Hi, I'm Chad, a card carrying cum slut and size queen. I'm also 5'10" and 165 pounds with blue/green eyes and dirty blonde hair. In addition to the way I look and my penchant for cock, big cock, I'm also a community college student, campus bookstore employee, personal assistant for one of my professors and assistant manager of the baseball team.

When it comes to the cum slut part of me, I routinely suck and get fucked by a pair of truckers at a nearby rest stop, take care of my boss at the bookstore and provide a variety of services as the personal assistant to Professor Jones.

Besides my regulars, I also visit a glory hole in the basement of the library whenever I can to get an ever changing supply of cock and cum. A few weeks back, on my birthday, I had some fun at a leather bar and dirty bookstore. Oh yeah, I took on the whole rival. Every once in a while I hook up with our first base coach.

I can't forget about Jake the asshole. He's the captain of the baseball team and is the epitome of an alpha male. He's hot as hell and has a great cock. Unfortunately he likes to demean me and any other gay he meets and he also likes to be in charge. Every once in a while I let him live his fantasy of being in charge by calling me names, feeding me his cock and fucking me. He may think he's in charge but it's actually me. I guess you could call me the alpha cock sucker.

Final exams start on Monday. For the past week I've focused my attention on my books and not on cocks. I had to get good grades because I want to transfer to State at the end of Spring semester. I'm also worrying about money to cover tuition and books. My job at the campus bookstore doesn't make me as much as I need. Luckily, my parents gave me an early Christmas present of paying next semester's tuition.

I'm going to write this chapter a bit different. I'm going to write it in diary form so you can see how I do on each exam and anything I may do.


My first exam is today, it's Professor Jones' class. I've been studying my ass of. I've even tried to keep up my grade by taking care of the Professor's cock when it's 'up'. He had sent me an email asking me to meet him in the lecture hall before the test started. When I walked in he was already there standing behind the lectern.

"Mr. Cartwright, please come down here." I did. "I hate when I have to proctor my own exams. With so many students I can be here for almost more than an hour." I needed to know this why? "I think I've come up with a way to keep alert. You'll notice that under the stack of tests on the lectern I've brought several magazines to read while the class take the test." On the lectern was a magazine cover showing a man plowing another man, another had a cover of a guy getting a face load of cum, and a third that showed a guy sucking another guy while a third guy was shoving a big black dildo into the guy who was sucking. "What do you think about my reading material?"

"Pretty hot I guess."

"I agree and they are going to keep me with an erection for most of the time. I also took some Viagra to make this idea really work." Huh?

"Mr. Cartwright you see this space under the lectern? I expect you to sit there and suck on my cock until the last student turns in their test paper. You need to know that at no time will I touch my cock, it might be too noticeable to the class if they thought I was adjusting myself."

"How am I going to take the test?"

"This is how it works, you are starting with an F. For each time you make me cum you're grade will go up one grade. That means if you get me to cum 4 times you'll get an A. 5 times I'll give you some honor points which will improve your overall GPA. 6 times and I'll write a glowing recommendation for your application to State. Understand the terms?"

"Yes Professor."

"Good, now get under the lectern and get ready. You'll be able to see that the Viagra has already kicked in." I got under the lectern, there was more space than I thought there would be. It was obvious that his cock was ready, willing and able. "The first student has arrived, get started." I got his cock out his slacks, the Viagra was really working, and he was hard as a rock. I started by just teasing the head with my lips and tongue. I could hear the class rushing in, the test was supposed to start in a minute or two. I was racking my brain trying to think of 6 ways to get the Professor to cum. I continued to tease the Professor.

"You, in the corner come get the tests and pass them out. Thank you." It was sort of hot that there was one of my classmates on the other side of the lectern.

I put my all into making the Professor cum. I got him off the first time when he said 'begin, I expect you to have your tests back to me up here within the hour." I started working his cock again using my mouth and my hand. I could hear the Professor flipping the pages of one of the magazines. Cum #2.

