I came out of my bedroom and went into the kitchen, both my Mom and my Dad immediately started pelting me with questions. "Why were you so late getting home?" "You look so tired, are you sick?" "Are you ready for classes?" "When do you start your new job?"

"I had to work late, yes I'm a bit tired, yes all set, today".

Then my Mon said "You haven't been eating a lot lately, I'm worried that you're not getting enough protein."

"Don't worry about it Mom, I'm getting a lot of protein." I was laughing inside. Between the rest stop and the mall I was getting all the protein I wanted. Last night alone I got a load from my now ex-boss, Jim and his three buddies and a security guard appropriately named MC LT (long and thick). I even got some "protein injections". "I better get going I don't want to be late for my first class and my new job."

I gathered up my stuff and went out to my car, a piece of shit Chevy, but at least it got me from point A to point B.

If you haven't read the previous chapters, I'm Chad, a 19 year old cum slut and size queen, at least that's what my actions lately would mean. I'm in good shape, 5'10", 190 pounds with blue/green eyes and frosted dirty blonde hair. My parents hate the hair but I really like it. Since today is my first day at the local community college I've chosen my clothes carefully. I've got a new pair of dark washed jeans that really show off my ass; a tight t-shirt with the school mascot that I cut a bit so it's just riding at the top of my jeans. If I bend or reach it shows of my back dimples and my abs. You never know who you might meet.

On my way to campus I passed by the rest stop and the mall, the places where I came to realize I like cum, and lots of it, and big dicks. The guys I've been servicing all have cocks as big or bigger than any of the guys in my high school locker room. I may never see any of those big dicks again.

When I got to the community college campus I parked and then started walking toward the building where my first class was. While walking I realized that just like high school there are cliques just like there were in high school. There was a cluster of nerds, another of artsy types, a couple of groups that were sitting all together but had their heads in their books, some stoners, the mean girls and of course the alpha males, the guys who typically played sports and who knew they looked good. As I was walking toward the alpha group I couldn't help but check out the size of the packages they all had and they all looked pretty impressive. Since they knew they were hot they all wore clothes that accentuated their crotches and their muscles. When I looked up to check out their faces, the biggest guy looked at me and said "faggot, what are you looking at?, I bet you're trying to see how big my cock is." His friends laughed and some of them called out faggot, cocksucker, pussy boy and a couple I never heard of but guessed were derogatory. Who cares, I like who I'm becoming and I didn't think there was anything wrong with sucking cock or being a pussy boy. After they walked past I glanced over my shoulder to check out their asses, no surprise all looked pretty damn good. When I raised my eyes again the biggest guy was looking back at me and sneered.

My first class was pretty boring, just going over the syllabus and other general information. There wasn't much to look at either. Most of the guys in class were nothing special and the professor was old and looked like he was ready to fall over. I wasn't looking forward to being in this class for the semester.

After class ended I had an hour and a half before my next one. My job didn't start until after the second class so I had some time to kill. I decided I would go check out the library since I would be in the Student Union for my job. The library was nothing special but it had Wi-Fi so I spent some time just searching the web.

I needed to pee so I packed up my stuff and looked around for a bathroom. There was one right off the lobby but since I'm pee shy I wandered around looking for one that wasn't as busy. Seeing none on the main floor I took the stairs down to the basement. The basement was pretty empty because all that was down here was rows and rows of book shelves. Since no one really needs to get hard copies of books anymore the place was deserted. I found a john at the end of one of the stacks and went in.

The bathroom was old and stuffy. A couple of sinks, one urinal and five stalls. I decided to check out the stalls. To my delight there were glory holes between each of the stalls. I decided to take the middle one. The graffiti on the walls was different than what I had seen at the rest stop. There were political statements, comments about faculty members, and stupid limericks. There was however some "show hard for a blow job", "meet me Tuesday at 4:30", "I've got 8 inches for you" plus a few more. I pulled my cock out and had a nice pee.

While finishing up I heard the door open and close and someone took the stall next to me. Someone glanced through the glory hole but I really couldn't see them. Almost immediately a cock appeared in the hole. "Blow me cocksucker". I didn't know why but the voice sounded familiar. Far be it from me to turn down a cock, I wrapped my fingers as far around it as I could. It immediately started to harden up. It kept growing and growing. My good luck continued, another big cock. When it was at its hardest I was able to put my hands side by side wrapped around the shaft and there still was more.

"Come on faggot, I don't have much time."

I didn't need much more incentive, I sat down on the toilet and sucked his cock into my watering mouth, man it tasted good. I started using all my tongue and throat tricks to really get him going. I slide my mouth up and down his hard dick and moaned as I did.

