The community college baseball team was going on the road and I got to go with them. Since I'm the assistant manager I take care of the team's uniforms and equipment. I get along with most of the guys and really like the first base coach. I've had his cock in my mouth and my ass a few times after practice, he really is a nice guy with a nice cock. He asked me to not be too open with the team because he didn't want them to compete for my ass and mouth, he wanted their competiveness to be in the game.

Unfortunately there was an asshole on the team, Jake, the captain of the team. I sucked Jake off through a glory hole in the bathroom in the library basement. When I tried out for the team he blackballed me to try to keep me off but the coach brought me on as the assistant manager. After the tryouts were done Jake cornered me in the locker room after everyone, we thought, had left. He made me blow him and then made me sit on his cock. I was tired of the way he talked to me, so when I had the chance I stuck a jock in his mouth and told him he better knock it off and I shot cum on his lips and made him swallow some of it. I told him if he spoke in that manner again I was going to tell the team that he was a faggot and that he drinks cum. We came to an agreement. Even though he is a jerk I still like his nice, big cock every now and then. After Jake left that night the first base coach walked in and told me he had been watching us. He didn't threaten me or try to intimidate me which I appreciated. To show my appreciation I gave him a blow job, we've been pals ever since.

Besides being a student and working with the baseball team I'm also a cum slut and a size queen. I'll take all the cum I can get from the biggest cocks I can find and I've had a lot. Whether it was at a rest stop nearby, the mall where I used to work, at a glory hole on campus, the campus bookstore, a leather bar or a dirty bookstore I could always find some nice cock. By the way I'm Chad, a 20 year old, average height and weight with blue/green eyes and dirty blonde hair. I used to play sports and now lift weights so I'm in really good shape. I must have a pretty good set of lips, a hot mouth and a nice ass because they must be the draw.

We had just loaded the bus and pulled away from campus when Jake the asshole sat down next to me. "Chad I've got a question and a favor."


"I think we've got a good chance of winning this game. I've been trying to think of something that will get them off-balance, you know, making them think about something else during the game so they lose focus."


"If we win, someone from their cheerleading squad will have to blow every member of our team. If we lose it's the opposite."

"How is that going to get them off their game, sounds like a good incentive to win?"

"Here's the good part, I had some of my friends, not anyone on the team, send out emails, anonymously of course, to a few guys on their team that we were going to have one of the cheerleaders do them. Angie agreed to help so we sent a naked selfie of her along with the email. With them all horny on the field they'll screw up and lose the game, I'm sure of it. Makes sense right?"

"Not really. What if they want her so much that they really work at winning the game?"

"I'm sure that's not going to happen, don't you agree?"

"Well maybe." No doubt in my mind that we would lose, Angie was way better than any girls I had seen pictures of who were on their squad.

"And even better, I haven't told the rest of the team about the bet so they don't lose their focus. Great huh?"

"Yeah, sounds like a winner to me." Crap, we were going to lose big time. "Is that your question?"


"What's the favor?"

Jake lowered his voice, "My girl is pissed at me again, I don't know why, but I'm horny as hell. I want to make sure I'm focused on the game so would you mind giving me a BJ?"

"What? Right now? People will see us."

"Not here faggot, in the john at the back of the bus."

"Watch the language Jake. Are you serious, the guys and the coaches would see us go in. Besides that the john is really small."

"We're going to be driving most of the night. Most of them will fall asleep soon. Even if a few are awake we can make sure we head to the john a couple of minutes apart."

Against my better judgment but because I couldn't resist Jake's cock (it had been a while since I had sucked him off) I agreed.

"Watch for me, when I think it's clear I'll head on back and then you follow a few minutes later."


The bus kept rolling down the road for what seemed like hours. The more I thought about Jake's big cock the more horny I got. I started to hear the snoring of some of the players. I saw Jake get up and go toward the back of the bus. After a few minutes I followed. I don't know if you've ever been on this type of bus before but the john is on one side of the bus and there is one row of seats across the aisle from the door. It looked like both guys were sleeping so I quietly opened the door and stepped in. Good god it was a small space. As quietly as possible I said, "there's no way I can work over your dick in here."

