It was the last night of "West Side Story" and the day before Spring Break would start. I have a small role in the musical as one of the Jets. Since opening night I haven't been able to get any cock and cum. Between classes, work at the campus bookstore and the play, I haven't had time. I haven't even had time to meet Jake the asshole in the library glory hole. When you are a cum slut and size queen this is not good. I must admit that there are some nice sights in the show, the actors who play Bernardo and Tony are both hot, unfortunately they are also boyfriends and I wouldn't want to do anything to jeopardize their love. Even though Patrick is on the crew, he and I have decided that if we aren't playing with some other guys we don't have sex. Our friendship is too important to possibly fuck up. In case you've forgotten or are just starting with this chapter, I'm Chad, 5'10", 165 pounds, blue/green eyes with dirty blonde hair.

During the middle of the show, when Tony and Maria are the center of the performance and I just have to be in the group at the dance in a little while away, I was just wandering around backstage I ran into cargo man, the guy who shot a load up my back while we were in line for the Registrar's Office. I also sucked him off on a ladder here in the theater while he was working on the sets. He's about 6'4" with a great body and has a cock that rivals Jake's, he also has a very Nordic look. When he's near me he said, "Hey, how's it going."

"Good, you?"

"If you must know I'm a bit horny. Watching all the dancers in their tight chinos has gotten to me. Any ideas on how I can resolve that problem?"

I looked around and then said "Maybe we could find a place for me to give you another blow job."

"That's not going to cut it, I need to feel my cock up a guy's ass. I want a tight ass holding on to my cock as I move it in and out. I know exactly where I want to do it to you."

"Me? Where? I'm back on stage in about 20 minutes, right after the intermission."

"No worries, follow me." He started climbing up to the catwalk. "I want you to lean against the railing and I'll fuck you from behind."

"No way man (I still didn't know his name), anyone could see us from below. Even some of the people in the first couple of rows could see us if they looked up."

"That's what makes it fun and why we will need to be very quiet."

I must be an idiot but I leaned against the railing. He reached around and undid my belt and opened my jeans. I let him slide down my jeans. I had gone commando today since I was hoping to get laid, but hadn't thought it would be like this.

Cargo man squatted down behind me, spread my ass cheeks and started to rim me. This was interesting, in our past two escapades he was very passive and made me do the work with both my hand and my mouth. Cargo really knew how to use his tongue. He circled around my pussy for a good minute or two then started pushing the tip of his tongue into my hole. His tongue was insistent and he pushed farther in. I wanted to moan so much but I knew I had to keep quiet or the people would look up and see us. Almost involuntarily my asshole started tightening around his tongue. In an attempt to stay as quiet and calm as possible, I gripped the railing as hard as possible while I pushed my ass back against his tongue. My cock was rock hard and sticking through the railing.

Cargo pulled away from my ass and stood up. He put the head of his cock against my waiting hold and slowly pushed it in. He turned it just a bit making sure my ass was ready to take him. I wanted to scream that I was ready and to fuck me, fuck me hard. He kept going slowly. He grabbed the railing and pulled himself forward causing more of his cock to fill me. We still both kept quiet as Cargo picked up the pace and started to drill me with his magnificent cock. I was just moving my head around but not saying a word, I was in ecstasy. Cargo was a 9 on my scale of 1 being average and 10 being just kill me know. Jake the asshole was also a 9 and I loved when he was deep inside me as well. Cargo, however, sure knew how to throw a better fuck.

I could feel his coarse pubic hair rubbing the skin on my ass. He was all the way in and he still was going slowly. Oh my god! Small powerful thrusts keep pushing me tighter against the railing. My cock was so hard I thought it might break off if I wasn't careful. Cargo pulled himself closer, there was no way either of us could get closer to the railing. Cargo picked up the pace and still kept just slightly turning his cock deep inside of me.

