The day of the stag party at my farm arrived and  Chucho said he would take care of the guest list. I figured it would be a normal stag party where there would be alot of drinking, prostitutes and it was except what happened the day after. Jhon, my friend was abroad studying so he couldn¨t make it. I took care of the catering so I was busy making sure every detail was perfect. Everything went off without a hitch which pleased me to no end. There were about twenty five men, invited by the Chucho, the stepfather  with imput of the stepson.Everything seemed normal during the night long party with men being serviced by at least five  prostitutes. The day after was another story...

   Most of the men had left satiated by the affair but Jhon´s father and his brothers remained along with what turned out to be carefully chosen invitees by Chucho. Invitees who were more than willing and open  to indulge in let´s say man to man sex. All the men spent the next day drinking, eating, and swimming in the pool, It was a day I would never forget since I got the chance to peruse at least ten men semi nude in their skimpy bathing suits. I noticed that all had one thing in common...they all were hung. What I didn´t know was tht I was going to end up having sex with almost all of them, the remaining day of the stag party.

   It started with the father, Jose who cornered me away from the rest and asked me whether I wanted to suck his cock. Jose asked if I had enjoyed the cream his had jacked off into a rubber which he sent to Medellin for me to savor. I mentioned it wasn´t just his cum that Diego had deposited his semen along with his in the condom.I told him i could taste the difference in flavor of his ball juice and Diego´s. I said his cream was much thicker and had a more stronger taste. I jumped at the chance since I hadn´t  indulged in the activities the night before or for that  matter wanted to. Jose and I went to my bedroom where I enjoyed sucking his 17 inch black cock. This was the second time I had the opportunity to  service such a big cock. As he laid on the bed still with his cock and balls concealed by his white underwear, I could see it begin to lengthen. I mouthed his cock and balls from the outside waiting to make this last as long as possible. I reached inside and eased his cock out of the leg opening of the briefs along with his big balls. The head of his cock was stilled partially enclosed in his foreskin.  I loved sucking Jose off since he had such a huge foreskin which I could explore with my tongue seeking out the remnants of cock cheese inside that I would always find inside. After feasting on this I proceeded to suck his cock, still amazing him by being able to swallow him to his big heavy balls. I would bring him to the point of cuming and stop which drove him crazy , knowing when he finally gave me his load it would be huge. He finally removed his briefs and lay in front of me in all his glory. Jose made me suck and savor his heavy balls telling me I was going to get a huge load from them. I said before you give me cum to eat I want you to fuck my ass with your big cock. I wasn´t really into getting fucked by huge cocks but after Dario and Chucho, Chucho and his stepstep I was more open to it. Jose asked whether I was sure I would be able to take his whole cock. I lubed up my hole and gave him a condom. As he unrolled it he said it would be useless cause his cock was too big . I said well I´ll have to take it without the rubber. I straddled my ass above his huge cock and lowered myself down. He directed the head to my hole and after what seemed an eternity the huge head of his cock slipped in. He exclamed that I had a tight ass and grabbed my waist impaling me on his black member. I felt it slide in til I had his whole cock inside and was resting on his balls. I told him to wait til I had gotten use to his size, then I started an up and down movement of my ass. I watched his face grimace in ectasy each time I hit his balls. I said I wanted to try a different position. I turned around and laid on top of his body. He reached around and started tweeking my nipples. I felt him then grasp my cock and start to jerk me off as my ass muscles did the work on his cock. All of a sudden my cock produced a fountain of cum shooting everywhere.  as I moved my ass up and down on his stalk. I could hear his breathing change abruptly, knowing I would get his cum soon. I felt his tongue start to lick the inside of my ear and could see his toes separate  and extend telling me he was at the point of no return. He shouted real loud and unleashed his black hose of cum inside my ass. After it was over he said it was the best fuck he had ever had in his life and that was saying alot. I´m certain his cock had fucked many women and even men throughout his years. 

