First let me tell you about myself, I am 5'8, I have dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, im not skinny, not fat either, a little musclier. My names Caleb, and I'm 17.

I was on my way to Technology Design and Innovation, I sat down, and worked on the bridge I was designing. Colton walks by my work station.

Before I tell you more, Colton is about two inches taller, he is 17. He is very musclier, he is on the football team, and basketball, he has black hair that swerves his head, not long, but not buzz-short. He has brown eyes. And a smile that turns-on anyone.

He walks by, i stick my hand out for a high five, im not really friends, but we talk often about our work. He just stares at me and smiles, slows his pace, and starts giving me a high five. But swoops past my hand and laugh. I laugh back, ignoring the rejection. As we leave, i try to catch up with him, maybe have a conversation, but he just walks up the stairs with his buddies.

After Technology Design and Innovation, there was History, then Science, I thought about Colton, how he smiled as he walked by me. We didn't have any classes together, so I was bummed. When the bell rang, I went to my locker, i pack my bag, and swing it around my shoulder. As I close my locker door, Colton walks up ands says "Hey"

I look at him, shocked, but not to long so he doesn't notice.

"whats up?" I say as I turn facing him again.

"Not much, just thought we could hang out." He replied

"How come?" I said, shocked how he actually was talking to me.

"I see you around a lot, you seem pretty nice, you pretty good with the math?" He said, starting to walk with me.

I thought about my recent exams score, I got only two problems incorrect. "I guess, kinda." I said, not knowing where this was going.

"Good," he said quickly "I could use a little help, it's very confusing to me." he added.

"Oh, well I guess I could tutor you, can I come by after school later this week?" I said, half shocked and half excited.

"Sure, give my your cell so I can text you, and if you want, you could stay the night, maybe Friday? That sound good?" He said.

"Yeah, sure!" I replied

He handed me his phone, I glanced at the screen, it had my name on it, it was for me to put my number, I typed it in. He sent a message to make sure it was right.

"Aight. Later!" He said

He turned around and walked the other way, as I walked to the bus parking lot. As I sat down in my seat, my phone vibrated in my pocket. I picked it up to see what it said.

"One new text message!" I read, unlocking it, and reading it, it was from Colton

"Hey!" I read

"Whats up?" I typed back, then sent it, as I waited, I told my mom I was on my way home, I live by myself with her, and she works all day. So she asks that I let her know when I'm on my way home.

"Not much, just walking home. What about you?" It said

"Just got onto the bus" I texted, then getting a message from my mother.

"Okay, I will be home a little later tonight since it's the last day of the month." She said. Then I got a message quick from Colton.

"Mind if I come over? Is your bus still here?" He said

"Nah dude, come over, bus about to leave though. Im in the second to last seat in the back." I replied, little nervous.

"Okay" I said to my mother, as then, I saw Colton get on, and he walked to the back. He looked at me and sat down.

"Whats up? How come you wanted to come over such last minute?" I asked, putting my phone away

He looked around, and then saying softly "im home a lot, by myself, so it gets lonely."

"Yeah I feel you" i replied, thinking about how my mother always gets home late. The rest of the ride we talked about friends, girls, and school. Then I stood up, and told him it was our stop. He let me go first and followed me. I live in a two story house, not to big. He looked around, and saw just big fields with corn. I unlocked the door and let him in.

"Nice" he said, walking in, he looked around.

"Meh, just put your stuff on the couch if you want." I told him, pointing to the couch. He sat down. I turned on the tv and said I would be back.

In my room I was freaking. My crush... Was in my living room!!! I changed my shirt and put on some loose shorts.

"Whatcha want to do?" I said, grabbing some chips and onion dip.

I tossed him the bag of chips and he opened it.

"Dont mind, I'm hungry at the moment, are you sure you don't mind me being here?" Colton asked, getting some of the dip

"Nah it's no problem, my moms going to be late tonight. So it would be lonely" I said, opening the fridge, "whatcha like to drink?" I added, as he walked to the door of it

"Can I have some?" He said pointing to the Sprite.

I nodded, after 10 minutes or so we started working on our English assignment, he said he wanted to wait on the tutor thing. So after that we shot some hoops. He was really good. I got to see some of his eyes up close playing. They were amazing. He asked for a ride home, since my mother wasn't home, I grabbed my keys and drove him to his house. When I saw his house. It was HUGE!

"Alright, see ya in school, bro!"


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