From Part 2....

Eventually, I went to my room and stripped before proceeding to dad's room. I eased in and slipped up to his bed where he lay on his back, still on top of the sheets and fully exposed to me. I gently sat next to him and gently grasped his flaccid cock. As I did he stirred slightly.

I paused momentarily before continuing. His cock was slowly beginning to stiffen in my hand. As it did, I slowly leaned closer to it and after a moment I took a deep breath. Ever so gently, I eased my open mouth over his cock and began to eat it into my mouth. As my lips closed around the shaft and I began to suck gently, Dad stirred again and began to moan. I froze.


Part 3..............

After a moment, I continued to gently suck his beautiful hard cock. A short time later dad stirred again and through his drugged state I heard him softly say 'Umm...yea...feels.....good.' I looked up into his face and saw him looking down at me. I waited for him to urge me to stop. But instead, after a short moment, his eyes closed and he moaned softly.

I continued sucking his cock, and before long he began to squirm and I knew he was reaching his climax. Then, with him saying "Oh, fuck!", his cock swelled and immediately exploded, sending numerous huge volleys of thick delicious cum into my mouth. After collecting every drop, I gently pulled off his cock before swallowing. I heard him take a deep breath before going into an even deeper sleep.

I eased out of his room and immediately went to mine and jerked off, eating my own load when I climaxed. As I drifted off to sleep, I wondered what would happen the next morning once we were awake.

I awoke the next morning and upon hearing dad in the kitchen, I became extremely nervous. I slipped on a pair of shorts and headed into the kitchen. As I poured a cup of coffee, I said "Good morning."

He paused a moment before returning the greeting. I sat at the table and waited for him to start the barrage of questions. Instead, he brought his coffee to the table and sat down with me.

"I had the weirdest dream last night, and I can't figure why?" he said.

"Oh really? What was it about?" I asked.

"You're not going to believe me but I'll tell you anyway."

He began telling me about his 'dream'.

"I was asleep and I awoke to find another guy in bed with me. He was between my legs and he was sucking my cock."

"What?" I asked.

"You heard me. It was feeling so good. I knew it shouldn't be happening but I couldn't stop him. I remember having a climax and I think he swallowed. This morning I found some small stains on my sheets."

"Well, from what you said, it sounds like you enjoyed it."

"I think I did, but sex between two guys just isn't normal."

"Dad, who's to say what is normal or not normal? If both parties are consenting, why should it be considered 'not normal'?"

"Normally, I would argue that point with you but after last night I can see your point."

I sat for a moment and remembered what he had said about finding small stains on his sheets. If it had really been a dream and he climaxed, there would have been larger stains on his sheets. I wondered how long it would be before he realized it.

He changed the subject , but I could still see the curiosity showing in his face. I decided to take it one step further, and asked, "Dad, what if you had the same dream again? Would you welcome it?"

"To be honest, I'm not sure, but I think I would. from what I remember, it felt damn good."

"Better than jerking off?" I asked.

He turned to look me in the eye and asked, "What?"

"Hell, dad, you're still a young man and I feel sure you still relieve yourself like most single guys."

He just smiled and turned red.

The day went by and as we prepared dinner, he said casually, "You know, I've been thinking. If I had a climax last night and I'm fairly sure I did, why wasn't there large stains in my bed? I feel sure the man in my dreams swallowed it but since it was a dream there would still be large stains. Can you explain it?"

"Humm. Let me think about that one," I replied.

We soon ate dinner and cleaned up the kitchen. When I stayed home like I was that night, dad would occasionally let me have a beer with him. As we watched TV together, I decided to come out to dad and tell him the entire story.

I picked up the remote and turned off the TV and said, "Dad, I need to talk with you."

"It must be serious if you had to turn off the TV."

"It is, and it's about last night. You didn't have a dream."

"Exactly what are you saying?" he asked calmly.

