I knew that I was gay in my early teens because I loved seeing guys nude, but I never acted on it or experienced sex with another male until my senior year of high school. One weekend early in the school year a couple of my buds and I went camping and it was during that camping trip that things developed.

We were gone a week and by the time we returned we were all three deeply involved in sex with another male. All three of us were quite adept in sucking cock making out and getting fucked. For me, the very first time I had a cock in my mouth and ate what it produced, I was hooked and wanted more.

The three of us had sex every weekend and during the week when we could. Graduation rolled around and while nearly all our fellow graduates went to the graduation dance, we went to check out the diner next to a popular gay bar.

Guys our age and sexual interest, went to the diner and sat around drinking cokes, and waited for older guys, twenties and up, that liked sex with older teens to come in and start conversation. One would come in, chat his choice of guy up and invite him home for sex.

As we approached, I nearly wrecked the car at what I saw. There coming out of the diner with his arm around a hot older teen was my uncle. I nearly shit when I saw him. He was my dads younger brother. My dad was eighteen when I was born and Uncle Ray was sixteen. When I realized that I was gay, I immediately had an attraction to my uncle but not knowing he was gay kept me from doing anything. The way dad was so close to him I wondered if my dad knew or was gay also. I made up my mind to find out.

I set up a plan. My buddy, Sean, was at the diner one Saturday and I was in the car. I watched and waited, hoping that Ray would show up. I had found out that Sean had been with Ray in the past and thought he was hot in bed.

Ray came in and went straight to Sean. After a few moments of conversation, I saw Ray nod his head and Sean picked up his cell phone. He dialed my number.

I answered.

"Hey, man," he began, "You looking for a hot older stud tonight?"

"What' up?" I asked.

"Well, I'm waiting on one of my regulars," Sean lied, "and someone else came up an wanted a hot guy for some fun tonight. I've been with him and he's cool."

He paused a moment then said to Ray, "He's cool with it and wants your address. He said he'd meet you there and he'd love it if you answered the door nude."

I heard Ray reply with, "Tell him it's a deal." then he gave out his address which Sean repeated, but I already knew it.

A second later I saw Ray hurry out of the diner and get into his car. My cock was already getting hard as a rock as I drove to meet him.

I had seen Ray in shorts and shirtless, and he was well muscled from doing construction work for a living. His chest arms and legs were quite hairy. The only thing I hadn't seen was his ass and cock. And from what Sean had said he loved cock in both his holes.

I gave Ray time to get home and I pulled up into the shadows on the street and waited a moment, my cock still rock hard. His porch light was off and as I approached his door, I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my hard cock and balls.

I rang the door bell and waited. A short second later the door opened slightly, and before he could react, I hurried in.

"Shit! Mark, what are you doing here?" he said trying to hide his rock hard boner.

"Well, you did tell my friend at the diner that you wanted a teen to join you for fun tonight didn't you?"

"Fuck, I didn't know it as going to be you."

'Well, it is," I began as I stepped closer to him, "so why don't we make the best of it. I've been hot for you for months." As I said this, I grasped his big beautiful hard cock and began to slowly stroke it. He tried to respond but before he could I pressed my lips to his and forced my tongue deep into his mouth.

After a couple of seconds, he relaxed and kissed me back and began undressing me. Moments later we were on the floor enjoying our first sixty-nine It didn't take either of us long to climax and seconds apart our cocks began erupting flooding the others mouth with copious amounts of hot fresh thick cum, which we each hungrily swallowed.

Afterward, he asked if dad knew I likes male sex.

"Fuck no. I don't know how he would react. Does he know about you?"

"Yes he does. he has for years. When I was your age I tried to get him to let me suck him but he totally refused. It was just before he and your mom married but he did see me on several occasions sucking cock or getting fucked. And I noticed that every time he saw me in action he got a boner and from what I could see through his pants it looked nice."

"I'd love to get him in bed and service him at least once," I said.

"Good luck on that," he replied.

For the rest of the night Ray and I sucked and fucked each other and it was awesome. I love the idea of family cum being injected into my body.

Ray and I had sex at least one night most weekends, during the summer. I started at eh local college and Ray and began having three ways with Sean. it was so hot to see Sean fucking Ray's ass all while Ray sucked my cock.

But I still wanted my dad and I had to find a way to get him, even if it was by force.

TO BE CONTINUED............................



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