After Patrick and I left the hotel we started walking down the Strip, not really knowing where we would go or how we would get there. It made sense to leave my piece of shit Chevy at the casino since traffic on the Strip was just awful. I can't believe that I blew more than $3 grand gambling. I'm such an idiot. And this idiot is Chad, a 20 year old community college student with blue/green eyes and dishwater blonde hair. I weigh a 165 pounds and refer to myself as a cum slut and a size queen. Patrick is my best friend and we decided to visit both Las Vegas and Rocky Point, that's in Mexico, over our Spring break. Vegas was our first stop, since we got here, well really on the way, we blew a male dancer, and serviced a bunch of employees at a hotel so that we could get a free room because the whole city is sold out due to the International Adult Entertainment Exposition and Awards. Which is sort of funny when you consider that I was part of a porno made by my boss at the campus bookstore back at my school (chapter 15).

It was now Sunday and we weren't planning to leave for Rocky Point until Wednesday so we needed one: try to find a place to stay and two: find some more cock. David, the dancer we had picked up, had given us his number so I thought we should give him a call, unfortunately it went right to voice mail so I left a message asking him to call me back.

When we left the hotel we each just put on a pair of shorts, t-shirts and flip flops. Nothing special but of course we wore them tighter than other guys would, as a cock tease I needed to keep up appearances, right? Along the way we stopped to get some coffee and spent some time just standing out on the strip people watching. If you looked past all the suburban moms and dads with their kids, there were a lot of hot looking guys walking along the strip. I also noticed that a lot of the limo drivers were pretty hot too.

Since the economy has improved there was a lot of new construction along the strip again. We walked by several work sites that must be working seven days a week. Since it was March, it was relatively warm and a lot of the construction workers were shirtless. Of course, we had to stop and watch them work. Shirtless men, tool belts, sweat, it was making my shorts feel a lot tighter.

While we were standing there watching I felt several hands brush against my ass but unfortunately also heard some assholes mumbling "faggots" and "cocksuckers" as they passed us. A couple of the construction workers saw us watching and grabbed their crotches and gave them a good squeeze. A couple of them even mimed sucking a cock. Since we were killing time while we waited for David to give us a call back I started thinking of a plan.

There were a row of porta potties between the building site and the fence line. There also was a hole in the fence that either no one had found yet or no one had fixed yet. Telling Patrick to stay put, I ran across the street to a convenience store and came back with a black magic marker and some paper.

All along the street there were these guys and girls passing out cards advertising strip clubs and call girls and boys. I tore the paper in pieces of similar size and wrote on them "come to the john closest to the fence at the construction site of the new hotel for a free blow job." I told Patrick to start passing them out. I wiggled my way through the fence and wrote the same message in all but the last porta potty. Then I went back through the fence to meet up with Patrick to help him hand out the sheets of paper. Some men just read them and threw them away. Some men stuck them in their pockets. Some men smiled at Patrick or me and nodded. And some men, who were in groups snickered but checked us both out. It was good marketing, why pay for something when you could get it for free?

After we had handed out all the notes we went back to the fence line. About every other construction guy that visited a porta potty would come out and walk down to the last one in the row and look in. They all seemed disappointed when they didn't find anyone there. When the coast was clear I climbed through the fence and told Patrick to stand guard and direct anyone on the street who wanted to come through the fence. I went into the porta potty and waited. I couldn't have been in there for more than two minutes before the door opened and a hunk of a construction worker was standing there. I nodded my head for him to come in. This was not going to be anything more than a good blow job. He kept his tool belt on and just pulled down the zipper of his Wranglers and hauled out a very nice, and I mean NICE, cock. I squatted down and took the one tool that wasn't on his belt into my mouth. I savored the head while I grabbed the shaft of his cock right where it met his balls. I turned my mouth right and left while I stroked his dick. I could sense that the man wanted to moan or say something but he had to keep quiet because we could hear men coming and going out of the porta john next to us. He laid his hand on the top of my head but not to force me up or down his cock, more like he was just trying to keep himself from staggering. My efforts were worth it, I was rewarded with a nice serving of cream. He put his cock back into his jeans, whispered "thanks" and left. Within seconds the door opened again. This time it wasn't one of the construction workers but some young guy who must have gotten one of the notes. From the other side of the fence I could hear, "yeah Tim, show him your cock, have him take care of it, show the cocksucker that you've got a big one."

Well Tim was no 8 (on my scale) but he had nothing to be embarrassed about. He was so nervous. I asked him "have you ever had a blow job before?" He replied in the negative. "Have you ever had sex before?" Again, another negative. This one needed to be special. I wanted to give him a blow job that would be the benchmark for any further blow jobs either by men or women. I made magic with my mouth and I could tell he was impressed. He was wiggling all over the place like a Chihuahua. When he came it felt like he had never come before. I felt like I was drinking a 12 ounce can of really thick and creamy Coke. The kid was so embarrassed he hardly had his dick back in his pants before he was out the door. As he left I saw that there were three construction workers in line. Far be it from me to not live up to my responsibility. I took care of those three in fine fashion. After those three the line had grown even longer with a mix of construction workers and guys from the street. I told them all I would be right back and went out to Patrick and told him it was time to rotate in, which he did happily. One time, when he opened the door, I saw cum running down the side of his face and he was trying to lick it with his tongue.

The line kept getting longer so I decided we would have to double our efforts. I took the porta john next to the one that Patrick was in and started servicing the next guy in line. This went on for a while until one of the guys I let in didn't immediately pull out his cock. "Is something wrong?" I asked.

