Guys - some of you have been kind enough to send me some ideas for Chad. I've tried to weave them into the stories where they make sense. I'm not sure where Chad is going to head in the next few chapters but with your suggestions we can have some fun. Thanks again!

We finally made it to the campus of the team we are playing today. We had driven all night. Jake, the asshole captain, made me suck his cock in the bus bathroom. Before I could get out, Grant, the star batter, forced his way in and fucked me, well almost. Just before he was done he pulled out saying he just wanted to prove that he knew how to fuck better than his rival Jake, once I said that, he didn't care if he or I got off.

Jake had also made a stupid bet with the opposing team. He bet them that if they won, one of our cheerleaders would blow each player. If we won, one of their cheerleaders would blow each of us. Jake had let the opposing team know that Angie, one of our hot cheerleaders, would blow them if we lost. Jake had this stupid idea that if their players were all thinking about Angie they wouldn't focus and would end up losing the game. He said he hadn't told our players about the bet so they would stay focused.

As an assistant manager I was sitting in the dugout with our team. Grant was the first to bat and he struck out as did the next two players. Not a good start. When the other team got up to bat they got three hits in a row and the next batter had a grand slam. The players started looking at us and grabbing their crotches. One of the guys next to me asked "what the hell are they doing?" I feigned ignorance.

The game didn't get better and we ended up losing 7-0. Not the best day for my community college. Yes, I'm in community college and serve as the assistant manager of the college's baseball team. Besides classes I also work in campus bookstores. I always make time to go to the gym and lift weights so my 165 pound, 5'10" body is in pretty good shape. My hair is dirty blonde and I have blue/green eyes. Enough about my appearance, what you really want to know is that I'm a full-fledged cum slut and size queen. From the time I started sucking cock at a glory hole in a rest stop until the blow job I gave Jake on the bus last night, I've gotten more cum in my mouth and my ass than I can remember, well not really, I keep track. As often as I can, I try to look for big cocks to give me those loads. The bigger the better.

As I and the players started heading for the locker room Jake pulled me aside. "Sorry about the game man, Angie must not be too happy."

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about. I never actually told Angie anything about this, I just bullshitted you. I thought for sure we would win today's game." Jake was obviously nervous. "I can't ask Angie to go blow the whole team. There is no way she would do it and if I ask her boyfriend Grant will beat the shit out of me." Whoa, didn't see that coming. "I need you to do something for me."

"What? I'm not going to ask her for you."

"No, no, I think I can convince them to let you do them."

"Why would they agree to that?"

"This is a four year school with fraternities. Most of these guys probably got blown by pledges in their houses."

"Seriously dude, wouldn't that mean that they gave blow jobs when they were pledging."

"Oh, I hadn't thought about that." Not the sharpest knife in the drawer. "Maybe we could get you a wig and you can pretend to be a girl."

"Oh for the love of god Jake, I'll just go talk to them."

"Thanks man, I promise I'll never call you fag, cunt or cocksucker every again."

"There are times when I like it when you use those words so forget about it. I'll see what I can do."

The other team was still-high fiving themselves for the win, so I walked over to whom I assumed was the captain. "Hey, I'm Chad the assistant manager of our team. Nice win today, congrats."

"Thanks man, I appreciate that." The captain hadn't told me his name but that didn't stop me from giving him the once over. Red hair, freckles, a hard athletic body, nice ass and a big package. "Was there something else?"

"Yeah, I know our captain made a bet with you."

"Oh, are you going to help organize it? I think that's why we beat you so bad, we're looking forward to it."

"That's just it, Angie is having a herpes breakout and I really don't think you guys want to stick your cocks in her mouth." Was that good or what? "So I'm here to ask you if you'll take a rain check until she's better.

"No way man, you tell your captain he better find someone."

"That's just it, none of the other cheerleaders are willing to do you all."

"Well you better tell your captain that he better blow us himself and he can start with me." He grabbed his crotch and gave himself a good grope.

"Would you really let a guy suck you off?"

"Sure, we just want to get our rocks off and enjoy our victory, a hole is hole is a hole." Wheels starting turning in my mind. 35 players meant 35 cocks.

"OK, where do you want him to meet you?"

"A couple of the players share a house of campus, tell him to meet us there at 10, by that point we will be well into our keg. I can't wait to see your captain with my dick in his mouth, I hear he's a real douche." He wrote down the address and walked away. Nice view, you gotta love baseball uniforms.

I went back to Jake, "no worries, I told them the situation and they got it, they told me you better not do this again next year."

"Thanks Chad, I owe you one."

"You owe me more than one, you better show up in library bathroom on Monday and be prepared to give me a couple of loads." Jake smiled and walked away.

