I watched in shocked astonishment as Greg began rubbing Mike's crotch then removing his pants and underwear. Once they were off, Greg hungrily swallowed Mike's cock. I couldn't believe my own brother was getting his cock sucked by a guy.

Then to my shocked surprise, Mike reached over and began rubbing my crotch, quickly bringing me to a roaring hard on.

With one hand, he opened my pants and extracted my cock and began stroking me. It was the first time another male had ever touched my cock other than a doctor and I found that I was enjoying it.

He tapped Greg on the shoulder and nodded toward my cock. Greg quickly moved over to me and as he began sucking my cock he completely removed my pants before stripping out of his clothes.

I glanced over at Brad, the local cop, and Tim, our family lawyer, and saw that they were both naked and stroking each other.

Mike quickly removed his shirt then mine. Now, all five of us were totally naked.

As Greg sucked my cock, I lay my head back and closed my eyes, soaking in the pleasure. Suddenly, I felt someone's lips pressing against mine and their tongue trying to enter my mouth.

Opening my eyes, I saw it was Mike. I slowly responded and soon our tongues were exploring each others mouth.

When the kiss ended I watched as my own brother moved behind Greg and began eating his ass. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Greg moaned with pleasure and Mike soon slid his cock into Greg's ass.

"Oh yea, fuck me. Fill my ass with your load," Greg managed to say Brad and Tim moved closer and Brad moved in behind Mike and quickly inserted his cock in Mike's ass as Tim put his hard cock in Mike's face. Mike quickly swallowed it and began sucking away. I was now watching my own brother fuck a man's ass, get fucked in his as, and suck another man's cock.

Before long I reached the peak and began filling Greg's mouth with my load. At about the same time Mike filled Greg's ass as Brad filled Mike's ass. Then a second later Tim filled Mike's mouth with his load. I watched as both Greg and Mike each swallowed the cum fed to them. Greg then stood and aimed his cock at my face. I looked at Mike.

"Mark, it's customary to return the pleasure," he said.

I looked at Greg's cock and moved closer. I took it in my hand and slowly licked off the drop of clear pre-cum oozing from the slit. It was sweeter than I expected. I then began swallowing his cock and when it reached the back of my throat there was a slight gag reflex. After several attempts, I was burying my nose in Greg's thick cock bush. As the others watched, I sucked Greg to his climax and as my mouth filled with his hot thick load I found the taste pleasurable and began swallowing every drop.

Mike then led me to his bedroom. Once there, he said, "Now you know what the family tradition was. You and I are the fifth generation to be introduced to male sex. What are your thoughts?"

"Well, it wasn't what I thought but it didn't repulse me like I thought it would. I was willing to give it a try for dad, and to my amazement, I enjoyed it. What I experienced was more satisfying than the sex I've had with most of the women I've been with."

"Do you think you will continue?"

"I don't see why not. You have."

"Yes I have. My plans are to soon marry and once I have son, file for divorce and on his twenty-first birthday, introduce him to the tradition."

"Mike, wouldn't it be wild if I did the same and we lived together and both introduced our sons."

"That would be awesome."

"Were all the men gay or what?" I asked.

"From what dad told me only our grandfather was totally gay. Once dad was born, he divorced and raised dad alone. Dad was bi until Mom passed away then he went totally gay."

"Well," I began, "I've enjoyed what I've experienced so far, but before I make a definite decision, I want to experience a lot more. Will you help me?"

"Gladly," Mike replied before tongue kissing me again.

We returned to the others and before the others left near daylight, I had sucked all of them off and fucked Brad and Greg. It felt weird to be fucking a cop and my immediate supervisor on base.

They left and Mike and I went to bed, with him insisting that I share his bed with him. He didn't have to insist much. Once in bed he asked me to fuck him which I did gladly.

A short time later we were both asleep, cuddled in each others arms.

The next morning after waking up, I experienced my first sixty-nine and loved it.

As Mike and I drank coffee, we talked about sex with dad. Mike said it was wonderful and that dad had been looking forward to having us both fuck him one after the other.

Then I asked Mike how he managed to get me transferred back home.

Smiling , he said, "Mark, what I tell you has to remain just between you and me. You can't even let Greg know I told you."

"I promise," I told him.

"Well, I told Greg about our family tradition and said how much I wished you could be here so I could honor dad's wish to introduce you. He said he would see what he could do. The next thing I knew Greg invited me to join him for sex at a local motel. I did and shortly after I arrived there was a knock on the door. It was Major Davis."

Before he could continue, I asked, The Major Davis I work for?"

"One in the same. He asked me about you and your full name and birth date and such before joining me and Greg in bed. I later found out that the major gives regular blow jobs to General Baker. The general isn't gay or bi, he just likes getting sucked off. The major talked to him and asked him to see what he could do and here you are."

"Damn, I can't believe the major sucks cock."

"Well, he does and he also loves getting fucked," Mike said.

"I know he's married so I wonder if his wife knows anything?"

"I doubt it seriously," Mike replied.

For several weeks, Mike and I had sex with the others, sometimes with just one joining us and other times all three. It was awesome. I finally convinced Mike to fuck me and after the first few times I was loving it.

Then almost three months after my introduction to male sex, I was told by Greg that the major wanted to see me after duty was over.

Our duty ended and Greg told me that the major would call when he was ready.

After about thirty minutes, Greg's phone rang. he answered and after a second I heard him say, "Yes, sir, everyone is gone." there was a short pause then he said "Right away sir."

He got up and locked the doors to our building then looked at me and said, "The major is ready to see us."

I followed him to the major's office and when we went in I immediately noticed all the blinds closed tight and the major was sitting at his desk totally naked.

"Make yourselves comfortable gentlemen," he said standing and walking around to the front of his desk, his cock rock hard. Greg and I quickly stripped and the major began sucking us alternating between our cocks. Then he had me fuck him as he sucked Greg off. After eating Greg's load and receiving my load in his ass he offered his cock to me. It was beautiful and I immediately dropped to my knees and began sucking him dry. His load was huge and thick and I loved it.

Afterwards, as the three of us dressed, he smiled and said, "Mark, I'm glad to have you in my unit. We'll get together again soon."

"My pleasure, sir," I replied. "I look forward to it."

The major and I would meet several times a month either in his office or a room at a local cheap motel. I found out something no one else knew. He also loved to get fist fucked.

Nearly every weekend Mike and I would have company over for orgies. There were nights I'd suck eight to ten cocks and get fucked by them all.

I completed my tour and Mike and I decided that rather than get married we would pay a surrogate to have our sons. On Mike's first try, test showed it was a girl. His surrogate had an the pregnancy aborted. He got another surrogate and his second try was a boy. My first try was a boy. The babies were due a week apart and we were thrilled.

We hired a nanny to raise them. When they reached the age of questioning us we stopped sleeping together. We have sex in one of our beds then finish the night alone.

Of course, Mike and I became lovers and would get a motel room on weekends and have the others over. I continued to meet the major although I was no longer in the Marines. he would meet Mike and I at a motel and we would provide him with his favorite sex. He loved having us both in his ass at the same time.

Our boys reached the age of twenty-one and we introduced them together. To our surprise, they both took right to it. We soon found out that they were already having sex together and had been for a couple of years.

Once it was all out in the open, we had four ways regularly. They soon announced that they were lovers and it made Mike and I extremely happy.

They are now both twenty-seven and considering what we did about a surrogate. The four of us still live together and couldn't be happier. And yes, frequently Mike and I each have sex with just our sons. It's awesome.

The family tradition will continue.





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