After Mark's father left for the airport Mark became despondent. Rick tried to cheer him up.

"Pup you have a great dad. I wish I had a dad like that." After seeing his father Mark was feeling home sick. Rick thought Mark was upset about the revelation about their relationship.

"Mark, why did you tell your dad? Are you afraid he is mad?" Mark shook his head and kept pouting on his bunk. Despite Mark's religious upbringing, Mark had grown up with a story book childhood. He had no frame of reference for rejection of any type, especially from his parents.

Rick persisted, trying to understand, "What's wrong, Babe?"

Mark eyes were shiny from tears, "I'm just homesick." Rick tried to understand that and get his head around it.

Rick asked, "You want to go home?"

Mark looked at Rick disgustedly for not understanding, "No, I'm just homesick."

Rick felt helpless. Mark was inconsolable all evening and Rick resorted to reading assignments out loud to Mark so he would be prepared for class.

Rick just tried to focus on things he could understand and control, like studying and food.

At 10:30pm he put Mark in his bunk and climbed in beside him holding him from behind. He did not attempt anything sexual instinctively knowing that this was not a good time.

When the boys awoke the next morning Mark was back to normal. Rick woke him up and got him in the shower. Rick gave them both an early morning tug. Rick was gripping Mark's dick from behind. Rick had threaded his dick through Marks legs and he was jacking them both. Mark let Rick jerk them both off happily relaxing against Rick's chest. Mark reached his mouth back to kiss Rick's neck, his hands reaching back to grasp Rick's head. Rick noticed Mark was able to last a bit longer now. They both came quickly in the hot shower.

"Come on pup, let's get dressed fast and go get breakfast before class." Rick had already been formulating a schedule in his mind. He planned to write it out that afternoon and get Mark to agree to it. Rick wanted to take care of Mark better and keep their dorm room cleaner. He wanted Mark to be comfortable. Rick had enjoyed having clean clothes and clean sheets after Mark's dad had visited.

The boys ended up eating at an IHOP. They split a ham and cheese omelet and toast.

Mark said, "You know we cut our expenses in half when we share food and books. We can save a lot of money over four years."

Rick agreed but changed the subject, "Mark I start classes this Saturday. I go twice a month for 5 hours each Saturday. It's about my grant funding for school. I get counseling and resources with my tuition to help me transition. I was reading the online information. It's like problem solving, anger management, money management, stuff like that. But I have to be away from you for that time."

Mark wanted Rick to be successful and smiled at him, "Rick, that's great. Can they help you if the gang tries to make you come back?"

Rick shrugged his shoulders because he knew only one man kept the gang off his back and that was Eduardo. Eduardo had the tacit knowledge of how Rick's schooling was funded. Eduardo was the only person inside the gang that knew. Inside the gang Eduardo pulled strings to allow Rick to be released for college. Eduardo sent money to Rick through a paypal account and texted him once or twice a week to check on him.

Rick knew that this was a delicate dance of diplomacy. The grant organization was assuming he cut off all ties with the gang. The agency was prepared to replace those relationships with resources and counseling services designed to help Rick be successful on his own. Rick had only had intake services at the grant agency and had not experienced what services were going to be offered to him at NCSU.

"Don't know pup. But I don't know if I can take you with me to the classes. I'll have to wait and see." Rick had not left Mark alone much and was worried.

Mark answered, "Rick, I'll clean and do the laundry and stuff. Don't worry."

They finished their breakfast and jetted off to class.

After class the boys ate at Boston Market and went to work out at the gym. They played basketball afterward. Around 3:30pm they arrived back at their dorm. Each boy appreciated the new clean smelling state of their room.

Mark said, "See it is true, it's better for us to have a clean room. I like having clean clothes."

Rick nodded in agreement, but made a general announcement, "Pup my dick needs to be serviced."

Mark grabbed Rick around the waist and tried to wrestle him to the ground in his gym clothes. Rick laughed and fought Mark back halfheartedly. Rick would always let his boy win any physical fight. That came from a place of internal somberness and knowledge. Rick had physically harmed men under kill or be killed circumstances. Rick would never harm one hair on Mark's blond head.

Rick laughed at Mark and said, "Dude, lets grind."

Mark was delighted. They ground on each other for 30 minutes in every position. Sometimes Mark was on top and other times Rick was on top. Mark became enamored to the point of humping Rick madly. Rick allowed Mark to top him at the end. They rubbed against each other through their clothes until both had ejaculated into their gym shorts, instantly falling into a deep afternoon nap.


Saturday Rick went to his first counseling session. He found that he was being offered several resources through the college as part of his grant funding and he shared them with Mark:

1.Personal counseling services

2.Family counseling services (this could include significant others)

3.Problem solving and life skills (focused on whatever Rick was dealing with academically or personally)

4.Independent living skills: Job skills, finance, hygiene, personal health, nutrition, etc

5. Planned Performance (usually seminars from court and law enforcement to re-enforce the need for separation from past gang affiliation.

Each segment was one hour long.

