As the result of the bikers and the glory hole we were now a couple of hours behind schedule on our trip to Rocky Point, Mexico. We are Chad and Patrick, best friends who met at the community college we both attend. We decided to take a road trip for Spring Break. We started out in Las Vegas and are now heading to Mexico for some water, relaxation, sun, fun and hopefully some cum. You see, both of us have become cum sluts, I also happen to be a size queen. I'm 5'10", 165 pounds with dishwater blonde hair and blue/green eyes. Patrick is 6' with pale blonde hair and a rocking body. I had sucked him off at a glory hole and messed around at a rest stop but then we decided we'd rather be friends than fuck buddies.

Like I said we were running a couple of hours late when we hit the border crossing from the US to Mexico. Dusk had already started to fall. Getting through the US side was uneventful but when we hit the Mexican side things got interesting. A couple of the border agents asked us to pull off to the side. One of the agents, in very broken English, told us it was just a routine random inspection. He asked us to get out of my piece of shit Chevy. You've got to remember that I was wearing a thin pair of running shorts, with nothing under them, and a tight tank top. Patrick was wearing board shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. We were both in flip flops. The reason we had stopped at the rest stop was because I needed to rinse out my running shorts because cum was leaking out of my ass from the fucking I had gotten from Jock the leader of a motorcycle gang. Even though they were made from wick away material they still were a little wet due to the heat. The outline of my cock was very clear and the material was sticking to my ass leaving nothing to the imagination.

The border guards started going through the interior of the car. Besides the glove box they also started sticking their fingers in the rips that were already in the seat. Then using a mirror on a stick they checked under the car. Lastly they opened the trunk and started going through out luggage. As they started pulling out our clothes it was obvious that some of them were on the slutty side. I heard the guards touching our clothes say things like maricon, carbon, el polla and sustantivo. With each article of clothes they pulled out they would glance our way and smirk. They came across a bottle of lube and a dildo I have brought just in case I didn't get enough cock. They shoved everything back into our suitcases except the lube and dildo.

"Que es esto?" Now I had some basic Spanish in high school so I thought he was asking 'what is this?' but who wouldn't know what a dildo is.


The guard had a smirk on his face. "Cómo se utiliza?" I think I understood that it had something to do with utilize. Was he asking me how do you use a dildo? Who doesn't know that?" Several of the guards by us were smirking and it looked like some were checking out my ass.

The guard holding the dildo waved his hand and said "sígueme". I assume he wanted us to follow, Patrick and I did. I noticed that someone was driving my piece of shit Chevy behind the guard building. We entered the main area where the guards must sit when nothing was going on or they were on break. The guard led us to what I assumed was an interrogation room that looked like it had a one way window because I could see into the room as we walked by but couldn't see out when we got into the room. I could tell that Patrick was scared out of his mind. He was visible shaking. I knew we had nothing wrong so I acted as calm as I could.

Using my poor Spanish and terrible accent I asked "por qué estamos aquí?" I wanted to know why they were holding us.

Again the guard who led us in to the room held up the dildo and asked again, "Cómo se utiliza?" I was sure that he was asking how we use a dildo. I looked over at Patrick and knew he didn't like having anything in his ass, so I guess I was going to be the teacher but with Patrick's help. I stepped over to the interrogation table put my hands on it and pushed my ass out. The guard handed the bottle of lube and the dildo to Patrick. Patrick squirted some of the lube on the dildo and then started pushing the dildo into my ass. The other couple of guys in the room with us were saying "si, si, en ram." I didn't need a translator to know they were urging Patrick to ram the dildo into me. Patrick knew that I liked having cock up my ass so he pushed harder until it was all the way in my ass. One of the guys again used the word maricon. I was starting to think that it must be a word for fag or cocksucker. Another guard used the word concha which I later found out meant 'pussy'. One of the guards pulled Patrick's hand off the dildo and started to move it back and forth in my ass. I don't know if they thought they were hurting or embarrassing me but I was loving it especially when he picked up the pace.

I heard someone ask "Me pregunto si es un chupador?" Which I heard a couple of times while we were in Mexico and I found out meant 'I wonder if he's a cocksucker." The guy with the dildo in my ass grabbed my hips and pulled me back from the table. Because the dildo was still up my ass I stayed bent over and he turned me toward one of the other guards who was already pulling out his dick and I found out, like the custodian back at college, Latinos have pretty impressive cocks. He aimed his cock toward my mouth and pushed it against my lips. I licked my lips and parted them just a bit and just moved them against the head of his cock. The guard tried to push more in so I let just a touch more in and just suckled the tip of his cock while he moaned. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that Patrick was on his knees sucking one of the other guards.

