Jake woke up with a hard-on like he usually did. He refused to beat off because he know he could get someone to take care of it for him without any trouble. Since a young age, Jake new that he was the "golden boy". He was great at baseball and other sports. In school pictures he was always the best looking kid. He's parents were always telling him how wonderful he was and his kid brother followed him around like a puppy.

When he started going through puberty he knew he was special for another reason. In comparison to the other boys in junior high, his cock was big, really big. It was long, it was thick and from Jake's point of view it was perfectly shaped with a big head. While he didn't know it, it was an exceptionally big cock unmatched by almost anyone. He also had thick brown hair with hazel eyes.

As he got older he realized he could rock a pair of tight jeans and, because his chest and biceps were so nice, he usually wore a t-shirt one size smaller than he should have. When he went commando for the first time in high school, his cock really showed in his jeans and he got lots of stares both from the girls but also some of the female teachers. When that started he was even more proud about himself. Academically, Jake was not the sharpest knife in the drawer and he also was oblivious to some of the guys and some of his male teachers checking him out as well.

He started keeping a tally of how many girls he did in high school and he even hooked up with his English teacher to try to improve his grade and boy did it. His parents were so proud of him. Little did they know.

Not only was he the big man on campus at his high school but he was also the biggest bully. He would make fun of all the kids that weren't who weren't in his clique, especially the guys he thought were gay. He and his friends would call the guys they thought were gay by faggot and cocksuckers. While these words hurt the kids, even the ones that weren't gay, it made him feel even bigger and better.

In his senior year he was in the locker room after PE and he was in one of his moods. He grabbed a kid by the neck and smashed the kid's face into his crotch which was covered by his jock. "I've seen you looking at my cock faggot. "Rub your face in it. Get a good look and feel of it in my jock because you aren't ever going to have it." Jake and his friends had a good laugh. Though he didn't say it he sort of liked the kids face smashed against his cock. While he was never rough with his girls, he found it exciting to take control like that.

The next weekend Jake was out doing one of his 5 mile runs. He always ran by the lake near his house. There was a lot of overgrown bushes and trees along the running path. While running he was thinking about what he did to the kid in the locker room. His dick started getting hard as he thought about it. It actually felt good rubbing against the fabric of his jock. He had never noticed before but there were men that were hanging around in the bushes. He had heard that faggots sometimes gave blow jobs in the woods. He decided to investigate. He moved his way slowly and quietly into the woods. The growth blocked out a lot of sunlight so it appeared like it was dusk. As his eyes adjusted he saw that sometimes there were two men together, sometimes more. When he looked closer he saw that sometimes men were on their knees on the ground sucking another dude's cock. He even saw a group of men watching as one guy gave a blow job to another and that those guys were beating off. His dick kept getting harder to the point that his jock couldn't hold it anymore. The head of his cock was now above the waistband but still covered by his tank top. He couldn't help himself, he started rubbing his hand up and down the outline of his cock.

"Hey kid, let me get a taste of that, I'll get it down for you." Jake spun around and saw a middle aged guy just a few yards from him. The guy moved forward.

Jake said, "Fuck you faggot" and started to walk away.

"I'd love it if you did, that cock looks like it could kill someone, but what a way to die." Jack ran out of the woods.

Over the next couple days, Jack couldn't get the images out of his mind. Even when he was fucking one of his girls or letting them try to suck his cock, in his mind he kept seeing some guy on his knees in front of him.

While not too bright, Jake did know enough to know how to find porn on line. With little difficulty he found gay porn. While he didn't like the moves that had kissing, he really did like the ones that showed some guy forcing another guy to eat his cock. The one's where there were more than one guy servicing a stud were even better. He got hard watching them. He couldn't believe the guys that were feeding their cocks to guys could be gay. They all looked like they really worked out and were very macho. The way they talked to the guys was even hot. It got to the point that he would even beat off watching those scenes. He would just sit at his computer and slowly stroke his cock. He would use some of his mom's hand lotion and pretend that it was the saliva of some guy he was making do him. He also realized that his cock was as big or bigger than any of the guys on the screen. Definitely bigger than the guys on their knees but even the macho guys that he admired.

