First, some background.

My dad died when I was ten. Dad had a nice big insurance policy and between it and the income from the rental property he and mom owned, mom didn't have o go to work.

Shortly after dad died, John Connors and his daughter, Sue, moved into the house next to us. When we met them Mom commented he looked awully young to have an eight yr old daughter. He explained that he had had relations with a girl at fourteen and Sue was the result. He mom had died in childbirth and he refused to uput her up for adoption. With the help of his parents he raised her on his own.

We became friends right away. John was only twenty-two at the time. He was just over six foot tall, had dark hair and a moustach, and was well built. He had been with the fire department for a year and loved it.

Mom started watching Sue after school and during the summers and John would play ball with me, take me fishing and camping, and became a substitute dad. He taught me 'man things' while mom taught Sue 'woman things'.

Time passed and in high school I developed feelings for Sue. That was a big problem as I was also having fantasies about some of the guys on my football team. Fantasiesike what they lookedlike with a hard cock and what it would be like to get in bed with them.

Try as I might, I couldn't shake those feeling. I just shoved them to the back of my mind. My feelings for Sue increased.

John and I had become closer as I got older. He had become more like an older brother to me. We'd go places together, and I enjoyed seeing his hairy chest when he had his shirt off when he did his yard work. When I did ours, I noticed him looking at me frequently bit didn't think much about it.

I talked to him about the fire department and said that's what I wanted to do. I couldn't apply until I was twenty-one so he suggested some courses for me to take at the local college after graduation, and I did.

During my time at the college, I first acted onmy earlier fantasies. A classmate made an advance one day in the library. I didn't resist and he invited me to his place 'to study'. However, when we got there, we didn't study. I was suddenly experiencing my first kiss with another male and I loved it.

Before long, we were undressing each other and as we did, I said, 'Man, this is strange.'

'Is this your first time with a guy, Mark?'

'Yes, it is,' I replied nervously.

'Just relax. I promise I won't hurt you. You'll enjoy it.'

When we were totally nude, he led me to bed and lay me down. Again we kissed, then he began licking and kissing my neck then chest. When he got to my niples and licked and sucked them I moaned loudly. He went lower and was soon licking and sucking my balls. Raising my legs, he began licking and tongueing my ass. My head was spinning wildly and i nearly came off the bed whenhe moved up and swalowed my cock.

He soon brought me to a roaring climax and I thought I would go crazy. My head was still spinning and I knew I had to do the same to him before I came back to reality.

I immediately returned the pleasure, doing everything to him that he had done to me. When he climaxed, I gagged slightly, bu figured if he could swallow, so could I, and I did.

Ted and I began having sex a couple times a eek and I'd also go to the science building where Ted had said there was a glory hole between the stalls.

I sill loved Sue and figured that after we married, having sex with her would get my mind off of sex with men.

I proposed and she accepted but insisted that we would not have sex util we were married.

I continued my escapades with Ted and others, vowing to end it after our marriage.

John and Mom gve us their blessings and plans began to take place. John insisted however that we wait until I had graduated from the fire academy and was a full fledged fireman.

Eventually, that day drew nearer. Some of my fellow cadets from the academy decided I needed a wild bachelor party.

That night slowly approached and eventually that faitful night arrived. It was a night I'll never forget.

TO BE CONTINUED..............



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