Spring break started the day after the last performance of "West Side Story" at the community college I attend. I was in the cast as one of the Jets. Besides being a budding thespian, I'm 20, am 5'10" tall, weigh 165 pounds, have blue/green eyes and dishwater blonde hair. If you've read any of the earlier chapters you also know that I like my cocks big and filled with a lot of cum. I'm pretty much what you would call a total bottom although getting my cock sucked once in a while can be nice. Among other things, I work in the campus bookstore and serve as the assistant manager of the baseball team. While I try to get as much anonymous cock and cum whenever and wherever I can, I do have some regular feeders in my life. There are my truck driver buddies Tony and Jack; Shane my boss; the first base coach (but not in a while); Grant the star pitcher, and believe me he pitches well (but only twice, so far); and of course, Jake the asshole, the hottest guy I have ever known who is dumb as a box of rocks but is hung like a horse. He's a real homophobe but won't pass up a chance for my mouth or ass. Recently I've noticed some changes in him.

Enough about all of them. Today, Patrick and I are going on a Spring break trip. Patrick has become my best friend over the last couple of months. We played around only twice, once in a bathroom glory hole and once at a rest stop. Since then we've decided that we want to be better friends and not fuck buddies. Since early this semester we knew that we would go on a Spring road trip. We had been debating between LA, Las Vegas, Florida or Rocky Point, Mexico also called Puerto Penasco. Rocky Point has become a real spring break spot for students in the southwest.

Patrick really wanted to go to Las Vegas. He heard there were some great gay bars there. I was shooting for Rocky Point because I wanted to be by some water. Since the distances weren't too bad we agreed to do both. We would leave on Saturday morning and be in Vegas in about six hours. We'd stay in Vegas through Wednesday morning and get to Rocky Point late Wednesday. We would leave Rocky Point on Sunday and be home in time for classes on Monday.

We weren't very good planners because we didn't make any reservations, we thought we would just wing it. Since I hadn't moved out of my parents' house, I did have some money from the "package wrapping" business along with my being the "party favor" at the bachelor party. We were good to go.

On Saturday morning we packed up my piece of shit Chevy, hopped in and we were on our way. The drive to Las Vegas is pretty boring, the only real signs of civilization are Kingman and Boulder City and of course, Hoover Dam. So we just ended up bullshitting and singing with the radio.

In one desolate stretch of road, which is almost everywhere on this route, we saw a Mustang GT convertible on the side of the road. Standing beside it was an incredible built man only wearing a pair of cutoffs. Of course we had to pull over. We both got out of the car and walked toward him. You've heard me describe both Jake the asshole and Grant, the star pitcher, as being drop dead gorgeous, but this guy was on a level way beyond them. Sweat covered his amazing chest. Even without flexing his arms his biceps were the size of the grapefruits. His legs and ass fit the rest of his body perfectly. He had the perfect V shape between his massive shoulders and his waist. He had a messy mass of black hair on his head. There was a light dusting of hair on his chest that was obviously trimmed on a regular basis and he had a day or two growth of black whiskers. And I can't forget about the package that was behind the cutoffs. You could see the outline perfectly due to the distressed denim. There also was a rip in the denim right around where his balls would be. It was apparent that he has some sort of underwear on that was bright green. Let's just say he was a walking wet dream.

He told us that it looked like one of his belts had broken. He also said that he wasn't getting any cell signal. I checked my phone and discovered the same. He asked if we would send a tow truck when we finally got cell coverage. Since neither Patrick nor I can resist being in the proximity of a hot man, we offered to give him a ride to the next town.

"That's very nice of you. If you're heading to Vegas you could just take me there and one of my friends will bring me back with the belt that needs to be replaced."

"No problem."

Patrick got into the back seat while hot guy seat in front with me. He had that warm male smell that you get when your skin has gotten some sun. He already had a deep tan. "I'm Chad and this is my friend Patrick. You are?"

"David. So what brings you guys to Vegas?"

