Blaine, the limo driver, had made it into the Exposition and Awards after all. One of his fares got him in. So when Patrick and I called him after our dinner and creamy "dessert" with the guys who picked us up at the Exposition to take us back to David's , the male dancer, he brought the award that I had one for best newcomer in a gay video. The award was a large, gold plated, penis. I could think of a few things that could be done with that.

After Blaine dropped us off, we went up to David's apartment to get some sleep since we were leaving for Rocky Point, Mexico in the morning. In the morning we woke David by giving him a double blow job before we left to thank him for his hospitality. As we exited David's building Blaine was waiting for us. We had mentioned to him the night before what time we would be leaving David's to go pick up my piece of shit Chevy we had valeted the day we arrived.

As we were headed toward the hotel we told Blaine to pull off the road and to get in the back seat with us. In case you've forgotten my name is Chad, a 5'10", 165 pound, 20 year old cum slut and size queen with blue/green eyes and dishwater blonde hair. Patrick, my best friend, is 6' and could be a Nordic god with his pale blonde hair and very honed body. I haven't mentioned before that Blaine is an olive skinned hunk of a man with dark hair and deep blue eyes, a wonderful combination. We found out on one of trips with Blaine that he is a male hustler that takes care of women who are looking for a little fun while in Vegas.

Blaine responded to our question, "Why?"

"We want to thank you for all that you've done for us."

"That's not necessary guys, but I appreciate the offer. After I drop you guys off I'm scheduled to meet with a bride-to-be and her maid of honor for a little "pre-wedding fun", don't want to use up any of my cum now, I want it all for later."

"Too bad, I would like to see your cock."

"No problem with that." He got in back and pulled out a very respectable piece of meat that I would have loved to taste and drain but I understood. This was Vegas.

When Blaine dropped us at the hotel we each gave him a big hug and thanked him for all that he did for us. He told us it was the most fun with guys he had had in a while.

We gave out ticket to the Valet who pulled the piece of shit Chevy around for us. I tried to tip him but he said we already had on the first night we were in Vegas (Chapter 27). Wow, people were really nice here.

Before we left, we took out some traveling clothes from our suitcases and went into one of the johns to change. We both put on something comfortable. I put on a tank top and a pair of sheer running shorts with nothing underneath and a pair of flip flops. Patrick put on a pair of board shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt with flip flops as well. We returned to my car, started it up and began our trip to Rocky Point, Mexico. It was going to be a pretty boring drive, not much to see but a lot of desert. The route wouldn't even take us through Phoenix so we could switch out some of our clothes, but we didn't want to add the extra time.

Since it was March it really wasn't too hot, which was good, because the air conditioning in the piece of shit Chevy wouldn't have helped too much. We stopped at a couple of rest stops along the way but there wasn't any action and we really didn't want to get to Rocky Point to late. The US Government had issued some warnings that Americans shouldn't drive the stretch of road between the border crossing and Rocky Point after dark.

Midway through the day we both were getting hungry and actually wanted food this time so we stopped at a truck stop along the road. Pretty standard diner food and the expected trucker and biker decorations throughout the place. We both decided we would treat ourselves so I ordered some fried chicken with all the fixings while Patrick ordered some smothered enchiladas. We probably consumed enough calories for the next couple of days if we could continue with our protein intake.

The diner was filled mostly with truckers but there were a few lone travelers, a couple of families with kids and a couple of bikers. When we walked in I had gotten some stares from some of the truckers due to the skimpy and thin running shorts I was wearing.

After our dinner we both decided to get some coffee and some pie, which the place was known for, at least that's what the sign said outside. Just as the waitress brought our desserts and coffee the two bikers swaggered over and got in the booth with us. They actually got so close to us that both Patrick and I had to slide over closer to the wall.

"Jock, what do you think we have here?"

"Looks like some pretty boys to me. Did you see the way they were dressed? Just like a couple chicks that are hot to trot."

"Yeah, they are sorta pretty, in a faggy kind of way."

The guy sitting next to me put his arm around my shoulders. "You two looking for some partying today?"

Neither Patrick nor I responded.

"I think you are." The biker next to me moved his arm so that he could give my pec a squeeze. "Don't have much of a pair of tits on you though. But I bet you've got a nice pussy, don't ya?" Jock laughed at that. It looked like he grabbed Patrick's hand and placed it on the cod piece of his leathers.

