It was late on Monday morning before Patrick and I woke up. David, the male stripper who let us crash at this place, left a note saying that he had to go to rehearsal but we were welcome to spend the night again if we needed to. Patrick and I are best friends. We both attend a community college in Arizona. We both have a love of cum and I also really get off on the size of cocks. We decided a while back that it was better to be friends than fuck buddies but that didn't stop us from teaming up and servicing men whenever the opportunity arose. For those of you who may have forgotten, my name is Chad, I'm 20, 5'10", 165 pounds, with dishwater blonde hair and blue/green eyes.

Since Patrick and I had left our luggage back at the hotel we needed to get back there so we could put some fresh clothes on. David didn't live too close to the strip so the first order of business was to figure out how we would get back there. I pulled out my phone and tried to find out info about public transportation but it didn't look like we were close to a stop. Just as we accepted the fact that we were going to have to walk a limo pulled onto the street. A woman, obviously doing the walk of shame (good for her!) got out of the limo. We walked over to the limo, "hey man, if you are heading back to the Strip would you mind giving my friend and me a ride?"

"Sure kid, it'll be $40 from this part of town plus tip."

"Thanks anyway, we'll just have to walk."

Patrick and I were still in our outfits from yesterday, tight, short shorts, t-shirts and flip flops. The driver looked us both over. "Pull the front of your shirts above your heads." We did and he must have liked what he saw so he told us to get in. I looked at Patrick, I think we both thought that a blow job was going to get us back to the hotel.

"Guys, my next pickup is a couple of high rollers who come to town about once a month. They expect to have the best service possible and they are great tippers. While they won't want you to blow them or get fucked by them they do enjoy some entertainment when they are in the car. They don't care if its boys or girls, just something hot. Do you guys think you can put on a show for them? If they really like the show and the tip is really good I'll make sure you get transportation for free for the remainder of the time you're in Vegas."

Patrick looked at me and I looked at him. Like I said, we don't fuck around with each other but this offer seemed too good to pass up. By the way, Patrick is 6' with a great body and a true Nordic look almost white hair it was so blonde.

"Sure, what kind of show would they like?"

"Pretty standard stuff, sucking and fucking. Nothing kinky."

"You've got a deal. We really need to go back to the hotel where we dropped off our luggage and get cleaned up and change our clothes."

"Sure kid, let's get going."

The driver, who we found out was named Blaine, brought us to the hotel and said he would be back in a half hour to pick us up. At this point Patrick and I could have bolted but we both are men of our word so we didn't. We went to the bell stand and asked for our luggage. I tipped him well and asked if there was somewhere we could get cleaned up and changed and he led us to the employees' locker room. We both took quick showers and then tried to figure out what to wear. I gave David a call and told him what was happening and he suggested that we each just wear a pair of tight jeans or a pair of revealing shorts. Since Patrick doesn't really like to be fucked I told him I would take that role and that he should put on his best tight jeans and maybe even the most macho shirt he had but to leave it open. I got one of my skimpiest pair of shorts that were covered in rips. I was a little nervous walking back through the casino floor to get back to the limo but I didn't have much of a choice. I shouldn't have worried, I got a lot of stares and even was propositioned a few times by older men looking for a little fun. Did wonders for my self-esteem, which really wasn't necessary but it didn't hurt.

Blaine was waiting when we came out the door and got into the limo. "Man, do you guys look hot." Just imagine us together, a Nordic god and his hot blonde boy toy. We were good to go. As we headed to the fare's hotel, Blaine told us to take the seat facing back so that the men we were picking up could sit and face us. Blaine had us pour a couple of scotches so that they were ready when we picked them up.

We pulled up to the hotel, Blaine hopped out and opened the door for two older men who you could tell liked their food and liquor a bit too much. As they were getting in the car, Blaine told them he had some special entertainment for them today. They looked very pleased to see us. From their accents it was apparent that they were Eastern European and maybe even Russian. We handed them their scotch and they settled into the seats. They just sat there. Blaine got back in the driver's seat and whispered to us, "get started."