My friend, or maybe my soon to be ex-friend, was working the lights for the show. I don't know how he saw us, we had tried to be so careful, but he had. All of a sudden there was a pin light on the two of us. The way the light was angled didn't make anyone in the audience know what we were doing, but it became very clear to the people back stage what was going on. This seemed to make Cargo go at it with a little more energy and obvious pleasure. His breathing was getting ragged and his thrusts got longer. He leaned into my ear and said "here it comes baby." And here it came, probably one of the biggest loads and I had ever felt in my ass. When he came, so did I, shooting string after string into the air. Of course we were right over the stage. Maria and Anita were singing "I Feel Pretty" as my cum started landing on the stage which made both of them look up. They were troopers and kept right on signing but were very careful about where they danced.

Cargo pulled out and we both backed up pulling our clothes up as we did. The audience was applauding as the second act came to a close and the curtain was coming down. As we came down off the cat walk the cast and crew that had seen what we'd started to clap as well but were looking at us and not at Maria and Anita. Cargo beamed with pleasure while I turned 10 shades of red. Boy was I going to give Patrick a piece of my mind. A lot of the cast and crew came up to us praising our performance saying we were better than some of the dance numbers. The only scowls we got were from Maria and Anita who were the unwitting recipients of my cum during their number.

Cargo leaned in once more and said "until next time sweet cheeks" and he was off. I turned to some of the crew and asked who he was but none of them knew his name. I ran back to the dressing rooms to get straightened up because the dance number in the gym was the first scene after the intermission. I and my ass felt great. My dancing was better than usual.

After the show I found Patrick and read him the riot act but then we both had a good laugh about it. There was a wrap party at one of the bars near campus and we decided to go. While Patrick did whatever he had to do with the lights I went to the mens' dressing room to change. I had been hoping that Patrick and I would go out in search of some cock and cum so I hadn't brought the most appropriate clothes for the wrap party. Thinking that we may have gone out to the rest stop or the leather bar, I wanted to make sure that I was cute and slutty enough to get the kind of attention I like. I had brought a pair of ripped up jeans with the rips in all the right places and a very tight and short tank top so that my abs would be on view. I liked how my arms and pecs looked in this tank top so that I didn't come off as too much of a twink.

Patrick was in the usual student attire of jeans and a t-shirt. When he came to get me, I told him we needed to do something about his clothes. I rolled the sleeves of his t-shirt up so they were above his biceps. I may not have mentioned before that Patrick has a great body too. Then I took some scissors and put a rip up each side of this shirt from the bottom hem to just under his arms. When he moved everyone would be able to see his tight body. Now Patrick has found out that he likes to top as much as bottom so I thought we needed to show off his package a little bit better than just his tight jeans. I found a pumas stone in the girls' dressing room and had him rub the outline of his cock with the stone. Of course I made him take his underwear off first. We didn't want anything between him and the denim. When we left the theater I thought we both looked pretty hot.

We got to the bar and it was packed. Luckily we had both brought our fake IDs so we didn't have any trouble getting in, well besides one of the bouncers putting some fingers in the rip on the ass of my shorts. A little advertising never hurts. While there were a lot of members of the cast and crew there were also a lot of other people milling around with beers. Patrick got a beer but I got a vodka with diet cock and we walked around the bar. I have to admit that there were quite a lot of nice looking guys amidst the crowd of cast and crew. You know me, I had to check out what each of the guys were packing. After another Skinny Bitch (vodka with diet cock) I needed to hit the bathroom. It was one of those bathrooms with one toilet but a long trough for peeing. This was not the place to play some of my bathroom games so I just went in, pulled out my cock and did my business. When you're at one of those troughs though, you really can't notice the size of some guys' cocks unless you do the dead stare into the wall in front of you. Far be it from me not to take in the view.

As I was leaving the john a girl from the cast asked me if I would go out with her so she could have a smoke. In Arizona you can't smoke inside so you have to go out. The bar doesn't like people smoking around the front door so the only place to go is into the alley behind the bar. While I don't smoke I went to make her feel more comfortable. The couple of people that were out there before us finished up their cigarettes and went back inside. Just as my friend was finishing up her cigarette a couple of guys came out for a smoke. Both of them had been in the bathroom when I was in there.

"Hey look Bill, it's a couple of those theater geeks."

"Yeah, I heard that they were in some sort of faggy musical tonight."

"She doesn't look to geeky to me, she's got a nice pair of tits and an ass on her."

I turned to my friend and told her to go back inside. I asked her to get Patrick to come find me. She gave me a worried look but did what I asked.

