After buying some clothes at the Men's store in the casino, paid for by our Eastern European clients, Patrick and I wandered around the casino just people watching. Before we went to the store we left our luggage with the bell man. Walking toward the Men's store we made a pretty hot sight. Me (Chad) wearing a bar of skimpy shorts, seems like that was all I have been wearing lately, with a couple well placed rips so that I was showing some skin. This time I picked out one of my sleeveless cotton sweaters to go with the shorts. Both fit my 5'10", 165 pound body perfectly. The shorts showed off my bubble butt and package and the sweater showed off my arms and pecs. The color of the sweater played nicely off my blue/green eyes and dishwater blonde hair. Patrick still had on his jeans that looked like they were painted on. The fit showed off his cock very nicely. He still had on his shirt with the ripped off sleeves which he kept unbuttoned. We really enjoyed the walk to the store because several groups of men gave us drinks and showed their appreciation with their eyes. One guy even asked us up to his room for some coke, which we declined, but told him we might see him later.

At the store we both bought outfits a little more fitting for staying on the casino floor for the evening. I got a pair of tight black paints and a grey distressed jacket which I put over a white silk t-shirt. Patrick picked out a fitted navy blue suit that he put over a powder blue shirt that he had about half way unbuttoned. Since the flip flops wouldn't work we both bought expensive pairs of shoes. I think they cost more than my tuition for the Spring semester.

Since we had $200 in our pocket from the limo show we decided we would try our hand at Black Jack again. Since it was just about 6 pm there were still some $5 tables going and we sat down at one. We broke even for a while and of course had to have several of the free cocktails. Suddenly, after a couple of hours, our luck started to change and we had taken our $200 to $400. As we continued to play I felt the presence of someone or someones behind us. I glanced over my shoulder and there were a couple of guys in their 30s, both looked in good shape under their expensive looking clothes. One bent his head down between Patrick's and mine and asked if we would care to join them for dinner. Since we'd gotten to Vegas, although we had had multiple servings of protein, we really hadn't had a good meal so we accepted.

The men introduced themselves as Mr. Thomas and Mr. Waverly, no first names, and they took us to one of the celebrachefs restaurants. Both men were very cordial and ordered drinks and dinner for us. Both Patrick and I were about 5 cocktails in at this point. Neither of us get sloppy drunk but we do become much more flirtatious. During the conversation both men told us that they were in town for the International Adult Entertainment Exposition and Awards. Both of the men were getting a lot of looks from other men in the restaurant. Some men even came over to get their autographs. Finally I had to ask if they were famous. Actually these men were part of the stable at Raptor Films, one of the big producers of gay porn. Once he told me that I realized that I had seen them on one of the films I saw at the XXX Theater when I was working on my class project (Chapter 17). I remembered them because they were two hot, hung tops that teamed up on a bottom. I told them that I had seen one of their movies. Patrick just sort of followed the conversation like it was a tennis match. This night could end up interesting because I thought they may want to spend the night with Patrick and me.

Over dessert and coffee, which I desperately needed, they told us their first names were Blake and Chet and that they had been lovers for about 10 years and that even though Blake always was a top in the movies they were in that he really preferred being a bottom. They also told us that they were hosting a party that night in their suite for some of the other actors and executives at the studio and a group of fans and wondered if we would like to attend. They didn't need to ask us twice.

After paying for the dinner, Blake and Chet took us up to their suite which was huge. It had a large living area, two bedrooms, three bathrooms and a kitchen. Since we were on the top floor I really wanted to see the view but the curtains were closed. I also noticed that there were strings of lights around the parameter of each of the rooms plus a few larger lights on each of the ceilings. They were all the same dark color.

Over the next few minutes their colleagues, if you can call them that, started to arrive. It seemed like everyone who came in also brought someone that looked to be about your age. There was a bartender in the corner pouring drinks into these oddly cloudy glasses, however, none were provided to any of the younger crowd.

After a while, Chet took us aside and said "ok guys, here's what we want you to do, take these and put one on as a cock ring, one as a necklace and the other two around your biceps. As you can see they are made in such a way so that you can custom fit them, just cut off any excess. Here's enough for all the other boys. Take them with you into one of the bedrooms, have them take off their clothes, you too, and put them on. When you are all ready, come out as a group."