The border guard that had started this whole thing stepped up to my ass and waived away the guard that was moving the dildo up and down my ass channel. The lead guard then pushed it in a millimeter more or so. God it felt good. He asked the other agent "Es lo suficientemente amplia?" With my limited Spanish I could make out 'sufficient' and 'wide'. The other guard answered in the affirmative.

Then the lead guard asked me in English "Do you think you're ready for my cock boy?"

"Si" I ripped the dildo out of my ass and threw it on the floor. I could hear him squirt some lube, he must have put it on his cock because I didn't feel any more on my asshole. I couldn't see his cock but when he pushed it through my sphincter I could tell that it was very thick. He stretched my asshole more than even Jake the asshole. He grabbed my hips and pulled me on his cock. Though thick, it lacked a little in length but it still wasn't bad and I loved the way it felt. Again, out of the corner of my eye I saw that Patrick was sucking another cock. The cock in my mouth fired off and I drank in the load of cum. Within seconds another cock was in my mouth. At that point we had blown the four guards that had searched the car and I was being fucked by the lead guard. With a couple more thrusts he blew his load into my ass. Then he pulled out and slapped my ass a few times. In broken English he said, "I hope you come back through the check point again faggot, we will make sure that you service a few more of us. We need to rotate back in now so get dressed in your car and get back on the road." All but one of the guards left and he made sure we went to our car and didn't stop. We got a lot of lustful looks from some of the other guards that hadn't had a chance to feed us their cocks.

By the time we were back on the road it was sunset. We still had 70 miles to go so we were going to do the exact thing the US Government warned us about, don't be on this stretch of road after it gets dark.

Luckily, I don't know how no one tried to rob us for that last 70 miles. We pulled into Rocky Point about 10 pm. Just like Vegas we hadn't made a reservation for a room any place. We started to hit some of the hotels with no luck. We got out and stopped a cab driver if he knew any place. Thank god he spoke English but unfortunately he didn't know of any place. We asked where a gay club is, at least we thought we could get some intel or maybe even find someone we could crash with. The cabbie told us there weren't any gay clubs or bars but that some maricons hung around the public bathrooms along the beach but he said it could be dangerous at night. Well I had to take a piss anyway so we followed the directions the cabbie gave us where we could park the piece of shit Chevy and get to the banos, my high school Spanish was coming back to me.

The bathrooms were two cinder block structures that had large open windows about 8 feet high. When we got to the door of the men's room, there was a Mexican guy sitting there. When we tried to pass him he stuck his arm out and pointed to a sign that said $1. OMG - they charged to use the bathroom. We each shelled out $1 and went in. Unlike most of my visits to a public restroom this time I really did have to pee. We both looked around the inside of the bathroom which was also all cinder block including the partitions and didn't see any glory holes. Between that and the guy out front we didn't think much of anything took place in the john.

We were to the point of thinking we were just going to have to sleep in the piece of Chevy that night and go looking for lodging the following day. We walked back to the car and noticed there was some sort of store across the street. We went and bought some snacks and a six back of Mexican beer that was chilled. We ended up sitting on the hood of my car watching the waves come in. It was an incredibly clear night with a full moon so it wasn't difficult seeing our surroundings. Off to our right were these things that looked like a combination of sand dunes and rock. I guess that's where the name Rocky Point comes from....duh.

We noticed that there was some people going to and coming from one area of the dunes. We each grabbed two beers and headed in the direction of where we saw the activity. One of the first groups we came upon were what looked like some local kids drinking some beer and smoking some pot. The next group we came across were a bunch of college kids from one of the other universities in the state we lived in. They invited us to join them so we did for a little while. We finished our beers and they were kind enough to offer us some more before we headed out exploring. We actually came across a group of students wearing t-shirts from the community college Patrick and I attended. Neither of us knew them but we stopped and shot the shit for a while. We told them we were out exploring and that we were going to keep moving. They invited us back if we wanted to.

As the crowds thinned out I noticed that it was mostly men we were now seeing. It seemed to be a mix of locals and Americans. They seemed to be going and coming from this one particular group of dunes and outcroppings of rock. I was beginning to think I knew what was going on, told Patrick, and decided we had to check it out.

We went through an opening. The other side was completely obscure from the beach. In the moonlight we could see some men kissing and even some guys getting and giving blow jobs. Since they were all couples we didn't want to disturb them so we kept walking. We rounded another curve in the dunes and heard a lot of scurrying. When we got to the point where we could see whomever it was, there was one guy running away and another guy with his back to us. We started to turn to keep exploring when we heard, "What the fuck are you faggots doing here?" We turned back around and were face to face with Jake the asshole. What the hell was he doing here?

