Jeff was sitting alone at home when his mom came stumbling through the door. She smelled of alcohol and cigarette smoke. Surely she must have come from the bar. More and more lately she had been doing this, he didn't mind as long as she didn't get in the way of his reading. His books were the escape from everything around him. Just as he looked up from his book she fell over onto the couch. 'Are you okay?', Jeff asked. 'I'm fine...'. His mother mumbled. 'Do you want some coffee?', he asked expecting her to say yes. 'No!' she snapped. 'I just want to sleep.' Jeff decided to just go to sleep and leave his mother be. Even though these events were normal to him, this night had stressed him out. His favorite way to relieve the stress was to mastubait. He stripped down and sat down his bed rubbing his cock until it got hard. He started searching through hid drawers for his lube. After fourty seconds with his dick in one hand and the other in his drawer her found the lube. He poured out a big glob of it and smeared it on his cock. At that point it was to late to find any porn. He held his dick firnly, and slid his hand up and down his seven and a half inch cock. He let out a loud moan and cummed on the floor. 'Damnit I just cleaned the carpet!' He whined. 'Oh well.' He picked up a tissue ans wiped up the cum from the floor.




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