"What? How?!" Colton thought.

It felt crazy. I was reading and talking in Colton's mind.

"It is crazy." Colton's voice said in my head. I jumped to his voice.

"Cool," Colton said out loud.

It was cool. But.. How?

"I dont know" Colton said

"Stop doing that!" I said and Colton started laughing. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Come on lets just hang out at your house," he said after laughing. I had forgotten we were still pulled over. I pulled out and continued driving.

"So what now?" He asked when we walked into my bedroom.

I had forgotten about what we were going to do when we got back.

"I dont know. I want to know why we can do this." I said as I jumped under the covers. Colton pushed me over and got under the covers with me. He put his arm over my shoulder and looked out the window. The cornfield took most of the view.

"Honestly I think this is awesome," I heard Colton's voice in my head.

"Yeah I guess I can agree," I replied with my mind.

"Its a dream. It has to be." Colton said out loud.

"If its a dream, we would be getting hit by whips...." I replied.

"Don't start," he said quickly.

Colton pulled me closer to him. I felt my sleepiness come.

"Want to try to sleep?" I asked Colton with a yawn.

"Sure, but if either one of us have a night mare...." He replied.

I put my head on his shoulder as I looked at the ceiling.

"He's awake!" I heard the surgeon say.

"Here we go again." I thought to myself.

"I feel you," I heard a voice, knowing it was Colton's.

"Sweet we can talk in dreams too!" I replied.

I heard Colton's screams in my mind as I felt a whip slash me. The next across my chest. One on my legs. Another across my face.

"Try leaning off the bed for this last one. It will wake you!" I told Colton but it was to late. I saw the last one coming, but I was awoken before I was hit.

I awoke to Colton shaking me. He was on top of me. He was sweating and I noticed I was too. He knew he was in time.

"Is your mom here?" Colton asked breaking the silence.

"no, its..... 10:34" I replied looking at my phone:

"will you do me a favor then?" Colton asked after a bit.

"Depends" I replied.

"All right never mind," Colton said after a few minutes.

"No tell me" I said a little demanding.

He put his lips on mine. I kissed him back. His lips were warm and soft.

"Fuck me! I enjoyed you doing it before" i heard Colton's voice in my head.

"With pleasure" i replied in my thoughts.

He grabbed my waist and pulled himself under the covers. I felt his mouth on my dick as he pulled my boxers off. A few minutes passed and I knew I was about to cum.

"IM CUMMING!!!" I hollered.

"Not yet," he said and pulled out some lube from my dresser.

He lubed my dick and he took it all in at once. He groaned as it reached all 9 inches. I felt my orgasm reaching up as Colton moaned. He read my mind again and yelled.

"FASTER!" He yelled.

I did as he commanded and moaned. I shot my load. My knees collapsed due to the orgasm.

"I'm cumming too!!" He said loudly. I flipped him over and jacked his dick off. I rushed all 10.5 inches into my throat. I choked on it but he cummed quickly. Colton moaned loudly. My whole mouth tasted salty and sweet.

"I love this." I thought.

"I know you do," Colton said in my mind. I jumped.

Gosh he cant quit....

.......2 days later.......

My 18th Birthday!


I woke up with the smell of bacon. I rushed my shorts and boxers on and ran down the stairs. My mom was making breakfast. Wait... My mom was here.... She took a day off of work...

"Dang," I said to myself.

"Hey! Happy birthday!" She said when she saw me. I smiled.

"Thanks, you didn't have to take off work for this." I said as I sat down by the counter in front of the stove.

"Yes I did! I couldn't miss your birthday. Plus I have to discuss something." She said.

My stomach turned. I knew what she had to say wouldn't be good. Whenever she says that I get a nauseous feeling.

She seemed to suspect my nervousness as my smile went off my face.

"Don't worry its good news, I think." She said with a smile. "Anyways let's eat."

