After the fucking I got making Shane's porno I slept soundly and slept in. I didn't have any exams today nor did I have to work at the campus bookstore so I stayed at home and studied for my bio test tomorrow. When I took a mid-afternoon break I realized this was a Wednesday when my trucker buddies would be stopping at the rest stop. Suddenly I had plans for the evening so I better finish my studying this afternoon.

For those of you who are starting with this chapter you really won't understand what's been going on but there probably will be some hot fun sometime today. By the way, I'm Chad, you can get details about me from an earlier chapter, however I will tell you that I'm a cum slut and a size queen.

I actually started down that path last year when I stopped by the rest stop and met the truckers for the first time. Their names are Jack and Tony, they've become what I call my god parents. They have taught me a lot about sucking cock and getting fucked. Every other Wednesday since my first time at the rest stop we've gotten together. Early on all they expected me to do was suck their cocks but after I got fucked by my ex-boss they've done it to me. While they are both pretty well endowed I have found out that there are bigger cocks out there. I don't want to play their cocks down but I have been lucky to have fun with some really big cocks, Jim, the security guard, the Hulk, Jake the asshole, Grant, Jake's rival, and now porno star Hunter. I've never told Jack and Tony about the big cocks I've enjoyed, I'll keep that to myself so they can continue to think I keep meeting them because of their cocks and what they can do with them.

I don't believe I have mentioned before that I live in the great state of Arizona, probably one of the most dysfunctional states in the Union. I share that with you so you know that even though we are coming up on Winter, it's really not that cold here in the Valley of the Sun. That means I can wear some a pretty minimal amount of clothing most of the year.

When I first met Tony and Jack I was in a pair of shorts and a tank top. I decided my Christmas present to them was the same sort of outfit but slutted up a bit. I had an old pair of jeans that I have been wearing since I was 16, I decided to turn them into a pair of shorts. I had to be real strategic here. I put them on, god they fit my ass well, and looked at myself in the mirror. I tried to figure out the best place to cut them off. I figured if I cut them just right they would allow a lot of my ass cheeks to show. I had to cut out all the pockets or they hung down, not a good look and I didn't need them anyway. I took one of my old high school tank tops from my sports days in high school and did my usual rip off some of the bottom so it would show off my abs. When I first met them I had highlights in my dirty blonde hair. While I couldn't do that, I did have some stuff that you could wash out after you used it. I tried it, big mistake but I didn't have time to do anything about it now. I ended up have a couple of blue streaks in my hair. Well, they did sort of bring out the blue in my blue/green eyes.

You may think that this sounds sort of Twinkie like. I've got nothing against Twinks, some of the guys in my group of friends at the community college are Twinks and I love them to death. I don't think I'm overly effeminate but I'm not overly butch either. I like wearing tight clothes because I look good in them. Just my opinion.

OK, I was ready. I put the clothes in my gym bag. I grabbed a baseball cap to hide the streaks and went downstairs. I called to my Mom and Dad "I'm leaving now, going to the gym to work out like most Wednesdays. Don't wait up I may go out with some of the guys from the gym before we all leave for Christmas Break." My Mom yelled "Be sure to get something to eat. You keep working out and you need more protein. You should get at least 3 servings of some kind of meat every day." Laughing, I said "OK MOM". If she only knew.

As soon as I got into my piece of crap Chevy I started changing clothes. I'm pretty flexible so it wasn't that hard. I did have to say the muscles I've been getting in my arms looked pretty hot when I was in a tank top.

Off I went to the rest stop. When I get there, there was no truck. There were a couple of cars and a black jeep. No one was in any of the cars. I decided to go check the bathroom to see if anything was going on. Na da. I wondered where the people from cars and jeep were. Maybe it was all women.

I decided to go walk on some of the trails that Jack and Tony had shown me. Funny, yesterday I was filming a porno with the same setting. Up ahead I heard some noise, it was coming from where the picnic tables were. I'll be damned, there was a man and a women going at it on top of the picnic table. Just like Shane in the porno I actually stopped to watch. It didn't get me hard watching them.