As it got closer to 10 I got antsier. I had never tried to take care of 35 guys at one time. I got cleaned up and put on the best pair of shorts I had brought with me. There was a knock at my motel door, it was Jake. "Hey man, do you want to come out for some beers with us?"

"No thanks, I've got some studying to do for a test on Monday, thanks though." He left. Good they wouldn't be around when I left.

I then got out one of the t-shirts I brought with me and ripped a couple of inches off the bottom and also ripped it around the neck. It was now short with a big neck opening. It probably showed off about 8" of my abs. The shorts I had chosen were very short and I decided not to wear any underwear. Added a pair of flip flops and I was out the door. The motel clerk called me a cab and off I want.

I got to the address the captain had given me. Typical college student off-campus house. Couch on the front porch, tacky lights, you know the drill. It sounded like everyone was out back so I headed back there and started looking for the captain.

There was a mix of men and women in the back yard. They were drinking beer, dancing and playing corn hole (that would be too easy). As I started walking around I started hearing "who's that?", "what's with the fag, who invited him", "ok which one of you jokers invited this cocksucker?"

All of a sudden the captain was by my side and dragging me into the house. "Why are you here, where's your captain"

"He sent me, he thought you would want the best cocksucker he could find."

He gave me a strange look, "and that's you?"

"Oh yeah."

"How do I know that's true?"

"Take me to a room and let me blow you. If I'm not any good you just send me on my way and tell the team that you decided not to have them get their prize. If I am then you get them to come to me and I'll take care of each and every one of them."

He grabbed me by the arm and took me down into the basement which was a large rec room with a couple of couches, a TV and a pool table.

"OK cocksucker, do me."

He didn't help at all, he had me undo his pants and pull out his cock. He didn't put his hands on my shoulders or head, just stood there with his cock sticking out. I got down on my knees and starting lapping up his cock. I kept changing the pace.....some fast sucks and then some slow sucks....some fast, some slow. I could tell I was making him crazy but he still didn't touch me.

"You ready? I expect you to take it all and swallow." With that he shot a big wad into my mouth. I drank it all down. He slipped his cock out of my mouth.

"Well? Was I good enough?"

"Yeah, I'll start sending the guys down one by one. Keep it quiet though, we don't want our bitches to know what's going on, got it?"

"Got it."

A few minutes later the next player came down the stairs with 2 beers in his hand. "We thought you might need this. Chug it faggot." I drank it down. "I'm going to sit down on the couch over here and you're going to crawl towards me and tell me how much you want to blow me." He sat down, I got on my knees and started crawling toward me. Watching me he started rubbing his cock through his sweat pants.

"I really want to taste your cock....let me have it....I want to swallow your me your cock."

He pushed the waist of sweat pants down exposing a real nice cock. I wasted no time, I sucked his cock into my mouth and savored its size and flavor. I moved my mouth and tongue feeling him get even harder. I pulled back so only the head was in my mouth. I wriggled my tongue around his head. He started trying to push more back in my mouth but I kept moving my head when he tried. This went on for a few minutes and he started squirming all over the couch. A few seconds later he grabbed my head and rammed his cock in my mouth and unloaded. It took me a couple of swallows to get it out. He stood up, called me a faggot and when up the stairs.

It wasn't more than a minute before the next guy came down the stairs. Grabbing his crotch, "you ready for this buddy, I bet it's the biggest cock you've ever seen. He wasn't half wrong, he was in some running shorts and they were filled out nicely. "Lie down on the floor face up." I did as requested. He straddled my chest and pushed the top of his shorts down. A very nice, big cock greeted me. He started rubbing his cock across my lips. When I tried to catch it he just kept saying "not yet."

"I think you really want this cock, let's make sure you get as much as you can." He started to turn and change how he was over me. He was now laying across me in a push up position. His cock was right over my mouth but now his head was facing me feet. "Cover your junk with your hands dude, I don't want to see it or touch it. I'm imagining your mouth as some girl's cunt. Open up."

I opened my mouth and slipped his cock in. Because of the upward curve of the cock and how he had straddled my face it slipped easily in my mouth and throat. I had never done this position before but I could see how he could compare it to a pussy. He started doing pushups and just keep sliding his cock back and forth in my throat. From this position I could watch his shaved balls just bounce off my nose. All of a sudden I got my third load of the night. Unfortunately I really couldn't taste it because of the position we had been in. He jumped up, pulled up his running shorts and bounded up the stairs without a word.

Over the next 20 minutes I did three more guys. Nothing special, just me on my knees sucking their cocks. One of them brought me another beer which I appreciated to clear out my mouth.