"It's Spring break and we just wanted to have an adventure."

"Well Vegas offers all kinds of adventures."

On the drive we talked about all sorts of things. We told David about being students and the play we were just in. We learned that David was part of a dance troupe at one of the Vegas hotels. The more we talked the more it became apparent that David was part of an all-male revue like the Chippendales or Thunder Down Under.

"That's got to be pretty cool."

"Not as cool as you might think. It's a job that pays the bills. When I first joined I thought it was going to help me get chicks, for Christ sakes, the auditorium is full of screaming women. Unfortunately they enjoy the fantasy but all think we are gay so they don't proposition us. There's billboards all over town with our pictures on them so we don't even have any luck just trying to pick up women. When we are walking in the casinos the men even make comments about how we are faggots. I've wanted to slug a couple but I don't want to lose my job. I'm saving money so I can go back to school and get my MBA. Some of the guys even get jobs as male prostitutes just to get laid."

"Jeez, that must suck."

"Yeah, we have to leave town to get some action but then it might be weeks before we have the chance again. I was just coming back from a few days with a woman I went to school with. Even though I just left a few hours ago, I'm already horny again."

I looked back at Patrick and our eyes locked. We knew how to help him out.

"David, have you ever gotten a blow job from a guy?"

"In my business it's happened a few times. Why?"

"Well if you're really horny Patrick and I can lend you a hand.....well really we can lend you a mouth."

"Sure that sounds good. See that stand of trees up ahead, pull behind it and that should give us enough cover."

We all got out of the car and David simply just walked over to one of the trees and dropped his shorts. His dick matched the rest of his body. It was a thick, cut piece of prime meat. He wasn't quite the same size as Jake the Asshole but not far behind.

While David started to finger his cock which was already thickening up, Patrick and I looked at each other with the question in each of our eyes about who would get to suck on the succulent cock. Almost at the same time we came up with the answer. We walked over to David and knelt down, one on each side of his cock. A smirk appeared on David's face. "That's it boys."

Patrick and I both started to run our tongues along the shaft of his cock. When I licked forward, Patrick licked in the reverse direction. After a few minutes of that, as David's dick kept getting more engorged, we both moved on to his balls. We each had a ball in our mouths while we both fingered his cock. David's dick continued to grow in size. Like his body his dick must have had muscles on top of muscles. While shorter that Jake the asshole's, it was a bit thicker. It was crisscrossed with veins.

Patrick and I started taking turns swallowing the head of David's cock, each using our own techniques. As we each took more in it became apparent that Patrick still hadn't developed good deep throating techniques so I got the pleasure of swallowing David's dick to the base.

All this time David was saying things like "oh man, that feels so fucking good", "yeah man, that's it", "you guys know how to treat a cock right", and "fucking A, suck that dick....all the way."

When David said he was getting close I pulled off his cock and Patrick and I put our lips as close together on David's tip so that we could both catch some of his cum. We both got some and we both swallowed his tasty load. When we had all calmed down, David said "that was awesome, you guys really know how to make a cock feel good. Thanks."

Back in the car we continued on our way to Vegas. Not long after we saw the towers and the lights since dusk was just falling. It was an incredible site.

"I've got a show in just a little bit, can you just take me straight to the casino?"


"Where are you guys staying?"

"We don't know, we just thought we'd plan it by ear."

"You know this is a big conference time of year, you might have a problem."

We reached the hotel/casino that David worked at. As he was getting out he gave us his number and told us to give him a call in a couple of hours, he had an idea that might interest us. We watched his fine ass walk into the casino entrance.

We pulled up to hotel entrance and a cute bell boy opened the car door on my piece of shit Chevy giving me a look with a raised eye brow. "Welcome Gentlemen, will you be staying with us?"

"We don't know yet, we're going to go in and see if there are any rooms available."

"I'm sorry sir, but we are full. You're going to find the same problem at most, if not all, of the hotels this weekend. The International Adult Entertainment Exposition and Awards are here this weekend and they take up almost all of the rooms on the Strip."