I could feel someone walking up behind me and just assumed it was Tony or Jack. I felt someone run a finger along the line where my shorts were hitting on my ass cheeks. Now that started me hardening up. I then felt the hand go under the shorts and start to rub my ass. One of the fingers wandered to my hole and pressed against it. "Nice and tight". It wasn't Tony or Jack.

I spun around and looked at the man. He was sort of an average height and weight 30-something. I wouldn't say he was ugly but....on the 1 to 10 scale it would be pushing it if he was a 3. Now I know looks aren't anything. The way a guy handles himself, how he takes care of his body, a smile in his eye can move you up the scale easily. This guy had none of those attributes.

"How you doing tonight? Got to say you look pretty sexy." Ewwwww.


"What brings out here tonight? It's pretty dark out here."

I think the man and woman fucking must have heard us. They sprinted to one of the cars and speed away.

I didn't respond to creepo's question.

"Are you out here looking for some fun?" He gave me this lascivious look. Ugh!

"No, I'm just planning to meet some friends out here."

"I bet you are sweet cheeks."

I knew that I could take this guy down if I needed to. I turned and started walking back to my car. He followed me.

"You sure I can't convince you to have a little bit of fun. I've got a really nice cock that I'm sure you'd like it baby."

Could this guy get any creepier? "Thanks for the offer but no."

"Aw come on baby, let's have some fun I know that's what you are looking for why else would you be dressed like this."

"My friends should be here any minute."

"Come on sweetie, come into the john and let me put my cock through one of those holes and let you suck it."

I felt another person walk up behind me.

"Rick, it's pretty apparent he's not going to solicit you, let's hit the road."

I turned around and saw a gay man's walking wet dream. A 6'4" walking wet dream. Black wavy hair. Broad shoulders. Great looking pecs. Big hands and feet. All of that wrapped in a tight police uniform. Then he spoke again. "Kid, you shouldn't be out here dressed like that someone might get the wrong impression. Do your parents know where you are? It's almost curfew." He thought I was younger than 18, maybe this outfit wasn't the best idea.

"Rick why don't you take the jeep back to the station. I'll make sure this kid gets home ok and then I'll have my wife pick me up at this house. Have a good rest of the evening.

Rick walked toward the jeep appearing dejected.

"Rick likes to think he could be an undercover cop so the chief told him he could come out here and see if he could get solicited so he could get a few collars under his belt. The chief makes me come with him and stay out of sight so I'm here if anything goes south."

I couldn't talk, I was looking at what I thought Superman/Clark Kent would look like.

"Now kid, tell me honestly, were you out here trying to pick up some quick cash giving blow jobs in the bathroom or in peoples' cars?"

"No, Officer?"

"Bradly. Brick Bradly." Seriously? Was he in a bad soap opera, who names their kid Brick?

"No I wasn't Officer Bradley."

"You can call me Brick, I'm off duty now." I had to stifle a laugh, Brick shithouse, it did sort of fit.

"What are you doing out here?"

"I'm meeting some friends of mine, they're truckers who are passing through."

"Truckers passing through, really? You're not building a very good case that you aren't out here turning tricks."

"I promise you Brick I'm not here turning tricks."

"But you're going to service those truckers who are coming aren't you?" Did he just rub his crotch?

Thinking at this point, honesty is probably the best policy, "Yes we were going to have some fun."

"Ok, you look like you are at least 17, that's the age of consent here so if you aren't turning tricks there's not much I can do." I couldn't help but glance down and see if he really was rubbing his crotch. Not just that but a pretty impressive bulge was growing, what was going on?

"You know kid, you really could get in a lot of trouble out here. For future reference I'm going to tell you all the things that you shouldn't be caught doing out here." I decided to play along with him, he had to yanking my chain. "Let's go over to the picnic table and sit down."

We went over to the table and sat down side by side facing a way from the table portion. You couldn't see the bathrooms from this spot but there was a direct line of sight to the part of the parking lot where the last car was parked. At least Jack and Tony would see me when they pulled in and help if I needed it.

"First you can get into trouble if you give someone, or someone gives you, a hand job."

"What's that?" I can't believe I just asked that.

