Waking up was the last thing I wanted. Especially with the Colton's warmth on me. After a bit of being awake i realized Colton was awake too. He moaned as he stretched.

"Hey sexy beast!" I said as he looked at me. He smiled and kissed me briefly.

I could feel his dick against mine still. For some reason I liked it. I want this moment to last forever.

"You hungry?" Colton said, interrupting my thoughts.

"yea, but it can wait" I said smiling, he looked up at me and laugh.

He put his lips against mine for a minute before pulling back.

"Not yet," he smiled and kissed me again.

I sighed and got up after him. It was colder without him on me.

"Naked today?" He asked with a smile that turned me on.

I just blushed, he noticed and laughed.

After eating i walked to the living room and turned on the tv. He joined me a minute later. As Colton sat down he got so close.

"Caleb," Colton said.

As I turned to reply I noticed he was just getting my attention. I put my lips to his.

"Yeah?" I said while kissing his beautiful lips.

He moaned, he stopped.

"Just wanted that," he said with a pretty smile.

That turned me on more than anything he's done. I jumped on him and put my lips on his. They were warm and smooth. He chuckled and put his hand on my head and pulled me closer. I could feel his nice cock getting hard underneath me. I devoured his mouth as he rolled me under him.

"Gosh baby you're so sexy!" Colton said with a nice smile.

"You're sexier" i replied as I pulled him as close as possible, almost squeezing him.

"Gosh shut up, you cant quit making me want you more." He said with a scowl and a smile.

That seemed to be true as he squeezed me tight. He then picked me up. After this becoming my third time, I knew I was about get fucked, again. Except we were in a different room. It was a pool! I was so confused on how you have a POOL... In a LOG CABIN.... But Colton didn't care, he walked past the pool, where there was, not shocking, a jacuzzi.

"Let me down," I said smiling.

"As you wish" he said with that same smile as before.

He put me gently down and got into the jacuzzi. I smiled and got in too. I noticed he always smiles. I got in and he instantly wrapped his arms around me. I moaned as his warm lips moved to my neck. Without warning he grabbed my dick.

"Let me fuck you one more time baby!" He said while gasping for air.

"Fuck me all you want, anytime!" I replied.

He took the advantage, he got out and dragged me out. It's like he's drunk. Totally different. He was still gentle, but eager to rip your ass in half. Colton pushed me down into one of the chairs, he lifted my legs and inserted his wet cock in me. I gasped at the pain. Colton moaned and pulled his head back. The pace was speeding, and so was our loud moans. Colton moaned as he shot his load inside me, I could feel the warm liquid inside me. The orgasm was intense, I guess more for Colton then me because he fell on top of me. After a moment when the moans were over, I realized Colton was asleep.

My turn. I thought in my head. I tried getting up but Colton's weight was more then i expected. But I managed until we were into the bedroom. I just set him in the bed, to tired to fool with, I tossed the blanket on him and got under it too. And I, was fast asleep.

I wasn't sleep for long when I realized school! It was almost Sunday night. I shook Colton awake. He didn't get up. I shook him again. Still no movement.

"Colton...?" I said shaking him harder.

He groaned.

"What?" He said

"Dude... We need to get going, it's almost dark. We have school. And you have football." I said getting up.

Colton jumped up and grabbed my waist, pulling me down.

"We can forget about school for one day, or week." He said with a tone i couldn't explain.

"What...?" I asked.

He just laughed.

"It's spring break dude! We are off all week!" He said still laughing.

I sighed with relief. Colton took it as a sign and wrapped his arm around me. He moaned hugged me tighter. I pulled back and got under the covers. I enjoyed Colton's warmth welcoming me. I pulled myself closer to him, practically halfway on him. I noticed a tent in the covers, Colton saw it too. I knew exactly what was next.

I smiled as I glanced up on him, he smiled back. After the suck, cum, and make out Colton was moaning a lot more then before.

"Not yet! Grab the lube!" Colton said quickly.

As I grabbed the lube Colton flipped me over.

"I want to know why you enjoy my fucks so much," Colton said with a cocky smile.

My eyes were so wide that they felt like popping out.

"Yea, that's right, your going to fuck me!" Colton added.

He lubed me up and told me to get up and do it doggy style.

I inserted my 8.5 inch hard dick slowly into him. The cabin was filled with our moanings and groanings.

