Colton just stared, he then turned to the door and pulled my arm. I followed him as he grabbed our clothes from the other bedroom.

"Put these on" he said.

I did as he told me. He grabbed his phone and I found mine and put it into my pocket.

"I'm calling the cops, i have no idea who that is.... Let's go to the car." Colton said while walking out the door.

"Hello? There's someone in my house sleeping in a extra room, I have no idea who it is." Colton told the officer on the phone. "4985 ------ ------" (not saying address) Colton added.

When he hung up, he went towards the car.

"Well thats weird, someone sleeping on the bed, do you think he saw us?" I asked.

He laughed. I didn't get what was so funny.

"Don't worry im sure he didn't. And when he is gone we are finishing what was started," he said with a cocky smile.

Before I could reply the officers were here, we got out as the pulled up. They asked Colton several questions and then went inside. They came out with a man. He had little clothing and a lot of hair.

"homeless," mumbled one of the officers. "Sir, would you like to press charges to this man?"

"No, that's okay." Replied Colton. When they left I walked inside as Colton followed. Before I could turn around he grabbed me and jerked me around. Smiling, he ripped my shirt off and kissed me. Our tongues fought battles inside each other's mouth. As he pulled back and took off his shirt, he was gasping for air. I laughed as he pushed me towards a bedroom. Before I could turn around he pushed me onto the bed and got on top of me. He ripped off the shorts and boxers, he flipped me over and put his lips my neck. I moaned with pleasure.

"fuck me Colton, please," I begged, he smiled.

I pulled down his shorts and sucked him off. He grabbed lube from a dresser and put it on his 10.5 inch dick. He started fingering my ass. I moaned as he inserted his dick in me. Inch by inch. I winced at the pain.

"AHHH yesss!!!!!" Colton moaned.

"Caleb.... ahhh.... Im cumming!!" He moaned as shot inside me, I enjoyed the warmth of his cum. He moaned and got up. I got up behind him as he lifted the blanked and motioned me to get under cover, as he got in he hesitated with the blanket.

"Not yet.... You haven't shot your load," he said with a smile.

I jacked off and not even a minute i shot my load. He smiled and put his head on my chest where the cum landed. He licked it off my chest. He put half his body onto my chest. I pulled him so he was completely on me. I could feel his half hard cock against mine. It made me smile.


Sorry for not writing lately guys, been busy. Upcoming chapters have been written too. Suspense is coming, greater suspense.





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