Shane was brought up in a very bad part of the city. It was only he and his Mom. His Mom worked at a grocery store as a checker. It was hard but she made sure Shane always had food, shelter and clothes. Unfortunately the one thing she couldn't give him was much of her time.

As you all know, Shane is 24, 6', about 180, with dark hair and dark eyes. He has a naturally muscled body, the kind you get from playing sports and working hard, but he always wasn't like that. When he was young Shane was what you would call a '90 pound weakling'. He didn't hit his growth spurt until he was 18. Before that happened he was about 5' 7" and weighing maybe 130 pounds. Most of his clothes were second hand that his Mother had gotten from Goodwill. He knew how hard his Mom worked so he never complained about what he didn't have.

His Mom always had men coming in and out of her life. She would think she was in love but the men usually turned out to be losers. There was one guy, Bob, who lived with them while Shane was 13 and 14. Shane's Mom tried to pick up as many extra hours at the store as she could. When she did, she asked Bob to watch Shane when he got home from school. After the first couple of times, Bob asked Shane to sit next to him as they watched television. Shane liked having a man in his life so he always agreed. One time, Bob took Shane's hand and put it in on the outline of his dick and started moving his little hand back and forth. Shane was fascinated that it started to grow. Shane had had similar experiences with his own dick.

Bob asked Shane if his mother had ever told him about the facts of life. When Shane indicated that she hadn't, Bob told him, however he changed them slightly. While he did convey what men and women did to have children and that sometimes they even it do 'it' for fun he also told him that sometimes a man had to look elsewhere when no women are around. He told him that this was very common in lots of parts of the world. While Shane had heard about fucking from his friends, he never heard about this other part. Bob even said that fathers did it with their sons. Bob told Shane that he was almost like his son. Bob told him that he should never tell his Mother since it would hurt her because she would feel like she wasn't taking care of Bob the way she should be. Shane didn't want to hurt his Mom so he never said a word.

After telling Shane the 'facts of life', Shane would always sit next to Bob when his Mom wasn't home and rub Bob's dick. One day Bob asked Shane to take Bob's dick out from his pants and Shane did. Bob showed him a new way to rub Bob's cock. Just like what happened to Shane's dick when he would rub it against the sheets of his bed, Bob would shoot long strings of cum that covered Shane's hand and the tissues that Bob would always have. Shortly after doing that a couple of times, Bob told Shane to take off his pants. While Shane rubbing Bob's cock, Bob began to finger Shane's butt hole. When he started using lotion, Bob's finger, and sometimes fingers, would go farther up Shane's butt.

One day after Shane had gotten Bob's dick hard and he had put a lot of lotion in Shane's butt, Bob had Shane climb up on his lap. He positioned Shane so that his dick started to go into Shane's butt. Shane screamed but Bob covered his mouth. Bob kept pushing Shane farther down on his dick then he would pull Shane up and down on his dick until Shane felt Bob's hot cum fill his ass. Each time they did this Bob would pull Shane farther down on his dick until almost of it filled Shane's ass. Bob reminded Shane he should never tell his Mom.

Bob drank a lot. He worked sporadic jobs and he would borrow money from Shane's Mom. His Mother was finally tired of it and told Bob to move out, which he did and Shane never saw him again. Shane missed having a man around and missed making a Man feel good. Shane would think about Bob and what they did when he masturbated. One time Shane even tasted the cum that came out his dick and tasted it and found that he liked the flavor.

Not long after Bob's departure, Shane told his best friend what Bob had done with him and asked if his friend would try. His friend called him a 'faggot' and from then on they were no longer friends. Other boys at his school started calling him a 'fag' and would taunt him by grabbing their crotches. Shane realized that he liked looking at their crotches which only caused more taunting. A couple of times in the locker room some of the other boys would walk up to Shane naked and ask him to grab their dicks and he would which resulted in laughter and more taunting.

By the time that Shane was 16 he had grown a few inches but still was a bean pole. The other boys in his school continued to call him names. There was one guy, Mike, who was a real bully. He was bigger than all of the other kids with a strong musculature. He even was able to grow facial hair. Shane had seen him naked in the locker room and he had a cock to go along with the rest of his body. He was constantly calling him 'fag' and 'cocksucker' and pushed him when they passed each other in the hall when someone was walking by. When no one was around Mike would actually say 'hi'.

One day after school while Shane was walking home, Mike came around the corner alone. "Hey Shane, what's going on?"

"Not much, just heading home to some homework. You?"

"I was hoping I'd run into you. I could use some help in math and was wondering if you'd help me out."

"I guess, should we go to the library or something?"

"No, let's go back to my house. Nobody will be home until later, we can get a lot done, if you know what I mean." Shane had an idea that he wanted him to give him a blow job like all the other boys asked for. Shane had never done anything since Bob left but he was always thinking about it. Maybe he should see what Mike really wanted.

They got to Mike's house which wasn't much better than where Shane and his mother lived. Mike got them a couple of Cokes and they went to Mike's room.

"Shane, I don't need help with math, it's way too late for me to think I can get my fucking grade up. Doesn't really matter, no way am I going to college. I'm just going to get a job at the same plant my Dad works at. I really wanted you to come over and give me a blow job. I heard you give really good ones and I wanted to see what it felt like."

