Story #17 ½

How Tony and Jack met and their shared love of hot mouths and asses.

Tony and Jack first met at a leather bar. They both enjoyed beer and pool. They tried dating but it didn't work out, their sexual desires didn't quite mesh. They did, however, find that they both liked men who were young, in good shape and knew, and liked, sucking cock and getting fucked. Initially they would meet every weekend at the leather bar and help each other land some hot numbers. This wasn't very difficult for them since they were both good looking. Jack was in his early 30's and had dark hair and eyes with some chest hair on his nice, hard pecs. Tony was in his late 20s and was blonde with brown eyes. One night they could only find one kid who wanted to go home with Jack. Jack suggested that Tony come along and the three of them could have some fun.

They took the kid to Jack's place and had a few more drinks. Jack asked the kid to do a striptease for them while Jack and Tony watched from the sofa. The kid was good. He knew just how to take his clothes off in a way that got both men hot. Before they were done they both were rubbing the growing mounds in their jeans. The kid turned around and bent over making sure both Tony and Jack saw what he had to offer.

"Come over here kid" said Jack. The kid came over and did a lap dance on Jack. He was rubbing has ass on the mound in Jack's pants with his hard dick rubbing on the front of Jack's shirt. The kid started taking Jack's shirt off and as he did he kept rubbing his cock on Jack's abs. Tony was watching all this and stuck his hand down the front of his pants and started squeezing his cock. The kid knew what he was doing so while still doing the lap dance on Jack, he reached over and started to massage the growing outline of a cock in Tony's pants.

"Undo my pants", Jack ordered the kid. The kid slid back a bit and undid Jacks belt and jeans. He then raised his ass up and started yanking at Jack's pants. Jack raised his ass so they could slide easier. The kid then dropped to his knees and took Jack's shoes off and then finished pulling Jack's jeans all the way down. "That's it kid."

Now, Jack's cock was a pretty impressive and the kid wanted to chow down at the sight of it, however, Jack had different idea. "Help my friend get his cock out." The kid did the same for Tony what he had done for Jack. "Now come back over here and get to work."

The kid didn't waste any time. He took Jack's cock in like a sword swallower. He began bobbing up and down and making sounds like he was really enjoying himself. Tony reached over, put his hand on the kid's head and helped his friend's cock go deeper into the kid's throat. Jack just leaned back and sighed. After a while Tony got up and stood behind the kneeling kid. Making sure the kid kept his mouth on his friend's cock, he eased the kid up so that he was standing and bent over Jack's cock while he continued to work his mouth and throat to keep Jack happy.

Tony spread the kid's ass cheeks apart and began to tongue the kid's asshole. When he did the kid started to squirm around, wriggling his ass on Tony's tongue. Jack could tell that the kid was ready for more so he put his hands on each side of the kid's head forcing him up and down on his cock. "Yeah kid, take my fucking cock, take it, enjoy it because it's about to give you a present." With that Jack filled the kid's mouth with his spunk. "Swallow it kid, it's the second best you'll ever get. Only Tony's is better." The kid savored each drop.

"Tony, have you got the kid's ass ready for my next load?" Tony pulled back from the kid's ass and simply nodded his head. "Let's change places." Jack stood up and so did Tony. Tony went to sit on the couch and Jack came behind the kid and grabbed his hips. "Taste my buddy's cock kid." The kid happily obliged by starting to lick up and down Tony's shaft. Eventually he took Tony's quivering cock into his mouth expertly working the head first before lowering himself on the stalk of flesh. All this time Jack was circling his finger around the kid's asshole that was still wet with Tony's spit. Tony pulled the kid's mouth from his cock while Jack asked, "what do you want kid?"

"Your cock."

"How do you want my cock kid?"

"I want your cock up my ass."

"What do you want me to do with my cock up your ass?"

"I want you to fuck me."

"How do you want me to fuck you?"

"Fuck me hard."

"Like this?" and Jack shoved his cock up the kid's ass all the way to the hilt.

The kid yelled but then said, "Yeah, just like that."

Tony pushed the kids face back down on his cock.

The two friends got a rhythm going. Both cocks going in and both cocks sliding out in perfect harmony. The kid kept pushing back and down trying to get both cocks back in as deep as possible. Before either Tony of Jack came, Tony suggested changing positions. They got the kid on his back on the carpet with Jack's cock still up his ass. Tony straddled the kid's chest and kept feeding him his cock.

Jack said, "I'm getting close."

"Me too."

"Let's do it together buddy. Countdown 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, lift off!" Like two Mercury missiles they both let loose at the same moment filling the kid with two pay loads. "Fuck yeah!

They all collapsed on the couch and had another drink. "Ready for another round kid?"

"I don't know if I can take anymore."

"Sure you can kid, lean over the arm of the couch, yeah just like that. Let me get behind you."

Jack started teasing the kid's hole with his cock. Not quite putting his head all the way in and then pulling back. He could see the kid's asshole opening and closing like he really wanted his cock. "Tony straddle my cock, let's see if we can get both of cocks into this kid's pussy." It took a little maneuvering but they finally had both of their cocks aimed at the kid's ass. "Ready kid, you should really like this." Together Jack and Tony pushed the heads of their cocks into the kid's ass. No yell this time just a lot of moaning from the kid. Together the two friends kept getting more of their cocks into the kid. Tony put his hand in front of the kid's mouth who immediately started sucking on Tony's thumb.

Jack was the first to speak up, "Man, this feels so good. Kid not much longer, hang in there." The friends started to pick up the pace. When Jack pushed it caused Tony to push. Pretty soon with the pace they were at they had their cocks in as far as it was possible because of their positions. The head of Jack's cock kept rubbing the underside of Tony's causing him to vibrate in pleasure. Tony could feel Jack shot and he promptly followed. They fell of the kid. The three of them passed out on the couch.

The next morning when the friends woke up the kid was gone. The kid, however, had left a note. "Anytime you guys want to repeat last night, give me a call. 555-754-6869. I'm afraid you've spoiled me. Call me!"

The friends realized that they truly enjoyed the experience and started picking up thirds whenever they could. Neither one of them had any desire to have a boyfriend. They had everything they needed when it was them and some hot number, or numbers, they picked up.

With their jobs it was difficult to find as much time for their activities that they would have liked. Eventually they figured out that if they partnered up on a nice truck cab they could become a long haul driving team and they could sample guys all across the country.

And so a great friendship was forged, and a lot of asses got fucked.


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