   As we joined the men outside by the pool, a good friend of Jose joined me in the kitchen  for a cup of coffee. He turned out to be a coffee hound like me enchanted with Colombian coffee. He noticed I drank my coffee black and said as he groped his cock that I should try it with some fresh Colombian cream. Thank god we were alone at the time since he took out one of the thickest cock I had ever seen in my life in my plain view in the kitchen. It was about eight inches in length and hard as a rock. I felt his hands on my shoulders forcing me to the tile floor. We were in the pantry of the kitchen so I closed the door and got back down on my knees. He brought his thick cock to my mouth which stretched my lips to the fullest. He had the back of my head sliding his thick member inside. He hadn´t brought out his balls til I told him to pull his pants down since my chin was being scraped by the buttons of his 901 Levi jeans everytime I took him to his balls. I tugged his balls out and  used them as a shock absorber for my chin as I chowed down on his thick cock. He said I had a hot mouth but wanted my ass and told me to stand up and pull down my shorts . He took a dollop of lard from the cupborad  and lubricated his cock and my asshole. I felt him enter and start to fuck me rapid style until he shouted ¨here´s your Colombian cream¨, do you want it in your ass or in your coffee. I said in my coffee, my coffee cup was in reach and he pulled his cock out and emptied his balls into the cup. Then he told me to drink it  which I did with relish having his cum mixed with my black coffee. As he was putting away his cock  he said ¨I told you it was better with fresh Colombian cream.¨And it was... I went out to the patio where Chucho and Dario were at. They were still in their swimming suits having a private conversation as I approached them. They asked how  I was enjoying myself ¨I said great.¨ Diego was just coming into the enclosed patio and Dario asked him if he wanted to see something incredible.  Diego asked what it was and Dario said how would you like to see me take two cocks up my ass while he got his cock sucked.. They asked whether I was willing to show Diego and I said yes. We went to the stable located away from the house. There was bale of hay which Dario laid on first. He had taken out his cock which was in full erection. I climbed above his cock and sank down easily still recently lubricated with the kitchen grease and being fucked by a thick cock. Diego watched as Chucho took his big cock and entered above Dario´s shaft. He watched as both started to fuck my ass. I t got him so excited he brought his cock out for me to suck. I knew Diego was a fast cummer and sure enough he rewarded me with a load within two minutes. Dario and Chucho fucked my ass til both deposited their loads into my ass.

   We went back to the house and decided to relax in the jacuzzi. It was getting dark. There were three men inside drinking shots of Aguardiente. I was enjoying the swirling water when the guy next to me brought my hand to his crotch. He had a huge hard on and the other two watched as he motioned me to suck his cock below the water. I had never done this but what the hell. I went down on his big cock  below the water. When I came up for air the other two men wanted the same thing . So I proceeded to suck their cock, taking turns with each. As I was sucking one they jacked off their cocks  All three were hung and when the first one was ready to cum I took a deep breath and went down on his spurting cock. Each one fed me his load in the jacuzzi without letting anyone know what was going on.  

   Chucho pulled ne aside and asked how I enjoyed myself and being rewarded for hosting the stag party for his stepson. I said the best part was getting to service their hot cocks in ways I could only imagine. I said my ass still hurt from him and Dario and he laughed and said it was a great fuck. He asked me what about his step son. I said that had been the most memorable experience after the party. In the wee morning of the stag party he approached me and asked if I wanted to take a walk. It was still dark with the moon and the stars above. We stopped to talk and he asked me whether I had enjoyed having sex with him and Chucho . I said yes that for a white guy he had a great cock. He point blank asked whether I wanted to suck him off while a friend of his watched how talented I was. I heard someone approaching and it was his friend. The stepson asked whether I would show his friend the in and outs of sucking a big cock. He said he had unloaded two loads during the party but he said  his cock missed someone who really knew how to suck cock.He pulled his cock out in the shadows near the caretaker house and I proceeded to get it to a full erection showing his friend how to suck a real big cock. It surprised me when his friend took my place and started to suck his cock, mimicing what I had showed him. I got so turned on that I  brought out my cock and he started to service both of us at the same time.The stepson was enjoying the blow job from his friend and laid on the grass telling me to bring my cock to his mouth. I felt his lips enclose around my cock and was pleased his endowed  friend had taken his cock out for me to suck since  my mouth was empty  The stepson said his friend was more than a friend that his wedding was really just to appease his family. All three of us formed a triangle  I heard the friend say he was going to cum and I said to wait til all three of us were ready. The stepson said he was ready and I chimed in the same time. I was surprised both were  willing to swallow a guy´s cream since they seemed so macho. I could tell him and his friend were really in love with each other when the stepson said to save his friend´s cream in my mouth to share with him. His friend could only make a gutteral  noise of release as he was filling my mouth since he was busy taking the stepson´s load.  I did what the stepson  wanted and as his friend was finishing eating his load I proceeded to share his friend´s creamy load with him. The stepson said to keep their relationship secret and for my reward they would let me have sex with them at every opportunity that arose. I agreed since both had nice big young cocks to suck and get fucked by.  




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