"Fuck man, I knew you would be a good cocksucker when I saw you walk by a while ago. I've been following you since I saw you again. Yeah, that's right, work my big tool you cocksucker. I wasn't surprised that you came down toward this bathroom, it's the one john I know I can usually get a good blow job most days. Oh fuck, what the hell are you doing with your tongue?"

I was doing long motions with my lips, tongue and throat. I'd slide all the way down his cock and then pull back so just the tip of his cock was in my mouth, then I'd ram my mouth back down his hot cock. This went on for a few minutes. The cock started to stiffen up even more. "Here it comes sissy, drink my cum, I know that's what you want." He started to shoot ropes of cum onto my throat and onto my tongue. I swallowed it all. This guy's cum tasted different than others I had tasted, it almost tasted like beer. Interesting.

As soon as he was done shooting he pulled his cock back and quickly pulled his pants up. "If you tell anyone about this faggot I'll beat the shit out of you, understand?"


"Good, now be here every Monday at this time and I'll give you another load if I'm in the mood. If you're not hear I'll come find you, got it?"

"Yes. What's your name?"

"I'm not going to tell you that cocksucker, why should I? All you need to know me by is my big cock, the big cock you just ate like it was candy." With that he hurried out of his stall and left the john.

A little bit of his cum had come out of the corner of my mouth. I pulled some toilet paper and wiped it off. Before I could leave my stall I heard someone else come in. He went into the same stall that alpha guy had been in. Without saying a word or looking through the hole he shoved his cock through. I would say the cock was kind of average. Not bad but not that large. Reinforced for me that I like them big. Not to be one that discriminates though, I slide my lips over his cock without even touching it. He tasted like soap, a pleasant soap.

"I knew there must have been someone giving blow jobs in here, that other guy was in here way to long." He started moving his hips so that he was pushing in while I was pulling back, then he would pull his cock back as I tried to keep it in my mouth. This one wasn't causing my jaw to hurt nor did it reach the back of my throat but it still was good. I was glad that I was able to give him a good blow job. Without warning he shoot a load of cum into my mouth. This guy's was salty but didn't have any other flavor. "Thanks man. I hope you're here again, you're a great cocksucker."

While he was arranging his clothes another guy came in and stood outside of the stalls. "Hey Steve, this guy is better than anyone who's been in here before. I'd like to stay and watch but I've got to get to class. Enjoy." Then he left and was immediately replaced by the guy named Steve. No preamble, no talking, just a cock through the hole. This one maybe was a little better than average. I brought my mouth to his head and just as I took it in he shot his load, he pulled back and pulled his pants out and bolted out the door. Interesting, no one has ever done that before.

I was just getting ready to leave the stall when the door opens again and I hear two guys talking. "God damn Christie, she's being all pissy and won't let me touch her. She says she won't put out anymore until we are engaged, like that's going to happen."

"That sucks man but at least you were getting some for a while. Since Beth broke up with me I've been having a dry spell. I'm tired of just dating my right hand." That got a laugh from the other guy.

One of the guys went to the single urinal while the other took a stall but not next to mine. I don't know why I stayed in my stall, these guys sounded very straight and probably wouldn't let me near their cocks, I guess I was curious.

"Dude, there are holes in the walls. Man why would that be? I wouldn't want someone looking at my junk through one of these holes."

"Why, do you have something to be embarrassed about?"

"Fuck you man, I wouldn't be surprised if my cock is twice the size of yours."

"You're an asshole."

Could this be another big cock? Could I get to taste it? Should I try or would they beat me up or worse, turn me into the Dean? Unable to help myself and even though the guy wasn't in the stall next to me, I peered through the hole, I was surprised to find eyes looking back at me. Should I take the risk? Is more cock worth it? YES!

Instead of hoping that the guy would change stalls, I got myself into the next stall by slipping under the stall wall. I made sure I unlocked the stall I had been in before I changed. The whole time this guy was watching. When I made it through I got up and sat on the toilet. His eyes were wide. To make sure he knew my intentions, or at least hoping he would, I ran my finger along the edge of the hole and crooked my finger like saying, come here. I could tell the guy wasn't sure what to do.

"Bro, what's taking you so long to pee? Did you drink a gallon of coffee or what?"

"Uh, uh, give me a minute."


The guy must have made up his mind, he put his finger across his lips signaling that I should be quiet. He stood back up while unbuttoning his 501s. He grabbed his hardening cock and put it through the hole. He was right, he probably did have a cock bigger than his friends. Not too thick but definitely long. Knowing he was in a hurry I started working his cock like the champ I was becoming trying to stay as quiet as possible.

I could hear that the other guy was at one of the sinks. "Come on, finish up, let's...." All of a sudden he got quiet. "Why are your feet faced the way they are? I can see the reflection in the mirror. Are you trying to see if you little cock fits through the hole?" My guy says nothing. I don't know why the other guy didn't see or mention my feet. "I got to get a picture of this and tweet it out with #baby cock."