"Where there's a will, there's a way. And you will suck my cock." Again, he was being rough but I let it slide this time.

His idea was to close the lid of the toilet and stand up on it. He had to bend his head to fit. He also had to reach his arms out toward the opposite wall to brace himself. This gave me enough room to stand in front of him. While his crotch wasn't right in front of my face, it wouldn't take much bending to get at his cock. To tease him I rubbed my face over the growing bulge in the shorts he was wearing. I could tell right away that he was going commando.

"Yeah cocksucker that's it." Since I thought he was giving me a compliment I didn't say anything but he better watch it or I'll follow through on my threat. "Take it out." Of course all of this was said in the quietest whispers.

I opened the zipper on his shorts the then unsnapped the top. I pulled his shorts down and out popped Jake's impressive cock. He was so ready he was already leaking precum. "Go ahead start sucking it."

Wanting to tease Jake some more I only licked under his head and along the shaft. It was fun watching his cock twitch. I could tell Jake was getting more aggravated.

"Come on you faggot sissy, swallow my cock." Now I am guilty of liking it when a guy gets aggressive and takes control so I let it pass again actually hoping he would do some more. I was, however, going to remind him of my threat when we were done.

He lowered one his arms, grabbed his dick and pointed it at my mouth. "Come on cocksucker, I know you want it. You fell in love with my cock back in the library." I nuzzled my nose against his balls. I was going to make a game of this and see how in control I could make him become. His cock bounced off my forehead. I licked the area right behind his balls which made him shiver.

"Enough of this pussy boy, eat my cock now". He let go of his cock and put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me toward his cock. I flicked my tongue and watched his cock twitch again. "Please take it, please". Now I had him where I wanted. I engulfed his cock and began to work my magic. It wasn't long before he filled my mouth. I pulled off his cock and made sure he saw some of his cum on my tongue and watch me swallow it. He sighed. Then he looked down at me with fire in his eyes, "You ever not do what I say, I'm going to fuck you until you beg me to stop."

"Fuck you Jake. Keep it up and I will tell the team you're a gay boy that likes cum and likes to be fucked up your ass. They all hate you so they'll want to believe me. Now go back to your seat and be quiet. And I don't think you could ever fuck me until I beg you to stop, your cock is too good, you could fuck me all day long and I would be fine and probably begging for more." That should mess with his head. I like it when I get to be in charge too.

Let's take a minute here to respond to some questions I have gotten. No, you haven't seen me get a blow job nor have you ever seen me fuck someone. It's not that it hasn't happened, it's just that I don't enjoy either too much. I much prefer to have a cock in my mouth or a cock in my ass. Actually I like to have both at the same time, and maybe a few cocks waiting in line to take their places. I get great sexual satisfaction by making someone feel good. It may just be getting his rocks off or maybe feeling like he's in charge or living out a fantasy. It's all good.

Jake left and shut the door and I bent over the sink to rinse out my mouth when someone pushed against the door, I had forgotten to lock it. "Give me a minute, I'll be right out." That didn't stop the pushing. Grant, the star batter, pushed his way in and locked the door. When I turned from the sink we were chest to chest and crotch to crotch.

"What were you two faggots doing in here? Were you sucking each other's cocks or were you just taking care of the captain? I always suspected that you were gay, the way you look at some of us in the locker room, but I never thought Jake would let some faggot put his lips around his dick. Maybe that's not it, maybe he just fucks you like a girl. Yeah that makes more sense, you're just a substitute fuck when he can't be with his girl."

He might be pissed but I can feel his cock starting to grow in his jeans. I also was starting to see what the coach was telling me about me possibly causing some competition among the team members.

"How often does he fuck you? Once in a while? Every week? After every practice?"

