is a good little cocksucker, isn't he?" Dan said. "I want to see if he can take my entire dick in his throat."

"Do it, fuck his mouth like the pussy it is," Rex urged.

Rex picked up the pace and was soon fucking me real hard. His balls slapped against my ass with every thrust. Dan was fucking me all the way to his balls. I was trying not to gag. It felt so good.

I had never imagined that a day at a shooting range would turn into the fantasy of my dreams. Being fucked hard from both ends was the best feeling in the world.

"I'm going to cum," gasped Rex.

"Me too," Dan said, moaning.

"Let's both cum on his face," Rex said, pulling out and ripping the condom off.

I quickly sat down and let both men start jacking off in my face. They both moaned in unison.

Rex came first. The thick spurt hit my cheek, followed by a huge load. Seeing that made Dan blow his load all over me. I soon blew my load all over my chest and face. I licked up the cum that I could. Both guys rubbed their dicks all over my face, coating their cocks in cum. I cleaned them off.

"I want to breed your ass," Dan said. Pulling me back into position. Dan wasn't so gentle. He just thrust right into me bareback and I gasped with ecstasy.

"Deepthroat me like you did my son," Rex growled, shoving his dick in my mouth. I took him all the way to the base and held there for a second before fucking his dick with my mouth.

Dan pumped into me hard, balls slapping my ass as he groaned and spanked my ass cheeks. This was the best feeling in the world.

"Oh shit, I'm going to cum again," Dan gasped.

"Cum right in his ass. I'll cum in his mouth."

Dan picked up speed, really pumping into me. I kept choking on Rex's thick shaft and he came in my mouth, filling me up, as I swallowed.

"Oh fuck, yeah," Dan moaned. I felt his cum spurt inside me, this drove me over the edge again and I came all over the floor.

Rex bent down and licked it up before walking behind me and sucking his son's cum out of my ass.

We all collapsed on the couch, panting for breath.

We relaxed a little, jacked each other off, and started round three - this time I got to fuck Dan while he sucked Rex off.

It was a wonderful afternoon.


Austin Cox

[email protected]


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