When my mom called and told me my "step brother" wanted to come spend the weekend with me I was excited and a little apprihensive. Excited because I hadn't seen Jason in almost 3 years. Apprihensive because when I left home, I left him to deal with my step father who was basically a racist asshole. My mom had married him a few years after my father died and together they had Jason. I left when my my step father found out I was gay. He said he wouldn't have a "faggot" living under the same roof as him so I packed my stuff and moved to the cabin in the woods my dad had left me in his will. It was a beautiful place. Tall majestic pine trees, surrounded by the Colorado mountains. There was a lake just a stones throw from my front door.

My mom had kept me up to date on Jasons activities. He entered college which pleased his old man to no end though a kind word never passed between the two of us. Now he was on Spring break. Why he wanted to spend it with me, I didn't know but I was happy to have him with me just the same. I wondered what he looked like? He was always handsome. Dark brown hair, brown eyes, killer good looks and a lean, trim build. He had had a few girlfreinds in highschool but something that happened once, made me think he might be bi. When I still lived at home, he would use my computer and one day I noticed all these downloaded pictures. When I clicked on them I was shocked to see they were all pics of naked men. Some engaged in sex while others were you're basic jerk off and cumshot pics. I didn't think anything of it at the time. I just figured it was Jason being a horny teenager and curious.

While Jason looks like my mother and his dad, I look like mine. Tall with curly black hair, brown eyes, George Clooney good looks and a buff, muscular build. I have a light patch of hair on my chest and a dark, curly bush above my 9 inch cock. It's long and thick with a pair of heavy, low hanging nuts. Not bad for a 31 year old guy. I had some guys over to my place for sex but it was just that. Take you're clothes off, make eacother hard and then "wham bam, thank you mam!" and that was it. No feelings. No fireworks. Nadda. I wanted to find someone and settle down. Someone prefferably around my own age or a little younger. Not really into fatties. I like my guys to be handsome with trim, athletic builds. Although I have seen some handsome plus size men.

The day of Jason's arrival I busied myself tidying up the cabin. I stocked the pale next to the stone fireplace my grandfather had built with fresh firewood and went to the store to buy some stuff for dinner. When I got back I noticed a car parked infront of the cabin and someone was sitting in one of the old rocking chairs I had gotten at a flea market. I thought for a moment it was Jason but the guy sitting on my front porch was hot. Tall with short spikey brown hair, brown eyes and a lean, musculae build. He wore a dark blue t-shirt over jeans and sneakers. He was handsome. What I reffer to as "boy band" handsome.

"Can I help you?" I asked as I got to the front steps. He smiled. "I sure hope so. I'm looking for the asshole who used to snap my ass with a wet towel when we were younger!" My jaw nearly hit the floor. "Jason!" he stood and grinned. "How are ya bro?" I walked up the steps and he pulled me into a hug. His muscular body felt warm and hard agaisnt my own. "Look at you!" I exclaimed holding him at arms length, my smiled hooked to my ears. He laughed.

"I look different. I know. It's all the working out I've been doing." I nodded. "It seems to be working!" He smiled. "So, are you gonna invite me in?" I nodded. "I just need to get the groceries from the back and we'll go in." He nodded. "Lemme help you." we lugged the bags inside and Jason whistled softly. "Nice!" I nodded looking around. "It ain't much but it's home." He helped me put away the groceries and then sat on one of the barstools infront of the island. "So I noticed the lake." I nodded. "You can go for a swim if you'd like." He grinned and stood. "Great!" I laughed. "Now?" He nodded. "Why not?" I shrugged. "Lemme just get these steaks maranating and then I'll go with you." He picked up his duffle bag and asked me where he could change." Up the stairs, third door on you're left." When he came back down he was wearing a pair of turqouise swim trucks that rode low on his narrow hips. His chest was smooth and sculpted and his stomach was flat and ripped. "Ready?" he asked. I nodded.

