Rick stumbled a bit after his eyes locked onto Eduardo. He immediately understood what was at stake being seen with Eduardo and his gang tattoos on campus. Rick calmed himself by exhaling slowly and quickly walked toward Eduardo's sedan. Rick nodded to the black sedan, silently asking Eduardo to get in. Both men entered the vehicle. The driver waited for instructions. Eduardo indicated to the driver to take them off Campus.

Eduardo leaned back in his seat and started to undo his pants. Rick understood now why Eduardo was here. It was the first time he had come to see Rick since he arrived at the University. Eduardo was a good looking solidly built man with a powerful cock and sexual appetite. He grabbed Rick's head and forced Rick's mouth down to his cock. After several minutes of deep throating Eduardo's dick Rick lapped at his balls. Eduardo stuck his hand down Rick sweat pants forcing two fingers roughly up Rick's ass.

Rick could feel Eduardo's lust build. Eduardo indicated to the driver in Spanish to enter the next dark street they came too. Eduardo needed to fuck his boy. The car pulled to a stop. Eduardo dragged Rick out of the sedan and forced him to bend over the hood. Eduardo tugged Rick's sweatpants down and kicked his legs open wide. Eduardo continued to press Rick's face into the hood of the car.

Eduardo forced his hard cock into Rick's ass and pumped roughly lifting Rick off his feet with each forceful thrust. Rick's legs were shaking and his ass was on fire from Eduardo's savagery. Ricks cock was throbbing against the metal of the car. Rick could see the driver watching them and could not imagine what the man was thinking about the situation. Eduardo started to speak rapidly in Spanish, his voice filled with his lust and urgency.

Eduardo continued to lift Rick's body up off the ground with the force of his relentless fucking. Slamming into Rick, he groaned heavily unloading into Rick's ass. Rick knew what came next and stayed in place. Eduardo's kink was to watch the semen leak out of Rick's ass after a hard fuck. Eduardo never missed an opportunity. Rick stayed bent over the hood of the car while Eduardo pulled his dick out of Rick. Eduardo backed up a little and crouched down spreading Rick's ass cheeks. Eduardo watched as the semen dripped out of Rick's ass and down his leg. Eduardo rubbed his hand in the jiz and smeared it on Rick's thighs. Eduardo still crouched down behind Rick ass, stuck his thumb into Rick's hole. He alternated his thumb and forefinger teasing the jiz out. As it dripped, Eduardo rubbed it over ricks thighs and ass. Eduardo enjoyed the physical and visual carnality of the moment. Eduardo started to rub his cock again and was in an extended state of arousal.

Eduardo slapped Rick's bare ass really hard to let him know he could stand up. Eduardo still had his right hand stroking his dick, working his hand hard on his dick head. Eduardo watched Rick struggle to get his sweat pants back up. Eduardo shoved Rick against the car again, yanking his sweatpants down, half mast, and ground on him for a few minutes against the car.

After a few moments, Eduardo got off of Rick and yanked him back from the car. Eduardo pointed to the ground in front of him. Rick explicitly understood to get on his knees. Eduardo was still stroking his dick vigorously and gestured for Rick to suck on his balls. They were still in plain view of the driver and anyone else who happened to glance out of the window in the neighborhood. Rick dutifully sucked and rubbed Eduardo's balls like he had been trained.

It took an incredibly long time for Eduardo to come the second time, but finally, when he did it was all over Rick's mouth, face, and hair. Ricks face was red and raw for the extended oral sex. Eduardo used his fingers to rub the semen around Rick's face, his nose, and inside of Rick's mouth. Eduardo was very pleased he had bought the plane ticket to fuck his boy.

Eduardo sighed, and then tugged Rick to his feet and told him to get in the car. Eduardo drove Rick back to Campus and dropped Rick off at his dorm. With a two word promise Eduardo looked Rick straight in the eye and said, "next month". Rick got out of the car and Eduardo's sedan pulled away.

Rick slowly approached the building wondering what to say to Mark. Rick's cock was throbbing from the experience. Eduardo's possessiveness over Rick only increased over time. Eduardo was his protector and financial support. As Rick approached the door to their room, Mark opened it expectantly. Mark instantly saw that Rick's mouth was puffy and raw.

Mark felt alarm build in his chest. Rick told Mark quietly "Eduardo was outside when I left the building. He took me into a neighborhood near here and fucked me. "

Rick touched Mark concerned face and simply said "I loved it pup. He fucked me raw. I'm going to train you up that way. I promise." Rick kept hold of Marks face but Rick tilted his head back, closed his eyes and exhaled. With his right hand Ricked rubbed his hard cock through his sweatpants.

Mark did not understand what had happened or why it happened. But Mark knew Rick needed sexual release. Mark's sky blue eyes watched Rick for clues. Rick continued to stand still in the middle of the room with his eyes closed and his head tilted back. Rick removed his sweatpants to unleash his throbbing cock. Mark stood directly in front of him and watched breathlessly. Mark could see Eduardo's semen was still dripping from Rick's ass.

Rick slowly opened his eyes and looked at Mark. The depths of Rick's arousal were frightening. Mark instinctively backed up a few steps from the intensity of Rick's sexuality.