"You beat off right, all guys your age do. It's doing that but holding on to another guy's dick."

"Really, now you've got me wondering what that's like."

"Let me show you." My shorts had ridden up so much that my cock was actually sticking out from then because this whole bizarre conversation was getting me going. He pushed my shorts farther up and took part of my cock in his hand and started stroking it.

"Oh I see. I'd like to find out what that feels like." Playing the naive and innocent cum slut and size queen.

"Let me undo my uniform pants for you." He opened up his zipper and pushed the fly away and then pushed down his boxers. He actually raised up a bit so he could pull his pants down a bit farther. He kept his holster and belt! "Just wrap your fingers around my cock, yeah, that's it. Now start stroking it like you would beat of your own. God that feels good." I kept that up for a few minutes while he just looked very peaceful. "You better stop, I don't want anything to happen that shouldn't." Damn!

"Another thing that can get you in trouble is what's called fellatio."

I couldn't believe we were going through this charade but it was actually was fun in a weird way. "What's that?"

"It's when a guy takes another guy's dick in his mouth."

"Really, someone would actually do that, gross!"

"Let me show you. Stand up and take off your shorts." Hmm a little more direct this time. "Turn toward me." As he did he leaned down and took my cock in his mouth. Oh my god...Superman/Brick was sucking my cock. Now as I said before I can take this or leave it, but this was something special. He really wasn't very good at this, he really could use some lessons.

"Can I try now?"

"Sure kid. Since I'm already standing, why don't you get on your knees in front of me and try it." You didn't have to ask me twice. I dropped to my knees and gobbled up his perfectly XXL cock. I did my best to make him feel good.

"Kid, kid you better stop." I didn't and I got a nice reward. When I was done I got up and sat down next to him again.

"What else?"

"Well there's this thing called anal penetration."

"What does that mean?"

"Well it's when a man sticks his dick into another man's ass."

"That sounds just awful."

"I'm sure it is and it must hurt. I've never done that with anyone, I've only seen pictures."

"Will you show me?"

He's breathing was getting ragged and his cock, which has softened during the discussion was now starting to firm up again.

"Sure. Stand up, turn away and touch your toes."

"Will this hurt?"

"I assume it will but I've got the feeling you can handle it." We were drifting away from the lying. "I just happen to have some hand lotion with me. I'm going to put some on your ass hole. Is that ok?"

"I don't think I'll need it."

"I bet you don't." Wow rapidly change the tone of our conversation.

He grabbed my hips and started rubbing his cock along my ass crack making sure to rub it roughly across my asshole.

"See that's how it should feel before someone slides their cock in your ass." Yep, maybe he knows how to do this better than I thought.

"Next he'll stick the head of his cock at your opening and push. You shouldn't push too hard though." Oh yeah, he was speaking my language.

"After that he'll push it in a little farther like this. How's that feel?" I just moaned. "You like that don't you? I can tell you've been fucked before but you're still very tight." Thank god for ass exercises.

"Have you ever done this before Officer Bradley?"

"No, actually this is my first time but it feels sort of natural. I feel like I need to start shoving more in your ass." And he did just that. Oh man!

"It feels like I need to start going like a car piston." And he did for a very long time.

"Kid, I'm going to cum, should I pull out?"


"Well, if I was fucking my wife I wouldn't want her to get pregnant."

"That's not an issue with me. Give it to me.....hard!" Which he did. Sigh.

After we had straightened ourselves up, I asked him if I could give him a ride home.

"No my wife can take me."

"Well, you better give her a call before it gets too late."

"No need, she's right over there." He pointed to the car that was still there. Just then Tony and Jack's rig pulled in.


"She's always wanted to see me fuck somebody but she wouldn't let me do a woman. So when I heard the chief wanted to clean up this rest stop I saw it as an opportunity where she could watch and the guy I was with wouldn't know it. One more thing off her bucket list. Take care kid." With that he was gone.

Tony walked up to me and said, "Why were you talking to a cop? Everything all right?"

"Just perfect, now let me suck some prime cock!"

This has been the strangest week!


Finals are almost over, hang in there!

Be well,


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