This sounded a bit odd but we did what Chet asked. As we all undressed it was clear that all of us were in great shape with nice cocks and butts. We could hear other men joining the party but no more young guys came in the bedroom to join us. We each put, what looked like the same stuff that glow sticks are made of, around our cock and balls and over our biceps.

We walked out to the living room and realized what all those lights were, they were black lights and all the other lights had been turned off. Even the glow from the clocks had been blacked out. All we could see were the cock rings and arm bands in various shades of color. Before we were in the room for just a couple of seconds I could feel someone fondling my ass, someone else playing with my dick and someone else playing with my pecs. I guess by the way the glow sticks were positioned the men could easily figure out where the body parts they wanted were located.

We could tell where the guests of the party were by the glasses they were carrying. It was a really odd scene to see the glow sticks and the glow glasses move slowly around the suite. One guy put his hand on the back of my head and forced me down to his cock. I opened my mouth and took it in. "That's a good boy." Not knowing if I was supposed to get him off or just taste what he had to offer, I went with getting him off so I started to work his cock with my mouth and throat. While this was going on I could feel one or more men playing with my ass. When I was able to look back it looked like they had a glow in the dark dildo. Suddenly my head was pulled off of the cock and another took its place. I could feel the tip of the dildo against my ass. I could tell that someone had put some lube on it and they were rubbing it around my hole. My head was moved again and another cock filled my mouth. I could feel the head of the dildo enter my ass which was then followed by some rhythmic pushes and pulls. At some point the sliding of the dildo stopped but they kept it in my ass.

All around me I could hear the sound of cocks being sucked or the moans of boys who were having there asses plowed. My mouth was moved to a fourth cock. When I could look around I could see that the guests, whom I assume were feeding their cocks or fucking one of us just raising their glasses and having conversations. At some point a couple of guys picked me up and put me down on a table. One of the other young guys was laid down next to me but in the other direction with our heads side by side. Someone raised up my legs and began playing with the dildo again. It kept going deeper and deeper, I moaned it felt so good. When I could feel the fake balls against my hole whoever was holding it started to turn it clockwise and then counter clockwise. I was squirming on the table. Someone turned my head toward the side of the table and filled my mouth with his cock. The dildo was abruptly pulled from my ass and I felt a couple fingers take its place. With the one cock still in my mouth I felt another cock, oozing precum, dragged across my face. I also felt a couple of dicks being rubbed on my chest and legs. Someone grabbed my cock and started stroking it. The fingers in my ass were replaced by an obviously well-proportioned cock, it must have been one of the film stars because it was obviously a money maker for someone. Someone kept stroking my cock. A new cock entered my mouth. I felt more cocks rubbing against my body. Where had all these men come from?

"Now gentlemen!" The lights came on, the cocks were pulled from my mouth and my ass, the stroking on my cock became more insistent and then cum started to fly......all over me. Cum was on my face, my arms, my chest, my crotch, my legs, my feet, my hands, my asshole, my lips, everywhere you could think there could be cum. Then the men started to rub the come all over my body. I glanced around, the young guy next to me was getting the same treatment as me. To a lesser extent the same was happening to the other young guys on the floor, in chairs and on sofas. Jesus Christ, how many guys were invited to this party. When the cum massages were done the gentlemen just went over to the bar and got more drinks. No one spoke with us. Not knowing what to do for sure I got up and started heading back to the bedroom. "Not yet young man. We are going to do this again but without the black lights, this time we're going to do it on the patio. That way our rivals at the other hotel will be able to see how Raptor studio does it." And they did.

After getting cleaned up and putting on our clothes, the group of us headed out the door. Chet and Blake were there thanking each of us and handing us each an envelope with money and tickets to the exposition and the awards for the next day. "We hope to see you there and at the celebration party after the awards. Don't worry, it will be a little more sedate." Off we went.