He must have looked over the top of the stall partition. "I see that it fits, you truly are an idiot." At this point he must have realized I was occupying the next stall. "Dude, are you letting some guy see your dick? Wait....are you letting some guy, some faggot, suck your dick?"

"Um, yeah."

"Holy shit!"

He was trying to pull his cock back but I sucked hard and put my hand around what wasn't in my mouth and held on tight.

"My God, are you a fucking faggot? Is that why you're having no luck with the ladies?"

"I'm so fucking horny I thought I would give it a try. This cocksucker seemed to really want it."

The other guy didn't say anything but he looked over the partition into my stall and saw me sucking on his friend's cock. He must not have been repulsed because he kept watching. I tried to give him the best smile that I could with a cock in my mouth. There was just enough space between the door and the jam that I could see that the other guy was rubbing the front of his shorts. Looked like he may really give his friend a run for his money. "I want to watch closer, do you mind Bro?"

His friend didn't answer, I think he just wanted to enjoy my work. I answered for him but unlocking my stall so he could come in. He hunched down and put his face close to my mouth and his friend's cock. "Wow. I can't believe I'm looking at your cock and it's making me hot. I hope that doesn't make me a faggot like you two." Saying that he still moved closer to the mouth and cock connection.

He must have really gotten hot, he stood up opened his fly and pulled out his cock. It was a bit of a struggle since he was already boning up and it was as big, but thicker, than his friends'. Before he changed his mind I wrapped by right hand around his cock and slowly started to tease it. It continued to grow. I had no choice, I slide off the cock through the hole and devoured the cock in the stall.

"What the.....? Come on man why did you get off my dick?"

"Because he's eating mine now." He must have bent down because he was now watching through the hole. He saw my cheeks bulging as I slide up and down his friends cock. He must have been beating his cock because I could hear the sound that his hand was making on the saliva I had left on his cock.

"I'm getting close man, let him eat my cock again."

"Ok, stick it through and he can work both of your dicks".

A hand holding each cock, I moved back and forth savoring each cock.

The guy in my stall said "I'm going to move my cock closer to yours and see if this cocksucker can take both are dicks in his mouth at the same time".

"Don't put your dick against mine, gross, guys don't let their dicks touch, only faggots do that."

I guess the guy in my stall didn't care, he knocked my hand away and took his friend's cock in his hand and aimed by cocks toward my mouth. The guy in the other stall tried to pull away but his friend wasn't having anything to do with that. "Shut up and enjoy it man, we ain't fags, we're just letting this cocksucker do what he does best."

I opened my lips and did the best to get both heads in mouth at once. Because of all the thick cocks I'd been eating lately I was able to finally get them in. No sooner had I that they both started to shoot. The guy in the other stall must have still be pissed, "gross, I think some of your cum got on my cock. What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Stop whining, isn't this better than anything Beth did before you broke up?"

Silence, then "yeah".

"Come on, let's go before we are late for class." Off they went without a "thank you" or "next time". But I didn't really care, two more loads for a total of four. If I came back to this spot I would need to bring a black marker so I could tally up the number of cocks and loads over the course of the semester.

I glanced at my watch and saw that I was going to be late for class as well. I shoved my cock into my pants, it was so fucking hard, and ran out of the bathroom, with the books in front of my crotch and headed to class. Another boring class.

After class, I headed to the bookstore in the Student Union. It was where I had been hired for a job. I was supposed to be a floor walker, just helping people find what they were looking for. I had been hired because of the retail experience I had at the mall. When I got there I looked for the women who had interviewed me but I couldn't find her. I looked around and saw, what I assumed was another student, ordering some of the staff around. I walked over and waited.

"What do you want?"

"I'm supposed to be starting work today and am looking for whomever I should talk to."

"You're talking to him. What's your name?"

"Chad, Sir". Even though he didn't look much older than me I thought a little respect might help on the first day. He smirked when I said Sir.

"Yeah, I heard you were starting today, another God damn student that Mrs. Abbott hired out of the goodness of her heart. She probably told you that you would be a floor walker, right?"

"Yes Sir".

"Fan-fucking-tastic, just what we need. All we have is floor walkers around here, we need people who can do other kind of work."

"I can do whatever you'd like Sir". He cocked his head as gave me a weird look.

"Great, let's go in back and get you situated. By the way, I'm Shane."

I followed him. He was about 6" and maybe 180 pounds. Looked like he might be a swimmer. He had really dark hair and had about 2 days of growth on his face but obviously he trimmed it to keep it neat. His eyes were really dark as well. Overall it gave him a sinister look. He also had a great ass to watch.