We walked down to the lake where their was a dock and some wooden deck chairs. I sat in one. "Aren't you swimming too?" Jason asked. I smiled and shook my head. He shrugged. "Suit you'reself!" he said before doing a cannon ball into the water. When he came back up he sputtered. "GOD IT"S COLD IN HERE!!" he exclaimed. I laughed. "Oops! Forgot to tell you!" He splashed water at me which reached my shoes. I watched as he swam around and the climbed out. Water ran off his lean, toned frame. I felt my cock twitch in my pants. Was I hot for my step brother? It appeared I was. He walked over to the chair next to me and grabbed his towel. "That was fun!" he eaclaimed. His brown hair matted to his head which somehow made him even hotter.

He plopped down in the chair next to me and we watched as the setting sun lit the mountains on fire. "So hows mom?" I asked. Jason nodded. "Good." I nodded. "And him?" I never referred to the asshole as "our father" if I could help it. Jason smiled. "Dads dad!" I frowned. That was the problem. we went back up to the house and while Jason went upstairs to shower and change I got the steaks going and put the baked potatoes in the oven. When he came back down he was wearing an old t-shirt with his college logo on it and a pair of sweat pants. "I'm starved!" I smiled. "Me too. Wanna help with the salad?" he nodded. I handed him the stuff for the salad and when the steaks and potatoes were done we sat in the living room and watched a movie. I popped the top on two beers and handed one to Jason. He smiled. "This dinner is amazing!" he said gnawing on a piece of steak. After the movie, I looked over and noticed Jason was asleep. I covered him with an afghan and went upstairs to my room.

Normally I liked to sleep buck naked but since Jason was here I stripped down to my shorts. I slid between the cool sheets and closed my eyes. My thoughts turned immediately to Jason. How hot he looked in his swim trunks. The smooth, toned cut of his body. My cock responded by getting hard. I ran my hand down my stomach and inside my shorts. My cock was rock hard and stood up like the Washington monument. I lifted my hips up off the bed pulling my shorts down. My cock, now free to the cool night air pusled and twitched. I took my stiff rod in hand and began slowly stroking. I imagined Jason's lips on my skin. Traveling down my chest to my stomach. I pictured him naked, down on his knees sucking me while his brown eyes sparkled as he looked up at me. My heavy balls flopped with each stroke.

Suddenly I saw a shape in the doorway. I froze when I saw Jason standing there. "Well, well! What do we have here?" I covered my raging hard on with the sheet. "Jason! Was there something you wanted?" I watched as he moved twords the bed. "Oh, there's nothing I want. There is somthing I need however." With that he yanked the cover off me. My cock hadn't moved. He looked down at it and licked his lips. It was then I noticed the clear outline of his cock tenting his sweats. "Jason I don't think this is..." he held up a hand to shush me. I watched as he climbed up onto the bed next to me. Before I could utter another word, he leaned down and I felt his lips on the head of my cock. I gasped. He smiled as he began bobbing his head up and down. His lips on my cock felt wonderful. "Yeah! Suck my cock!" He ran his hand up my chest and gently tweaked my left nipple. I closed my eyes and sighed. "Yeah, fuck that feels awsome!" He moved faster and faster until I felt my balls draw up. "Fuck! I'm gonna cum!!" he jerked my cock, my balls flopping. "Yeah, lemme see you're cum!" he murmered. I was breathing heavily.

Jason's hand moved in a blur. I felt the hot, spunk leave my balls and travel up my shaft. I bucked upwards as my hot cum shot out of me in long ropes. "UUUGGGHHHH!!!!" I grunted as I climaxed. When my body stopped twitching and my balls were empty I watched as Jason sucked the cum off his fingers. "Yum!" he exclaimed. I smiled. "Why did you do that?" He looked into my eyes. "You don't think hanging with my bro was the only reason I wanted to come up here did you?" I laughed and pulled him against me. Our lips met and I slipped my tongue into his. He sat back on his haunches. "Look's like someone feels left out?" Jason exclaimed rubbing his cock through his pants. "We can't have that can we?" He smiled and shook his head. "No. No we cant."

To Be Continued.....

I hope u guys like my story. Most of my stories are about older men making love with young studs. It has been my hope to find a hot, young stud to give pleasure to but so far haven't found him. It's my hope that my stories will attract one :)



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