"You like how that feels boy? Cause I sure do."

The one next to me said, "I bet you want to feel what I have waiting for you, don't ya?" He grabbed my hand and placed it on his pretty impressive bulge.

They called for the check from the waitress and gave her $40 bucks which was more than our dinners cost. "See boys, we're being proper dates paying for your dinner. So I think you owe us something, ain't that right Jock."

"Sure is buddy."

They each put an arm around our biceps and dragged us out of the booth and out the front door."

"Hey Jock, where do you think we should go?"

"I think we should go meet our gang down the road, don't you?"

"Yeah, I think that sounds like a good idea."

They led us over to their hogs but instead of putting us on the back seat they made us sit in front of them but not until they removed their cod pieces showing us what they were packing which was pretty good looking. As we got on the bikes they made sure their cocks were rubbing against our upper butts and lower backs. They pulled us close.

"Grab the handle bars but below the brake and gear shift."

I finally spoke up, "Will you bring us back to our car."

"No, give me the keys and I'll have one of the guys come get it for you." Off we went.

During the ride I could feel Jock's cock harden against me. It felt pretty substantial. It wasn't long before we came to a campground that had what looked like about 20 bikes and just as many guys standing around drinking beers.

"Look what we brought back for ya'll, a couple of faggots that were at the diner. Soon as I saw 'em I knew we could have us some fun." They ordered us off the bikes. "See, look at the ass on this one," pointing at me, "I bet there's some fine faggot pussy under them shorts. I think the other cocksucker may have something good too, just can't tell with them long shorts he's wearing." Someone yanked Patrick's shorts down, "Yeah, that's what I thought, prime faggot ass."

Jock tossed my keys to one of the guys and said "go get their ride, it's an old junky looking Chevy" The guy complained that he wanted a piece of ass but did what Jock asked him to do. I guess Jock was the leader of the pack.

"We don't have much time, we gotta hookup with the rest of the gang in about an hour, but some of us can have a little fun with these fags. That means we gotta be fast, so I think we should just get some blow jobs before we hit the road. No, on second thought you all can have that guy give as many of you blow jobs before Tug gets back with their car. I'm gonna keep this pretty one for myself."

There was some grumbling among the men but Jock just started them down. "I'll let you at least watch."

"I'll be nice cocksucker, how do you want it? Face down in the dirt? Splayed out my bike? On all fours like the cocksucker you are? I'll be nice and let you decide."

I watched as some of the guys surrounded Patrick and pushed him to his knees. They got close so I couldn't see what was happening but I was sure Patrick's mouth was being filled with cock after cock.

I spoke up and said, "I'll take the bike. I want to see if you really know how to ride."

"We got a smart ass faggot here. Well boy, I'll show you have I can ride."

Jock had one of the high handle bar bikes. He was strong enough to pick me up and put my ass on the seat facing backward. "Grab the handle bars cocksucker. Dougie, get over here and make sure he stays in the right position." Dougie straddled the front tire and put his hands on my back making sure I wasn't falling over.

"I don't want to see your cock," Dougie complained.

"Why, do you think it will confirm that you've got a small cock? If you do a good job, I'll have this faggot suck you off before we leave."

Once I was in the position he wanted, Jock straddled the bike and pushed his still unsheathed cock against my hole. "Let's make this a little more fun." Jock turned on the bike. I could feel the vibrations of the motor while he started to push his cock into my ass. It was an incredible feeling. The vibrations made his cock vibrate in my ass. He kept leaning in so more and more of his cock started to fill me. I threw my head back in pleasure but Dougie pushed it back forward.

When Jock had his cock all the way in my boy cunt he revved his bike. It was a sensation I had never felt before. Every one of my nerve endings in my ass was vibrating against his vibrating cock, incredible. Jock kept revving and revving until he finally shot his load up my ass. It was an incredible experience. After he shot he shut off the bike and got off (the bike that is). "Turn over." My head was now between the handlebars and my legs straddled the seat. "Eat Dougie's cock faggot." I did. Dougie had a decent size cock and I did my magic bringing him to the edge and then slowing down and then bringing him to the edge again. All the while Jock was playing with my ass, sticking his fingers up my ass with the help of his cum lube. I think he finally had four fingers in my ass. I kept pushing back. "See Dougie, I knew this was the better pussy boy, he can't get enough of my fingers up his ass." Dougie filled my mouth with his cream. As he pulled his cock out I sucked as hard as I could until he was shivering in pleasure.