He handed me the magazine when he was finished perusing it. It was the one with the guy getting fucked. I decided to use it as inspiration. I started ramming my cock up and down his cock to try to simulate the way a cock would feel fucking me. It worked, cum #3. I needed a couple of minutes to catch my breathe.

True to his word he hadn't touched his cock. He handed me the second magazine the one that showed a guy shooting off on another guy's face. This time I just gave the Professor and hand job making sure he could see, if he glanced down, that his cock was pointed at my face. He did and he knew what was going to happen. Cum #4. I wiped the cum off my face and rubbed my hand over the knee of my jeans.

I remembered that the third magazine was the picture that included the dildo. I had no idea of how to replicate that. Bingo. I grabbed his dick, I was going to make him feel like he was the dildo. I started ramming his cock into the side of my mouth so my cheeks pushed out. I moved from side to side until he shot. Cum #5.

I could hear students start to bring their tests up to the Professor, which meant there was going to be about a 100 students who would be within inches of me sucking the Professor. I was getting even hotter by knowing that. I decided to use their rhythm to do my movements. That meant I had about 100 moves to get him off. There pace was irregular so my mouth movements were irregular. In between movements I just rubbed my tongue on the underside of his cock. His legs were shaking so I know he was enjoying it. I heard someone say "are you alright Professor, you look flushed." "I'm fine."

This continued for a while and then, "I'm the last one, have a nice break. See you Spring semester."

It was now or never, I started sucking like there was no tomorrow and it worked. Cum #6.

Professor Jones said "you can come out now. Well done Mr. Cartwright, you really do deserve the A, you put a lot of talent into your work." Then he started walking away. "I hope to see you next semester whenever you need me." Not likely you prick. I did have to admit to myself that I may not have gotten A if I had taken the test.

I brushed myself off and headed out of the lecture hall. The next professor who used the lectern was going to be shocked with the 3 magazines I left.

I decided to go to the Student Union. I wasn't going to get anything to eat, the Professor had given me some pretty big loads. I did, however, get a Coke. I sat down and studied for tomorrow's math final.

At some point it dawned on me it was Monday. I'm supposed to meet Jake in the library bathroom each Monday afternoon. He thinks he's "forcing me" to show up. He doesn't know that it's his cock that draws me to meet him. I hadn't been fucked in a while and my ass was telling me that it was time. I tried to think of some kind of scene that Jake felt like he was in charge but it really will be me. To be honest Jake doesn't know how to fuck too well, it's usually just slam it in, rock a little and then filling my hole. I needed to change that today.

I reached the library and immediately went to the basement bathroom. The last time we were here we got caught by the really cute Latino custodian. We made the mistake of not fucking in a stall, not today, we would use the last stall in case anyone came in.

Jake finally showed up. He was in his usually outfit of jeans and shirt that were both very tight and showed his package at its best advantage.

"Hey faggot." Here we go. "I just had a bitch of a final and don't think I did very well." What a surprise. "I'm really stressed out and I need your cock sucking mouth to relieve the stress. Get over here and get on your knees and do your very best cock sucking." He started to pull his cock out.

"Jake, I've thought about this a long time and I thought I should tell you something before it comes back to you."

"What's that fag?" He had his cock all the way out now.

"When I took care of our rival team, their captain implied that he had a bigger cock and fucked better than you."

"He did huh?"

"Yeah and to be honest I told him he did. I just wanted you to know in case he tells someone." I started to get on my knees. I had just told Jake a couple of lies.

"You're lying faggot, my cock is bigger and I can fuck anyone better than he can. I'm going to show you, then the next time you see him, you can tell him that you lied to him, you didn't want to hurt his feelings because he was so inadequate. Get up and lean over the sink."

"Don't you remember we got caught last time?"

"Forgot about that."

"Let's go to the last stall, we should be ok."