Each of the envelopes held $1000 all in twenties. The posse, which I was now calling our group of young, hot guys, decided to go to one of the gay dance clubs in town to enjoy ourselves. No one seemed much interested in hooking up with any one. It had been a long evening. We sure did have fun ordering bottle service.

When the club closed at 4 AM, I gave Blaine a call to see if he could give us a ride back to David's place. Good to his word, he picked us up and got us to David's. As we left the car he said be sure to call him if we needed another ride. Thank god David left the door unlocked for us.

Patrick and I slept until 4 pm, we were so worked out. David was already gone so I left him a note that we were going to go to the Exposition and Awards Show and that we would be back later tonight and that we would be leaving in the morning for Rocky Point.

Even though we had both dropped a bit of money at the club we still had some left and it was time for more clothes. Even the ones we bought yesterday were nice, after the night we had we didn't want to be seen in them again.

Since we were going to the Exhibition and Awards for the Adult Entertainment industry we were at a loss about what to wear. Do we go fancy or do we go slutty. Slutty won out since that was more our scene as of late. I went with a pair of skinny jeans one size too small to accentuate the butt and cock. If it was only up to me I would have gone shirtless but Patrick made me get something, I went with a sparkly white t-shirt with a deep V. Patrick played up his Nordic look with a pair of snug brown leather pants and a blousy white shirt that he kept unbuttoned which was becoming his style.

After we had our clothes we called Blaine and had him pick us up at the store. He whistled as we got into the back of the limo. "Man, you guys look even hotter than before."


"Where to?"

"The Exposition."

"Shit, I wish I could come in with you but I've got a couple of fares that I have to bring to the Exposition."

"When you're done we'll try to get you in."

"Thanks guys."

Blaine dropped us off at the main door. We puffed ourselves up, gave the guy at the door our tickets and walked in. I don't know why we were worried about what to wear, there was everything imaginable. Men in ass less chaps. Women with their boobs just one millimeter from popping out their tops. Men with chains around their necks being led around on leashes. Of course there was also men in suits and ties who must be the executives. I recognized a couple of them from last night.

Just as we started walking around looking at the exhibits who should we run into but Shane, my boss from the campus bookstore. You may remember that Shane likes me to blow him or let him fuck me on a regular basis when I'm at work. He also was the guy who talked me into helping him with a porno he produced in the hopes of getting into the industry as a producer (Chapter 15).

I walked up to Shane, "hey, what are you doing here?"

He put his arm around me, "you're not going to believe this but I submitted the movie we made to Hunter's producer, he liked it so much he's distributing it. We have a booth for it. He also submitted it for the award for best amateur film. Fucking unbelievable isn't it?"

"That's awesome. Shane this is Patrick my best friend, Patrick this is Shane my boss."

"Maybe for not much longer. You need to come over to the booth and sign autographs with Hunter."

"Sure. First we want to walk around and see some of the Exposition."

"Don't take too long. We want to do as much promotion as possible before the final ballots have to be turned in."

I nodded and then Patrick and I started walking up and down the aisles. Besides booths for the various studios that produced gay or straight porn, there were also booths for some studios that did more kinky types of movies. Actually, some of them were pretty creepy if you get my drift. I guess I'm more of a purist when it comes to sex, just give me a nice cock and some cum and I'm a happy camper.

In addition to the studio booths there were also booths that were marketing various types of adult 'toys'. Some of them were pretty interesting. I have never seen so many shapes and sizes of dildos. I didn't know that that many could exist. There were also booths with all sorts of leather stuff and contraptions. Ewwwww.

I do have to say, however, there were an incredible amount of hot men wearing every sort of outfits imaginable. Patrick could have come as a Viking and would have fit right in. We even ran across the Eastern European men we had put on a show for at a booth for movies produced overseas.

After walking the aisles we finally found the booth that Shane was at. It was a studio called Ram Rod and it was apparent by the posters that Hunter was one of their major stars. You may remember that Hunter was drop dead gorgeous and has a rocking body. In the pictures his cock was also on display. While he wasn't a 10 he was at least a 9+ on my scale of cock size. Remember 1 is an average sized member. One of Hunter's recent movies had a 'Tarzan' type story line so he was only in a loin cloth that really wasn't big enough, not that I was complaining. There even was a poster of me and Hunter from the movie we had made. It's the shot of me bent over a tree with Hunter's cock up my ass, it's clear from both of our faces that we are both in our happy places. Patrick looks at me when he sees the poster, "you never told me........" his mouth just hung open.