Now Grant is an interesting guy. I don't think he's every come to the basement of the library to get his rocks of with me or other guys who may be working that bathroom. Like most successful baseball players he is drop dead gorgeous. Perfect body, perfect hair and perfect teeth. If he made it to the big leagues he was going to have endorsement deals out the wazoo. I think he was a pretty straight forward kind of guy and I do mean straight. He didn't, however, like Jake too much. I think Grant was pissed that his teammates hadn't voted him as captain.

Grant leaned in so he was close to my ear, "tell me, does he fuck you good? Does he know how to make your ass feel full? Does he kiss you? Does he make you scream? I bet he doesn't but I bet I can. Have you ever had a real man's cock up your pussy?" Well, duh. "Do you really know what a man's cock could do for you? Well let me show you.

Grant spun me around like I weighed nothing. He made me straddle my legs over the toilet bowl and pushed my head against the wall. He wasn't hurting me but he was letting me know what was about to happen. He reached around me and undid my belt, button and zipper then he yanked my pants down, after that he actually ripped my underwear off. All this time he was speaking in whispers, very forceful whispers, so that we wouldn't be heard. Luckily no one came to use the john.

I heard Grant struggle with his pants and underwear but soon he had them down. Now Grant was about 4" taller than me so this position wasn't going to work to well.

"Here's what we are going to do Chad. Kick off our jeans. Good. Turn around. Get your cock off of me you perv. Take your feet one at a time and push off the wall behind me. Push your shoulders against the wall behind you. That's it. It's probably uncomfortable but you'll feel much better when this baby is up your man snatch." He had reached down and grabbed his cock, waving it for me to see. Nice!

"Now I'm going to show you what a real man can do with his cock. A real man's cock can find the hole it wants without any help." Grant braced his arms against the wall behind me and started moving his cock toward my asshole. God damn if he wasn't right, the tip of the cock hit the mark on the first try.

"You ready for some real cock not some posers' cock like Jake. I bet he can't make you feel like I'm going to make you feel." With that said he started to tease my hole. Just gentle nudges against the ring of my hole. "You like that don't you? Yeah, I can tell." He did a little more of that and he was right, it felt fucking fantastic. All I wanted to do was to push my ass down on his cock but I didn't have the right leverage without falling. Looking into my face, "did he ever make your cry out for more? That happens all the time with my girlfriend, she just can't get enough of my cock. You want some more? You want more of my cock up your hole?"

"Yes, give me more of your cock. Show me what a real man's cock feels like. Drive it home."

I guess that was all the encouragement he needed because he stared sliding his cock up my ass. I think he was right, I think his cock was bigger than Jakes or maybe it was just because he knew what to do with it.

When he got it all the way in he started doing these tiny little thrusts over and over again. "How does that feel baby?" Interesting turn of events. A few more little thrusts. "Did Jake ever make you feel like that?" Somehow, someway Grant just lightly turned his cock while it was against my prostate. A little to the left, a little to the right, and back again. "Did he ever make you squeal in ecstasy? Did you ever want him not to stop?"

Some more thrusts, some more turns, this guy really knew how to screw. As you know I've been fucked by quite a few men by this time but usually it was just slamming in and out, not that I mind that, a big cock slamming into me feels great, but this was something else. At this point he pulled back so just his head was still in my hole. "What do you want?"

"To push your cock back in."


"Because it feels so good."

"Does it feel better than Jake's cock?"


"Am I a better fuck than Jake?"

"Oh yeah."

"That's what I wanted to hear." Then he pulled out. He hadn't climaxed, I hadn't cum. "No way was I going to shoot my seed in your ass, only faggots, like Jake, do that." He pulled up his jeans and started opening the door. "Wait here for a few minutes. I'll knock on the door when the coast is clear. We will never talk about this and you better not say anything to anyone except Jake, you can tell him I fuck better than he does."

After a few seconds I heard a light tap on the door. I came, Grant was feigning sleep in the back row. I walked toward the front of bus. I went right by Jake who was asleep, he probably didn't even notice that I hadn't come back from the john." Jerk.

I decided to try to get some sleep myself but I was hornier than ever, Grant had left me hanging.


Be well,




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