"OK", in we went. "Take off all your clothes and then sit on the toilet." My plan was working. He may think he's making me do stuff I don't want to do but I'm going to get exactly what I want. His cock up my ass and he's going to do a better job than he has in the past.

His cock was still out but he spread his zipper wider. "Beat my cock until it's hard." I did. "Now take my cock in your mouth and tell me that my cock goes farther down your throat than that prick." I knew it did, I just wanted him to worry a bit more. He pulled out, "well?"

"Jake, I think he may be right. Maybe if your worked my throat a little harder I could tell if yours is bigger. You should know that yours is thicker."

"Damn right it's thicker and I'm damn sure it's longer too. Come on faggot work harder, get my cock down your throat." He grabbed my head and pushed and pulled me up and down his cock. "Tell me now!" I nodded my head no. "God damn it, you're doing something wrong, work harder." I was having a great time. Remember I'm a size queen.

I opened my throat more and put my hands on Jake's hips and pushed him and pulled him at the pace that allows me to enjoy his cock.

"Get your fucking hands off of me cocksucker."

I had gotten what I wanted so I pulled off his cock. "You're bigger."

"Damn straight. Now get back on my cock and take my load."

"I don't think you want to do that Jake. The other captain dropped two loads in me. You need to do the same so it's a good comparison."

"That shouldn't be a problem. Kneel on the toilet cover and put your hands on the wall. Hold on tight because I'm going to give you the ride of your life."

In typical Jake fashion he rammed his cock up my ass. "Jake, he first teased my hole with his cock." Jack pulled his cock out and started to rub his cock along my ass crack which caused his cock to rub across my hole." "Mmmm....that was better than him."

"What next?"

"Put the head of your cock against my hole and wiggle it around, that feels good. Now just do little jabs with your cock at the asshole, yeah that's how he did but your do it better."

"Damn right I do. When do I get to plow your pussy, this is taking too long. I can't believe he spent all this time with you."

"Yeah he did. Now push your head in so just the head is in my ass, oh yeah. Ok, now very slowly start putting more and more cock in. Not so fast Jake, just little increments."

"Increments?" See what I mean? Box of rocks but hung like a horse.

"Just a little bit more each time until you are all the way in. You're getting the idea. Keep going until you can't put any more in." When we got there I decided to boost Jake's ego. "You are definitely thicker and bigger, stud." Even though I couldn't see his face I bet he had a shit eating grin. "Now slide your cock almost all the way out and then push back in. Do it slowly a couple of times. When you are all the way in and can feel that your shaft is against my prostate do little crunches with your dick. Oh god, that's wonderful. Ok now fuck me like I've been bad and need to get a fucking from someone like you." He did exactly what I had told him and he dropped his first load in my boy cunt.

"You told me that he came twice, what did he do?"

"Focus on keeping your cock all the way in and I'll start squeezing my ass to get you as hard as I can."

Jake finally snapped. "Fuck this, I'm not going to treat a faggot like this, I'm going to treat a faggot like this." He grabbed my ass and pulled me onto this cock. Between him pushing and pulling my hips; him trying to prove he had the bigger dick and my pushing back he gave me a savage, primal fuck. Actually it was probably the best fucking I've had from him, but I wasn't going to tell him that he was the overall best. I wanted to make sure he kept trying to do better. He shot another load in my ass. "There you go faggot." He pulled out, grabbed some toilet paper to clean of his dick. "Tell that asshole that I'm better than he is at fucking, in fact I should get a trophy."

"Yeah Jake, you're the best." He didn't pick up on the sarcasm in my voice. "We better get going."

As we headed out of the bathroom who should be there but the Latino custodian. He gave me a little wink that Jake couldn't see and then entered the bathroom.

"Jake, in case I don't see until next semester, have a nice break."

"You too fag. I hope you like the early Christmas gift I just gave you." This was said with a sneer. He had no idea how much I liked it.

"I need to take a leak." I headed back for the bathroom, maybe one or two more loads today.


Be well,


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