When I got off the bike with my ass hanging out I went over to see if Patrick was ok. He seemed to be doing an admirable job of servicing the rest of the bikers. Off in the distance I heard the sound of the piece of shit Chevy getting closer.

When it came to a stop, Jock said, "ok boys, time to pull out. Let's give these faggots a round of applause for the admirable job they did in making us feel good." Jock turned to me and said, "I hope our paths cross again because you're one of the best pieces of ass I've ever had. They all got on their bikes and took off down the road. Patrick walked over to me, wiping his mouth and said "interesting lunch."

We climbed into the piece of shit Chevy and kept on making our way to Rocky Point.

We drove for a while and I could feel Jock's cum oozing out of my ass. The thin running shorts were getting uncomfortable so I told Patrick we needed to stop soon. I thought I could rinse out the shorts since they were those wick away things that should dry quickly.

After about 20 miles we saw a sign for a rest stop in a mile. Since we were on a State Route instead of the Interstate this was one of those really old style rest stops. There were two buildings, one for men and one for women. We went into the men's building and I started rinsing out my shorts while Patrick watched to make sure no one would find me bare assed in the bathroom, like I really cared.

The layout of this john was odd. There was a stall against each wall with two urinals with a partition between them. There were, however, glory holes between the stalls and the urinals. This must be a very active glory hole because it was so obvious about what would be happening.

Patrick said a group of guys who had just shown up in a van were heading toward the john, so I took my shorts and bare ass into one of the stalls and told Patrick to take the other one. The group of guys entered just as I closed the stall door. It sounded like there must be three or four guys based on the voices that I heard. From the conversation it sounded like a group of high school kids on their way home from school. Two of the guys stepped up to the urinals and the other two tried to open our stalls and bitched when they found that they were both locked.

"Hurry up man, I've got to pee like a race horse."

"Hey, look at this, there's a hole into the stall."

"Mine has the same thing."

I don't know what Patrick may have been thinking but I was going to take advantage of this situation. I got my face close to the hole and ran my wiggled my finger.

"Jesus Christ, there is some guy looking at my cock."

"Same over here." Patrick must have had the same thought as me.

"Do you think they want to suck our cocks?"

"I ain't doing that, I'm not a fag."

"Who says you're a fag if you got your cock sucked, it ain't like you're doing anything to some other guy's cock."

"Yeah, my brother says you're only a fag if you suck a cock, we wouldn't be doing that."

"You wanna try?"

"Sure, what the fuck," the guy closest to me said. He turned toward me and slowly moved his cock toward my waiting mouth. When it got close enough I flicked my tongue at the head of his cock and he pulled back.

I said, "Its ok, let me taste your cock kid." He moved back toward me until the head of his cock was in my mouth.

"Oh shit, he's got my cock in his mouth"

"Same over here, feels fucking awesome!"

My kid kept pushing his cock forward as I sucked more in. I don't know how old these guys were but this kid was going to grow up with a pretty hefty cock.

"Shit man, let me have a try."

My guy pulled his cock out and one of the other dudes stuck his cock into my mouth. His cock wasn't bad but nothing like his friend. His cock was filled with veins and had a very silky skin. I sucked him in farther.

"Jesus H. Christ, I didn't know something could feel so good." His friends agreed.

They kept taking turns feeding us their cocks but I knew we had to get on the road again. When one of the guys had his cock in my mouth I wouldn't let him pull it out, I sucked as hard as I could. I could tell that he was starting to tremble, he was going to have an orgasm that he never had with his hand. "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, he's letting me cum in his mouth....fuck!!!!" I heard similar words coming from Patrick's stall. When I finished with this kid I did the same to the kid who replaced his friend's cock and got him off with the same ferocity that I had done his friend.

As soon as all four of them had dropped their loads they zipped up and headed out of the john.

"Can you believe that just happened?"

"I wonder if they will be here tomorrow when we are coming home from school?"

"We're not telling anyone about this, they will be our cocksuckers only."

We heard their van start up. Too bad we wouldn't be around tomorrow when they stopped by. Maybe some other cum slut will be here instead.

Patrick and I went out to the piece of shit Chevy and got back on the road.


Be Well,


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