After the sexual escapade one day with Chucho and Dario, brothers of my best friend Jhon in which I took both their big black cocks at once. I remember looking into the mirror in the living room and was able to see myself impaled on both their shafts. Dario who is lighter in color was on the bottom with Chucho who is jet black on top. I could see both their cocks in my ass one being a lighter color and the other black as night. I still jerk off to that sight still amazed I was able to do it. After swallowing  both their hot loads, Dario´s second hand since Chucho had gotten so excited he dumped his load first in Dario´s mouth and then Dario let me have it drop by drop. There was one surprise that I failed to mention that they had brought with them. As I was finishing eating both their loads Chuicho brought out a rubber filled  with semen. He asked whether I could guess whose cum it was and I said Diego´s. He said not only Diego´s but it was a combination of Diego´s and his father´s ball juice. As Dario was sharing the cum from Chucho, Chucho untied it and  ,he carefully held it about my open mouth and let it flow down my throat.. I could actually taste the difference of flavors from Diego´s balls and his father´s. I could even see the entrapped pubic hair from both men´s cocks in the elastic band of the rubber. After he had emptied it he put the used rubber in my mouth to nurse all the remnants of cum.

   It was an experience of raw sex I will never forget. In my mind I thought it would have been better to have sex with all four but because of logistics it was almost impossible. The father living three hours aways made it almost impossible to coordinate. But there came on opportunity of me hosting a stag party for Chucho´s stepson who Chucho said had a big cock.

   I offered my farm up thinking about how I would have access to all the brothers cocks plus the father at one time. Chucho agreed and I told him to come to the farm so we could discuss it . Chucho arrived with his stepson and had the chance for my mouth to check out the stepson´s cock personally. I told Chucho and his stepson that I would host his stag party and pay for everything . The stepson was so happy but felt funny receiving such as big gift. I said no problem that he could somehow pay me back with a favor someday in the future. After planning the party, we started drinking and I got really drunk. I told both Chucho and his stepson to continue drinking and stay the night if they wanted to. I went to my bedroom and  collapsed. The next thing I remember is someone coming into my bedroom and calling my name to see if I was awake. I was in the twilight zone having drunk so much that I didn´t answer. I couldn´t even recognize the voice but I figured it was my caretaker. 

   But as I laid on the bed sprawled on my stomack I felt hands taking my jeans off along with my underwear. I had no strength to resist being manhandled. When my ass was exposed I heard a voice saying ¨I told you he had a nice ass.¨ Then another voice saying ¨who wants to go first.¨All of a sudden I felt someone´s tongue starting to lap at my asscrack and spreading it exposing my hole. I felt someone´s tongue delve into it and gasped at the sensation. I  immediately pushed back trying to let the hot tongue evade my hole deeper relishing in the treatment. I sensed their was two persons one near my head and the other still eating my ass. I smelled the odor of  their hot sweaty bodies as I laid there totally incapacitated and open to their wants. I lifted my head in a daze just as the moment I felt a huge pressure against my anal bud along with the drizzle of someone spitting on my naked hole. As I opened my eyes they focused on a huge cock along with their huge balls just inches from my face. As I raised my head again I found my face hovering directly over this huge cock.. The pressure increased from behind and I felt a stab of shear pain as the head entered. I felt two hands raise my face and lower it smashing my face into cock and hairy balls. I heard a voice say¨ eat my balls and I´ll give you a nice drink later. I started lapping at the balls savoring all the flavors of remnants of urine to the masculine saltiness of these nuts. As I was trying to capture one of his balls in my mouth he raised them so I could lap the area just below. As I was lapping this area just below his enormous balls I felt a thrust from behind completely filling my ass chute til a huge pair of balls smacked against my asscheeks. 

I remember I must have blacked out because when I regained conciousness two hands were raising my head up and down and I realized my mouth was being fed a huge cock. A voice said ¨How do you like his hot mouth.¨The person replied ¨he didn´t know whether he could last much longer.¨Then there was a reply ¨no matter, if he makes you come he will eat your load.¨I continued feeling my ass being fucked which was numb from the onslaught of such a big tool. Then I finally recognized the voices having regained my mental capacity. I couldn´t move my head to see who was invading my ass but I managed to look up at the owner of the cock I was sucking off. It was the Chucho´s stepson who at that point had just achieved what he wanted.  I saw him twist his head and let out a shout as the cum began to fill my mouth. He had me locked in a vice-like grip so I had to swallow all he was shooting into my mouth. I felt the cock fucking my ass inflate against my ass muscles  inside and start to deposit his never ending load.  After it was over I felt the one who had fucked me collapse on top of me til his cock shrunk. As he withdrew I felt his cum stream from my ass overflowing on the sheets. Chucho´s stepson eased his now soft cock back and forth until I felt it getting hard again. They changed their positions with my head at Chucho´s crotch and the stepson at my rear. I could feel the head of his huge cock enter til I knew his whole member was  all the way in.

   I started to mouth Chucho´s soft cock tasting his cum and the flavor of my ass. I felt the shaft begin to grow and heard them talking again. Chucho said ¨how would you like to put both our cocks in his ass. His stepson agreed. Chucho got inback of his stepson and he had such a long cock he entered my hole between the legs of the stepson. I was glad since he wouldn´t be able to impale me fully with his cock like last time with Dario. I felt the head of Chucho´s cock enter below the shaft of his stepson. His stepson joked with Chucho saying it was like Chucho was fucking him since he could feel Chucho shaft between his legs. They both started to fuck my hole with gusto. Especially the stepson who was able to send his whole member inside my ass. My ass started to milk both shafts til I heard Chucho say he was about to shoot his load. His stepson said he was almost ready too. Both cocks were ramming my prostate and in the midst of them fucking me I shot my load soaking the sheets. Chucho´s cock grew thick as he was emptying his balls then his stepson with one final thrust sent his semen to the nether regions of my ass. 

   It was a great afternoon of fun and hopefully the party for him would be even better since only men would be invited. 




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