I fixed my plate and sat down. The way she sat down made me feel weird. She knows something. Definitely.

"So... That talk....?" I asked when I finished my plate.

"Uh yes.... How do i put this....?" She said as she avoided eye contact.

"Do you.... Love anyone in your life?" She asked.

Oh gosh... Do I tell her about Colton. Do I tell her im gay? Should I, now? Gosh so many thoughts filled my mind.

"Yes..." I said as I stared towards the wall, avoiding looking at her.

"Can I ask who?" She asked.

Oh Jesus! Gosh. I cant avoid this forever. My mom has to know.

"Mom, I have a confession.... Im.... I-.... Im g...." I couldn't say it. Why couldn't I say it?!

"Im gay." I said slowly.

"Cool! With who...?" My mom asked.

"Colton." I said. No point in lying about it.

"Does he, love you back?" She asked.

Why all these questions?

"I guess." I replied.

"Has anything... Weird been going on....?" She asked.

"Like what...?" I asked back.

"I dont know... Uh some stuff mineadin?" She mumbled.

"What?" I asked.

"Mind reading?" She replied.

"Maybe...." I replied. How the hell does she know this.

"Look, it's time you learn about your dad..." she said shyly.

"I thought you said you didn't know who h-" I was interrupted.

"I lied! He is still alive, the thing is..."

"He's alive?!" I stopped her because of that.

"Point is... Your dad comes from a powerful family. Where we can control things. The special thing is, your true love inherits the ability." She said.

"So thats why Colton can talk to me in thoughts?"

"Yes. It's very dangerous. Here, this is a book i used learning about these things. It tells anything you think you'll need or want. Happy birthday!" She said.

Wow! My mind just got blown. The book was dusty. I was actually excited.

"thanks mom! I was so confused before, now, it all makes sense.... But there's one thing...." I said to her.

"Whats that?" She asked.

"If my dad is alive.... Where is he?" I knew I had pushed the line but I wanted to know.

"I dont know. He left us." She said and looked away.

"Well I will let you enjoy that, I'm still going to work ya know," she added and got up. I opened the cover. The words were actually clear.

"Chapter one: mind reading. Your true love inherits this ability. The person and his true love can talk to each other through thoughts, regarding distance...." I read.

Cool... I thought.

"Colton!" I thought in my head.

"Agh! Caleb!!! What was that for?!?" He thought in my head.

"I found out how we are doing it. There's a book that says everything and it seems to be true!" I told him everything that had happened.

"Dang! Keep reading." He said.

"Okay," I replied.

"During the beginning of being with the true love. Both people experience dark dreams. After several nights (different for each couple) the dreams will stop." It read.

"Now that I think about. I haven't had any dreams lately. Other then about you." Colton said in my mind.

I felt myself blush.

"Chapter 2: mind magic. The couple can use their minds for anything. Say one pictures themselves at a place or time (read next chapter before attempting). Each person can also control things with their mind. Simply picture what you want to happen."

I felt a hand on my shoulder. I jumped instantly. It was Colton.

"It works!" He said, laughing about how he scared me.

I punched his arm and he grabbed the book.

"Sweet!" He said as I sat back down. "Picture something happening!" He added.

I pictured us at that log cabin. I opened my eyes to see black. Colton grabbed my arm. I walked around feeling my way to a lamp in the darkness. I found a light switch. I flicked it on and I saw we were in the living room of the cabin.

"Woah!" Colton said as he hopped on the couch. "Let's go to my house! In the jacuzzi." He added.

I pictured the house. I pictured us by the pool in the jacuzzi. Before I knew it I felt water rush around me. I opened my eyes. I was in the jacuzzi! My heart was beating like a drum. Gosh this was happening so fast. I felt a splash on my back. I turned around and saw Colton. He put his lips on mine. I pulled him under water.

"Gosh i love you!" He said to me through thoughts.

I smiled.

"I love you." I said back.