The next guy who came down the steps was the huge guy I had seen in their dugout. He hadn't played but I imagined he must be a power hitter when they need it. He was built like a brick shithouse. Everything was big, his shoulders, his arms, his legs, his chest, his hands and his feet. "The other guys wanted me to wait until last, they were afraid I'd hurt your throat and you'd want to leave. I don't give a fuck what they said, I'm ready to get my rocks off. Buddy, I really don't like the idea of a guy swinging on my cock, just doesn't feel right, I don't, however think fucking you without looking at your face may not be bad. You ok with that, I know it wasn't a part of the bet."

What was I going to say? This guy could snap me in two. "I won't say anything if you don't."

"Good man. Get over hear. Talk off shorts." He sat down on one of the couches after pulling off his jeans. I just thought he was going to have me straddle his hips so he could bury his head in my chest so he wouldn't have to see my face. When he started to do that he made me stop. "No way man, I don't want your cock against my stomach, turn around." I did what he said. "He pulled something out of his shirt pocket. He handed me one of those travel size bottles of lotion. "I thought you might need this." I put some on my finger and rubbed it in and around my hole. "You ready bro?" He didn't wait for an answer he just impaled me on his baby armed size cock. He just kept picking me up and sliding me back down on his cock like I was a rag doll. He started picking up speed and force, it felt like his cock was going to come out of my mouth. It was awesome. When he shot I thought I was going to fly off his cock but he held me down. I guess he wanted to make sure I got his whole load. "Thanks bro, there are some towels behind the bar if you want to clean yourself up." With that he was gone. Man, I never had a fuck quite like that.

The next group of guys would occasionally bring me a beer or a Coke. I can't believe I'm saying this but they just were you're standard blow jobs. The next guy who came down the stairs started with "I don't want you to blow me, I just want to ask you a few questions. How do you find guys who want you to give them head? I'm not talking about these guys, I could never do that. Probably no body at the school even. What can you tell me?" I spent the next few minutes telling him about some of my experiences at the rest stop and in bathrooms. I told him to just be on the lookout and that if he sees a hole in a stall wall that he should stick around and he would get his first taste of cock. As he got up from the couch he said "thanks."

Another couple of guys came down and again it was pretty standard blow jobs. Nothing memorable.

Three guys came down the next time. "Hey don't tell anyone but we wanted to see what getting a blow job looks like." They pushed one of the guys toward me and he pulled out his cock and wiggled it at me. I took it in and started doing what I do so well. "Look at that! He's got the whole thing in his mouth! Awesome. Ok it's my turn."

First guy hadn't even come yet and they pulled him from my mouth and another cock went in. In a few minutes the third guy pulled the second guy out of my mouth and started humping my face. The other two guys had started stroking their cocks. "Hey pull out and we will shoot all over this cocksucker, I'm sure he'd like it." That's just what they did and then they were out the door. Then again a series of pretty uneventful blow jobs.

If I was correct, I had taken in 27 loads of cum, three were wasted on my skin, and was feeling pretty full. It sounded like the party had come to an end, no more music and no more laughter.

Five guys came down the steps. "When you're done with us then you can go home, we're the last." The way he said it made me nervous. "We're the guys who live here, everyone else is gone so it doesn't matter how much noise we make."

One of the other guys said "We hear that your captain thought you would be as good as one of the bitches on your cheer squad. We don't believe it and we think he reneged on the bet." I didn't tell them that it wasn't Jake that came up with this idea. "We're going to give you the benefit of the doubt and test you out for ourselves. Get over here and get on your knees."

I knelt before this group of guys and watched them each pull out pretty impressive cocks, nothing as big as the Hulk that had been down earlier in the evening, but impressive in their own right. "We want you to go from cock to cock doing one thing at a time, almost like a round in cards. You can choose what you do but you do it to each of us the same way. The first guy you make cum gets an advantage in the next round. Sounds fun doesn't it?"

The first round was me taking each cock in my hand and giving it a squeeze and three strokes. The second round was me licking the head of each of their cocks. The next round was me just rubbing my lips across each of their heads from the crown to the tip. One of the guys said, "This is fucking hot watching this cocksucker play with our cocks."

"Come on, hurry up." Three of the guys were stroking their cocks, I just wasn't moving fast enough or they were getting really horned up. The ringleader spoke up, "Enough with the little girly moves, take our whole cocks this round." I'm always good at following instructions. When I got back to the leader he must have been over it because he grabbed my head and kept me on his cock until he came. "Looks like I get the advantage next round." The other guys seemed to defer to him but were frustrated and still stroking their cocks. Leader orders "Let go of your cocks. Don't waste your loads, I want him to get them one way or another." I think I knew what that meant.