Rick grabbed Marks torso possessively, and Mark mumbled something, trying to right himself. Rick thrust his tongue into Marks mouth and gripped Mark's body roughly. Rick has been fantasizing about fucking Mark since he met him. After Eduardo's ass fucking tonight, things in Rick's mind were clarified. Rick understood why he had to own Marks ass, and why it needed to be now.

Rick flipped Mark onto the bed on his stomach and lifted his hips up. Rick was kneeling behind Mark. Rick literally ripped Marks briefs from his body ripping the fabric. Rick forced Mark's head down to the mattress and leaned back to look at Marks prone frame. Rick saw that Mark's legs were shaking. Rick surfaced from his raging lust long enough to hear Mark's whimpers. Mark knew what was about to happen instinctively. Mark loved Rick and wanted to please him. Rick opened Mark's ass cheeks to look at his sweet virgin asshole. Rick's cock was leaking and throbbing with his lust. In one powerful movement Rick lifted Marks hips off the bed and brought them to his mouth. Mark was only anchored to the bed by his forearms. Rick positioned Mark's ass cheeks to his face and started fucking Marks ass with his tongue. No warm ups, no romance, just Rick thrusting his tongue into Mark's ass. Rick's dark skin and gang tattoos were glistening with the sweat from the sexual tension and physical exertion.

Rick was beyond reason and on fire for Mark's ass. Rick tongued forcefully into Mark's rectum until he felt a softening in the sphincter muscles. Marks legs were trailing down Rick's torso in a dangling and helpless fashion. Mark's youthful cock was bouncing in the air with every thrust of Rick's tongue.

Rick continued to fuck Mark with his tongue for another ten minutes. Rick's penetration of Marks ass was so deep he reveled in the cumin taste on his tongue and drove harder. Rick's hard body was fully engaged in the sex act. Rick's every muscle was taut and glistening. Sweat was flying off of Rick in every direction. The entire room smelled Rick's sweat and sex.

Mark was limp on his forearms, allowing Rick to take ownership of his body. Mark was flushed head to toe and his face registered extreme pleasure. Mark was awestruck with the sexual sensations that Rick was forcing on him. Marks' cock continued to bounce in the air wildly as Rick rammed his tongue into Mark's ass.

Rick's body was rigid with desire and purpose and full of physical aggression. Rick lifted Marks hips higher in the air with his strong biceps to suck Mark's balls. Rick's forearms were throbbing with the weight of Marks body. Rick let Mark's balls slip from his wet mouth and went back to Mark's pucker with his tongue.

Rick noticed his tongue was able to slide in and out of Mark's ass without Mark tightening against him. Rick knew it was time to fuck Mark. In a slow sensual manner Rick lowered Mark's hips until Mark was on all fours. Rick roughly pulled Mark's torso up so that Rick's chest was against Marks back. Rick turned Mark's head and rammed his tongue into Marks mouth. Mark's legs and body shook with weakness and he fell back against Rick. Rick continued to power fuck Mark's mouth with his tongue. Rick reached down to stroke Marks fat cock with his hand giving him a quick two strokes. Mark's body spasmed at Rick's touch and Mark ejaculated with abandon before going completely limp. Rick held Mark's body in place while he continued to tongue Mark's mouth. Rick took his left hand and penetrated Marks anus with two fingers. The foreplay and the orgasm paved the way for Rick's fingers to move in and out of Mark ass with ease. Rick was on fire.

Rick roughly bent Mark forward and lined up behind Marks ass placing his cock at Mark's pucker. Rick gripped Marks hips tightly and pulled him back slowly toward Rick's cock impaling Mark. Mark whimpered and moaned. Rick continued to use upper body strength to pull Mark's hips back onto his cock. Rick was groaning loudly with the sensation of finally being in his pups ass. Rick continued strong arming Mark's body onto his cock.

Rick suddenly wanted more depth and penetration. Rick grabbed a pillow and put it under Marks pelvis and pushed his torso forward onto the mattress. Rick kept his dick deep inside Mark but moved into a position on top of Mark. The pillow gave Rick some extra leverage. Rick rode up high and went deep.

Mark's face was a demonstration of sexual abandon, making moaning noises and whimpers. Rick knew Mark was completely and utterly helpless and given over to the experience. Rick road up high again and deeply penetrated Mark, forcing his cock into Mark's body. Mark's body stiffened and shuddered again in orgasm. Rick was relentless. Rick's cock had never been this hard for so long. Rick did not want it to ever end. Rick began to slow and deep stroke Mark with such intensity that perspiration rolled off of Rick and pooled onto Mark's body.

Rick continued to slow and deep stroke Mark for several minutes. Rick's entire body was engaged fully in the sexual act, every sinew, every muscle. Rick's entire body was about fucking Mark. Rick looked like a wild stallion on Mark's body. Mark's blond good looks and white skin in contrast with Rick's tattoos and raw sexual power were remarkable. Rick's balls tightened up and he began pumping hard and fast into Mark ass. Rick shuddered in the most intense orgasm of his life, groaning so loudly the neighbors banged on the wall.

It was the most incredible orgasm of Rick's life. The physical exertion devastated Rick's strength. He crumbled against Marks sweet blond body. Marks whole upper body area was flushed with sex and pleasure, which pleased Rick. Rick weakly turned Mark's head so they could kiss deeply before Rick lost consciousness.


Mara Copa

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