"Now why did you make her leave Princess, we just wanted to get to know her a little better."

One of the guys grabbed his crotch and said "We thought she might like something like this, right Bill." Bill grabbed his crotch instead.

Both of the guys appeared to have had a little too much beer but they were still pretty big. Bill said, "hey weren't you the guy in the bathroom that was checking me out? Yeah you were that faggot."

The other guy chimed in, "we were hoping to at least to each get a blow job from that bitch you were with and you cock blocked us." He turned to Bill, "what do you think we should do about that?"

"I can think of a thing or two."

Oh shit, I don't really want to get into a bashing scenario. Me against two big guys that were drunk might not serve me or my face well. Knowing me, I did have to check out their packages and they did look pretty impressive. Size and cum or try to run and hope for the best? Size and cum won.

"If you know what's good for you faggot, you'll get down on your knees now."

His friend pushed me down by my shoulders and then they both stood in front of me. "Do you remember which one of us had the biggest dick when you saw us in the john?" To be honest I didn't. "Well I think you should do the smaller one first so that you're ready for mine."

"What the fuck, you're not bigger than me."

"Yes I am."

"Prove it." For the love of god, a pissing match between two drunks.

They both pulled their cocks out stood side by side. Both cocks looked pretty damn tasty but their focus was on size now. They moved around in different ways and then both decided that they were the same size. "Maybe we should just have him suck us both at the same time." They each stepped on with side of me and had the heads of their cocks' just millimeters apart. "Come on cocksucker, show us if you really are a good one."

I stuck my tongue out and ran it along the underside of both of their cocks. Then I put my mouth over as much of the heads as I could. As long as they stayed in this position it was not going to work. "Guys, if you want me to do this than you've got to move a little. Get side by side and put your cocks together." They were so drunk they really didn't know what was going on. They changed their position so I now could be both cock heads in my mouth. Interesting, I could taste the difference in their cocks. They ended up wrapping an arm around each other's shoulders and declaring their undying friendship. Every once in a while one of them said "keep going cocksucker get us both in your mouth, we want to come together and give you so much cum you choke on it." I get their cocks in as far as I could and they did actually come at the same time, filling my mouth with a large amount of cum. I am guilty of liking double helpings.

They both pulled out but left their cocks out instead of putting them back in their pants. "Jesus bro, he swallowed both of our loads, he's really good."

"You know, we could have probably banged that bitch too. Do you think he's good enough to get fucked by the two of us?"

This wasn't much fun anymore and I needed to figure out a way to get away. Just then Patrick came out the door, "are you ok? Sue told me you might need some help." He looked at the two guys with their cocks starting to grow again then looked at me. I bet he was wondering what kind of help I needed.

"Look here, we got another faggot from the show. Now we can each fuck one or maybe we both screw them both." Laughter.

Patrick realized that I had no intention of having this scenario continue nor did he appear to be interested in getting fucked by either of these guys. As I got off my knees he stood beside me and we prepared to fight.

"No fucking way assholes." I said with as much bravado as I could muster and then I went in with an upper cut to Bill's nose. Patrick focused on the other guy but didn't land his first punch and the guy spun him around and put him in a head lock. I realized that we were way out of our element and that these guys were not only going to fuck us but were going to beat the shit out of us when they were done.

From the end of the alley we heard, "what the fuck do you think you're doing assholes? Get away from them."

"Fuck you, do we got ourselves another fucking faggot? We can have some of our friends join us."

The voice was familiar to me, it was Jake the asshole. He stepped closer. "I ain't no cocksucker but I sure as hell ain't gonna let you guys mess with these guys." As he got closer the one guy let Patrick out of the headlock.

"Yeah, what do you think you're going to do to stop us?"

Jake's answer was to land a punch on each of them before they knew what happened. One guy put his hand up to his nose that was spouting blood and the other guy was bent over in pain. "Get the fuck out of here assholes." They staggered down the alley and out on the street.

"You guys ok?" Almost a note of sympathy coming out of Jake's mouth. He actually put his arm over my shoulder put then pulled it away.

"Yeah" I replied.

"You faggots should know better than to hang out in alleys." With that he walked off but I knew something had changed.




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