Chapter 1;
Andy had been dream. Summer morning.In North Yorkshire. The temperature was cool breeze day. Just after eight am in the morning.There's a farm, somewhere in North Yorkshire.In the farm, there's a farmfella standing on a ladder. He was just cleaner the front window,where the family's home.While the fella's doing clean the front window,he's looking through the window and see the other fella in his bed but he was fast a sleep. The farmfella on the the ladder was over twenty to twenty-five years of his ages.His body was bodybuild.He had a muscle's a built up. His name's Jason and he was five to six feets tall. His skin was a dark white. A bit tanned. His hair was short.Know what I mean? The fella in bed name Andrew.He was about the ages of Jason. His short name Andy.



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