As we walked behind one of the counters I happened to check out one of the guys working there. As I did Shane happened to glance back and saw me looking at the guy. "Are you gay? That's all I need is another gay guy working here and hitting on students".

Not wanting to jeopardize my job, "No Sir".

"Good, all I need is some of the athletes all up in my face again over some faggot trying to cop a feel".

We entered the back of the bookstore just as a guy was walking out, did they only have good looking guys working here? Of course, I checked him out. Shane caught me again and gave me a funny look.

He slammed his hand against one of the lockers that lined a wall. "Here's where you can leave your shit. Here's where you punch in. Now I've got to give some thought about what you should do. You look in pretty good shape so lifting boxes of books shouldn't be hard for you. Have you ever run a register?"


"Good." Which was followed by another odd look. "I need a cigarette, let's go outside and talk." We left through the back door. By each side of the door where some kind of tree or bush that rose up about 7 feet. They were really dense so you could hardly see through them. There was a narrow pathway behind them. By the cigarette butts on the ground this must be where a lot of the staff came out to smoke. Oddly there was a piece of wood that was about as high as the bushes and a little wider than the path so that it stuck into the bushes. I guess as was giving it a strange look. "That's for when we want a little more privacy, we're not supposed to smoke anywhere on campus so we put it up sometimes if we think a campus cop may walk by."

He leaned back against the wall and lit a cigarette. He didn't offer me one. While taking a drag he thrust his crotch out and started to adjust himself. He looked at me and then he started rubbing the front of his pants, of course I had to check it out. When I did he said "I knew it, you are a faggot."

I must have looked freaked because he put a hand on my shoulder and said "no worries, we can work something out, I just won't have you interact with the customers." He didn't stop rubbing himself. "Out of curiosity, are you the kind that just likes to suck cocks or do you like to get it up the ass too?"

"Uh, both Sir." I knew where this was leading so I thought I'd egg him on a bit.

"When's the last time you got some cock?"

"A little more than an hour ago. Actually I got four."

"No shit, here on campus?"

"Yep, in the basement of the library."

"Did you just suck their cocks or did you let them fuck you too?"

Being a little more brazen I reached out a put my hand on the growing bulge in his pants, "I just sucked them dry."

He smacked my hand away "watch what you're doing, I don't want anyone to see us." Then he went over and moved the piece of wood so it blocked the entrance into the path. When he turned back around he said, "you know I've always wondered what it was like to fuck a guy, how is it?"

"I don't know Sir, I've only been fucked."

"How does it compare to fucking a girl?"

"I don't know, I've never tried. I think I've always known that I prefer cock to cunt."

He put out his cigarette and then ran his hand down my ass. "You want some of my cock?"

Being even more brazen I pulled the waist of my jeans down showing him my ass, "what do you think?'

"We'd have to be quiet." I made the motion of zipping my lips. He pushed my jeans down farther but not all the way down and he turned me so that I was facing the wall of the building. I put my hands against the wall and raised my ass a bit. He undid his belt and zipper and pulled out a pretty big cock. He kicked my legs apart. "Spit on my hand." I did what he asked. He rubbed the saliva on to his cock. Glancing back I saw it was getting bigger. He fingered my ass and then without much warning he shoved his cock up my ass. I started to make some noise and he clamped his hand against my mouth. Into my ear he said, very quietly, "shhhhhh faggot, don't make a sound."

He wasn't playing around, it was just thrust, after thrust, after thrust. His cock felt like a hot piece of metal burning my ass. This scene was made even hotter by thinking there were students and teachers just on the other side of the bushes. At one point someone stopped just on the other side and had a conversation with a friend all while Shane kept driving into me.

As you know, in the last couple of months I've been fucked by truckers, bosses, delivery men, security guards and other mall workers. Each fuck has been different. Some just worked to get their cocks in my man pussy. Others just teased me with their cocks. Some just even shot off after a few strokes. This one was different, urgent but not fast, pounding, almost like he didn't care if it was a cunt or an ass, just a place to get off, in other words HOT. This went on for several minutes with neither of us making a sound. Just before he was ready to shoot he bit my on the shoulder and sucked a few times. "I always mark the girls I fuck, you can be the first faggot." He shot off, pulled out, yanked up his pants and said "Still doesn't beat pussy, maybe I'll just have to try your ass again. Go to your next class and be on time tomorrow." With that he moved the piece of wood and walked into the building. I don't know if anyone saw me as I pulled up my jeans but I didn't really care.

First day of class and six loads so far...it might be a really good day and an even better semester and my Mom wouldn't have to worry about me getting enough protein.


Please send me an email and let me know what you'd like to see Chad do in the future. You can reach me at [email protected]

Be well,




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