"I've never given anyone a blow job. I've heard about them but never tried."

"Do you want to?" Mike was rubbing the growing bulge in his jeans.

"Sure, why not?"

Mike kicked off his shoes, pulled down his jeans and underwear and stood in front of Mike. His cock was sticking straight and was bigger than Bob's had been. "I've heard that you're supposed to be on your knees." Shane got down on his knees and was face to face with Mike's dick, which looked inviting to him.

Shane started licking the shaft of Mike's cock like a lollipop, he didn't know what else to do. "I think you're supposed to take the head in your mouth." Shane tried that. He liked the way it tasted and felt. "Take some more. Oh yeah, that feels good." Shane kept taking more and more until he started to gag. Mike pulled his cock back. "Are you ok?" Shane's answer was to take Mike's cock back into his mouth until his gag reflex started again. He tried to relax which helped. Slowly he got more and more of Mike's cock into his mouth until there was no more to swallow. Shane started moving his lips up and down on Mike's dick, from just having the head in to having it all the way down his throat. Mike was moaning he then must have lost all control because he grabbed Shane's head and started fucking his face. Shane felt Mike's body tighten up and then Mike filled Shane's mouth and throat fill with cum. It tasted very much like his own, and he loved it.

Mike and Shane kept doing this for a few weeks then one day Mike asked Shane if he had ever been fucked. Shane confirmed that one of his Mother's boyfriend had stuck his cock up Shane's butt hole. Mike wanted to try but didn't know what to do, so Shane did what he had done with Bob. He had Mike lay down on his back and then Shane climbed on and lowered his ass over Mike's steely hard cock. Mike's cock was hitting something in Shane that he had never felt before. After Mike had filled his ass, Shane leaned forward and kissed Mike, Mike kissed back but then Mike pushed Shane off and told him to leave.

The next day at school, Mike and some of his friends walked by and Mike said to his buddies, "look at the faggot, I hear he sucks cock and gets fucked in the ass all the time." Mike shoved Shane as he walked by. They never got together again. Shane was starting to feel like every man would hurt him.

On another day when Shane was walking home his path crossed with one of the known gang members in his neighborhood. He was a really muscled black guy with low slung jeans showing off his Sean John underwear. He was wearing an unbuttoned shirt showing off his abs and pecs. He had a doo rag on his head under a baseball cap turned sideways. "Hey, ain't you the kid that gives blow jobs I've heard about? Would love to give my black cock to a white boy." Shane didn't reply. The thug grabbed Shane by the arm and pulled him into the alley where he forced him down on his knees. "Yeah, that's where a white boy should be." The guy pulled out a thick black cock from his pants and started slapping Shane's face with it. "I bet this is the biggest cock you've ever seen cocksucker." The thug grabbed a hold of his cock and started rubbing it around on Shane's face. "Take it cocksucker. I wanna feel your white lips around my cock." Shane took the thug's cock in his mouth and started working it like he had with Mike. This cock tasted good as well and when the thug came he loved the flavor of his cum."

When he pulled his cock out and had put it back on his pants and yanked Shane up and dragged him toward a nearby door. The thug yanked open the door. Behind the door were about 10 other gang members. "Found us a good little white boy cocksucker. Who wants to try him next?" One by one the gang members feed him their cocks and filled him with load after load of their cum.

After the last thug had taken advantage of Shane's mouth someone suggested that they should all try out his white ass. Shane thought he would have to sit on each of their cocks which didn't sound so bad but instead a couple of the thugs picked him up and put him on table on his back. They then pulled him forward so his ass was hanging over the end. They yanked down his jeans and underwear. The guy he had blown in the alley told some of his guys to grab Shane's legs and hold them back while he showed some white faggot ass what a real fuck was. With that, the thug rammed his cock into Shane and just continued ramming him until he came. This was different than what Shane had experienced when he sat on Bob's and Mike's cocks. This was mean and rough and he didn't like it. Each gang member took their turn with Shane. A couple also beat off close to Shane's head and shot cum all over his face. When the last thug was done, they threw him and his pants and underwear out of the place.

"What do we have here?" Mike turned and saw a couple of garbage men in the alley. "I think we may have a skinny cocksucker here, what do you think?" Mike tried to put on his pants but one of the garbage men grabbed them. "Not so fast fairy. We don't want you to cover up that ass yet." Both men walked around Shane. "Hey look at that, looks like cum is running down his legs. He should be pretty lubed. I think we should take advantage of the situation." One of the men spun him around and pushed him up against the garbage truck. The other guy was opening up his overalls and pushed them down below his cock. He stroked his cock to get it nice and firm and then very slowly slide his cock into Shane's cum filled ass. "Oh yeah, nice and lubed." Both men took their turns with Shane. While the second guy was fucking Shane one of the thugs came out of the door.

"Yo man - fuck that ass!" He laughed and walked away.

When the second man was done, they pushed Shane away from the truck. "Let's leave this piece of garbage here." The men got into the truck and left as Shane pulled up his pants.

On the way home Shane decided that he was never going to let someone make him suck their cock or get fucked by him. From now on he was going to be the one to make other faggots get on their knees or spread their legs. From now on he was going to be in control.


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