"We're fucked."

"Sir, was that just an expression or literally?"

I gave him an inquisitive look as did Patrick.

"What I'm saying Sir, is that every hotel has a few rooms off-line for renovation and repairs. I think I could get you one of those rooms if you are, ummm, willing to trade some favors."

Patrick and I looked at each other. "Sure, why not."

The bell boy called someone over and told him to get someone to valet my piece of shit Chevy and to cover him for a few minutes. We grabbed our bags and we walked with him to the reception desk where he talked with one of desk clerks, again another fine specimen of a man. Did they only hire good looking people in Las Vegas? The clerk looked over at us and smiled and then handed the bell boy a card key.

"Follow me."

We went up the elevator to floor 32 and went to room 3219. The bell boy opened the room and it was obvious they were renovating this room. Wall paper was being stripped and the curtains were off the window. The room still, however, had a king size bed and the bell boy told us that the bathroom still worked. Good, we both needed showers.

"Here's the deal, even though there may be an urban myth that hotel employees get it on with guests, it's not true. If we are found screwing around with paying guests we will lose our jobs. Since you aren't paying guests it's different. I'm going to make sure that you have this room to yourselves tonight but right about shift change at midnight you will take care of any of the staff that stop by. It could be a bell boy like me, a desk clerk, another bell boy, a maintenance guy or even an executive. You will take them all if you don't want me to turn you over to security, got it?" We told him it would be fine. He then handed us a coupon for 2 dinners at the buffet. "Enjoy yourselves in the casino, just be sure to be back here by 11:30."

"Thanks man, how can we thank you?"

"One of you can give me a blow job before I go back downstairs but it's got to be quick."

I didn't even let Patrick have a chance. I sat down on the end of the bed, grabbed the bell boy by the waist and pulled him to me. I undid his pants and pulled down his zipper. I had found another guy who goes commando. I pulled out a cock that was about a 6 on my scale so well above my average of 1. I started licking around his head enjoying the flavor of his cock.

"As much as I would like to have a slow blow job, I've got to get back downstairs." With that he grabbed my head and started feeding more and more of my cock into his mouth. He just wanted to get his rocks off. With each thrust in he would pull back on my head giving him the greatest depth into my mouth and throat. It was obvious he really was in a hurry and it wasn't long before he shot a decent amount of cum over my tongue and down my throat. He moaned with pleasure and then stuffed his cock back into this pants.

"Try to keep as quiet as possible tonight so that we don't get any complaints from our paying guests. Oh, you'll also have to be out of the room by 7 am before they start work on the renovation. Have fun boys." He was gone.

We both took showers and got ready for the buffet. Since it was Vegas, and what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, we both decided to go out as slutty as possible. I had brought a pair of skinny jeans that were so tight I had to leave the top button undone, I just thought that would be truth in advertising. Over that I put on a chambray shirt that I had taken the sleeves off from and just kept it unbuttoned. The jeans showed off my ass and the shirt left no doubt that I had a very low body fat index. Since the jeans were skinny it also left no doubt about how long my cock was. Patrick put on a pair of well-worn chinos that showed off his ass to its best advantage. Over those he put on a form fitting sports coat without a shirt. He looked good.

As we walked to the buffet we got a lot of looks. Some from women who batted their eyes and flipped their hair. Some from men who obviously were checking out our asses and our packages. Some from older couples who seemed appalled by our outfits and some from men who sneered at us and really wanted to say something derogatory, fuck them.

After dinner I had the bright idea to spend some of the money I had made in my "package wrapping" and "party favor" endeavors at Black Jack. It was a good thing we had our fake IDs with us. We sat down at a $25 table and started to play. I gave Patrick a couple of hundred dollars so that he could play but told him the winnings would be mine. No sooner than we sat down the free drinks began to flow. Since neither of us were big drinkers we started to make some bad decisions. In less than an hour we had burned through a couple thousand dollars. We decided to stop. As we got up from the table the dealer looked at both of us and said "see you in a while."