"Dad, I'm gay and I've wanted to service you for some time now. Yesterday I slipped you a sleeping pill and once you were asleep, I eased into you room. What you experienced was real."

"Mark, I've known since last night that it was you. I awoke enough to see you working on me, but I was drugged enough not to care."

"You're not upset that I'm gay?"

"Son, all I want is for you to be happy in life regardless of the lifestyle you choose. Although last night was the first time I have ever done anything, I'm not a stranger to the gay lifestyle. If you haven't figured it out, your Uncle Ray is

gay and as a teen he wanted the two of us to have sex but I refused. I never held it against him and because of that we are very close. However numerous times since my teens I've been curious and even more so since your mother passed away."

"Dad, you are damn nice looking and extremely well built and could have your choice of men or women. you just have to decide which way you want to go."

"I know."

"Dad, if you want to experiment, I'll be glad to help you out. Just tell me."

"Thanks, son," he said before coming over and hugging me.

I turned the TV back on and we began watching NCIS. Later, as we headed for bed, dad cane to my room and asked, "Mark, can I get personal?"

"Sure," I replied.

"Do you sleep nude?"

"Yes, I do. I find it more comfortable."

"Same here," he said then added, "I was, uh, kinda wondering if you would like to sleep in my bed with me tonight?'

"I'd really like that," I replied.

We headed for his room and once there watched each other strip nude. As we did, both our cocks began to stiffen. We slipped into bed, side by side. I could tell that dad was extremely nervous so I decided to let him make the first move.

Seconds later, he eased closer to me and soon our bodies were touching. Slowly he moved his hand over and grasped my hard cock and began to slowly stroke it. As he did, he turned his face toward me and our eyes met.

I knew what I had to do. I raised up slightly and leaned toward him and pressed my lips to his. He didn't turn away so I parted my lips an began passionately tongue kissing him. He eagerly responded and moments later our arms were wrapped around each other.

After the kiss,, I flipped around and while he was fully awake, I began sucking his hard leaking cock. Then, to my shocked surprise, I felt his hot wet mouth close on my cock. He eagerly sucked it and was doing a great job. Before long we both began climaxing and after swallowing his, I watched him swallow mine.

We talked and he admitted that it was different but that he really enjoyed it and felt that it brought us closer.

Oral sex between dad and I became a regular thing, occurring about every other night. I knew what he wanted when he would ask me to share his bed with him. I was eager to do it.

After a few weeks, I told dad I wanted him to fuck me. He agreed and that night was one of the best of my life. It was such a turn on feeling my own dad climax in me and fill my hole with the seed that created me.

Of course, before long dad wanted me to fuck him and it was awesome taking my dad's cherry. He soon grew to love getting fucked. Of course we were also rimming each other before fucking.

I had confessed to dad that Ray and I had had sex numerous times and he made me promise not tell Ray that we had began having sex together. He said he had his own way of telling him.

A few weekends later, Dad invited Ray to join us for a cookout on Friday evening.

Ray arrived and he and dad had a couple of beers before dinner. After dinner, we went to the game room to shoot pool and I sat back and watched. Midway through the first game after Ray had taken his shot, Dad was standing nearby and when Ray turned to face him dad quickly wrapped one arm around Ray's neck and began kissing him as his other hand began caressing Rays cock through his pants.

As they kissed, dad quickly managed to unzip Rays shorts and extract his cock. The kiss ended and a shocked Ray watched as dad quickly dropped to his knees and began sucking his brother's cock. After dad got Ray's load and swallowed they kissed again before Ray sucked Dad.

Afterward, we sat and Dad and I filled Ray in on everything, before we began out first three way. It was so hot watching dad suck another man's cock and he loved watching me suck Ray.

It wasn't long before Ray brought over two of their cousins to join us in our sexual play. When the five of us got together, it was wild, everybody doing everybody.

Needless to say, before long Ray moved in with dad and I and the three of us became lovers. Oh, we each played separately but most nights we had sex together.

Life couldn't be better!!

THE END............................




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