After finding out my dad's brother, Ray, was gay and we began having sex regularly, I had asked Ray if he and dad had ever played. He said that he tried to get dad involved but Dad had refused. He admitted that dad had watched he and their older sister's husband have sex and would get boned watching but he had never done anything with them. My dad was hot as hell and I knew I had to get him in bed.

I lay in bed thinking about how I could approach him and the thought would give me a boner which I had to take care of. I wondered if dad ever jerked off. I decided to find out.

Being deceitful, I went out and bought a baby monitor and hid the transmitter in dads room and put the receiver in my room. Each night I listened intently for telltale sounds. The fourth night I heard them.

Ever so softly, I began hearing soft moans, and gradually they got stronger and I could hear his fist hitting his pelvis as he stroked his cock. Every three or four nights, dad would jerk off. I had to watch somehow.

The fourth time I heard him, I eased to his bedroom and silently cracked the door open . Looking through, I could se dad on his back in bed, totally nude and his hand working his beautiful long cock rapidly. My cock was instantly hard, not just from watching him jerk off, but from seeing his masculine well built hairy body.

The moment arrived and I watched as huge ropes of thick cum shot out onto his chest and stomach, one after the other. After five ropes the force dwindled to shorter and smaller spurts. My mouth watered hungrily.

My brain began to work on a plan.

That weekend, we decided to have grilled burgers and dad invited Ray to join us.

I later called Ray and told him to bring plenty of beer. He laughed, figuring out what I had in mind. All afternoon and evening, I kept dad supplied with a fresh beer in his hand.

I figured that by bedtime dad would be so out of it that he would not realize what I was doing to him and if he did he would be too drunk to care. Bedtime came and my plan failed miserably. Dad was still in full control of his facilities.

I had to come up with a new plan. I so desperately wanted my dad that I was willing to do almost anything.

It took a few weeks to decide what I would try next.

Friday night approached and dad decided to have a scotch and water with dinner. I offered to make it, and while in the kitchen, I crushed a sleep aid and put it in his drink. We had dinner and less that an hour later dad was having trouble keeping his eyes open. I offered to help him to bed after finishing cleaning up the kitchen.

I helped him to his bedroom and undressed him, stripping him completely before easing him into bed. Almost before I could leave the room, he was snoring softly.

I decided to give him a little while before making my move. As I waited, time seemed to crawl by.

Eventually, I went to my room and stripped before proceeding to dad's room. I eased in and slipped up to his bed where he lay on his back, still on top of the sheets and fully exposed to me. I gently sat next to him and gently grasped his flaccid cock. As I did he stirred slightly.

I paused momentarily before continuing. His cock was slowly beginning to stiffen in my hand. As it did, I slowly leaned closer to it and after a moment I took a deep breath. Ever so gently, I eased my open mouth over his cock and began to eat it into my mouth. As my lips closed around the shaft and I began to suck gently, Dad stirred again and began to moan. I froze.

TO BE CONTINUED...........................



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