The next time he went on his run he decided to go back to where he had seen the men in the woods. Instead of wearing his jock and ratty running shorts he borrowed one of his younger brothers running shorts that were tight but didn't hid anything. When he started running down the path by the lake he got stares from everyone he passed. He liked that a lot.

When he got to the entrance of the path into the woods he adjusted himself so that his cock was running down his right leg. The shorts were so tight you definitely couldn't miss it. Almost immediately he saw men in various stages of sucking. He even saw what looked like was a man fucking another man against a tree.

He could tell that there were men getting closer to him from out of the shadows. Feeling proud, he knew they all wanted to see his cock and to suck it. Like he had seen in one of the pornos he leaned up against a tree and rubbed the outline of his cock which started getting bigger. Soon the head of his cock was sticking out of the leg opening of the running shorts.

There were about 5 men who were close and watching. "Come on faggots, which one of you cocksuckers is going to take care of this for me. I know you want it. Come on, who wants to be first, there is more than enough to go around." Without a word one of the men got down on his knees in front of Jake. He looked up into Jake's eyes while he started lowering Jake's running shorts. "What are you looking at asshole? Look at my cock that's all you need to see." The man on his knees took Jake's cock in his mouth and ran his tongue around it. Holding it by the base he started stroking as he tried to take more of Jake into his mouth. Jake groaned, no girl ever made his cock feel like this, this was awesome. "Why don't you pussies come over here and watch how my cock slides into this faggot's mouth. If you're lucky maybe I'll feed you some when he's done." He grew tired of the slowness of the guy who was currently eating his cock and grabbed the back of his head and started to ram his cock into his mouth. He could tell he was hitting something in the man's mouth and he realized it must be the back of his throat. He had seen this on-line as well. Even though the guy was gagging Jake kept pushing he cock farther and farther in. "Come on cocksucker open your throat. That's right take it all." The guy on his knees did just that and that would be how Jake thought all good blow jobs should be.

Soon after Jake filled the guy's mouth with cum. Like he has also seen he said "Yeah fucker, eat my load, every drop." As soon as he had, Jake pushed him away. "Who's next?" The remaining guys seemed to fight to get to be next. Before he left the woods, Jake dropped three loads. The last guy that blew him got up from his knees and tried to kiss Jake. He shoved his away, "I ain't no faggot, get the fuck away from me." He ran home. While running home he realized that none of the girls he had let suck his cock had ever been as good as those guys had been.

For the next couple of weeks he went to the woods whenever he could. It always went the same way. Guys lined up to suck his cock. He enjoyed forcing them to eat more of his cock when they were tentative or were gagging. He told them to be men and stopping acting like the girls who usually sucked his cock. He told them that they should feel privileged to suck such a good cock.

The last time Jake was in the woods, he had finished with a guy and was rubbing his cock across the guy's face. After he finished, he glance to his left and saw his little brother watching and stroking his cock. "What the fuck are you doing here?"

"I've followed you the last couple of times you've gone running and saw what you were doing in here."

"So what, are you going to tell Mom and Dad what you saw?"

"No way Jake, I wouldn't do that to you, you're my big brother."

Jake noticed that his brother kept looking at his semi-hard cock. A light bulb went off. "You want some of this kid?" Jake grabbed his cock and waived it at his brother. "Well, do you?"

His brother came closer and got on his knees in front of Jake. "Yes."

Jake slapped his brother with his cock. "You fucking faggot, I'm going to tell Mom and Dad about YOU."

"Jake, no, please no, I'll do whatever you want. Wash your car, do you chores, do you homework, you name it."

"You don't have to do any of that. From now on you'll take care of my cock whenever I tell you to." With that he rammed his throat into his brother's mouth. While Jake didn't notice, his brother had a smile on his face.


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