Not quite knowing what we should be doing I reached over and started to knead Patrick's crotch and he pulled me in for a deep kiss. He ran a hand all over my arms and chest while with the other hand he pulled my head down to his crotch. With one hand I started to undo the buttons of his jeans until I could bring out his cock. Patrick has a very nice cock, I know because I've sucked it before, I slowly started to stroke it. In a heavy accent one guy told me to suck Patrick's cock. I took the head slowly in my mouth making sure I was really putting on a show. Patrick kept one hand on my head but with the other he started rubbing my back and kept going lower and lower. I took more and more of his cock into my mouth. I had forgotten how good Patrick's cock tasted. I kept one of my hands on the shaft of Patrick's cock but with the other I spread the front of his shirt and started pushing the sleeves down his arms making sure the passengers could see Patrick's beautiful chest and upper arms. Our audience must have really been getting in to it because I could see that they were both rubbing the growing bulges in their slacks. I could tell by the feel of Patrick's dick in my mouth that he was getting ready to give me his load. The Eastern Europeans must have been able to see it in his face. "Ve vant to see him shoot." I obliged by pulling off Patrick's cock but continued to stroke the whole length of it giving it a squeeze whenever my hand was near the head. I didn't want to mess up Blaine's ride so I kept my mouth close to the tip of Patrick's dick so that I could catch as much cum as possible. Patrick didn't disappoint, he gave me a great load of sperm. "Ve vant to see you swallow." I obliged making a show of moving my throat so that it was apparent that I swallowed. What cum I didn't catch that had hit my chest or landed on Patrick's jeans I made a point of getting. I licked Patrick's jeans and then wiped the cum off my chest and licked my fingers. Both men smiled at our show. "Now fuck him."

Patrick must have been getting in to the "theater" of it all. He grabbed the back of my shorts and put his fingers into one of the rips and ripped the whole ass out of my shorts. With some force, but not too much, he pushed me back and flipped me over on my stomach. One leg was off the seat with my foot on the floor. He pushed one of my ass cheeks so that our guests could see my asshole. I tightened it so they would think I was hungry for some cock. Patrick has always been able to keep his cock up for a couple of rounds so he was ready to go but he was going to give them even more of a show. He leaned down and started to flick his tongue around my waiting hole. God, it felt so good. Then he made a point of making sure they saw him push his tongue into hole. He also reached around and started to stroke my cock. I was in heaven. He pulled his tongue and hand away and put on a show of slowly taking his jeans off, but he kept his shirt on.

At some point Blaine had pulled over and was now watching the show as well. I think I even heard him unzipping his pants. When Patrick had his jeans off, he returned his attention to my ass. He licked a couple of fingers and then put one of them on my hole. He started slowly swirling it around my asshole. Then there was two, then there was three. He then pushed the first finger into my ass. Involuntarily my ass squeezed his finger. Then he put in a second finger and started turning them in my ass. Now I was raising my ass to meet his fingers. He had once again taken his other hand and started stroking me again. Then the third finger was pushing past my sphincter and continued to twist them. I started to whimper which got good comments from our passengers. All of a sudden Patrick pulled his fingers out. I felt so empty, but only for a second. Making sure we were giving our passengers the best show possible Patrick slowly started pushing his cock through at a very slow rate. I wanted to scream. Once the head of his cock had passed my ass ring he just staying that way for a minute letting the image sear into our guests' eyes. All the while he kept gently stroking my cock. Then he started sliding more and more of his cock in until I felt his skin against mine. "Ve vant you to fuck him hard." Patrick complied, he started to pull his cock almost all of the way out and then push all of it back in. Each time he did this he did it a little harder, and harder, and harder. This time I did scream out in pleasure. I'm sure I could hear the sound of Blaine beating off while he watched the show. I was close, I couldn't hold off not letting loose with my cum. When I did it caused my ass to tighten which then set Patrick off. Even though he had given me a large load in my mouth he was able to give me an equally large load up my ass. Some cum came flying through the window between the front and back parts of limo landing on my back. When Patrick pulled out of my ass he leaned down and licked Blaine's cum from my back in a slow, sensual way. I was exhausted, Patrick could fuck almost as good as Jake the asshole and Grant the star pitcher of the baseball team.

While we were both catching our breath, one of the men said "Ve vant to watch you clean your cum off the seat." I hoped the seat was relatively clean because I did what they asked. It had been a long time since I had tasted my own cum and it wasn't half bad. When I was done, I glanced over at our guests, they both had their rather impressive cocks out and were fingering them. "Come suck our cocks."

Blaine spoke up, "that wasn't part of the deal."

"Ve vill pay an extra $100 for the ride and the show."

I looked at Blaine he gave me a small nod. "That's not enough, we want an extra $200 plus a credit at the men's store in the hotel so this kid can get some new clothes since his shorts are ruined."


Patrick and I got on our knees and made our way to the two Eastern European cocks. I know I did, and I'm sure Patrick did, gave the best blow jobs of our life. Time for some new clothes!

After the gentlemen had both filled each of our mouths with their cream, Blaine pulled back into traffic and not much later we were at the hotel. One of the men reached over us and handed a bunch of bills to Blaine and told him the credit would be set up as soon as they got inside. As they got out I noticed that this hotel was the main hotel for the International Adult Entertainment Exposition and Awards.

Blaine went around and grabbed our bags from the trunk and got in back with us. As I found a new pair of shorts and a shirt to put on he handed us each a $100 bill. "Thanks guys, I really appreciate what you did.....and it was fucking hot. Here's my card, call me if you need a ride and I'll make sure I'm there as quick as possible."

Patrick and I got out of the limo and headed toward the door with our luggage in tow. Time to go shopping.


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