After introductions all around I started signing posters and DVD covers for my fans (MY FANS!!) while Hunter did the same as did some of the other stars of Ram Rod. Every once in a while I would see Hunter take a fan back behind the curtain. A few minutes later the fan would come back out wiping his mouth and then Hunter would reappear. Maybe the too small loincloth was a good thing. Even Shane was signing some autographs because some of the fans liked how Shane was playing a voyeur in the movie and had shot his load while watching Hunter and me out in the woods and then followed that up by fucking me when Hunter was done.

A few minutes later, Chet, Mr. Thomas, showed up at the booth and I found out he was one of the owners of Ram Rod and that last night's party was an attempt to get votes for both Hunter's other film, "King of the Jungle" and the one Hunter and I were in, "Saturday in the Park". "You guys did great last night, I think we've almost got the number of votes we need to win one, if not several, awards."

Chet pulled me aside and asked if I would be willing to go behind the curtain and help Hunter out with the last ditch effort to garner more votes. Hunter's role was to have, those fans that wanted to, suck him off. Chet wanted me to suck the fans that wanted that. It didn't take me long to agree.

As fans would come up Chet would talk with them briefly. Sometimes all they wanted was an autograph but other times Chet would come up to me or Hunter and introduce us to the fan. That was the signal to take them behind the curtain.

My first fan was a middle aged, school teacher sort of guy. He was soft around the middle and his rating on my scale would be a -2 but I treated him like a king. Before taking him in my mouth I told him how great his cock was and I couldn't wait to taste it and his cum. It took all of 30 seconds before he blew his wad into my mouth. He left with a smile on his face. I went back out front and Patrick had disappeared but he was a big boy, he would be just fine.

When Chet introduced me to my next fan, he was a very fit 50 something man. He told me how much he enjoyed watching Hunter fuck my ass. I glanced over at Chet who nodded his head. I took Mr. 50 back behind the curtain. Wanting to make sure his reality was going to be as close to the fantasy of the movie I dragged a bench into the middle of the area, took off my shirt and then lowered my skinny jeans before I bent over the bench, just like the tree in the movie. Mr. 50 wasted no time in pulling his cock out and started to rub it on my ass. Just like Hunter, he rammed his cock up my ass and started to plow me a new one. It seemed to go on forever, which I wish it had because he had a nice cock and a lot of strength, but he ultimately let loose with a geyser of cum that filled my ass. Just like in the movie he pulled his cock out and walked away without a word.

Hunter had been watching this last fan and walked up to me after he had left. "I can't forget how you sucked my cock kid. These fans just don't know how to do it justice, I want you to suck me now before I have to feed it to some other lame fan." Hunter drops the loin cloth and I'm face to face with his awesome cock. Still laying over the bench I swallow his cock in one move. The head of his cock is fighting its way down my throat. I tighten my throat muscles and slide my tongue back and forth on the underside of his shaft. Then he pulls it back and I can savor the head and the taste of his precum. Then he pushes it back. When Chet realizes what's going on he brings in some fans so they can see the reenactment of one of the scenes in the movie. He even brings Shane in to fuck me just like the other scene. With Hunter's cock in my mouth and Shane's cock up my ass I'm nearly in heaven. How I wish one of them was Jake the asshole. I also can't believe that I didn't want to come to Vegas.

After getting both Hunter's and Shane's cum and then blowing a couple more of the fans I need to take a break. I put my clothes back on and come out from behind the curtain. Chet is now handing out glasses of wine so I knock two back as I sign some more autographs.

Patrick comes back with two hot guys. "Chad, these guys have asked us to dinner before the awards, shall we?"

"Sure, we've got time." Off we went. As you can imagine dinner led to some more things in their hotel room. We never made it back to the Awards presentation so I didn't hear "and the newcomer of the year is Chad Cartwright."


Be Well,


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