We were idiots, we lost another thousand at roulette. Gamblers we were not. It was getting close to 11:30 so we headed back up to our room. No sooner had we closed the door there was a knock followed by another quick knock and someone saying "maintenance". Shit, we were screwed yet again, they caught us and we were going to be thrown out. The door opened and in walked four maintenance men each wearing one of those blue one piece outfits. These guys were obviously in good shape. Instead of being surprised to see anyone in the room they closed the door and said "hello".

Obviously they were our first "clients" of the night. We made small talk as we got comfortable with these men. They told us that they were all aspiring dancers for any of the shows but nothing had panned out yet, so they worked maintenance to pay their bills. It was obvious that they still must do a lot of dancing because all four of them had good looking physiques. Once they started taking off their blue overalls it became obvious. They all unbuttoned them and shrugged out of their sleeves but they kept their legs in them. I could tell that they all must be able to bench press a pretty large amount. They each pulled their cocks out from inside their coveralls.

"Both of you get on the bed after you take off your clothes." Didn't take either of us long to get our clothes off. "One of you lean over the end of the bed the other lie on your back on the bed." I guess they knew what they wanted.

One of the guys who had a pretty decent cock, maybe a 4 or 5 on my scale got up on the bed and kneeled before my face. His rubbed his hardening cock against my face and lips. Another guy got behind me and I could feel the heat of his cock against my waiting hole.

I looked over and saw that they had Patrick's head turned to the side so that one of the guys could feed him his cock while the other guy got between Patrick's legs and pushed his knees back toward his ears. He was starting to push his cock into Patrick's ass. While Patrick likes to suck and be sucked and likes to fuck, he's not that fond of being fucked. I could see the grimace on his face as the cock went deeper into his ass. The guy who had his cock in Patrick's mouth told his friend "yeah dude, slide him your cock make him feel it." Neither of my guys were talking they were just making sure that I got their cocks nice and slow in my mouth and my ass.

The guy fucking Patrick said, "I've had a shitty day and I plan to take it out on your ass faggot." He kept picking up speed. The other guy with Patrick must have had similar thoughts because he grabbed the back of Patrick's head and had him bobbing up on down on his pretty large cock.

I could see that this was a bit much for Patrick so I said to the guy fucking him. "Man, I'd really like for you to show me how bad your day was when you're friend finishes up with my ass."

"You like it hard faggot? Hard like only a real man can do it."

"Oh yeah, I want you to make me feel how bad your day was."

He licked his lips and pulled his cock out of Patrick. He then pushed his friend who was fucking me away from my ass which didn't make him very happy but it was obvious who the leader of the pack was. The guy who was fucking Patrick rammed his cock into me, just the way I like it sometimes. With each ram it caused more of his friends cock to go deeper in my mouth and throat. I was in heaven. The guy who was forced out of my ass didn't move over to Patrick, he just watched the leader plow my man pussy. He seemed mesmerized. "What the fuck man, are you a faggot too?" That didn't stop either of them from the leader fucking me or the other guy beating his meat.

From the sounds from Patrick I could tell the guy feeding him his cock had just shot his cum into Patrick's mouth. They guy pulled it out and wiped off the excess cum on Patrick's face and came over to watch the leader fuck me. All three of the other mean started egging him on, telling him to show me who was the boss man. I guess all he needed was some encouragement because both he and the guy feeding me his cock filled me with loads of delicious cream. Once they were done, and without a word, they all left the room. In minutes the bell boy came in and fucked Patrick. He was followed by the dealer who wanted to get fucked which made Patrick very happy. Over the next several hours we serviced the desk clerk, the manager of sales, a couple of custodians and even a few of the performers. I think we ended up getting 2 hours of sleep but it was worth it.

Just a little before 7 am we left the room and dropped our bags at the bell station and went exploring, who knows what today will offer.


Be Well,


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