After hearing the cock sucking episode between Diego and Oscar I knew there might be the chance that my best friend´s brother would let me suck him off. My fantasy first started when Diego and I were driving to my farm outside of Medellin to do some maintenance on my swimming pool.When he entered the car I knew he was dead tired since he works the night shift and he was doing me a big favor.He jumped in the car and I told him thanks for coming with me to clean my pool and take care of other chores at the farm.I told him to recline the car seat so he could rest on the way to the farm which was about an hour away from the city.I noticed immediately that he zipper on his pants was completely down which got me real hot and hard. I was wondering whether it was intentionally or not. I could see that he didn´t wear any underwear because I could see his bush from where I was sitting. A few times he would change position trying to get more comfortable and the opening of his pants allowed me to see inside.I had no idea how big his black cock was until he turned his body to face me. When he did I had a full view of his cock and lemon sized balls. All I could think of was tasting his cock and emptying his balls of all the cum.I always regretted not acting but I was afraid that if I approached him Diego would get mad and tell his brother, Jhon. When I heard the story of Jhon´s friend Oscar allowing him to suck his cock I knew sometime I would have a chance in the future.It showed ne that at least Diego was open to get sucked off by another guy.

When I mentioned to Jhon that I was attracted to his brother and that I fantasied about sucking Diego´s cock.Jhon said Diego and him had a relationship real close and that he wouldn´t have a problem asking him. One weekend, Jhon and him went drinking and he mentioned to his brother that I would like suck him off if I had the chance. Diego said he had no problem and that he would drop by the house sometime in the future so I could do it. Diego told Jhon that he had a great cock to suck and that he really enjoyed getting sucked off by guys since his wife would never do it.So one morning, Diego showed up after work and showered and sat on my bed completely nude. Jhon had told me that he wanted to watch me suck his brother´s cock but I felt kind of embarassed doing this in front of my best friend especially watching me sucking Diego his brother.Jhon said he understood so I closed the door to my bedroom.I couldn´t believe this was finally happening and I was real nervous.Diego noticed my nervousiness and said relax and enjoy his cock. He said that when Jhon had mentioned that I wanted to suck his cock he asked Jhon whether I would suck it til he came in my mouth and whether I would swallow or not. Jhon told him that I was a real expert and that he had seen me suck his friend´s cock and that I loved to swallow a guy´s cum.Diego said when he heard this from Jhon all he could think of was feeling my lips around his shaft and watching me swallow his load. I kneeled in front of Diego still a liitle nervous but when I saw his cock fully hard and almost 12 inches long I knew I would be in heaven shortly.First I noticed him dripping alot of precum from his cockhead and I needed to taste it. I flicked my tougue to capture the pearly white liquid and it tasted salty and sweet at the same time.I was watching Diego while I was doing this and he laid back on the bed resting on his elbows and said I hope you can swallow all my cock and rest your lips on my big balls. I proceeded to engulf his head which stretched my lips to their fullest and took his entire length of his black cock all the way to his balls.I could smell his musky scent of his pubic hair which only made me more hungry.I proceeded to use all my talent going up and down on his great ebony shaft savoring each time when I would swallow it all the way.Diego each time would tremble and say no one has ever been able to take his cock all the way down their throats. I said not even Ocar Jhon´s friend, Diego said that Oscar tried to take his cock all the way down his throat but couldn´t. He also said he had to jack off the rest of the way because Oscar said his mouth was tired. I asked him whether Oscar ate his cum and he said each time he filled Oscar´s mouth Oscar would spit it out.I told Diego not to worry I wouldn´t miss one drop of his cum and that I would swallow it all. I told Diego how long I had fantasied sucking his cock and he said he thought when we went to the farm one time he was sure to get his cock sucked by me. He said he had intentionally left his zipper down so I would take the hint. I proceeded to go back sucking his cock

and each time I swallowed his shaft he would moan and shake.I knew that he was real close so I wanted to make it last so I started licking his big hairy balls,taking each one and savoring its taste.I even went as far as to lick and suck his asshole which made him go crazy.All at once Diego shouted quick suck my cock cause he was going to shoot.I managed to get the head inside my mouth when the flood of cum filled my mouth.I somehow swallowed the first spurt and I could feel each time another was coming .I was able to take his cock all the way to his balls letting the jets of cum fill my stomach.After he stopped shooting I let his cock shrink back and soften savoring his male juice. Diego said it was the best blow job he ever received by a woman or man. He asked me could I do it it again and I said sure whenever he wanted.As he got dressed I opened up my bedroom door and Jhon was naked jacking off his cock. He said he was close and wanted to know whether I wanted another load.So in the end I got two loads

from two brothers on the same day. It was great.

I hope you liked this story it is totally true and next time I have a big surprize.




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