"My advantage this round is that I get to fuck him first. The rest of you can have sloppy seconds, thirds, fourths and fifths." The he laughed. This guy was more of an alpha male than Jake. "Now how should we do this?" He walked around the room looking for something. "Put him up against the pool table. Bend him forward. Bill you hold down one arm, Aaron you hold down the other arm, Tim you get up on the table on your knees in front of his face, yeah that's it. Scott you get the privilege of watching my cock slide in and out of this cunt's ass. Maybe you'll learn something."

We were all in position. The leader put his hand on the small of my back and pushed me down as far as I could go. He started to run his cock up and down my ass crack before spitting on the end of his cock. "How does that feel faggot? You like having a cock this size close to your pussy don't you. Don't talk just show me with your ass." I squeezed my asshole as much as I could. "Yeah, that's what I wanted to see." He put the head of my cock at my hole. "Scott get closer, see how I hold my cock at his hole and just make him squirm. Now I want you to grab my cock." Scott pulled away. "Grab it you son of a bitch." Scott put his hand around the leader's cock while the other guys just looked surprised. "Now push it in for me. Come on, do it. Get your eyes really close so you can see what it looks like."

I could feel Scott push the head into my hole and I squirmed. The leader slapped my ass. "Don't move, I want Scott to do all the work. Keep pushing it in you asshole, make sure he feels that he's got my cock up his ass. Now move it in and out, what are you waiting for. Yeah that's it."

He turned his attention to Tim, the guy on the table, "Scoot forward and lean back, yeah get your cock right by his mouth, tease him with it but don't let him take it, yeah that's it. What's it feel like to have cock so close to your mouth and not get it faggot?" The leader still hadn't moved a muscle, Scott just kept sliding his cock in and out of my ass. "Scott, push it deeper. Hey faggot, it's a good thing that I shot off first in our little game, it means I can stay hard for hours."

"Tim let him catch your cock and move your hips so that he can really feel it. Yeah, that's it. Like that cock faggot? Yeah, I can see you do. Faggot, if I have Bill and Aaron let go of your arms do you promise to be good? Just nod on Tim's cock. Yeah, good answer. Bill I want you to lick your finger...just do it! Now put your finger by Tim's asshole. Good boy. Faggot you hold on tight to Tim's cock with your mouth. Bill start moving your finger around Tim's butt hole. I could tell by the way Tim's cock felt in my mouth that he was trying to move his ass away from Bill's finger. "Just enjoy it Tim, stop moving around." I don't know what this guy had on the other ones but they kept doing what he said. This guy had to be the lead alpha. "Get your whole finger up there and move it around. Feels good doesn't it Tim?"

Scott just continued to move the leader's cock in and out of my ass like a robot. All of a sudden Aaron spoke up, "what do you want me to do?"

"Come around me and stand behind me. Good. Kneel down, don't start bitching just do it. Pull my pants down as far as you can. Push my ass cheeks apart, now lick my ass crack and see if you can get to my asshole. Yeah, that's it. Bill put another finger in Tim's ass and turn them around. Scott, let go of my cock, I'll take it from here. You go around and take Bill's cock in your mouth, don't argue with me, just do it! Looks like you could be a good cocksucker."

Tim started bucking against my mouth and let off a huge load of cum which I drank down. The leader leaned over me and started to ram my ass with no mercy. Scott seemed to be moaning in enjoyment as he sucked Bill's cock. Since he was bent over more and could spread his cheeks, the leader told Aaron to get is tongue into his asshole. "Yeah dude, start to eat my ass. That feels so fucking good."

The leader finally froze and his cock let loose with his second load tonight. His chest fell on my back where he took a few deep breathes. "Everybody up" the leader ordered.

When everyone was standing, even me, the leader turned to Bill. "Suck our guest's dick." Bill started backing up "Do it!" Bill stepped farther back. The leader leapt over to Bill and grabbed him by the back of his neck and forced him down toward my cock. I was finding it interesting that these guys didn't seem to be complaining too much. Bill put his mouth over my cock and started to suck. I was so horned up from this evening I almost immediately shot off. The leader ordered Bill not to lose a single drop and that he better swallow it. He even made Bill show him that his mouth was empty.

"Well faggot there is only one thing you haven't done yet, why don't you fuck Scott, he's got a pretty ass that a faggot like you would like." I actually declined, I was wiped out. Surprisingly he didn't say I had to do it. Instead he turned to Scott and said "I'll get you in a little while, you'll like my dick better anyway."

"Aaron, take the kid back to his motel. Thanks kid this was fun, you did a great job." I headed for the stairs. Before Aaron could join me the leader said "Does everyone understand the new house rules? I get whatever mouth or ass I want and when I tell you to take care one of our roommates you will do it without question. This is not a debate. When I glanced back it looked like Matt, Aaron, Tim and Scott were smiling.

Aaron dropped me back at the motel, it must have been almost 5 in the morning. I went off to my room to get a shower and a few hours of sleep. It had been a fun night!


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