I then saw black and then I was in my kitchen. I felt a cold wetness. I was soaked in water from the jacuzzi

"Dang it. Picture us dry," I said as I felt warmth.

I was dry now. Cool!

"Let's grab something to eat. Without our minds!" Colton said as we both walked out.


"TACOS!!!" Colton hollered as we went inside. I ordered our tacos from Taco Bell as Colton sat down.

"Here we go!" I said as I sat down after paying.

"Thanks," Colton said. "Time to get a bite of this!" He added.

The tacos were good. I enjoyed it.

"Me too" he said out loud. I jumped. I keep forgetting he hears my thoughts. His knee brushed mine under the table and i got a boner instantly.

Dang it! Why does everything he does give me a boner....? Colton burst out laughing.

"Think about girls. It works for me." He told me.

I thought about a random girl at my school and it worked!

"Let's get going," I said and got up. We were about to go to the car when a man in black ran in. I didn't notice him until I heard shooting. I jumped backwards as he shot towards the ceiling. I let myself fall to the ground as Colton ducked too.

"What the hell?!?" I whispered.

I saw black and then I was in the car.


I pictured Colton, the car, and me at a hotel down the road. I opened my eyes and there we were.

"But those people!" I said.

"Fine! Get rid of those robbers." Colton said after a minute.

I imagined them gone the shooting stopped. I heard murmurs through the windows.

"Let's go," I said as I started the car.

I saw black again. And I awoke in a hotel room.

I felt a body on me, it was Colton. My arms were around his back. I felt nothing under me. Was I floating?!? I held on tighter. How was Colton doing that?!

"Just picture yourself in mid-air," he said quietly.

I did as he said. I let go and I managed to stay up. It felt so weird. I wrapped myself around Colton even though I didn't need to, I liked his warmth on me. Colton fell and I fell, landing onto a king sized bed.

"Woah!" I said landing on the bed.

Colton rolled me over and I could see his face in the moonlight. He was smiling, his eyes sparking brown. I grabbed his head and kissed him hard. After moments he pushed me up and flipped me over. He got on top of me. He kissed my neck and put his hand on my ass. I moaned loudly, not caring if anyone heard us. I grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head. He did the same to me. I kissed his sweet abs. I made my way to his shorts. I pulled them off revealing his 10.5 inch hard dick. I felt myself go breathless every time i look at it. I sucked him off.

"Im about to cum!" He shouted. I pulled myself up and kissed him. He grasped me back and pulled me closer.

"Fuck me," I said while moaning.

He pushed me away and spit into his hand, he used his spit as lube and 'lubed' my ass. I moaned as he sat up. He inserted his large dick slowly in my ass. I gasped at the pain. He picked up the pace.


Colton thrust as hard as he could. I moaned. Colton hollered that he was about to release. I felt the warm cum inside me. Colton collapsed and I rolled over to face him. He moved down and gave me a blow job. I cummed instantly. He came back up and kissed me. I tasted my cum in his mouth. It was salty and sweet. I moaned and squeezed him.

I awoke on top of Colton. I felt a warm liquid near my crotch. I knew it wasn't me. I looked down and saw Colton dripping in precum. My chance! I leaned down and licked the precum. He became fully hard. I continued sucking his dick. I heard Colton moan but I could care less, I just wanted him to cum. When I was about to look up at Colton, he cummed continuously. I barely got it all. I devoured every drop of Colton's cum. He moaned. I felt his arms pull me up. I wasn't ready to stop but i allowed him. He put his hand on the back of my head. He looked into my eyes. They were a pretty shade of brown. He put his lips onto mine, they were warm. We laid there, me on top of him, our lips together, our tongues fighting battles in each other's mouth. It seemed as if we were there for hours, days, I enjoyed every second of him. It was never enough.

________ The end guys! Thanks for reading, new series soon, I promise they will be extra long, I noticed thats what you guys like. Thanks again.





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