"IM GOING TO CUM!!!!" I shouted to Colton!

"do it!! Gawd fuck me hard, fuck me!!" Colton said loudly.

I shot my load into him shot after shot into him, cum was oozing out. I collapsed due to the large orgasm and fell onto Colton's back.

"Now I know why you love it so fucking much." Colton managed to say through moans.

I smiled to the fact that he enjoyed it. Colton leaned up with me still on his back, he grabbed my legs so i hung on him still.

"Gosh your so strong" i thought in my head, he removed one hand, still holding me, and got into the covers. He rolled over so he was faced up under me. He was smiling and i placed my head on his muscular chest.

Before I got a chance to sleep I felt a sharp sting, I opened my eyes, and saw blood, I realized it was mine. I screamed.

Colton jumped as my shout died down, the pain was numbing my whole body, I gasped for air as Colton dragged me down from the bed with him. I felt a hand on my mouth. My thoughts were filled with fears, I was freaking, my mind racing, my heart pumping. It seemed to be loud.

"Stay on the floor, where are you hurt?" I heard from a familiar voice, I couldn't tell who it was anymore. I tried feeling around to see where the pain was. Blackness filled my vision. The pain was numbing everything i heard, felt, and what I saw, my head was light headed. My eyes closed.

-Colton's POV-

I quickly shot up to the sound of screaming. I realized they were Calebs. All I saw was blood. My heart was racing, I was freaking out. I grabbed Caleb and pulled him off the bed with me. I looked around and saw a hole on the window. I placed my hand on Caleb's mouth to make him shut up.

"Stay on the floor, where are you hurt?" I asked him in a quiet tone.

He pointed to his hips. I glanced around and saw the sheets, I ripped a strip of it, it was tougher then i expected. I remembered what we learned in CPR several years ago, so I tied his hips with the sheet to stop the bleeding. I grabbed his arm and dragged him while I was crawling on the floor. I heard a moan of pain and I realized Caleb was losing so much blood. I glanced around and looked for my phone, i found it, and called 911, surprisingly whoever was doing this didnt block it off.

"911, whats your emergency?" Said the operator.

"I need help! Someone's outside the house, he shot my friend, and he's bleeding out." I whispered, after the call I grabbed my boxers and shorts. I managed to get a pair onto Caleb so we wouldn't be naked. I heard a bang on the door, then a sharp shatter that echoed through the house. I screamed, I saw blackness closing my vision. I moved my head, trying to make it stop. Seeing nothing, and feeling nothing anymore, I was out.

-Back to Caleb-

My eyes opened slowly, my vision blurred and was full of white, I blinked, it was still there.

"He's awake!" I heard a faint voice. I tried to sit up but pain filled me chest and back. I moaned. My eyes shut, like glue, I tried lifting them back up but it was like lifting 100 lbs on one finger. I finally quit struggling and allowed them to remain close.

Waking up, I looked around, my vision wasn't as bright. I moved my head slowly, the pain was on fire. I saw two chairs. realizing i was in the hospital, I glanced at my body. There was a blue gown on me.

"you're lucky to be alive, i am nurse Mrs. Ballock, how are you feeling." I heard a voice before able to look up.

"How was i feeling?" I thought to myself.

"I feel on fire, what happened?" I asked.

"You were shot on the hip, we have already got you healing, you should be out by tomorrow night." The nurse replied.

"wait...? Where am I?" I asked, but I felt sleep coming.

My eyes opened. I tried sitting up, but it was like i was tied down. I saw a man. He was wearing a white surgical gown. He turned around, his face was horrifying.

"He's awake! Lets do this!" He shouted and suddenly 8 men appeared. 2 had long drills. 4 had whips and what appeared to be, vinegar. The last two had saws.

I screamed. No sound came out, my mouth couldn't open. Tears came out of my eyes. Then I was awoken with two nurses shaking me awake.

"AHHH-....." I screamed as I awoke.

I saw one of them put a needle in my arm. Then I was in sleep again.

The same dream happened, except the men got closer. Their laughters filled the room, I was awoken again. This time it was Colton.

"You're having nightmares too?" He said with a whisper. I nodded.

"About doctors with saws and drills?" He asked. I nodded again.

"Well, we are free to go, I want to get out of here, do you?" He asked. I nodded quicker.