"You're just in time, I need some cocksuckers to take care of me." He did something totally new, he put his arms around our shoulders.

I asked "are you down here with anyone?"

"My folks own a condo here on the beach so I just came down for a little R&R. Tonight I was just star gazing" This was not the Jake I knew, made me wonder if he had a condo on the beach what he was doing out here instead of watching the stars from there.

"OK guys, I'm going to lie down on this blanket and get my cock out. I want each of you cocksuckers to give my dick a good workout." I don't really understand why, but I'm addicted to Jake's cock. I would take it any way I could get it even if he was an asshole. I knelt down and begin to lick up the sides of his cock while Patrick watched and stroked his own cock. I wrapped my hand, or as much as I could, around the base of Jake's cock and started to work over the head of his dick. Almost immediately he started oozing precum which I lapped up like it was honey. Patrick got down on his knees so that he was closer to the action still stroking his cock. "Hey faggot, get back, I don't want your cock near me, what do you think, that I'm going to suck it? Move!"

I started lowering my mouth on the length of Jake's cock. With each movement I made I took a little more of his. I went painfully slow knowing that I was making him crazy.

"Come on Man, eat it all. God your mouth feels so good." His ass was wriggling all over the blanket while I tortured him with my lips, tongue and throat. Jake was just rolling his head around and moaning. He brought his knees up and put one thigh on each side of my head, holding it still as he started pumping up, raising his ass from the blanket. Now I started moaning as his cock kept rubbing against the back of his throat. I tried to pull off his cock but he held tight. I kept struggling and he finally let me pull off. "What the fuck man, I need to get my rocks off."

"Jake I want to taste all of your cum this time, I don't want most of it to just go down my throat." With that said I put my lips over the crown of his cock and slowly sucked while rubbing the shaft of his cock with my hand. Knowing Jake like I do, I could tell when he was just at the point of letting loose. I tightened my lips and gave one last suck and Jake filled my mouth with his cum. Just as all the other times his cum tasted like beer. With the other beers I had, I'm sure I was now drunk, drunk on Jake's jizz.

Patrick was beating his cock hard. "That was so sexy to watch." He shot his load and hit Jake in the chest.

"Jesus Christ, come lick this off and then get the hell out of here." Instead I pushed Patrick away and leaned in to lick Patrick's cum off. Jake pushed my head away. "You only eat my cum." Patrick leaned over and licked it all up. "Good faggot, now get the hell out of here, Chad will catch up with you. Go NOW!

Patrick left, pulling up his board shorts. I yelled, "Meet you back at my car."

Jake got on his knees and turned me around putting me on my back down on the blanket. He got on his knees and put his hands on the back of my knees and pushed them up. I could feel the head of his cock trying to enter my hole. I tightened it up so that he would have to work to get his head into me. He reached over my head and held my arms against the sand. "Let me in you fucker." I tightened up even more. "Come on man, I need to be inside you, I've missed your ass." Interesting. I was going to do everything I could do to make it hard for him. I started to struggle against him and his cock. "I know you want it fucker, I know how much you want my cock. I let you feed off of it, now let me fill you up with it." I acted like I had given up and Jake's cock slide in like feet going into a pair of favorite slippers. It felt just right. Jake started to work his cock just the way I had made him learn to do it. He thought I didn't like it, that I wanted just a slamming fuck, but to begin with I want short little stabs of his cock right around my hole. I wanted to feel his head just rub the lips of my ass. "Yeah, you want it don't you cocksucker but I'm not going to give it to you yet, I want you to beg for my cock." I let him keep doing the small moves that make me crazy and let him spout more of his bullshit but finally I went over the edge.

"Jake, give me your cock, I need your cock, I want your cock." I wasn't acting now, I was begging for Jake to ram his cock in to the hilt. "Yeah, hurt me with your cock, make me know you're the best."

"That's right I'm the best fuck you ever had or ever will have."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Ram it in Jake, harder, harder."

"You got it babe." He was thrusting into me like he was trying to break open a door. Did he just call me babe?

Jake froze, cock as deep into me as it could be, eyes closed and I felt the rush of his cum fill my ass. When that happened I came on both of our chests. He collapsed on me, with his eyes still closed he gave me a passionate kiss. The he pulled back. "Clean your cum off of my chest cocksucker." I did, I Iicked every drop off of his hard, hot chest. When I was done, he stood up. "Be back here tomorrow night asshole." He walked away. I sat their dumbfounded.

Still needed a place to stay tonight.


Be Well,


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