When I got done drying. Colton gave me a pair of boxers. It was getting dark.

"So what now?" I asked after Colton got done dressing.

"Um, want to play?" He said, as he grabbed the xbox controller.

I grabbed one. And we played a game i didnt know. I quickly learned how to play though. I actually beat him a couple times. It was past midnight when we finally decided to sleep.

When I woke up Colton was moving around. I realized he was sleep walking. He got into bed and mumbled something i didn't understand. Then he said my name and got on top of me, i was freaking. And all the sudden he got under the covers. He started putting his hands on me. All the sudden i felt him touch my dick. I quickly woke him up.

"Dude im so sorry, please forgive me. I don't know what got into m-" he tried to say.

I put my lips on his, pulled him closer. I felt his body, my tongue explored his mouth. I couldn't get enough of him. He reached for my dick, he rubbed it under my shorts. He yanked my shirt and shorts off, leaving me in my boxers. Then took his shirt off. I looked over his abs. Then pulled his shorts off.

All of the sudden i awoke. It was dark. My boxers were wet. I had realized I had a dream. A wonderful one. Colton seemed to have one too because when I moved my arm the sheets were wet. I wonder what he is dreaming of? Was it me? I replayed the dream I had in my head, wondering what would happen if it went on. I looked around, and for some reason under the covers. I saw that has cock was hard and cumming still. It was huge! I quickly looked away. It was still dark.

It was around 8 o'clock when Colton finally got up.

"Hey, look who's up" I said jokingly.

"Hah" he yawned. "How long you been up?" He asked

"Not so sure. Not to long though... Aw shit!" He said.

I guess he noticed his cum filled boxers, mine were starting to dry, I didn't want to say anything though.

"Haha, must have been a good dream" I said with a smile.

"It was!" He winked as he said it, then laughed. I got dressed and grabbed my book bag.

"Hope we can hang out again soon, thanks for the tutor" he said as he lead me to the door.

"Sure anytime!"


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