He went up to the nurse and them came back.

"We are free to go now, let's get going." He said as he helped me out of bed.

Wait.... Something's not right here, I couldn't feel pain on my hips, I was walking without limp. "WTF?!?" Was all my mind thought. I just remained calm and followed Colton.

"Have you seen your mom any? She came by twice, you were awake, but you were so quiet," Colton asked.

I couldn't remember. I barely remembered much.

The drive wasn't long. We got home my mom had tears in her eyes. My family was here! Aunt Dee! My grandpa! Cousins and aunts! There was a big table full of food.

"Whats the occasion?" I thought in my head. Then I noticed Colton pull out of the driveway. My eyes followed the corvette as he left.

I couldn't think about him long because I had a whole family here for me.

There was barbecue chicken, hash brown casserole. There was steak and mashed potatoes with gravy.

After eating everyone started leaving. I got into bed and thought about Colton, I went to sleep with a smile.

The smile didn't last when I heard a voice.

"He's awake!" Said the surgeon.

8 people. 2 with drills. 4 with whips and vinegar. And the last two with saws. My screams were muffled. I felt a sting on my hips. Another across my chest. The next was the side of my leg. The fourth one was across my face. The whips made a sling sound as they hit. My cries were muffled. I saw one go towards my eyes quickly. I felt myself throw myself of the weird bed i was on. My head hit the floor.

Opening my eyes quickly to see carpet, the carpet of my bedroom. I was sweaty. My breaths were long and quick. My eyes adjusted to the darkness. The men's face burned my mind.

"Why am I having these dreams?!?" I said to myself as I got onto my sweaty bed.

My phone vibrated and I saw Colton was calling me.

"Hey" he said as I answered. "I'm still having those dreams. It was worse then last." Colton said after a minute.

"Did you get hit by whips this time?" I asked.

"Yeah. The last one was right into my eyes but I woke up right after wards."

Colton replied.

"What da fuuuuuuck dude....?!?" How are we getting the same dreams?" I asked.

"I have no idea, whatever it is I wish these dreams would get better, I cant sleep." Colton said back.

"Me neither, my bed is sweaty. What time is it? I cant find my alarm clock." I asked.

Wait... Why was my alarm clock missing.

"4:23, I'm going to take a shower and call it a night." Colton said. We said our byes.

Wheres my alarm clock? I got up and moved around the night stand looking for it.

"I give up," i mumbled to myself and took a shower.

I thought of Colton in the shower. How he wanted me to fuck him. I thought of how i passed out when he kicked my legs, making me fall, taking all 10 and a half inch of thick cock. My cock was rock hard with precum flowing out of it. I stroke up and down and before I knew it cum shot out. I moaned softly. I was aware someone would hear me. I turned the water off and got out, I didn't bother putting on clothes. I just got into bed.

My Phone vibrated. I glanced down under my pillow to it.

"Hey" -Colton

"Hey" -me

"Still thinking about that dream?" -Colton

"Cannot stop thinkin bout it. Its weird how we both have the exact same dream right after the incident" -me

"Ikr. I don't get how we are up and walking. Weren't we shot?" -Colton

"I think so. Want to go somewhere? I can pick you up and we go eat" -me

"Sure, 30 min?"

"10-4" -me (btw means okay)

I put down my phone and grabbed some clothes on.

"Dear mom,

Friend wants to talk about what happened this past weekend. Be back soon.

Love, Caleb"

I left the note for her to see in case I wasn't back in time for her to leave.

I picked up Colton and we were riding around.

"I cant stop thinking about the nightmare. It's creepy Caleb has it too" i heard a voice in my head. It was not mine. My eyes grew large. I looked at Colton and slammed on the brakes.

"Woah!" Colton hollered as I pulled over.

"Is this dude crazy?" I heard the same voice.

"I am not crazy!" I thought in my head, wondering whoever was in my head would hear it.

Colton jumped. I looked at him as he looked at me. We exchanged looks. I knew that voice was him. It was different then how he talked.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!?" I heard Colton's voice in my head.

"I dont know!!!!!" I blurted out.

He screamed and my scream followed him.

_______ Thanks for reading this. Just so yall know, it is a fantasy, my fantasy with twists. Thanks for reading. Chapters coming soon after this. I made this extra long just for yall, sorry i have been working on school work.





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