Rick told Mark, "You can come to my family counseling service because you're my family. I need you there to help me. We can help each other."

Mark readily agreed. Mark asked Rick if he should learn to drive the motorcycle. That way he could go and do laundry after dropping Rick off. Rick thought about that. Rick had a few close calls on the bike and was wondering now whether he should sell the bike and get a cheap vehicle. He did not want any harm coming to Mark. He floated the idea to Mark. But Mark loved to ride on the back of Rick's bike.

Mark offered, "I can always use campus transportation to get to the laundry." Rick fretted over the decision and planned to talk about it in his first counseling class.


Saturday morning Rick reported to the counseling center and met with his personal therapist. He spoke honestly and directly about his situation only withholding the information about Eduardo. Rick talked freely of Mark. He told the counselor that he wanted Mark in his family session.

Rick's second session was family group, and Mark attended. The therapist was the same counselor from Rick's personal session and they were able to launch quickly into eminent issues.

Rick's concern was the safety of the bike and it being their only form of transportation. The therapist and Rick discussed the cost of the bike and the insurance and talked about a small compact car as an alternative that both boys could drive and share.

She gave the boys homework to do the math on which scenario would be best financially and also to produce a pros and cons list of which solution would be more practical. She counseled the boys to think about year around pros and cons. Cold weather and ice were not ideal times to be on a motorcycle.

They also talked about Mark's father's visit and the revelation about their intimacy. Neither boy had much to say or offer on the subject. They did express their appreciation of clean linens and clean clothes. Rick commented that he wished he had a family like Mark's and he wanted to make sure Mark's family understood Rick planned to take care of Mark. Rick informed the therapist he was in charge of making Mark call his mother regularly.

The counselor could not ascertain from the conversation how uncomfortable Mark's family was at Rick and Mark's relationship. She asked for permission to bring them into the family counseling session over the phone in the future.

Both boys agreed yes.

After they left the counseling center they went to the gym to play basketball. They played for more than two hours in pickup groups. Rick was almost always the best player in any group but Mark was strong. When they played on the same team they were formidable. Most of the time, their pick up partners split them up to make the teams more even.

Mark did not like to play against Rick and avoided direct challenges and contact. Rick was also prone to go easy on Mark in any one on one action. Rick's blood pressure went through the roof anytime another player roughed Mark up but he kept a lid on his temper and road it out. It was apparent to everyone they were close.

When they got back to the dorm they showered together. Rick washed Mark's body soaping and scrubbing. He was being very quiet. Mark rubbed Rick's chest questioningly, looking into Rick's dark brown eyes.

"Rick, what's wrong?" Mark's sky blue eyes full of question.

Rick kissed Mark's forehead. He was quiet for a minute, and then answered, "Babe you got in my skin so fast." Rick could not say anything else, he just held Mark in the shower.

The boys got out of the shower together and dried off. Rick pulled Mark over to the bed and started kissing Mark deeply with urgency. Rick pushed Mark back on the bed and got on top of Mark. Their naked bodies pressed together in stark contrast; Rick's dark tattooed body on top of Mark's perfect white skin. Rick kissed Mark's neck and chest teasing Mark's nipples. Rick made his way down to Mark's hard fat dick. He licked Mark's dick up and down the sides and then sucked the head. Mark moaned in pleasure and spread his legs. Rick's balls contracted and surged at the movement.

Rick started massaging Mark's balls with his right hand. Mark had really big balls, and they were tight and full right now. Rick put each one in his mouth and sucked. Mark started humping air. Rick took his middle finger and rubbed Mark's asshole. Mark held still and sucked in a breath. Rick lifted up Mark's legs so he could lick Mark's hole. Mark moaned again and held up his legs so Rick had better access. Rick's emotions were raw with intensity.

Rick whispered urgently, "Mark, I need you pup. Are you ready for me?" Mark instinctively knew what Rick was asking for.

Mark answered, "I don't know."

Rick went back to licking Mark's asshole. He spent several more minutes softening the bud and lubricating the path. Rick felt torn about whether Mark was ready or not. They had only been together a few weeks.

Rick decided, "Don't worry pup. We'll wait. I want to come just like this. Jack your dick while I lick you."

Mark joyously grabbed his dick and began pulling on it. Mark loved being sexual with Rick and was completely submissive to Rick's demands. Rick continued to lick Mark's hole until he felt Mark shudder. Rick liked the way Mark's hole contracted over and over again during Mark's orgasm, it made Rick come intensely thinking about when Rick could bury his dick deeply inside Mark's pretty white ass.

Breathless, Rick let Mark's legs fall down on the bed. He leaned down and spent several minutes deeply kissing Mark on the mouth. Rick could tell Mark was sleepy.

"Rest pup. I'll go get us some food." A sleepy smile covered Mark's face. Rick kissed Mark's forehead.

When Rick reached his bike down stairs a black sedan pulled up to the curb. A premonition passed over Rick, he paused to watch. The back door of the sedan opened slowly and Eduardo stepped out of the car looking straight at Rick. Rick's heart stopped cold.


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