"You could say that. I hear all these guys come back to work saying how the two of you are good cocksuckers but I'm not looking for a cocksucker. I want a good, hot piece of ass. Now I've been watching both of you and I'd say you've got the hotter ass and I want some of it now." He grabbed me and spun me around throwing me against the wall of the john. He yanked my jeans down and started to grope my ass. "Yeah, looks like a fine piece of ass." He started rubbing his fingers along my ass crack and very gently touched my asshole which twitched when he touched yet.

"Yeah, I knew you were the kind of faggot that would like a real man's dick up your ass." While he had a pretty nice cock, I've seen and felt better, just think about Jake the asshole. He spit on his fingers and rubbed them across my hole. Then he spit on his hand and lubed up his cock. He pushed me closer to the wall with his chest and guided his cock to hole that was ready for a nice piece of meat. I don't know how or why he knew this but he started to fuck me just the way I like, really light pushes against my hole getting it ready for the head to push through. When he finally had the head and some of the shaft up my ass he started pushing with more urgency. With each push he actually made me move up the wall. He was a big guy and he finally had me up against the wall without my feet touching the floor. Between his chest and his cock I couldn't move, I was actually riding his cock. Just then the door flew open. Outside was an older man, think George Clooney type in better shape, holding Patrick by the back of his t-shirt.

"Johnson, put your dick back in your pants and get the fuck back to work. I'm not paying you to fuck some faggot. GO! NOW!" Johnson didn't even have his cock in his pants before he leapt from the porta john. I could hear his co-workers cheering and clapping with some saying "I hope you gave him a good ride on your horse cock Johnson."

The guy who had Patrick grabbed the back of my shirt and pulled me out before I even had the chance to pull up my shorts. He dragged us to the trailer which must have been the on-site office.

"What the fuck is wrong with you two? You're making me lose money by keeping the men from doing their jobs. I don't need two god damn faggots messing around my work site. I'm going to call the fucking police." He started to reach for the phone.

"Sir, please wait, we were just having fun and making your men feel good."

"Not at my expense."

"Please Sir, is there anything we can do?" I was close enough that I put my hand on his crotch and started to rub it. He tried to push my hand away but I was insistent. "Please don't call the cops." I shot a glance at Patrick and he picked up on the plan and started to rub his crotch as well. "I'm sure there is something we can do to make this whole thing go away." The supervisor's eyes rolled back in his head. Patrick took the opportunity to drop to his knees and start to rub his face against the growing bulge in the supervisor's pants. I took one of the supervisor's hands and placed it on my still uncovered ass.

Feeling like I may have been able to turn the tables, I told Patrick to get the supervisor's cock out, which he did. Patrick started stroking the supervisor's cock while I kept rubbing the supervisor's hand on my ass. With each pass I brought his fingers closer to my hole. Since Johnson hadn't been able to finish our fuck I was desperate for some cock up my ass. The supervisor was getting the drift and with each pass he pushed one of his fingers deeper into my pussy. I told Patrick to make the supervisor's cock nice and wet with his mouth. Patrick was good at following direction. When the supervisor felt like his cock was wet enough he pushed me over his desk and started to rub his cock up and down the crack of my ass. "Boy, you're going to take this and you're going to like it!"

As much as the supervisor may like to think he was a stud, he really wasn't, it was more like several long minutes of him trying to jam a square peg in a round whole. It definitely was not satisfying for me and it seemed to be going on forever. I don't know why Patrick thought of it but he wet his finger and started working it up the Supervisor's ass. That seemed to get him going and just a few moments later he let loose with a less than spectacular load of cum, but at least it was over.

"I better not see you two fags around here again or I'll make sure your ass's get the work out they deserve." Promises, promises.

As we were leaving the Supervisor's office my phone rang and it was David. "So what's up? Are you guys having a good time?" I partially filled him in on what had happened but told him that we were having a hard time finding a place to crash due to the conference that was in town.

"You guys can crash with me tonight but I need you to do something for me."

"Whatever you need, we just need to find someplace for the night."

"Come over to the club we're performing at and I'll fill you in."

The club was about a mile down the Strip from where we were. On the way we stopped and got something a little more substantial than some loads of cum for our stomachs. While protein is always good you should also get some carbs and fats in your diet. We finally made it to the club which was inside one of the nicer casinos. One of the staff directed us back stage and asked if we were some of the new performers. Maybe that's what David needed, a couple more dancers for tonight's show.

We found David and he told us that it's common in male revues that someone backstage "fluffs" the performers before they go on stage in their costumes. He told us that almost all of the performers take Viagra but that they still need a little 'encouragement' to give the best show possible. Now picture this, we are backstage at an all-male revue. It's like 'Magic Mike' on steroids. These guys were HOT! Some were totally smooth and some, like David, had very tightly trimmed chest hair. All are muscled up. They all have big packages that make the women in the audience scream. I didn't understand why they needed us.

"These women are paying up to $100 to get a seat at the show. Even though they are covered by G-strings, they expect to see big packages on the performers. We can only provide that by taking drugs, using poppers and having someone, guy or girl, fluff us before we go on stage. You just have to remember that you can't take them all the way or it causes a problem, but at the end of the night you can get as many loads as they are willing to give."

Let's just say that Patrick and I had a good time that night honing our techniques, bringing them to the very edge but then getting plenty of cream at the end of the night. Yum! David let us crash at his place and told us if we needed to crash again just let him know and we could do a command performance.

I can't even imagine what tomorrow holds.


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